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🔥Get ready to be surprised! You know Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, but did you know Lella Nair, CEO of Chanel, and Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, are also Indian? Let's take a closer look at some of the lesser-known Indian-origin CEOs who are dominating the global business
Shantanu Narayen is the CEO of @Adobe, a leading software company that creates tools for creative professionals worldwide. Under his leadership, Adobe has been named one of Fortune's "World's Most Admired Companies" for several years running. 🖥️ #ShantanuNarayen #Adobe Shantanu Narayen is the CEO of Adobe
Meet Vasant Narasimhan - the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant @Novartis . A trained doctor, Vasant is leading the charge in developing innovative treatments for a range of diseases, including cancer and multiple sclerosis. #VasantNarasimhan #InnovativeMedicine #Novartis  Vasant Narasimhan - the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant N
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#OSINT #onlyfans
Search in 20 millions #OnlyFans accounts
Onlyfans users search engines
OnlyFans profiles search engine (search by people, images and deals)
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When will the Premier League take a break for the 2022 World Cup?

The season will take a pause after Match round 16, which ends on November 13. After the World Cup is finished on Dec. 18, Premier League games will then restart on December 26. #YumnaZaidi #YinWarConcert #onlyfans… The 2022 World Cup was epic as Lionel Messi led Argentina to glory. When will the 2022-23 Premier League season finish?

The final day of the season will be on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Which teams will compete in the 2022-23 Premier League?

These are the 20 teams which will compete in the Premier League for the upcoming season:

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, Chelsea, Crystal Palace
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Offshore #PSP (Payment Service Provider) #CheckoutDOTcom (formerly #OpusPayments) - “Checkout”: ‘how Europe’s most valuable start-up lost its crown’ (…). Checkout (like it’s PSP brethren) was ‘formally’ authorised by the … ImageImage
2/ UK’s blind eyed financial regulator (@TheFCA, formerly #FSA) in 12/2012, following implementation of the 2011 #Emoney regulations: Checkout’s website would follow months later. The FCA’s ‘#Emoney scene’ has been long covered by a thick ‘FCA fog’ which scandal … Image
3/ after scandal has sunk in to (#Wirecard, #AlliedWallet, #Payza etc - the subjects of future exposes). Little is known from the press about Checkout (precursor: #OpusPayments) - many press articles read like the same company press release, simply regurgitated.
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The game features five reels and it’s an incredibly immersive game that offers players so many different ways to win.

Elements: The Awakening

NetEnt is one of the most reputable software licensing companies in the online #onlyfans #OhmPawatGraduation #PuncakShopee1212… casino industry. Elements: The Awakening is one of NetEnt’s most popular offerings and is available to play even on mobile devices. The game features four different Free Fall modes that adds to the overall dynamism of the gameplay.… It’s always a fresh gaming experience for every slot gambler and it’s undoubtedly a fan favorite.


When it comes to popular space-based games, very few can top Starburst. It’s
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#TikTok reconoce así que está plagado de contenido para adultos
2º En lugar de perseguirlo (o simular que lo persigue), ahora lo aceptará oficialmente
3º La posibilidad de directos para adultos convierte a #TikTok en el nuevo #OnlyFans, solo que…
en lugar de atraer a niños a su red, ya estarán dentro.
#TikTok da la razón de esta manera a todos los divulgadores que insistíamos en que #TikTokNoEsParaNiños, solo que...
#TikTok vende la aceptación de su naturaleza para adultos como una especie de intento de proteger
a los niños, poniendo restricciones a la hora de emitir directos sexu... digo, para adultos.
6º A pesar de ello, #TikTok no mejora sus políticas de moderación ni sus algoritmos de verificación de edad (que ya hemos evidenciado lo falibles -¿por ineptitud o voluntad?- que son.
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1/15 Bonsoir,
Quoi de mieux pour terminer ce lundi qu'une bonne vieille analyse bureaulogique des familles ? 👀

Comme promis, on s'attaque au setup de @Luchap2BTC que je remercie d'avoir été honnête. Les points faibles de son installation n'ont pas été occultés.

