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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, #Spycop

Day 7 of opening statements today, including on behalf of Baroneess (Doreen) Lawrence, Neville Lawrence, Michael Mansfield.

Due to be live streamed at link.

Ahead of start of evidence sessions from tomorrow.…
We start by hearing a broadside delivered at both #spycops inquiry and the Met delivered by Baroness Lawrence via her barrister, Imran Khan.
Baroness Lawrence, mother, of course, of Stephen Lawrence, “is losing confidence, if she has not already lost it, in the inquiry’s ability to get to the truth,” says Imran Khan to #spycops inquiry.
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We are hearing this am at undercover policing inquiry from Philippa Kaufman the truly mind-blowing story of state sexual abuse of 20 women whom she represents by #spycops, and how these women unearthed who their “boyfriends” really were and exposed them.…
Philippa Kaufman also represents a 21st woman who developed a friendship, albeit not a sexual relationship, with a #spycop.

You can see her giving her and others later today giving opening statements at this link:…
Note that Philippa Kaufman’s opening statement was only live streamed this morning because she undertook not to state #spycop Carlo Neri’s real name.

I have no idea why because his real name is already in public domain. This is eerily like #CSAinquiry attempt to erase history.
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After #CSAinquiry failed to adduce several written statements by ex-police officers when they testified to Westminster hearings in March (unlike for other witnesses), I requested the statements.

But the inquiry refused to disclose this evidence.

It covered up... 1/7
Some five months later, and now that Carl Beech has been convicted, in effect, of making up his claims about #VIPaedophiles, #CSAinquiry has finally published this evidence about #VIPaedophile police probes of yesteryear and the associated cover-ups. 2/7
Look for yourself what these police witnesses said in their statements just released.

Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith all crop up: 3/7

Paul Holmes…

Robert Glen…

Malcolm Sinclair…
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in three parts. Part 3 in 21 tweets.

A secret operation… Dolphin Square, MPs, the Navy officer, the gvt official in arms sales. And the boy left brain-damaged after attack. All in the “document dump”…
2. A previously unknown police probe into allegations of “organised sexual abuse” of children in care in London at “sex parties” by “political, government and military figures” was THWARTED (1996-9), according to ex-detective anonymised as “GB” in statement to #CSAinquiry
3. ‘Operation Mileshogue’ was investigating these allegs of sexual abuse by #VIPaedophiles at various locations, inc Dolphin Square, of “young boys within the care system” from Bermondsey to Thamesmead, according to disclosures buried in Day 14’s “document dump” by #CSAinquiry
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in three parts. Part 2 in 43 tweets. Part 1 on Friday:

Document dump reveals more about paedophile knights Peter Hayman & Cyril Smith… And the tape of MP’s “sexual activity” with “teenager”.
2. A “document dump” was adduced to #CSAinquiry on Friday (Day 14)...

Much of it contains hugely relevant revelations re #VIPaedophiles, yet has not been presented properly to inquiry, eg with the calling of key relevant witnesses.

This is a strategy of hiding in plain sight…
3. I was immediately suspicious of “document dump” by #CSAinquiry: was it hoping big disclosures would be overlooked?

I have gone through it. And it contains revelations more startling than we heard in Westminster hearings.

Makes you wonder what inquiry is hiding even deeper...
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 25 tweets.

Closing submissions on behalf of core participants. And an outburst from a survivor of child sexual abuse who was denied a voice at the inquiry, leading to a correction from Harvey Proctor’s barrister.
2. Richard Scorer, representing seven survivors of child sexual abuse by “Sir” Cyril Smith, told #CSAinquiry that David Steel #LordTittleTattle “buried his head in the sand, as he continues to do” in “a complete abdication of responsible leadership”...
3. Richard Scorer urged #CSAinquiry to condemn in its investigation report – due early next year – an attempt by David Steel #LordTittleTattle “to renege on what he said to this inquiry” in media comments following his appearance at the hearing on Day 8...
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1. Day 10 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in two parts. Part 2 in 30 tweets. Part 1 yday:

More on whipping MPs.

