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Let's look at some facts @SenatorBennet @RepJasonCrow

Months ago, a STEM parent reached out to @dcsdk12 expressing specific concerns but instead of taking it seriously, DougCo School Board sued the parent.

Last night, @momsdemand and @bradybuzz schemed to turn a vigil into an opportunity to grand stand on gun control and invited you two to speak. You both used it as an opportunity to use children to campaign for politics.

Shame on both of you!
You and your @momsdemand chaperone all talked about the need for more gun control

Colorado already has
- magazine limits
- universal background checks
- red flag law
- 21 age limit on handguns
- illegal to murder
- illegal to attempt murder
- illegal to take guns to school
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📚When a school shooting doesnt fit @TheDemocrats MSM narrative or agenda, you dont hear about it.

Shooter1: Devon Erickson, 18, social media footprint: hated Christians, Trump, supported Obama, called himself a grunge fan 'addicted to pain'.

(2) Shooter 2: Maya McKinney, identifies as a boy, Alec, transitioning from female to male. McKinney was upset some didnt ‘accept’ the sexuality choice. Twitter profile pic shows the two of them. Posts show McKinney’s mother did not like the ‘new’ Alec.…
(3) Car towed from #STEMshooting suspect had graffiti spray painted on the side: ‘F*** SOCIETY’, ‘666’ and a pentagram sprayed on the hood.

Friends say it was known the two had ‘mental issues’.

@ananavarro @IlhanMN @jaketapper @RepSwalwell @AC360…
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If you care
@BarackObama and @EricHolder they why did you allow 2000 high power weapons to go Cartel members in Op Fast and Furious?
A border agent was killed by a gun that YOU Obama allowed to be given to a killer. Who knows how many ppl have now does.
Operation fast and furious
@BarackObama approved.
Border agent Brian Terry was killed by one of those guns.
Your guns killed 5 Cartel members, 9 civilians.
12 Cartel members killed.
Found were two •50 cal rifle which can take down helicopters.
Emails = cover up
I have been told that Operation Fast and Furious has been reopend.

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Ivanka Trump canceled a trip to Colorado, while President Trump—who gave another big speech at the NRA annual convention less than 2 weeks ago—has said nothing publicly yet about America's latest deadly school shooting… #STEMshooting
Trump has had a lot to say publicly since yesterday's school shooting in Colorado, just nothing about the school shooting in Colorado…
Although Trump apparently has zero to say about the deadly Colorado school shooting, he's tweeting enthusiastically this morning about casino policies and how he manipulated the federal tax system for "sport" in the 1980s and '90s
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I'm sad this morning for the family of the young person who died, the families and others who were wounded and the entire community who was traumatized by yesterday's #StemShooting.
Another horrific, senseless act of violence. #copolitics #coleg
My fellow Americans who reside on the "left" side of the spectrum believe that designating schools as "gun free zones" and enacting ever more restrictive legislation on firearms will make our public spaces safer. Kudos to them for their good intentions. #copolitics #StemShooting
I favor an evidence-based approach, and the evidence CLEARLY shows that this strategy does not work. No gun laws on the books prevented yesterday's killers from getting guns. No artificial designation prevented them from carrying them into the school. #copolitics #StemShooting
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Something struck me in this moment. Standing outside STEM School Highlands Ranch - these students were waiting for buses to pick them up and take them to a rec center where they’d be reunited with their families after the #STEMShooting. I started watching the teachers.
Some of them were holding binders that said “STEM School Emergency Plan”. They’ve practiced this before. They’ve reviewed the manuals. They’ve probably thought about this moment and prayed it would never happen to them.
But it did. Two shooters entered their school. They were locked down. They were probably terrified in that moment. But they remained calm. The police helped them evacuate. They watched as their young students walked out of the school with their hands up.
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.@dloesch gets in full makeup and rushes to satellite studio to...checks notes...accuse me of politicizing a tragedy. Got it.

Nothing wrong with my heart, Dana. I’m a volunteer trying to save lives. The @NRA pays you $1M to endanger lives. #STEMshooting

Also, @FoxNews did a bad job of chopping up my tweet. I’m glad, though, that they added the part about the @NRA being weaker than they’ve ever been. Not #FakeNews!
These are the two tweets @foxnews combined to create their “Shannon Watts is politicizing a tragedy” segment with @dloesch and @ShannonBream - one tweet from yesterday and one from today.
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There was a shooting at my son’s school today. He’s safe, but... I’m sitting in a gym with hundreds of parents waiting to see their kids. This is the third time I’ve had to pick up my boys from school due to a lockdown. #stemshooting
The police are doing an great job of getting our kids to us. They’re bussing the kids over by grade. Started with the kinders, and have since called out 1st and 2nd grade parents. My kid is in 6th. #stemshooting
One of the police put his hand on my shoulder and asked how I was doing and asked about my son. The gym is starting to clear out somewhat as parents are called out to pick up their kids. #stemshooting
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