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We are #pleased to #conclude our marathon of 4 consecutive #IMF #TechnicalAssistance #missions with productive outcomes for #IslamicFinance, despite the very challenging constraints and limitations.
The first six months of the year under #COVID19, a #NewNormal", have been fantastic intellectually and fulfilling.
The support of colleagues from the #IMF and Central Bank of #Djibouti; Central Bank of #Yemen; Central Bank of #Iraq, and Central Bank of #Libya have been excellent for #Islamicfinance IMF missions through #Cisco #webmex.

Now it is time to have a little break!!
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#NewNormal" continues. After #CentralBank of #Yemen and #Iraq, we are having mission with #CentralBank of #Libya. Concluded a very productive #meeting with colleagues from #CentralBank and #IMF for a #Islamicfinance IMF mission through #Cisco #webmex. #riskmanagement #Libya Image
Other than #Sudan and #Iran, #Libya is going to be #third #country in the world to have full-fledged #Islamicfinance system after #transition is completed. It requires a significant progress on Islamic finance #regulation and #supervision, which is #underway.
Happy to be part of last three years engagement, through IMF, with them on various topics. Many thanks to my good friends supervisors Haithem Elyacoubi, anwar tantoush, Hatem Salem, Abdulhamid, Dr. Mukhtar for excellent discussion. I hope this will be a very good #IMF mission.
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Need to talk Climate. So too #BlackLivesMatter, White Privilege & Fascism. Words on #Coronavirus. Realizing that huge, shifting & simultaneous crises is the only #NewNormal on our horizon. I'm fine with it. I've always known it was coming & needs fixing. A SHIFT. Here we are /94
It's quite a thing to jump back in mid-June onto a 93 tweet thread I started in November and left fallow on January 1st but how do you not? What I wrote then we're all *living* now and will be for some time, in some ways the rest of our lives. It's all coming to head. NOW. /95 Image
May scare the hell out of you. Not me. I'm guessing not for a lot of folks. Because maybe something else is happening beyond we humans poorly reacting to predictable/preventable catastrophes as usual. Seems like more things are possible these days. Like maybe we want better? /96 Image
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---UMKM Rumahan di Tengah Pandemi Covid-19---

---Utas Copas---

oleh : Dian Srinursih
Dampak Pandemi Covid-19, menciptakan peradaban baru dalam kehidupan manusia sebagai makhluk sosial. Dulu ketika kita bertemu sahabat ataupun kerabat famili maupun tetangga dekat, selalu mendahulukan dengan jabat tangan, dan tidak jarang dilengkapi dengan cipika-cipiki.
Itulah tanda dari keakraban dan ikatan batin antar sesama manusia sebagai makhluk sosial. Bahkan dengan adanya kecanggihan teknologi, keakraban antar kelompok dalam berbagai komunitas diikat pula dalam bentuk WA (WhatsApp) Group.
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Jadi tadi pagi ada webinar dari industri plastik. Gue mau share beberapa narasi yang mereka sampaikan, yang tidak pro public interest dan, apalagi, lingkungan hidup. Semuanya hanya menguntungkan industri.
Sejak pandemi ini kan muncul riset kalau virus punya waktu berbeda2 bertahan pada suatu permukaan. Pada plastik itu bisa berhari-hari, kain beberapa jam, dll.

Industri plastik menyampaikan narasi bahwa apapun yg dapat digunakan ulang itu berbahaya, maka pakai plastik solusinya.
Sepakat gak?

Gue sih engga. Kalau mereka mendorong penggunaan yg sekali pakai itu lebih aman, gue jd kepikiran apakah: rumah, mobil, baju, sepatu, peralatan dapur, sofa, dll, yg mereka pakai itu sekali pakai jg ga ya?

