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On August 13th 2022 the HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL PROJECT are celebrating one year after our first successful intervention to stop #Pushbacks in #Samos.
This is a small thread of how a small number of people can stop the illegalities of the government:
In April 2020 the Greek Government began its systematic and brutal pushbacks against refugees.
For a year, due to the pandemic restrictions, their actions went almost unnoticed.
@ABoatReport was trying to reveal what was happening but no one on the ground could do anything.
We were witnessing his posts feeling incapable of intervening: to protect both #AsylumSeekers and the #RuleOfLaw and #HumanRights.
On the 21st April 2021 another pushback took place in Marathokampos, Sámos. 4 days later one Palestinian woman with her three kids came to our
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Hail to the Chief.
Tay, I know it’s ultimately ur choice/decision at the end of the day but how does your dad feel about Elvis being the Pastor that day? …
King is the pastor for King & Queens Wedding, extraordinary times we’re living in. ImageImage
It’s UR day, I want U to have the day U always dreamed of, I want it to be everything & more.
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🪨 & 🛹

Born To RoLL Skate Video, Featuring myself & FAMILY …
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Life Has Only just Begun for all ! …

Thank You for always believing in ME, Even on the darkest of days this world has ever seen—You never stopped having faith in The smallest spark lighting the way. That spark turned into A BEAM OF LIGHT …

I Will NEVER Abandon yoU! ImageImage
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Those of you who are sad to see @BorisJohnson go remember
-He closed schools
-He closed children's playgrounds
-He made children think they would kill their grandparents
-He made laws that you could be fined for meeting family
-His Lockdowns resulted in suicides
-He banned sport, obesity increased
-He caused an increase in alcoholism
-He destroyed pubs & small businesses
-He made people reliant on furlough destroying the hospitality sector
-He made laws that protestors could be arrested
-He closed the @NHSEngland for 2 years
-He enabled extensive fraud on PPE, Test & Trace, and I suspect vaccines
-He claimed vaccines were safe & effective when they were not
-He ignored vaccine damage victims
-He coerced people to take vaccines, he even mandated it
-He made it impossible to see GPs
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The pic on the left is from 5 days after rescuing Duke & on the right is at Year 3 …

I know why [they] chose all the symbols/Symbolism [they] did, all to try making it look like “nobody” was apart of [their] sic club, turning as many people away from 1 individual was always
The goal for [EVIL] …

#R yan Ortin —LIVES ON FORVER ! ..




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Myself & Tyrone/T-Bone (T-Bone Was in OSIRIS #THE #STORM

Madison Wisconsin
“Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan”

Tactical Skateboarding Full Length Video
Put my heart & soul into my part in this Video, BoRn To RoLL!

#Madison Wisconsin
#One Love

The Champ Is Here !

.@taylorswift13 — CALM DOWN might Make sense to everyone now …
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1) So Molly Kingsley from Us for Them claims UfT have "nothing to do with" the Safer to Wait leaflets. Even threatening @dgurdasani1 with lawyers. Molly loves to claim innocence of not being involved with other groups, however, we have the receipts...

2) I posted the below thread on the day Hart's Clare Craig announced the launch of Safer to Wait. #Hartleaks revealed exactly who was involved. UfT's Ros Jones/Maidment is listed first in About Us on their website & there's a link to UfT's website too.

3) The leaflets in question appear on Safer to Wait's Our Leaflets page & on the download it has a big old Safer to Wait logo on there. ImageImage
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All this because someone was Born, Someones are still alive & what has been happening to children …
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Few days back I had the good fortune of getting introduced to Mr Saji Hameed,Prof of Environmental Informatics at
The Univ of Aizu, Japan through @HowardSteen4 .

This thread is about his (and @HowardSteen4 's) good work in fighting the fear plandemic & it's manifestations


This gives an overview of an important discovery and contribution of Prof Saji Hameed in understanding an aspect of our weather and climate patterns.

Prof Hameed and @HowardSteen4 have worked together to produce the subtitled version (English & Japanese) of this documentary which goes to the root of the plandemic . Whipping up the fear in masses.

Profiteers of fear.…

Don't miss it.

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Belgium introduces 21 day quarantine for monkey pox

3 people with it!

Uk warnings!?! Re travel & summer?

For something low risk recover 2-4 wks

We need to all insist on calm

This time we’re organised. Don’t try it

Stand #together…
It’s not of course that there should not be work to isolate & handle disease / viruses. It’s how this is being presented in press & society. While many funny memes: THATS true re COVID (remember bottles of weak beer memes) - so it’s about making sure calm

Stay vigilant
Boris when saying he would not rule out future lockdowns said could be new variants / things risk young people

Lockdowns have damaged so much (see Article ref too) & smallpox was dealt with/ now this low risk is being hyped. Same weekend WEF & Nxt wk WHO…
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My wee "pal" Damian Wilde is having a bit of a meltdown just now. @jameshodcroft appears to have gotten under his skin. Normally, I would be concerned about the person but Damian is a notorious bully, has used alt accounts to highlight my mental health so... this is delicious. ImageImageImageImage
If Damian Wilde, Zenobia Storah, Ellen Townsend, etc, are so accomplished in their chosen field of psychology, then why didn't they notice what their colleagues were saying? How can they be trusted with patients? How can they justify their position when they stood by the below? ImageImageImageImage
Sorry, I always forget to include the hashtag #Hartleaks
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Lucifer = The Punisher

The people haven’t had A clue all these years who they’ve been wanting all along, even begging for …

Most choose Lucifer every single day over God.
None of this has been complicated or no one has really made it complicating … Emotions cloud judgment
& many chose to be judges or swing A hammer that was never meant for them to swing. .

Even the Military has been showing everyone who is who, they posted A trident 🔱 A while ago, within Code spelling out A name.

