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"FARCICAL proceedings, rubber-stamping a CRUCIAL Bill in an afternoon"😱
What's most striking =treaty's ASYMMETRY: We are a service economy running goods deficits & service surpluses, yet this treaty gives the 27 free access here for their goods but gives us nothing..
❌NOTHING in return on services:
❌NOTHING for the City or Edinburgh;
❌NO passporting
❌NO equivalence
❌NO recognition of qualifications
❌NOTHING on data adequacy
❌NOTHING for the digital or creative economy, hard hit by the loss of free movement.💔😭
As for exports of UK goods, on top of the NEW BORDERS & BUREAUCRACY, our negotiators have LOST on:
Rules of origin, on SPS & on testing & certification.😭

EU exporters to us face no similar costs here, so it is not just asymmetrical, it is LOSE-LOSE😭#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal
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#RishiSunak is delluded, access for financial services but not for IT, creatives, those who work on site in EEA are ruined.
@SkyNews you must represent the voices of those in all services

#Brexitdeal can be 'unifying moment' for country, chancellor says…
#RishiSunak "anyone who is worried about the economic implications of the breach with Brussels should be "enormously reassured about the comprehensive nature" of the agreement". Utter bollocks @NE4EU
@SkyNews "A #Brexitdeal without services is a #noDeal" said Lord Clancarty. There are no #mobility frameworks for UK citizens to work on site in EEA. 45,000 IT contractors work in Europe. I've written about this for the @NE_Bylinetimes
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As @AndrewSparrow at the @guardian points out, Johnson led Vote Leave and then wrote the following in the Telegraph after the referendum result. Line by line analysis of the key part?: /1
"I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe, and always will be."

Well, he can't change geography, but the centre of gravity in politics and economics in Europe is not in the UK, and the UK is relegated to the periphery with a very limited relationship to the EU. /2
"There will still be intense and intensifying European cooperation and partnership in a huge number of fields: the arts, the sciences, the universities, and on improving the environment."

No: no partnership and none will intensify. Env only because EU insistence on LPF? /3
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#Brexit #EndIfWithdrawal

Imagine 2 de merged companies desperate to trade w each other, but unable to come to an agreement let alone a contract.

What do they do?

Stopping trading not an option - they are heavily interlinked. Rely on each other. They just can’t sign yet 1/6
So they carry on trading and negotiating.

Both sides know and trust each other broadly. They are very close, have worked together for decades.

They just can’t agree on formalities. The practicalities are not a problem.

We are here at present.
#Brexit #EndOfWithdrawal
So what normally happens is agreements made piecemeal, and the companies send each other draft ideal contracts to bolster their legal standing should something go wrong.

It’s messy, informal, it is more risky, but it works.
(@shirabatya’s analogy)
#Brexit #EndOfWithdrawal 3/6
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.@AranchaGlezLaya is spot on that #Trade Agreements are means to manage interdependence not assert sovereignty. Here lies the rub: for pure Brexiteers, #Brexit is about asserting sovereignty from #EU hence #NoDeal described as “wonderful” solution by PM 1/
The quest to assert sovereignty seems strangely limited to EU, as, its logical corollary - to revisit all international arrangements that currently bind & limit UK sovereignty such as dependence on US for its #nuclear deterrent or its @NATO obligations - is never mentioned 2/
On #trade, this incongruence is most manifest. What is desired with any other trading partner than UK’s biggest one, is to complete ambitious Free Trade Agreements as quick as possible without public deliberation on what the acceptable degree of interdependence should be 3/
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#Brexit update: Anything could happen tomorrow, but my guess is nothing will happen.

Talks are continuing as we speak, but there's no phone call or announcement scheduled for tomorrow's "deadline".

It's possible we end tomorrow with no news.
Like all the past deadlines (June, Oct), they've simply said that on Sunday they'll assess 'whether enough progress has been made to continue talks'.

When each deadline came they've said 'we've made some small progress so let's continue'. That may happen again tomorrow.
But if they decide to continue, surely at this point those talks will be only a charade.

Neither side wants to be seen as the one walking away from the table. Johnson flirted with it in October, then chickened out.

Talks will technically continue but #NoDeal will be assured.
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1/. Britain prepares to leave the EU on 31 December, with or without a deal. #Brexit #NoDeal #NoDealBrexit #BrexitDeal [Sound on]
2/. Preparations for #Brexit continue at a pace across the country. #Brexit #NoDeal #NoDealBrexit #BrexitDeal
3/. Brexit the Board Game.