Ga adil donk kalo cuma nyalahin tas pakai ulang. Bener ga?
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-Harus patuh dan awasi saat transisi PSBB DKI untuk mengurangi Penyebaran Covid-19, melanggar ada Sanksi menunggu-


mari kita gotong royong bersama saling mengingatkan, menghargai Hak & kewajiban masing2 untuk melawan penyebaran Covid-19
Pemprov DKI memutuskan Jakarta memasuki masa transisi lantaran sebagian besar wilayah sudah berstatus zona hijau dan kuning, tetapi masih ada zona merah, sehingga PSBB di Jakarta diperpanjang hingga akhir Juni 2020.
Banyak protokol yang di tetapkan dalam PSBB lanjutan ini dan harus ditaati
Berikut protokol yang mesti ditaati beberapa sektor penting :
1. Rumah Ibadah
a. Jumlah peserta ibadah maksimal 50% dari Kapasitas
b. Menerapkan jarak aman (1 m) antar orang
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🙏@Gladys_Gachanja for a well moderated conversation with knowledgeable & articulate panelists @KoitabaHazel @andrewmulwa @erickokioma @angienguku & Videliz Njoki of @giftedPWDcentre this morning on why the right to health should inform the #COVID19KE response. @Your_WorldNTV 🧵
1st take🏡:Healthcare should be designed & delivered from the perspective of people not diseases. This will ensures rights needs & circumstances determine their health care. @DrTedros @DrMercyKorir @ASteiner @DuncanRights #Justice2Health #NewNormal
2nd take🏡 The underlying determinants for health are critical for a functioning public health system & key in realization of the right to health. Lets make them work as the law requires. @AE_Yamin @Sgloppen @saralmdavis @WHOAFRO @ANJSeale @OSFHealth #Justice2Health #NewNormal
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1) To all of you self-proclaimed "republicans" or "conservatives" who are begging .@POTUS to declare #MartialLaw & unleash the US Military on the rioters, you are nothing more than a bunch of rabid lunatics who r playing right into the hands of the #NewWorldOrder and #DeepState.
2) They want you to beg for the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act, because just like the #PatriotAct - once that happens, that will be the #NewNormal.

Then once you are desensitized to seeing the US Military on the streets, you can drop your pants, and bend over ....
3) to take (with a smile) whatever they want to give you - including forced vaccinations, which .@POTUS AKA #BLOATUS stated the "US Military would help administer" as he signed the #OPerationWarpSpeed Bill.
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Yuk tweeps kita mulai #kultwit nya, temanya: SELLING FROM HOME di tengah pandemi.

#inventureknowledge #Covid19

@Dwi550Saputra @hadikaes_ @nonaninja @SlametCoupee @jontor_bruise_
Tiga tmn2 yg komennya paling bagus bisa ikutan COVID-19 WEBINAR SERIES Senin, 1 Juni 2020 dgn tema: Selling From Home.

#1 Di tengah pandemi Covid-19 perusahaan harus tetap bisa berjualan & membangun relasi dengan konsumennya.

