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AFRICA Herbs to the WORLD: This beautiful and detailed #map shows every #herb that grows native in #Africa and gives an idea of the countries and #regions where the herb is most common: Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on #Earth, Over 11 MILLION Image
square miles and over 1.4 BILLION people!

#Africa has such a huge variety of #geography, #flora, #fauna and #people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of #cultures and #traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of #evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine,
cooking and the incredible array of native #plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

#Thyme, a hardy #drought resistant plant, grows in the dry landscapes of #WesternSahara.

The #DemocraticRepublicofCongo with 80 Inches of rain a year, the highest
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✝️ ⛪️ I speak to a lot of Christians when I do outreach.

Today, my Christian friend Benny writes a thread to show that kindness towards #animals should be an important part of any Christian's moral outlook.

#Jesus #Christianity Image
1/35 - Christians often claim that God endorses meat eating when He grants them dominion over creation in Genesis 1.

🚫 But this is NOT what “dominion” means.

“Dominion” simply means sovereignty or rulership. But there can be bad rulers as well as good rulers.
2/35 - ❓ The question is what kind of dominion God wants us to have.

In Genesis, God doesn’t give us dominion so that we can act as tyrants, subjecting our fellow creatures to horrifying abuses in order to satisfy our material pleasures.
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Sooo.. here is an unusually cute story from our day of reporting around #Bakhmut ! We found a baby hedgehog that was dehydrated and dying at the worst place possible in Chassiv Yar ...

Quick thread ! 🧶🧶🧶

1/11 #ukraine #animals @dodo Image
At the bottom of the bottom of a crater from a Russian shelling...We tried to give him some water but weren't very successful...and discovered he also had a head injury too..he didn't look at his best tbh but still he was sooo cute ! SOUND ON

2/11 #ukraine @EmmanuelP_AFP
As he weren't reacting too much.. we decided to take him with us to base. Located 10 km from Bakhmut, Chassiv Yar is proper hell these days. We found an ammunition old box...recreated some sort of grass environment and took him at the back of our car

3/11 #ukraine
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This thread is

Chapter 9, titled,

“Down the Walls of Prejudice...Between Species!

“Toward Species Relativism, Away from Anthropocentrism”

READ BOOK…… #anthro #planetmates #anthropocentrism #psychology #Speciesism #Veils #dominion #planetmates

D7V1 9/1
of the book “Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

which is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

& which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

READ BOOK… #anthro

D7V1 9/2
This, Chapter 9, “Down the Walls of Prejudice...Between Species!”

is the first chapter in “VEIL ONE: Dominion & Species Superiority...Anthropocentrism”

of the book “Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

THREAD…… #anthro #planetmates

D7V1 9/3
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THIS COULD BE THE MOST HORRIFIC ANIMAL SUFFERING PICTURE YOU WILL SEE TODAY, & YOU PROBABLY CANNOT TELL WHAT’S HAPPENING. This is the horror of industrial scale animal experimentation. #Rats have been forced into tubes and inserted into this device. #EndAnimalExperiments Image
These inquisitive, intelligent beings are unable to move and must be terrified. This contraption can choke to death up to 50 #animals at a time. Next, a technician switches on the machine and it fills with aerosol paint.
These animals are trapped & utterly immobile, with the only air available suddenly thick with choking paint for 3 hours. Half of them died, with survivors barely alive at the end of the test. The conclusion? Forced inhalation of paint is poisonous to #rats. #StopAnimalTesting
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1/14 #Men and #women experience disease differently. This is reminiscent of #SyndromeX and other chronic disease like #MECFS, #slow #virus manifestations, and even #LongCovid and post-acute sequelae of #SARSCoV2.

A thread summary article 🧵….
2/14 "#Women are up to 75 per cent more likely to experience #adverse #reactions to #prescription #drugs than #men because of a range of differences in #traits between the #sexes, according to a new study from The #Australian #National #University (#ANU)."
3/14 "The researchers believe more should be done to take this into account when treating #diseases."
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Instead of spending a lot of public money and wasting council workers' time spraying vast quantities of carcinogenic chemicals on tiny bits of green space, collect plastics strewn all over Brum.

#Pollution Image
Stop spraying highly toxic chemicals on the bits of greenery left in Birmingham and the W Midlands.
Save workers' health/lives and have your them collect the masses of litter/plastics everywhere
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“The Tenth Descent—Husbandry:

“The Progression of Increasing Insensitivity, Increasing Dimming of Awareness Allowed the “Domestication of Animals”

is Ch 10

of *Prodigal Human*

by Michael Adzema

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...…

PH 10/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “ …enslavement of our family in Nature was an abominable affront to their nobility & was a scar on human character:… Our increasing drive to control made us abominations in Nature.” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology

PH 10/2
“[Chapter 9 text begins:] *Out of Anxiety, Humans Cheat in the Game of Life*

“In due time, this time not long at all, after we humans “conquered” the Flora Empire on Earth, we began “conquering” fellow planetmates of the Fauna Kingdom.”


