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This is the FORMATION of #MassPsychosis on full display.

If you don't "join in," and go along with all this "fun," then you're an outsider, not one of the #InCrowd. It begins in kindergarten and continues through college.

It is #HumanNature to want to be part of the in crowd.
My guess is that every one of these were posted in the past 3 years.

I'm reminded of the beautiful young doctor who was not part of the in crowd, and took her own life after witnessing the corruption and the ease with which everyone just went along with the #NewNormal of
systematically eliminating people by apply practices that went against everything they were taught as standard protocol.

#RunDeathIsNear, #Ventilators denying patients final vistitation with their family and loved ones. And now those crimes are all but forgotten as covid
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🧵THREAD: The future of our planet is at stake. Misleading information is all over the media. I am raising my voice based on my understanding from Michael Crichton's "State of Fear." In his book, he sheds light on the hazards of politicizing science. It's more topical than ever.
2/ Picture a brand new scientific idea that alerts us to an impending crisis and offers a solution. This theory quickly gains the support of media outlets, top scientists, politicians, and prominent figures across the globe.
3/ Research is supported by well-known philanthropists and conducted at esteemed universities and research centres. The crisis is frequently covered by the media and is included in the curricula of colleges and high schools.
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„Normopathie“ ist die Anpassung einer Mehrheit von Menschen einer Gesellschaft an pathogenes psychosoziales Verhalten gemeint, dessen Störung nicht mehr erkannt und akzeptiert wird. Image

Was die Mehrheit vertritt, kann ja nicht falsch sein – so beruhigt jeder sein Gewissen durch Autosuggestion und lässt sich zur Anpassung manipulieren.
Dies wird unterstützt durch das Grundbedürfnis des Menschen, unbedingt „dazugehören“ zu wollen. (Partei, Religion) Image
#Normopathie erklärt das pathologische Mitläufersyndrom, wenn eine Mehrheit begeistert in den Krieg zieht, sich als Herrenrasse wähnt, Völkervernichtung zustimmt, Andersdenkende verfolgt, Ideologie über die Realität stellt und im narzisstischen Größenwahn lebt. Image
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#SkyNewsAustralia 6/7/22

Canadese premier #JustinTrudeau en de Nederlandse premier #MarkRutte "golden pin-up boys" voor #KlausSchwab en de globalistische fantasten van het #WorldEconomicForum
Montage door #RebelNews van het plan van #MarkRutte om de agenda van '#theGreatReset' uit te voeren.
Ook beschreven in het boek van #KlausSchwab waarbij de psychopate aartsleugenaar beweerde dat boek niet te kennen.
Het geheugen, de #politiek en moraal van #MarkRutte werkt elke dag anders.
De inhoud van z'n briefje aan #KlausSchwab van de vorige dag kan verschillen met z'n opvattingen van vandaag.
Maar z'n fascistische en perverse agenda staat als een #WEF-huis.

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#Transformation in #neuland heißt Umwandlung oder Umformung. Zeit, sich einmal anzuschauen, welche Begriffe sich bislang in der #Zeitenwende so gewandelt haben, umgeformt
wurden oder sich noch wandeln. (Ein Thread) #AllianzFürTransformation (1/13)
#Pandemie: während bis 2009 (oder 2007) für die Ausrufung eine Pandemie bei der #WHO hohe Infektionszahlen UND viele Todesfälle relevant waren, reichen seitdem hohe Infektionszahlen (in Clustern und versch. Ländern etc...) (2/13)
#NewNormal: Wurde seit 2020 verkündet, quasi verordnet. #SocialDistancing ist sozial, Nähe gefährlich. Die Normalität von einst kommt nicht wieder. #Isolation ist #Nächstenliebe, allerdings dem #Kollektiv, nicht dem Nächsten gegenüber. Das alte #Normal ist passé (3/12)
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Liebes Team von @_Kinderrechte_ , wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr unsere Petition "Wiederaufnahme eines Minimums an Schutzmaßnahmen gegen Infektionen"… unterstützt. Wir fordern Installation von #Luftfilter sowie #Maskenpflicht in öffentlichen Gebäuden
wie Supermärkten, Apotheken, Tankstellen, Drogerien & natürlich in Kindergärten und Schulen. Uns geht es zum einen um den Schutz der Kinder & Jugendlichen als auch um den Schutz der #Schattenfamilien / vulnerablen Gruppen. Aktuell ist die Lage aufgrund des zirkulierenden #Corona
#SARSCoV2 sehr schwierig für die Betroffenen unter uns, die mit über 30Mio sicherlich keine Minderheit sind oder Randgruppe. Das waren sie nie, sind sie nicht und werden sie nie sein.💚 Denn Betroffenen aus vulnerablen Gruppen sind immer unter uns. Wir möchten uns also für ein
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@MacEanruig do you think the so called "leaders" of blacklivesmatter were dictating what was happening in the streets?