And a clash at #CSAinquiry that illustrates how inquiry has been whipped to stay in line, limiting what it can reveal...
2. Revelations from Lord Jopling’s whipping notes (see part 1 of summary for Day 10 ) puts an earlier comment to #CSAinquiry by Ken Clarke about the ‘dirt books’ in a new light.

Mystery makes for mischief, as Gyles Brandreth put it. And so does secrecy...
3. Ken Clarke told #CSAinquiry what happens to Tory whips’ ‘dirt books’: “We didn’t want this to go into the archives, they were the property of the chief whip, and the chief whip would take them off.”

By archives, Clarke means the National Archives, the UK’s historical record.
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1. Fall-out from day 8 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – in 13 tweets.

Some further key points about yesterday’s testimony by David Steel, #LordTittleTattle, at Westminster hearings.

For background, see my tweet round-up of day 8 yesterday:
2. For David Steel #LordTittleTattle, the start of his leadership of the Liberal party was over-shadowed by Jeremy Thorpe.

His latter years as a LibDem peer will be overshadowed by Cyril Smith.

Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith – the two bookends of Steel’s dismal political life.
3. Happily, counsel for #CSAinquiry reminded David Steel #LordTittleTattle that he had learnt of the allegations about Cyril Smith (to which he confessed to Steel) around the time of Jeremy Thorpe’s trial.

Steel said: “Yes. The Thorpe thing was a very ghastly experience.” ...
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1. Day 5 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 22 tweets.

After two days of evidence on how police were stopped from investigating #VIPaedophiles, today we heard of the same problem for the media...
2. Don Hale @perryscope21 told #CSAinquiry how Barbara Castle gave him a pile of minutes of secret meetings in 1984 of a committee of MPs and Lords that wanted to promote the lowering of the age of consent.

The papers identified 16 politicians, he said...
3. Don Hale told #CSAinquiry that minutes of secret parliamentary group that wanted to lower age of consent showed the regular attendees: Charles Napier, Keith Joseph, Jeremy Thorpe, Rhodes Boyston and Peter Hayman.
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2. Former Met inspector Paul Holmes told #CSAinquiry of surveillance operation in 1978 on a flat in Cricklewood used by Roddam Twiss, son of Sir Frank, who was Black Rod.

An MP was a suspect: “Cyril Smith was allegedly all over it.”

Bg @FOIACentre:…
3. “We were starting from a mind-set that we would need to proceed as cautiously as possible, covertly as possible, because of the risk of cover-up, because obviously… that was a risk we expected.”

Paul Holmes to #CSAinquiry on Twiss probe in which Cyril Smith was a suspect.
4. Roddam Twiss was jailed in 1967 for indecently assaulting and beating five boys – one as young as 11.

He was also a convicted fraudster.

Paul Holmes, then an officer in Met’s clubs office in West End central, found Twiss’s records had been “sanitised”, he told #CSAinquiry.
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1. Day 2 of Westminster hearings #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 10 tweets.

Today, the IOPC, formerly IPCC, came with a HUGE vat of whitewash, as I revealed that it would @FOIACentre on Sunday:…
2. Tony Daly accused a peer – whom he did not want to name but called, Lord Back-Seat – as having paid to have sex with him when he was a 20-year-old rent boy.

#CSAinquiry has identified Lord Back-Seat.

I am not sure that it meant to do so.

I am not naming him at this point.
3. Christopher Mahaffey, lead senior investigator for Independent Office for Police Conduct, supplied the whitewash.

He had worked for the Met for 30 years until 2004. He rose to Det Supt.

The IOPC, like #CSAinquiry, likes this special kind of use of the word “independent”...
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Day 1 of Westminster hearings #CSAinquiry – my round-up in just 22 tweets…
Counsel to #CSAinquiry confirmed my story that it will hear from Lord Taverne about a conversation between Roy Jenkins and Met commissioner in 1966/67 that police avoid catching/prosecuting any MPs when investigating “cottaging”.

From yday @FOIACentre:…
Counsel to #CSAinquiry revealed that Lord Taverne cites late Labour MP Tom Driberg as an eg of MP who escaped prosecution for sexual offences.

This was in relation to adults, said counsel, although the inquiry has had evidence to suggest that Driberg also sexually abused boys.
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