@onokarsono @just_legz

#Inventureknowledge #Covid19
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Completed reading Hippie by @paulocoelho, so wanted to let you know that your books (list blw) have inspired & moulded me a lot...My first read was The Alchemist 💓 and went on to read The Complete Coelho and other books; so joined twitter after long to thank you !! ImageImage
It's only after third read that something in the prologue by @paulocoelho caught my attention... resonates with below line from the same book
"one dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon"
#PauloCoelho #TheAlchemist Image
To summarise the snippet from #TheWinnerStandsAlone by @paulocoelho in his own words:
"be brave, take risks; nothing can substitute experience"
#PauloCoelho Image
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#BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Evaluasi PSBB Jabar dilakukan secara proporsional karena luas wilayah dan terdapat gap sangat besar. Hasilnya per hari ini ada 12 daerah yang sudah masuk zona kuning, 0 zona merah dan 15 zona biru.
@ridwankamil #BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Kami sepakat di Jabar untuk memberikan izin #newnormal ke 60 persen wilayah Kabupaten/Kota. Sementara 40 persen atau 12 Kabupaten/ Kota, kami rekomendasikan lanjut PSBB secara parsial.
@ridwankamil #BreakingNews Gubernur Jabar @ridwankamil : Zona kuning masih berada di wilayah Bodebek dan akan melakukan PSBB Parsial sampai tanggal 4 Juni. Termasuk 7 Kabupaten / kota lain yang masih berada di zona kuning.
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#QuarantineWatchParty #onlyfans #news #newnormal
Let me share some things with you, I'll do my best to put it into words,and Let those the Creator of all Reality our Heavenly Father should have to see, see. Today we're going to talk about #Letters and stuff. #alphabetsoup
Let's look at a more controversial Alphabet, #Hebrew, where we even get the English word above from, Aleph Beth. Remember #children #Layers meanings within meanings #hmmyeeealright
So what letters stand out to you? Tha's nice, those which I noticed most are T-taw, Q-Qoph, And W - Waw or is that a Y, why oh me oh my? #WhyWomenKill #Youtube #Y
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Socialization while #socialdistancing. A thread. I know this is hard. I’m going to share here how we celebrated my daughters 6th birthday to give some examples on how you can still celebrate the important moments that continue to happen as life goes on during this #pandemic.
First we asked my daughter to pick a few friends and we asked each to sign up for a 20 min slot. We asked that anyone who came wear a mask, and asked if anyone was having symptoms to pls decline the invite. We decorated our garage and put tape on the ground #6FtApartAndMasked
When ppl arrived they would first hand sanitize then write in a birthday book (we had mult pens). We had a backdrop for ppl to take pictures. Next stop the piñata where prior to touching the stick u would hand sanitize, then take 3 whacks. Next was socially distanced #hopscotch.
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1. Jika melihat data: kurva Corona Indonesia sama sekali belum turun dan melandai. Padahal inilah dasar paling diterima akal #NewNormal layak dilakukan. Malah "relaksasi" kemarin membuat angkanya naik cetak rekor. Padahal sdh pakai protokol. Apalagi ada gelombang kedua penularan;
2. Menurut saya data dr tim medis, dokter, ahli epidemiologi yg harus dijadikan dasar #NewNormal ini dilakukan. Jika jumlah kasus positif saja belum turun ya jangan dulu. Termasuk daerah dikatakan zona hijau atau merah dibuktikan dgn tes massif. Agar cerminkan keadaan sebenarnya.
3. Pelonggaran, Relaksasi, #NewNormal silahkan dilakukan setelah para epidemiolog & dokter² kita didengar. Krn ini ranah mereka. Bukan para politisi. Seperti Fauci di AS para epidemiolog kita juga ayo bersuara. Sehingga tdk terjadi kebijakan "coba²" krn nyawa manusia taruhannya🙏
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Hello, after 2 months India has resumed commercial #aviation

My employer has asked me to fly from @DelhiAirport to @BLRAirport and back

I will be tweeting about #NewNormal of flying post during #COVID__19

DEL wears a deserted look with barely 14 flights an hour
Mostly people who have essential needs are taking the flight very cautiously

Suraj, from Noida has an urgent surgery that needs to be done at Bangalore & has covered himself in a hazmet suit

#aviation during #COVID__19
Airlines have placed agents so that you don't get confused about the gate number

Segregation is essential to maintain #SocialDistancing

#aviation during #COVID__19
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#Thread #Corona #Dentists #Precautions #Pune

There has been a lot of fear generated from the COVD-19 pandemic. Prominent among that has been the notion that "Dentists are at the highest risk of catching and spreading the virus."

This is a thread to discuss what we are doing
in our practice to address those risks and fears.

For starters, we were closed for the last 7 weeks. We were available via our clinic cell phone for emergencies. I don't know if people were just scared or their tolerance ramped up but we barely had to go in.
For starters, we have made 3 major infrastructural changes to our clinic. The first one was a fogger used in the OT of major hospitals. It blasts the disinfectants via micro droplets so there is no need for wiping/mopping. The disinfectant used is Quarternary Ammonium compounds,
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Penipuan Sewa Apartemen Jakarta dari dalam Penjara

-sebuah utas-

#penipuan #PenipuanApartemen #firmansyah #evimeilia #Sindikatpenipuanapartemen #DewiAndrianti #firmanraees #viral
Utas ini dibuat karena posisi sebagai korban penipuan sewa apartemen yang dilakukan oleh si pelaku berinisial F yang lebih gampangnya kita panggil aja dia firman. Kesel, sedih, marah jadi satu karena hampir satu tabungan kekuras buat tempat tinggal. Ini aja masih pinjem orang tua Image
Utas ini bakal berantakan banget karena pertama kali bikin. Semoga aja utas ini bisa menolong orang lain dan korban-korban lain yang belum melapor. Infonya dari media dan sumber lain bilang, korban diperkirakan berjumlah 15 orang namun baru ada 4 laporan
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Must Watch: Debunking The Narrative With Prof. Dolores Cahill