Don't you think part of a coopt/smear by association involves many donations from corrupt actors? I watched it all happen in realtime live man
@MacEanruig the first few days proud boy chuds like ptnews were talking about it... what actually tipped me off to it =)

then when more and more support of truckers came and the protest started morphing into being against all corrupt government policies then fox news and other RW media took
@MacEanruig interest in the protest.. and after the entire 99% including #firstnations #occupy and many other activists and the whole of canada joined in... trump is now mentioning it.. and now the draconian laws that will be normalized for EVERYONE are in play! Welcome to the #Newnormal!
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Same thread created last night - but in reverse (in attempt to inform w/o instilling fear - as fear will be exploited/leveraged for uptake of #HIV testing, upcoming #mRNA-based HIV vaccines (#Moderna) etc.)

To my knowledge #Ad5 is used in 2 Covid vaccines: CanSinoBio & Sputnik.
"People living w/ the newly revealed #HIV subtype experience double the rate of immune system decline (CD4 count), have higher HIV viral loads (amount of virus in blood) & are vulnerable to developing AIDS 2 to 3 x faster after diagnosis than if they were living w/ other strains"
Oct 20, 2020, Forbes: "Some of the #Covid19 #vaccines currently in development could increase the risk of acquiring #HIV, warned a group of researchers in the The Lancet medical journal..."…
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Expediting digital identity amidst citizenry w/ #EyesWideShut.

Formalized in 1946, the "#FiveEyes" alliance represents "the largest #surveillance program in human history".

The Five Eyes: #US, #Canada, #UK, #Australia & #NewZealand.

I Spy (w/ My Five Eyes), 2016 👇
Curious overlap w/ world's highest #vaccine commitments per capital.

Dec 8, 2020: "RESOLVED: #Japan Is Ready to Become a Formal Member of #FiveEyes"…
Unprecedented #surveillance integrated w/ indelible compliance (via #DigitalID) will uphold the new global architecture. A #GreatReset, from class to caste.


A #NewNormal, the homogeneous society (I Spy w/ My Five Eyes clip, 2016).
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Not yet time to celebrate. A strategic disarming of an increasingly angry global populace, lock step.

"...measures in schools should remain in place until such time as #children who are eligible have had the opportunity to take a full course of the #vaccine..."

Effort to drive uptake of experimental injections "will be redoubled in the coming days even amid widespread relaxation of restrictions. These include targeted measures aimed at areas w/ poor uptake, & specific regional advertisements."

"#Ireland has among the highest rates of #vaccine penetration among its adult population, w/ 94.8% of adults having completed their primary vaccine course. The country is third in Europe in terms of #booster vaccine rollout."
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The forging of a new social contract. "New normal" requires constant threat w/ potential emergency lurking behind every piece of plexiglass. A new frame in which global #surveillance expands under guise of health w/ bodily autonomy placed under corporate domain. #McKinsey #Reset

Oct 5, 2021, Johns Hopkins: "It is important to have a ready supply & surge manufacturing capacity of high-quality devices when severe or catastrophic respiratory epidemics emerge."

"#Social #Science of Cultural Change"

"A change in normative #behavior is needed if the goal is to increase public mask use after the pandemic. Some have called this the “culture of safety” in #healthcare; the same behaviors would apply to the general public." [p. 19]
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Here is a classic rona nudge by @McKinsey from 2 months ago…
let's dive in in this #thread
@McKinsey since the start of the "article", after the #ZeroCovid communist nudge, rona apparatchiks from @McKinsey are nudging the next stage of wisdom "living with #COVID19"
@McKinsey psychological nudge following the previous #ZeroCovid gaslighting nudge to push the infamous #NewNormal down our throats... nudged "choices" are not and won't be "deliberate"
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We've had a request for a Christmas edition #NewNormal BINGO card. Please put your square suggestions below. Bonus points for suggestions on what new public safety nightmares residents may expect in 2022.
Some past edition BINGO cards.
More past edition BINGO cards.
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Happening Now!

Join our CEO, Waithaka Gatumia for a conversation on minding your money in the new year on @ntvkenya

Tune in!

