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Maxine Waters is an Absolute Embarrassment and a Disgrace to our Country and our Federal Government.

#DemExit Don’t just #WalkAway #RunAway and don’t look back.
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
Take a second and follow me, I do follow back.
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Alexandria Occasional Coherent mocking people in the South with her fake accent.

Anyone voting Democrat in America today is either totally uninformed, brainwashed, completely stupid or a public enemy of America!

#Demexit don’t just #WalkAway #RunAway
She does has a point. If someone can go from being a waitress/bartender with no understanding of the political system, to being a part of Congress over night, then WE all are in trouble. Not saying it's not possible, but what kind of training and hard work gets you into Congress?
If you listen to her long enough you might actually feel sorry for her. There she is 29 years old, in Congress and showing everyone how ignorant she is. She surely needs history lessons and she needs to learn how to say what she's trying to say without so many useless words.
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Thank you Message to all Trump supporters.

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
1 of 3 part video...
Thank you Message to all Trump supporters.

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
...2 of 3 part video...
Thank you Message to all Trump supporters...

Yuge #DemExit don't just #WalkAway #RunAway
What do you have to lose?
...3 of 3 part video
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Next Up 5th seed Serval (Leptailurus serval) vs. 12th seed Rock-Wallaby (Petrogale mareeba) #2019MMM
Servals are the maned wolves of the felidae- with the longest legs relative to body size & very big ears. #BetterToHearYou #AndPounceYouWith #2019MMM
These hearing and skeletal adaptations are the mark of a fierce killing machine... #2019MMM
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1) Last December, 2 Chinese nationals infiltrated the southern US border with light aircraft.

(Somehow the MSM didn’t spend a lot of time on that.)
2) Dave Hodges: “However, there is more than enough information in this one report to begin to mobilize against the threat. Yet, I still hear the crickets chirping.”…
3) @POTUS “has already said that he supports bringing in 1M immigrants for American jobs, but he wants to screen everyone for potential threats to nat’l security....just plain Common Sense? But...opposed by key members of Congress led by Nancy Pelosi.”
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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Literally ANY TIME Jack Burkman is connected to something - RUN - not walk, RUN in the other direction. I’ve detailed numerous ways in which he’s been sent in to co-opt or engineer epic fails for our side.… #RunAway
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Are you kidding me with this sh*t @CNN?! Were they struggling while the dead boy deteriorated in the tunnel? Were they struggling while they were strategizing to kill people? THIS makes you complicit - protecting murderers and extremist Muslims.
While you cry "struggled" a boy is dead and more were to follow. Did you forget this part? "Charged with abuse of a child resulting in the death of a child and conspiracy to commit abuse of a child."…
Just so everyone is very clear... @CNN is promoting extremist Muslims who are charged with the death of a boy, and who were planning on shooting up a hospital in Atlanta as "a family that struggled living off grid". Why is CNN protecting them?🤔 #WalkAway #RunAway
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Good morning, Patriots.
The left donated 381K to millionaire ex FBI agent Strzok. I almost wish this was a clever way to launder a payoff. I hate to believe, that many people are so ignorant or so devoid of morals, they would reward such corruption in our government. (1)
As you recall McCabe got $538K. How are all these agents millionaires?

Keith Ellison, accused of abuse by 3 women, 1 with a police report to prove it, won the Minnesota primary for AG.

Chelsea Clinton praised Roe v. Wade said it was good for the economy. (2)
Just ignore the fact they're murdering babies in the womb. BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT CHILDREN or so they want us to believe. Must be only illegal's children, they care about.

A moslem (they hate that spelling) extremist from a jihadist compound in New Mexico, who possibly (3)
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