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As we approach #Febuhari 16th, I challenge any wailer, opposition & enemies of Nigeria and Nigerians to disprove this achievements by @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo @OfficialAPCNg. It's a BET.
@UcheSecondus @benmurraybruce @officialKolaO
It's a short thread.
Cc: @fkeyamo @toluogunlesi
All these are disgruntled people's perception on the person of PMB. what are your thoughts cos you can't deny the fact that he is the only president that remembers recognizes
1. Biafra police and pay off their outstanding arrears
2. Ex Nitel workers settled.
3. Ex Nigeria airways pensioners settled
4. Completed railway lines which the previous administration budgeted money and stole for donkey years(Abuja - KD, Abuja metro)
5. Revisited Warri-Itakpe rail line which transportation is on going
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Is The ERGP working?

Since President Buhari inagurated the ERGP team in 2017, a number of successes have been recorded in.


Inflation rates have maintained their declining trend for 18 consecutive months. From a peak of 18.7% in January 2017, inflation started trending downwards to 11.26% by August 2018.

After 18 months of steady decline, the inflation rate rose steadily for two months, analysts also predicted inflation to rise for a third consecutive month but their predictions were wrong as inflation dropped again.
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From where we are today, God forbid, if you put Buhari's corpse as a candidate in the 2019 election, he'd win by a landslide. Patriots, don't get drawn into the cocoons of illusion created on social media by "disgruntled-for-nothing" advocates of @Atiku.
In d innermost towns, Buhari needs no advert like Garri. People here analyse price of Garri as Consumer Price Index, but dont eat it. Peasants rooting for PMB, who eat Garri dont follow Inflation Y-O-Y. They follow who provided means to getting Garri & shapes of kongo or mudun 😀
I support logistics for south-south 'rural field force' for campaigns. I'm marvelled at d results. The demographics of voters is a pyramid, with rural dwellers at d bottom. As a strategy, we were advised to bother less about top of d pyramid. They've grown potbelly with fakenews.
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I am for #PMB #nextlevel #4+4=2023, This is just a short story on the Amaechi's audio clip. Listen to this tape carefully with your minds wide open, this tapes goes as far as telling you how much corruption has eaten deep into the Nigerian system, from publicity sector:
(the press) cause there's no more go home funds 'ghana must go' each time they visit a state house or federal house as it used to be before that they were always handed fat envelopes each time they get an audience with past administrations, but i tell you my brothers and sisters
its for the betterment of the nation, you are not wailing alone, we share part of your tears too but if its for my coming generations to have a better future then let me wail with you now for i know a day will come we will all smile again;
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Dele Momodu has turned himself and his weekly pendulum into instrument of doom and gloom.

PMB has said that as a victim of fraudulent elections & a beneficiary of a transparent one he will keep the fire burning ala #Febuhari. That seems lost on Apostle Dele.
On his today's epistle riddled with well disguised bile which he can deny it's existence, he went into a diatribe by regurgitating stale cliches.

First, he paid glowing tributes to the troubled waters the economy ran into in Baba's 1st & 2nd coming while downplaying the......
profligacy of the discredited and dislodged politicians & their surviving elements of whom he has become a paid agent. Or can he honestly claim that the piece in question is deviod of any taint of unmet expectations which he admitted but disguised as patriotic zeal?
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President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

✔2nd Niger Bridge ongoing

✔Loko Bridge over 90% completed. The bridge will link Nasarawa and Benue State. Its will also reduce south-southeast journey by 5 hours

✔Over 2000 Housing Units are ongoing in 33 states.
President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

✔Abuja-Kaduna completed

✔Itekpa(Kogi state) to Warri (Delta State) completed

✔Abuja Metro Train completed





President Muhammadu @MBuhari is doing #MoreWithLess

2017: 18.7%
2018: 11.26%

2015: $28bn
2018: $43bn

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Just a little #BrainReset is needed for some of you saying "APC and PDP are the same"
No, #APCandPDPareNotTheSame
A short thread👇👇👇👇
APC is the present ruling party @OfficialAPCNg
PDP was the former ruling party @OfficialPDPNig

PDP LED Nigeria for 16 years, APC is leading Nigeria for 4 years now.
Therefore #APCandPDPareNotTheSame
The decision of what direction any NATION will go is that of the C-in-C of that Country per time. The direction Nigeria went in 16 years was that of @OfficialPDPNig Presidents (Obasanjo, Y'aradu, Jonathan).
The direction Nigeria is going for this 4 years is that of Buhari C-inC
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Hello Country pipu, make we do small #FactsAboveLies with everi everi wey ogbonge Lawyer, SAN Festus Keyamo yarn for that intafiu with Abang the Jonalist.......Una ready make we check am???
Oya make we carry #FactsAboveLies wey Keyamo talku say push am dey support Baba Buhari with everitin wey dey him mind, Keyamo talk say Buhari na very correct man wey sabi🤣🤣
Him talku say POSTERITY go remember am for good....#FactsAboveLies
The Jonalist come ask Keyamo join for the "human right history" of Buhari Gofamenti, na so SAN Keyamo use #FactAboveLies strangle the Jono o, Nobody dey prison because say him be politician during Buhari time o, and each case wey una wan mention get peculiar explanation. I gree!
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PMBPYO Score Card

A thread

As of May 2015, Nigeria was at war and there was a significant deficit in
critical infrastructure and social services across the country, just as over
100 million Nigerians were living in poverty.
This was despite the fact of
earning over $783 Billion from crude oil sales between 1999 and 2015.
Between 2010 and 2015, the country earned the sum of $382 Billion
from the sale of crude oil. Evidently, the nation's wealth had been
inappropriately diverted and looted,
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So yesterday, Madam @obyezeks was caught again with wrong information as touching #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria, when she deliberately dished out a FALSE data & claimed it's from @nigerianstat
Well, she's in the Presidential race, so expect more LIES from her also.
Almost every politician now talks about #UnemploymentRate and #JobLoss under Buhari administration.
So let's check a little bit how this SUDDENLY became a topic.
When did this #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate hit NIGERIANS?
Did this suddenly happen after PMB took over in 2015?
You will notice that even Ben Murray Bruce who took Bank loan of N11 Billion (2005) from Union Bank that led to #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria also has been talking LOUD about the same MENACE he was part of those who caused o....
LISTEN again, Ben Bruce was part them!
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The @MBuhari/@ProfOsinbajo administration:

1. Eliminated Ghost 👻 workers
2. Paid Biafra war veterans what was due them after so many years of neglect by past administrations (yet they claim he doesn't like the Igbos o 😂😂😂)

3. Paid ex-staff of Nigerian Airways their entitlements after years of neglect by past administrations (again).

Check the #PMBPaysPensions for more details.

Now let's reason quickly

Now, we have two categories of people who, seeing what the Buhari administration has done as against others who neglected them, yet had the chance & opportunity to remedy things; would come out to show support for him @ the polls (as it is only logical).

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