Commençons : Image
2/15 Première observation, @Luchap2BTC est certainement sponsorisé par une société de maisons closes pour tout ce qui est éclairage.
Ou alors, on se créé un petit #onlyfans durant le bear ? 🐻
On te comprend frérot.
3/15 On remarquera que c'est quand même plutôt propre.
Je comprends pas trop la souris avec fil, ça doit être moyen à l'usage.
Et le repose poignets du clavier me semble beaucoup trop massif, on dirait la largeur de ma ...

Mais le petit Ipad à gauche, c'est fûté, un bon point !
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Even flamboyant whales who don’t settle for less than swanky high-stake rooms strive to make the most of their money, let alone recreational players who see spinning the reels as an exciting pastime. Dime online #onlyfans #OPLive #OnPatrolLive… slots just perfectly serve the purpose, providing plenty of rounds (read chances to win) even for punters with shallow pockets.

If you ask slot buffs worth their salt about the ideal starting bankroll for a smooth gaming session, they will… recommend you to have enough money for at least 100 spins. Just as their land-based counterparts, online one-armed bandits also can have pretty long losing streaks and there’s nothing worse than running out of cash too early. Now, one doesn’t have to be
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Bitcoin is decentralized, so nobody can freeze a crypto account or make the coins “disappear”. Also, since there is no specific regulator or authority, nobody controls such transactions. Another big plus, the latter does not require users to provide personal #JENNIE #onlyfans… hence no sensitive information can be stolen and misused.Even though not completely anonymous, playing online slots with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency provides a very high level of privacy protection since wallets created for digital assets do… not contain any personal information about their owners.Bonuses are what make spinning a lot more fun and, for a great many players, their “attractiveness” is often a decisive factor in choosing the best new online
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Reddit has a secret tier of rules

where Reddit Administration pushes moderators to ban users & protect topics they want to controlled without the public knowing of it… @andysignore @emzanotti @YellowFlashGuy @Grummz @BillyM2k @TheCriticalDri2 @erikkain
Heres the story of the banning of r/TumblrInAction & r/SocialJusticeInAction subreddits for letting users post “identity invalidation” content… @TheQuartering @AbbyJohnson @ConceptualJames @neontaster @BlueBoxDave @chadfelixg @EthanVanSciver @realchrisrufo
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I’ve read the 180 pg #manifesto of the #TopsSupermarket mass murder suspect #PaytonGendron

I don’t know for certain if it’s authentic but it’s consistent w what we know occurred.

I’m posting notes & quotes here👇 b/c unlike narrative-motivated #MSM I believe in full disclosure

The number of pages devoted to different topics:

Black people-10 pages
Jews-29 pages
Asians-1 paragraph
Arabs & Turks < 1 pg
Whites < 1 pg
His weapons and armor-95 pages
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Давайте запустим тред с самыми кринжевыми анкетами женщин и феминисток из тиндера.
Здесь будет самый смак ЧСВ, завышенных требований, обнажёнки самодурства, пошлости и "прогрессивности".
*Все материалы размещены для порицания*

#феминизм #lgbt #радфем #тиндер #повесточка #woke Image
#феминизм #радфем #сексобъект #тиндер #объективация #антифем #мужскоедвижение #правамужчин

Фемочки: Не сексуализируйте женщин! Нет сексуальной объективации! Женщина не кусок мяса!