Fun for all the family this #Christmas . (video by @ShortList) #Brexit #BestThingsAboutBrexit #BrexitDeal
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Unbelievable! 😠😠😡
I've just heard an English fishing boat captain called "Gerry Podschies" on CNN say that Britain should embrace #NoDeal, take our chips off the table, and then renegotiate "from a position of strength". ... WTF !!!? ... These people are utterly deluded!
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The Prime Mole admits that insufficient garlic in the UK’s ‘oven ready’ meal deal offer is likely to be unpalatable to the EU. “I prefer to think it will now taste more like an exciting bushtucker trial with choice cuts of Kangaroo and Camel.”
#NoDeal #BrexitReality
The PM continues: “We have not made progress with the EU. Let’s not say ‘No Deal’, but rather the ‘Australia Option’. I am making alternative arrangements as we speak - I have ordered Oz style PPE from a ‘mate’ and will now make preparations to enter the jungle on WTO terms...”
PM’s deal with the EU is even worse than Iceland’s.
#Australia #NoDeal #OvenReady
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I'll give you one example of how devastating #NoDeal will be. AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant. It accounts for a full 1% of the UK's export GDP. Just AstraZeneca. On its own. (For reference, our *entire* fishing export GDP is a mere fraction of that.)

AstraZeneca has a huge plant in Macclesfield, a town to the south of Manchester. As of March last year, the site employed a total of around 3,500 people in a variety of operations including IT & science as well as the manufacturing arm, which accounts for around 900 workers.

Since March last year, the site has been shedding jobs like crazy. Why? Well, it might be because every batch of human medicine that is sold to the EU needs to be tested in the EU. We could do a deal to allow testing in the UK to continue, maybe under EU supervision.

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#BrexitReality #Brexit #NoDeal

I have believed that since Johnson became PM, the intention has always been to route us to a "no deal", and a lot of the activity has been little more than token posturing and blame shifting.

This has been what a number of Johnson's sponsors 1/
have desired, and what ERG, Pharage etc have decided they want months AFTER the Brexit vote in 2016. This is why Pharage stood candidates down in many seats in the 2019 election, and why ERG have been largely quiet and in line.

This will of course be called an Australia type 2/
deal, but as Australia haven't a full arrangement it's just disingenuous wording, like the 350m for the NHS, "Get Brexit Done" etc.

Vote Leave's campaign material specifically talked of deals, and anything like this was labelled "project fear". If people say this is what they 3/
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#NoDealBrexit What does it mean?

....taken directly from the unredacted YellowHammer report.

"On day one of No Deal between 50-85% of HGVs travelling via the short Channel Straits may not be ready for French customs."

"HGVs could face maximum delays of 1.5-2.5 days before being able to cross the border."

JIT / just in time: dead in the water.

Perishables: dead / no longer fit for sale.

Livestock: too awful to think about.

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Following on from our announcement that we'll be starting daily #PublicationOfTheDay📚 showcases, we'd like to present 5⃣ #Brexit-themed pieces from @FedTrust 💪

First up, how did #NoDeal become the bookies' favourite? @Brendandonn


Now that we know transition will end on December 31 after @BorisJohnson failed to meet the deadline to extend a few weeks ago, the question remains for London:

Will the financial sector get meaningful equivalence?…

As we remember #JohnHume and his valuable contributions to establishing peace in Ireland, we can't avoid the obvious:

"No version of Brexit avoids disruption for Northern Ireland and the peace process", writes @DrAndrewBlick for @FedTrust


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We have again written to Security Minister @JBrokenshire to raise concerns about plans to replace EU security and police cooperation mechanisms with non-EU alternatives after 31 December 2020 if a deal cannot be reached 1/3
This was in response to his letter of 26 June in which he acknowledged “some mutual loss of capability”, but sought to provide assurances that the UK was prepared for a #NoDeal scenario 2/3…
Based on evidence we have heard, #NoDeal could have considerable impact on UK policing and public safety owing to a loss of access to EU databases and having to fall back on the 1957 EU Convention on #Extradition Find our letter here:… 3/3
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I'm supporting this call in the FT from UK's important medium sized businesses for a close #EU trade deal.

This is not about #remainers or #leavers. We have left the #EU, and it is now incumbent on #Government to deliver for us ALL on their promise.

And we rely on this promise of an ambitious, wide-ranging & balanced economic EU partnership not #NoDeal and not and #AustraliaDeal and not #Canada either. The bespoke #ovenready deal with no economic downside which needs close alignment on standards 2/3
And here the letter in full and the 110 signatures of entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and manufacturers

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Now that the predatory “no-bid” OBOR contract with the Chinese has been declared illegal by Kenyan courts, other African nations being preyed upon and bribed by the CCP should default in a chain-reaction. #MakeChinaPay #OBOR #china #Africa #nodeal…
OBOR is the chinese Communist’s method of bribing local officials to take on crippling debt for overpriced projects that are then built by chinese slave labor. The chinese workers are brought into “work camps” and fed by the CCP. There is next to zero local positive GDP impact
And the CCP expects payments on the projects to be made in USD. It’s time for an African Jubilee on illegal chinese loans.
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The #InDivEU panel "The EU's Differentiated Future after Brexit" is about to start! 💪

🇩🇪 @GermanyonBrexit
🇪🇺 @BrigidLaffan
🇨🇭 Frank Schimmelfennig
🇩🇪 @FundaTekin17
🇱🇮 Christian Frommelt (Moderator)
Christian Frommelt from @LieInstitut is opening proceedings on the #InDivEU #Brexit panel at #PPCBerlin - tune in before you miss our great expert contributions!