PH 10/3
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#TreeTuesday #VLMTreeOfTheWeek 🧵
Tree No4, planted on land taken from dairy farming by the #VeganLandMovementCIC

Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)

Part of the cherry family this pretty tree is sometimes known as "Mother of the Wood" but it's commonly more famous for its berries ... Hubert Berberich (HubiB), via Wikimedia Commons
Flowering as early as late February (flowering from last year's growth & another reason not to cut hedges) & before its leaves are formed, its glorious abundance of creamy blossoms provides vital sustenance for bees after winter.

#Insects #Pollinators #savethebees 🐝🐝 JuliaC2006 from Rochester, UK. via Wikimedia Commons Tawny M
The Blackthorn flowers are hermaphrodite meaning they have male & female parts in each flower. ♂️♀️

That makes this beautiful tree self fertile 🌸🌳 Sally V, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
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🧵#Bioinformatics applied to genomics, a THREAD🧵🧵:
#Genomics is the study of the entire #genetic makeup of an #organism, including its #DNA sequence, #gene structure, and regulation of #gene #expression.
#Bioinformatics is the application of computational techniques, such as #machine #learning and data mining, to the analysis of large datasets of biological information, such as #genomic, #proteomic, and #metabolomic data.
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Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that a very talented artist whose work is beloved by many zoos and furries has used their influence and platform to unintentionally spread harmful misinformation. Despite the good intentions of @Elicitie, this must be corrected.
This is a position @Elicitie, I, zoos, and many animal advocates share. Indeed sexual contact between homosapiens and other taxalogical families should be consensual. The term 'zoophilia' has been superseded by 'zoosexuality' in the literature.

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(1/3) CITES has moved to enact some of the most significant protection for shark species targeted in the fin trade and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers are being decimated by the pet trade. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #animals #nature #sharks #news #environment Turtle swimming

(2/3) 160 governments, parties to @CITES, adopted proposals to regulate international trade in more than 500 new species. 👏

#CITES #wildlife #news #turtles #oceans #CITESCoP19 #UN…

(3/3) If you are interested in #wildlife, #travel, #nature, #history, #climatechange, or #sustainability, read The Planet.

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It’s free. Supporting the paid version makes it possible for all to read it.
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Let me start with #insulin. In the 1970s, insulin was extracted from the pancreas of animals. In the 1980s, @Genentech, working with Eli Lilly (@LillyPad), developed insulin using a new technology that I call #PrecisionFermentation. It wasn’t animal insulin. It was human insulin.
The mainstream would say: “health care is slow, it can’t be disrupted.”

Well, here’s the S-curve of #PrecisionFermentation human insulin. Human insulin disrupted animal insulin in about 13 years.
#PrecisionFermentation is a concept that I coined in my @rethink_x report ‘Rethinking Food and Agriculture’ with @CatherineTubb in September 2019.
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Did you know that the #RoyalBengalTiger is the only tiger breed in this world which inhabits Mangrove forests?
Pictures by @hardik_shelat >>>
#Tigers #Wild #Animals #BigCats
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C'est l'Automne, saison des Marbrés !
En effet, on peut observer actuellement des jeunes marbrés sur nos côtes, au niveau des zones de sables quasi exclusivement. Image
Ce poisson, Lithognathus mormyrus, mesure jusqu'à 55cm, possède un dos zébré caractéristique avec un profil rectiligne. C'est une espèce qui cherche ses proies, des invertébrés, dans le sable et le sédiment. Image
Ses solides molaires sont capables de broyer de petits oursins et des crustacés. A noter qu'il est protandre, c'est-à-dire qu'il est mâle vers 2 ans puis femelle entre 4 et 7 ans. La capture de tout individu de moins de 20 cm est interdite quelle que soit la technique utilisée. Image
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One month ago, the Norwegian fishing ministry shot #FreyatheWalrus dead, leading to media coverage saying she was “euthanized.”

Today, we look at four euphemistic terms used by industries that profit from #animal death and at outlets repeating this lingo without scrutiny. 1/10
Outlets like @guardian, @euronews, @CNN and @NPR were among many that used the word “euthanized” to describe Freya’s death.

A rare exception, which did not repeat the language used by the #fishing ministry, was a piece by @jasondhorowitz at @nytimes. 2/10…
Animal #euthanasia is supposed to be an act that reduces suffering, says veterinarian @iltaylorwriter.