Каждый второй женский профиль в тиндере: ImageImageImageImage
Гля какую тарелочницу вам принёс))))😏
У неё внешка чуть выше среднего и волосы, как полежалая солома, поэтому ты должен купить ей поесть)
За это она возможно даст тебе понюхать писю, но не факт)
Когда уже нищебродки заработают себе на макароны?
#тиндер #матриархат #феминизм ImageImageImage
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. @CarmenRuizRepul ahora en la #UCA Campus de Jerez: "La porno socialiciación y sus consecuencias en la adolescencia".
. @CarmenRuizRepul en la #UCA
Cuidando el futuro.
Avances y desafíos en la prevención de la violencia de género en menores.
La pornografía:
11 años de edad media
1 de cada 10 tienen menos de 10a
UCA Campus de Jetez
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#OnlyFans has reversed its decision to ban pornography on its service, less than a week after it announced its decision and sparked backlash from content creators
On Wednesday, #OnlyFans said it “secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community,” suggesting that it has new agreements with banks to pay content creators, including those who share sexually explicit material
#OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators,” the company said when announcing the porn ban reversal
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THREAD: Imagine if all of these activists & marginalized people could never be financially deplatformed by governments or big banks. That’s the future we’re fighting for w/ #DontKillCrypto — there’s no #Cryptocurrency unless we stand up & demand the things #crypto can get right.
#OnlyFans deplatforming sex workers is only the latest in a long and impressive line of those major corporations have tried to destroy by cutting off their ability to earn or access $$$…
Amnesty International's bank account was frozen by Indian authorities after publishing reports on human rights violations under the Modi government.… Image
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I've gotten a few questions from non-SW folks about the impact of the #onlyfans news.

Again: you should listen to SWs talk about impacts (@whoreganizer @hackinghustling @DecodingStigma @melissagira etc., see my other tweets)

But, if you're seeing this, here's a short summary:
These changes in rules can mean a huge & unexpected loss of income.

As far as we can tell from our still-in-progress research, many OF creators are new to S*x W*rk. While experienced S*x W*rkers were anticipating the realities of deplatforming, less experienced folks may not be.
While you may think of OF as a side gig, for many people, it's not.

Some examples of who will be effected:
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I’m very emotionally split on #Onlyfans banning pornographic content. As a man of faith, I do not partake in porn. As someone who grew up when free love was still a thing, it comes off as censorship.

I also don’t like a revenue stream for Latinas who need money being cut off.
I don’t like porn—it objectifies women.

I don’t like OnlyFans—it’s lonely men paying good money for pretend sexual “friendships” with beautiful women; porn is widely available for free—the hook is the fake connection.

Men should learn to seek real relationships with real women.
About seeking real relationships: Searching for dating advice on the Internet can lead lonely men in to some very destructive mysogonist rabbit holes: “Red Pill”, “Black Pill”, “Incels”, etc. It’s OK to want love; it’s dangerous to believe destructive lies about women.
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Under the skin of #OnlyFans: From receiving terrorism videos to hosting revenge porn, my latest investigation based on the experiences of dozens of women reveals concerns about how the British-run site is structured, managed and moderated. I found...…
IS terror videos, rape threats and racism has been posted on the site in the past year in violation of its terms of service, as well as explicit photos of a student uploaded and sold without her consent for nearly four months. OnlyFans bans revenge porn and requires any users...
making content featuring other people to have written proof of consent, or says they must also be registered creators. But I understand proof of consent is only requested if an account is flagged or reported, which relies on people being aware their images are behind the paywall.
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my fav part about being a cute girl is telling other girls they are cute too!!! 💙🌷💜 Image
*** i lied, the best part of being a cute girl is hooking up with babes

#sanjunipero #t4t #transjunipero
"god damn it, this is the girl."
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Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo: A thread.
#bulgepants #Greysweatpants #greysweats #nude #onlyfans #OF #horny #nickychampa #pierreboo #nickyandpierre #hot #abs
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Bella Thorne on #onlyfans doesn't piss me off, what's annoying though is the huge rise in 'promoters' and 'trainers' begging to make a quick buck off naive new creators as OF becomes more and more popular. Stay AWAY from these people, they are leeches and parasites!⚠️⚠️⚠️
To add to this:
1) you don't need to make nude/sexual content. You CAN make plenty with Femdom & non nude content too
2) you DON'T need professional content or a photographer. Buy a cheap ring light and use your phone. Start with what you have.
3) ignore ANYONE outside of the industry offering to 'train' or 'promote' you. At best they just want your money for nothing, at worst they could harm you!
4) you don't need ANYONE else to make money on OF, you can do it entirely by yourself & keep the full 80%
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