Immune system takes 10 days to clear this virus & then ur immune for life

There is no cause for imposing #lockdown, #SocialDistancing, #Masks

#FakePandemic #Scamdemic…
There has never been a #vaccine for this type of virus & none is required Nor is any new drug required. If ever developed it must be tested against hydroxychloroquine

Vaccines cause diseases & deaths, are the main cause of the #CytokineStorm

#Plandemic #Event201 #NWO
Vaccines suppress immunity

We have to call this out now! Or this is a trick they will keep playing every year

Alexander #Solzhenitsyn said if we had spoken out on day 1, we would not have ended up in the #gulag

#CoronaHoax #FlatteningTheCurve #NewNormal
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#Lockdown_Chinavirus. Looks like we are nearing the flat side of the curve of the Corona Pandemic, except Maharashtra and little pockets. While I concede the lockdown helped , I've also understood that what was normal pre Corona will be either sub normal or abnormal post Corona
2. Now , I see a lot of people hailing the move by Karnataka, the average homosapien is not happy about it. They feel the opening of public life is a dangerous move and marks China and Italy as examples. They seem to know. Let all of us remember one #FACT that life after this
3. Is not going to be normal atleast for a year or more, by which time we will get used to the #NewNormal and keep moving. I was very depressed yesterday at the extension - I still am as an individual ,whose routine life has been disoriented on several aspects, but the larger
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Climbing out of the woodwork are all the usual Malthusian birds of ill-omen, seeking to harness today's justifiable pessimism to their #Green bandwagon and so exploit the disorientation of a people too shell-shocked to fully realise the extent of what has been taken from them
"We are at the #tippingpoint," many will intone and so must adapt to their Dystopian visions of a #NewNormal - a permanent State of Fear in which life will henceforth be anything BUT 'normal'.
In truth, the only 'Tipping Point' which gives genuine cause for concern - being a palpable one and not a politically-motivated, computer-modelled phantasm - is that which has cast us into this Kafkaesque Hell of Camp #Corona...
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The #NewNormal I want to see from #COVID19 is more limits on government than the #Founders could have anticipated. We should limit #StateOfEmergencies to two weeks. We should require the President, governors and mayors to request two week extensions from a legislative body. ...
... It’s one thing to be confined in a SoE without having adequate information. Two weeks is more than enough time to get proper information to start discussing the seriousness of the situation. This allows for responsibility to be spread to more people and for a mechanism ...
... of open debate to occur. Today SofE’s are controlled by the dictates of the left and the corrupted media. We go along with it because we have very little choice. Putting a two-week limit on SofE’s removes the potential authoritarian component a SofE’s bring, it ...
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I had to fly this week due to a family need. Here is what I learned on my international and domestic flights returning to the US from the UK (thread):
#fridaymorning #FridayThoughts #friday #COVID19 #COVIDー19
1/ To be honest, I wasn't excited about re-entry to travel. It felt too soon. I travel A LOT, mostly international, and am more comfortable on a plane than in a car most often. Lets start w/ #Uber to Heathrow. Really nice driver, no PPE whatsoever. Then...
2/ My driver took my suitcase by the handle, placed it in trunk. Normally SO appreciated, but I cringed seeing his bare hands touch the handles without gloves. Yikes - the #NewNormal has me make a mental note to wipe down handles upon arrival at Heathrow.
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Centre for Road Research Institute's guidelines to a #NewNormal Lane in Public Transport

@CSIRCRRI has proposed measures to be followed, post #lockdown to ensure #PhysicalDistancing and #StopTheSpread

.@CSIRCRRI guidelines #StopTheSpread

1. E-rickshaw/auto/taxi can use plastic sheet between driver - commuter & between commuters for #PhysicalDistancing

2. Staggered timings for office-goers

3.Increased stopping time for commuter boarding/alighting

How to reduce demand for public transport?

1.Ecourage short trips by intermediate public transport modes (cycle rickshaws, autos, etc.)
2. A dedicated path / lane should be allotted for faster movement of such vehicles

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