Freya was neither ill nor suffering. She was shot because Norway’s #fishing ministry @fiskeridir declared relocation “not a viable option.” 3/10
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This week, people have been discussing if eating #oysters conflicts with following a plant-based diet.

Today, we’re taking a look at the definition of sentience and #veganism—and at animal species that have been proven to be more sentient than humans used to think. 👇1/14 Image
Although there is legal and scientific disagreement about #sentience, there are some standards that are broadly accepted.

According to @SentienceInst, sentience is simply the ability to have positive and negative experiences, including pain. 2/14
The concept of animal #sentience is important for ethical reasons.

If #animals are sentient beings capable of feeling pain, most humans would agree that it is morally wrong to cause unnecessary pain or suffering to them. 3/14…
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In front of Nike in #NYC where animal rights activists were rallying in front. A man comes off the streets and starts mocking the activists and eats Shushka Bob in front of the activists. Activists start yelling at the man
#pita #animals
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This week, the media reported on a @Cornell study, warning that #meat alternatives could cost millions of jobs.

The reports did not consider the human costs of animal agriculture and that a more #PlantBased food system would create jobs that don't involve slaughter.👇1/13
🚫A new study has shown the devastating impact of #PlantBased beef alternatives on jobs, Rob Waugh reported via @YahooNews.

The article warned that #meat alternatives cost 440,000 jobs in the UK. 2/13…
🔍 The @Cornell study estimated that a shift to #PlantBased alternatives would result in job losses being offset by growth in other sectors.

The authors predict that workers in the beef sector "are likely to experience most of the economic losses." 3/13…
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Today is #NationalChickenWingDay, one of many US holidays celebrating animal-based products.

We honor this day by exploring the health, environmental, and ethical impacts of #poultry farming and celebrating plant-based chicken for providing an animal-free alternative. 1/12 Image
Despite their proven ability to experience suffering, #chickens account for 95% of land animals farmed for food globally.

@JenMishler explores research demonstrating chickens' emotional & cognitive abilities—ranging from feeling #empathy to dreaming. 2/12…
Chicken breeds that grow rapidly often suffer from cardiovascular problems, muscle deformities, #lameness, and external sores.

Linda Tyler reports on a @uofg study showing that genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to #chickens. 3/12…
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I was waiting and I realized that nothing was made that I didn’t make, everything before today was happenstance which occurred by predatorial thinking from others… Finally, towards the end I learned that we make our reality… better late than never…
…and so it is that the #matrix is controlled by the creatures, who have set a filter we perceive bc we aren’t aware of our ability to create. The nasties that control our matrix are demonized creatures, ancient, and are constantly reinforcing this matrix…#reality
With indoctrination that produces suffering, bc they feed from this extremely negative energy. For example, the abuse of #children and #animals. Today you’ll find them in #Copenhagen all that fear and anxiety.
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11 standout #animal photos from this year's Urban #Wildlife Photo Awards…
Interisano's winning photo was taken in the Ontario, #Canada, town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

"I thought it was my car that had caught their attention as I rounded the corner, and maybe it had at first," the amateur photographer told Picfair of the #animals in his photo.

#wildlife Overall Winner: "Date Night" by Andrew Interisano
.@Austin_Montero1's photo shows a rat moments after emerging from a sewer. The biologist took the winning photo in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

#wildlife Nightlife Winner: "Life Beyond the Sewer" by Austi
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1. One of our toughest & longest battles to save #wildlife started on #WorldEnvironmentDay of 2016, when our team mates Suvrajyoti Chatterjee & Meghna Banerjee came to know about the horrific "ritualistic hunting festivals" of South Bengal.
2. We witnessed thousands of slaughtered wild #animals strewn across the railway platforms of Howrah & East Medinipur districts.
We faced both physical as well as verbal abuse from the hunters before we could even grasp the true extent of devastation inflicted by them.
3. Further inquiries revealed it was an annual affair celebrated on the occasion of Faloharini Kali Puja where thousands of armed mobs descend on the #forests & rivers of these two districts & decimate every #wildanimal they can find.
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In May, we saw cattle burp #emissions from space for the first time, cases of #monkeypox in the UK, and the @HumaneSociety urged the release of 80 beagles from an animal testing lab.

Here are the top stories you might have missed from May in 60 seconds ⬇️
The story of the month goes to @henrymance who explored the secret life of pigs, which made the front cover of @FT magazine:…
Another story we'd like to highlight is @GeorgeMonbiot's piece via @guardian, “The banks collapsed in 2008—and our food system is about to do the same,” marking the launch of his book, Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet.…
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