How about this one, The last Week I have been saying I CHOOSE
To #SHOW Mercy & Give COMFORT, Military Showed what today/yesterday?

You’re at the horizon, did you go through all that you have gone through your whole life to just make it to the Horizon #OR is NOTHING going to FINALLY be good enough for everyone & #WE can BUST
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How was the Rally?
Same page on comms?

Lots to unpack .
Very important rally today, every stop shows important details.

Lincoln Nebraska
GREEN Wood 🛹 Nebraska
A Penny - I’m as worthless as A Penny.
CORN Huskers

Corn & Cobb = Pardoned
I’m going to Love U my Dear with my whole heart, I want to make U Happy.
I want to make you smile..
I want to cheer you up when you’re sad.
I want to pick you up when you fall.
I want to heal you when you’re sick or hurt.
I want to give you the family you always dreamed of having 1 DAY ..
I want to grow young knowing I spent the most important
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1) As @_johnbye has already highlighted, the Hart-affiliated campaign #Together recently shared just how much *you* have to pay to be a member.

I've been sent the lists of the Together "Team" & "Exec & Advisory Board" so, let's have a look...

2) "Meet the Team". Of course, @alanvibe is first up.

3) Lesley Katon, who I've covered before as Katon, along with her former Brexit Party colleagues incorporated ULUK Ltd. Where, as Katon's Together blurb reads, platformed "counter-narrative pieces from... [Hart members] John Lee & Mike Yeadon..."

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I made P0A_Triot23 in 2016/2017, this is how long I have known & how long John & everyone else have been trying to show you not only who I AM but Also who he is.

IT DIDN'T matter then, WHY SHOULD IT ALL OF A SUDDEN MATTER NOW? Because now you know?

Was all that

John will NOT put himself before the Children or God, #WE walk side by side #TOGETHER !!

74 10-10
That Phathon guy & many others caused so much damage to this movement! So many just continued feeding into
all those that were driving everyone further & further away from the TRUTH ..
All the accounts so many chose to follow blindly like the Austins & whoever else, was #WHY did all those people avoid the Military, John & everyone else who is really #REAL ?
WHY were these questions
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#JUMP/LEAP !!!!!!!!!!
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‘Now That You’re All “Dead”
EVERYONE has been living DEAD INSIDE !!
You can finally LIVE !!!

Dying To alive!
Volcom STONE Let’s LIVE !!!
F8 Of The Furious

Thy Kingdom Has Come !
Now that we’re Alive, WE CAN BE TOGETHER MY DEAR!!

I Love YoU
Now, #WE LIVE !!

Key Stone

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I want to talk about the “7 Deadly Sins” ..

So much has been altered Throughout time that has basically kept everyone/MOST living in A state of fear of actually LIVING, divided & easily controlled .. Not to mention, so much contradiction was added.

Everyone makes mistakes,
Mistakes Can be learned from.
Sin is self reflection of the mind & soul, being able to forgive ones self is important for those who carry the weight of “sin”, but what it “sin” ?
The world has been separated by class, religion, race, Cree & so much more.

Think of this for an
Many poor Individuals see all these wealthy “stars”(some puppets doing all that they do/show the masses on purpose pushing them into agendas) living their extravagant life styles (by design) & want what they have. Many know they will never be able to achieve those riches
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Suite à une demande du chercheur Français @HoertelN, @ansm a refusé une autorisation d’utilisation pour la #Fluvoxamine contre #Covid dans un Cadre de Prescription Compassionnelle adaptée aux présomptions d’efficacité

Thread/ qualité du rapport Ansm…
Contexte de la Fluvo en France:

D’après le dernier livre de @MartinBlachier, le milieu de @APHP a bloqué la recherche sur la #fluvoxamine
Pourtant @HoertelN y travaille.

Ils ont refusé de grands travaux de recherche.

Puis après une très longue attente (nombreux rdv et félicitations) c’est un #ConseilScientifique très réseauté qui bloque pour que @ansm refuse une évaluation.

Apres un parcours du combattant, @HoertelN parvient enfin à faire évaluer sa demande.

Pourquoi c’est si dur ?

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Mis-/dis-information/propaganda thrives due to the "useful idiots" that share it. Either through their selfish & nefarious means or by their lack of critical thinking skills. People die cause some twonk with a huge social media following spreads disinformation, knowingly or not.
So frustrating seeing people that I know, you know, everyone knows is a complete idiot, sharing the most obvious horseshit and their followers lap it up, share, and so on.
And, the more people who share the horseshit, the more likely it is that tabloid press pick up on it and publish the horseshit like its "fact".
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The largest trial of #ivermectin in early #COVID is now published @NEJM & the results are *NEGATIVE*

#TOGETHER randomized n=1358 outpatients with COVID in 🇧🇷 to IVM vs placebo. No difference in hospitalizations, mechanical ventilation, or death.…

A 🧵
I’ve written about the #TOGETHER trial before (see my fluvoxamine 🧵below)

Briefly #TOGETHER is a large double blind multi-arm platform RCT. Pretty much the 1st 🥇 gold standard for high quality medical research.

TOGETHER enrolled high risk people with COVID from 12 outpatient clinics in Brazil.

Patients could be enrolled up to 7 days after symptom onset (more on this later).

They were randomized to either placebo or to ivermectin 0.4mg/kg daily for 3 days. (Also more on dose later)
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Nothing to see here ...
Just some Sheeple going to start WWIII 🤷‍♀️

#PatriotsWWUnite #together

WWIII = 🦠💉#Plandemic #Scamdemic

The Sheeple up there didn’t know this 👇🏻

Who, actually, are shooting and 💣ing the civilians? for 8 years?

#PatriotsWWUnite #together

WWIII = 🦠💉#Plandemic #Scamdemic

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