@GermanyintheEU @parleu2020de @AuswaertigesAmt @EPinDeutschland @EUinDE @GermanyDiplo @EUCouncil @MercatorDE

"While the political declaration is not legally binding, it is the best basis to achieve agreement: it is disappointing to see the British government mover away from it"

Axel Dittmann (@GermanyonBrexit) breaks down the worries surrounding the #Brexit negotiations

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I know you have loads to worry about right now but here’s a #Brexit one to make a mental note of for future reference.

The #IrishSeaBorder & the NI #Protocol 🌊

We've a bit of a conundrum here & we need to spell it out.
Because it cd matter BIG TIME.

[sorry 🙄]
@MichelBarnier reiterated today, the EU is being crystal clear:
The UK needs to get a move on in prepping for customs procedures for goods entering NI from GB.

This means a ‘harder’ Irish Sea border.
But it is what it agreed to in the #Protocol.
But the UK is being somewhat blasé so far 🤷‍♂️

For it does mean barriers to trade within UK internal market.

We’re talking customs declarations, checks [no point in the former without the latter] & inevitable new controls, inc. products of animal origin (mad cow anyone?)🐮

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1/6: Word on the street is that common sense is breaking out & government may be privately recognising that #Brexit negotiations now need to be postponed & transition extended beyond end December. This was always the right answer: here are 5 reasons why it is now doubly right...
2/6: Bandwidth. All UK & EU efforts should be devoted to tackling the massive #COVID crisis. Senior ministers & officials cannot have enough time now for the crucial business of deciding our long term relationship with #EU. And don’t forget #COP26 climate conference in Nov..
3/6: Practical. Travel suspensions are likely to last for months. Virtual negotiating is unsatisfactory. How do you read body language & do the private deal in the corridor? Also harder to coordinate large teams. And presumably key individuals will get ill along the way..
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1️⃣ Follow the thread #Qanons and connect the dots! #POTUS says Italy took their medicine!
2️⃣ Pope lifts lid on colossal property empire in London $15 B
3️⃣ Pope wears white hat during Mass 🐸 Top Kek 🐸
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NEW: The UK publishes its approach to negotiating the future #UK - #EU relationship… UK already saying that it wants a "Canada", "Korea" or "Japan" style relationship and wants to be seen as a "sovereign equal". None of this likely to fly anywhere...
Here is the document itself with some key bits highlighted (thread)…
Point 5: "relationship between sovereign equals" is - although UK Gov entitled to say this - delusional. #UK much smaller than #EU and more exposed to EU economically than vice-versa. Sovereignty argument coming through strongly here.
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1/10: We are 12 days from legal #Brexit. What will happen on 31 Jan? What will it feel like on 1 Feb? More important, what will happen after that? In a nutshell, nothing will change & everything will change. And harder choices lie ahead. Thread of 10...
2/10: On 31 Jan BJ will declare #Brexit done & hail a brave new world. Big Ben may bong. Flags will come down. But on 1 Feb we will wake to an eerily familiar world. Until Dec 31 at least all rights & obligations of EU membership continue, though we will not be at the table..
3/10: Ministers will soon say that the fact the sky has not fallen in after we have ”got #Brexit done” proves “doomsters & gloomsters” wrong. They will try to shift public debate on to other things. But Brexit will still be there & will not be done..
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Some other ways to see #libdems £50B #RemainBonus
For #NoDeal the bonus would 🚀 to £170B over 5 years.

Brexit currency is Hospitals. Vote leave est⏬

#remainBonus is 143 Hospitals vs. #Borisdeal 6

Leave said £350m a week to NHS.
In fact they're Taking £200m a week from NHS
Then there's a "little bit" of a mandate problem since Cummings chalked up the entire Leave 2016 win to this reverse truth NHS Promise (verbatim below).

If you don't deliver what you promise the public to leave, does it look like you respect the result?

Do other promises from 2016 offset NHS "miscalculation"?

Sorry. None of the 2016 promises under #BorisDeal. ZERO

You can't really even call it #Brexit.

#BorisDeal sells you a car and hands over to you a banana skin.

Press down hard to Accelerate.

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.@Conservatives is not able and CANNOT deliver a brexit that will work for anyone not matter what. With 3 Prime Ministers in and over 3 years, even once with a majority in Parliament, they have FAILED, FAILED & FAILED.
.@David_Cameron ordered brexit, made a promise of 'no ifs, no buts', yet when it arrived, he fled in a very shamelessly irresponsible manner, having not planned even for a pen to write out a single line of approach for brexit. You can't trust a word he said.
.@theresa_may took over claiming she IS "strong and stable" to care less because "no deal is better than..." but couldn't deliver #nodeal, good deal, bad deal or any deal whatsoever. At last, it was still the lies.
You can't trust a word she said.
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