In times like this when you're trying to prioritize, you need to sit down and make a plan for your money.
When you plan, the holiday comes with a lot more enjoyment, less guilt and more joy.
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Но стадо вновь соберется и вновь покорится, и уже раз навсегда. Тогда мы дадим им тихое, смиренное счастье, счастье слабосильных существ, какими они и созданы.
О, мы убедим их наконец не гордиться, ибо ты вознес их и тем научил гордиться; докажем им, что они слабосильны, что они только жалкие дети, но что детское счастье слаще всякого.
Они станут робки и станут смотреть на нас и прижиматься к нам в страхе, как птенцы к наседке. Они будут дивиться и ужасаться на нас и гордиться тем, что мы так могучи и так умны, что могли усмирить такое буйное тысячемиллионное стадо.
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Ini ide radikal: karena #Revolusi40 & pandemi mendorong transformasi digital & biofisik, maka:
1. Seluruh Ilmu Sosial masuk dlm School of History
2. Seluruh Ilmu Alam masuk School of Philosophy
3. Seluruh Ilmu Teknik masuk School of Mathematics & Computation
Organisasi & proses pengajarannya tak lagi birokratis & bisa menjembatani pendidikan Liberal Arts ala Amerika dgn pendidikan terspesialisasi fleksibel ala Inggris (2 negara yg kampus2nya pasti masuk 10 top dunia & menghasilkan pemenang Nobel terbanyak dunia)
Dgn pengorganisasian pendidikan di atas, mahasiswa2 ilmu sosial wajib belajar Sejarah. Filsafat utk ilmu2 alam & Komputer utk ilmu2 teknik.
Semua wajib Matematika Terapan (plus Matematika Murni di School of Philosophy & School of Mathemathics & Computation)
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The taliban and the #usa #whitesupremacists government go hand in hand. This is an accurate tagging. #chudwatch…
they aren't even hiding their cooperation and operational coordination in even msm anymore... those of us called "tin foil conspiracy theorists" about these wars of lies, aggression, and capping #blacklivesmatter across the planet are vindicated! WE TOLD YOU SO! #chudwatch
PS... 9/11 was an inside job still... its still true today. It was true yesterday and it will be true tomorrow...

PPS... 1/6 was also an inside job and another one is coming soon!
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Building Expertise

Even if you are someone who dabbles in multiple topics, you can still build expertise.

Find HOW from the following threads🧵
1/ If you have multiple interests, it means you are more curious than others.

In fact, I had to go past 200 books to understand my keen interest in (cognitive + behavioral) psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.

And mind you, I’m an economist by training.

So Have Patience!
2/ If you are still struggling to pick a topic, then choose a topic based on something you already find fascinating and love to learn.

For instance, if your bookshelf is filled with leadership & Development books, then there lies the hint.
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Please don't worry, New Normal totalitarians. The New Normal Gestapo has surrounded these Jews who have "illegally gathered" in a synagogue for Rosh Hashanah, following reports by their "Good German" neighbors of seeing Jews in public without permission.…
A New Normal witness filmed footage of the mask-less Jews entering their synagogue. "It would have been 20 to 30 and then another 20 to 30 coming and going as I was there waiting for the police," he said. (Sounds like #NewNormal society is working exactly as designed!) Image
We realize this story may be alarming to New Normals, but there is no reason to worry. The police are dealing with these restriction-violating Jews. They surrounded the synagogue, and are demanding the Jews "papers" and so on. Everything is under control!… Image
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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If you’re curious about New Zealand’s quarantine process, I’ll be sharing a bit about it.

Mostly because it’s fascinating, novel, & a tip-toe into a #newnormal that is changing by the hour for so many of us across the globe.

STEP ONE: take that first step.

STEP TWO: all aboard the magic bus.

STEP THREE: Health check (physical & mental health, happy to see this up front), security check, border crossing… (the wait was very minimal & comfortable).

So far, so good.

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2/12/21: Newsweek: "Miraculous #mRNA #Vaccines are only the Beginning"

#mRNA vaccines offer "an early look at how the miraculous tools of the #genetics #revolution will transform our #healthcare & our world over the coming years."

#4IR #biotech…
"...our Promethean technologies, our moment of triumph could set us on a path to disaster. Of all the species that have ever lived, our single group of hominins now has the capacity to remake all of #biology."

#GeneEditing #4IR #Biotech
The new #vaccines are perfect early examples of this "godlike #technology." ... This approach will soon create a whole new platform for fighting cancers & other diseases, as well as for providing enhancements even more profound than #vaccination."

Human #Experiment w/ #mRNA
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