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Good morning.

Now, more than eight years later.
Following the resignation of Fiona Woolf, the second Chair of #CSAinquiry, this statement to the House by then Home Sec Theresa May

@bbcr4 PM programme 1.11.14 Theresa May statement. #CSAinquiry to remain a panel inquiry despite calls from victim groups…
'Disclosure' is vital and a key reason why IICSA needed statutory status. An extract from Mandate Now speaking to James O'Brien on #LBC 6/11/14.

Many abusees were calling for the change. But she wasn't listening. The noise increased.… via @Audioboom
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Day 10 of #spycops inquiry: two #spycops due to be called, first from management/back office, second used cover name, “Douglas Edwards”.

Summaries of evidence from three further #spycops – including “Don De Freitas” and “William Paul Lewis” – to be read out by inquiry lawyer.
Summary of statement by #spycop “Don De Freitas” read to inquiry: he was in SDS during 1968. He worked elsewhere in Special Branch before + after his brief time in SDS.

He targeted Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, and posed as boyfriend of “Margaret White”:
Summary of statement by #spycop “William/Bill Paul Lewis” read to inquiry: he was in SDS 1968-9; says that any #spycop arrested while undercover would have the issue resolved later.

Summary of statement by a third #spycop, cypher “HN322”, says that he did not use a cover name.
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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, #Spycop

Day 7 of opening statements today, including on behalf of Baroneess (Doreen) Lawrence, Neville Lawrence, Michael Mansfield.

Due to be live streamed at link.

Ahead of start of evidence sessions from tomorrow.…
We start by hearing a broadside delivered at both #spycops inquiry and the Met delivered by Baroness Lawrence via her barrister, Imran Khan.
Baroness Lawrence, mother, of course, of Stephen Lawrence, “is losing confidence, if she has not already lost it, in the inquiry’s ability to get to the truth,” says Imran Khan to #spycops inquiry.
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We are hearing this am at undercover policing inquiry from Philippa Kaufman the truly mind-blowing story of state sexual abuse of 20 women whom she represents by #spycops, and how these women unearthed who their “boyfriends” really were and exposed them.…
Philippa Kaufman also represents a 21st woman who developed a friendship, albeit not a sexual relationship, with a #spycop.

You can see her giving her and others later today giving opening statements at this link:…
Note that Philippa Kaufman’s opening statement was only live streamed this morning because she undertook not to state #spycop Carlo Neri’s real name.

I have no idea why because his real name is already in public domain. This is eerily like #CSAinquiry attempt to erase history.
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Day 13 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors again:

Kevin Yates, of Leicestershire Police’s ‘Operation Magnolia’, who was too ill to testify last Weds.

Matt Hewson, of ‘Operation Enamel’, due back.

And four witnesses from Labour party.

Gregor McGill, director of legal services at CPS, who began his testimony yesterday (linked below), has been slotted into finish before Kevin Yates is called.

All happening behind closed doors.

Kevin Yates, who is testifying today at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors, joined Operation Magnolia as a detective inspector in 2001.

We heard from two of his colleagues on Day 8, when he was due to testify before he reported in ill:

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Day 12 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry:

Statement from Tony Blair – to explain why he made Greville Janner a Lord – due to be read. In closed session.

NOT being questioned.

Helen Ewen, head of honours secretariat at Cabinet Office, due to be called.

As I revealed, all of the many people who accused Greville, later Lord, Janner of child sexual abuse have been frozen out of #CSAinquiry.

But a cyphered person, “JA-B24” due to be called today. Not sure whether this person is a survivor or a relative.

Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry also due to hear today from Gregor McGill, CPS director of legal services.

He will be asked why the late Greville Janner, Labour MP and peer, was not prosecuted despite three criminal investigations into him. Partly in open session, partly closed.
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#CrimesAgainstHumanity the @ProductsSystem Toni aka Ruth Lovell and her twin sister Gina @Alexand89562701 by our #CorruptGOP in #UnitedKingdom🇬🇧 who have a #EvilLivesHere such as @shaunattwood.

Until reading your #truth I now see the connections to all who have been playing
with real life victims of the state for years/decades even, all ignored by the highest the @RoyalReporter @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal future #KingandQueen of @GREATBritain .

We need this to stop and for @VictimSupport @CommonsJustice @HoCStandards @neil_bob @attorneygeneral
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Day 11 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Michael Creedon.

Former chief constable of Derbyshire Police.

Effectively led probe into Frank Beck in 1991.

Says that he was ORDERED not to arrest Janner.

Testifying in SECRET.

Christopher Thomas, SIO of Operation Dauntless (2006-7) is being slotted in to complete his evidence in closed session before Michael Creedon is called.

Thomas testified on Day 9, but did not finish then. But I tweeted what he has to say on Day 9:
Michael Creedon is testifying behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry.

However, I AM able to tell you what he has to say because it is already in PUBLIC domain, again demonstrating the farce of hearing all of his evidence – and indeed, much of all witnesses’ evidence – in secret.
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Day 10 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY yet again:

Another retired officer from Leicestershire Police, Alistair Helm. On ‘Operation Dauntless’.

And Roger Rock, senior prosecutor at CPS. On why it did not prosecute.
Alistair Helm, as a detective chief superintendent, was in the ‘gold group’ that launched Operation Dauntless in 2006.

He is testifying behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry, but the publicly available evidence suggests that the gold group had minimal insight over the operation.
Freemasonry is known to have been rife at Leicestershire Police (and the county council).

However, Alistair Helm is unlikely to have been a mason because he was ordained mid-career. He retired from Leicestershire Police in 2008 and went on to be a priest in the Yorkshire Dales.
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Day 9 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Three witnesses, all officers who worked on ‘Operation Dauntless’ in 2006, Leicestershire Police’s third investigation into Lord Janner…

David Swift-Rollinson, Kevin Barrs, Christopher Thomas.
I will start my coverage of this behind-closed door hearing that started at 10.15am shortly.

Meanwhile, I can reveal that a statement from Tony Blair is due to be read to Janner hearing BEHIND CLOSED DOORS next Tuesday.

See you next Tuesday.
Tony Blair, as prime minister, ennobled Greville Janner in 1997.

But #CSAinquiry is not calling him to answer questions at the Janner hearing.

It has, however, ordered Blair to prepare a statement, which will be read in closed session next Tuesday.
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Day 8 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: three officers who worked on ‘Operation Magnolia’, Leicestershire Police’s investigation into Lord Janner between 2000 and 2002...

James Wynne, Kevin Yates, Richard Keenan.

Each witness partly in open – and partly in closed – session.
Junior counsel to #CSAinquiry says that Kevin Yates has been taken ill is unfit to give evidence today. He will be rescheduled for next Wednesday.

We are hearing from James Wynne, initially in open session.
James Wynne was a detective sergeant during ‘Operation Magnolia’, which ran from 2000 to 2002, investigating allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children at two Leicestershire children’s homes, including allegations against Lord Janner.
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Day 7 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: three witnesses from Leicestershire county council...

John Sinnott, chief executive, due to begin at 10.30am in open session before going behind closed doors.

Then Robert Parker and Brian Waller – each behind closed doors.
John Sinnott, chief executive of Leicestershire county council since 1994, is first witness to testify in open (at least, partly) in FIVE days of Janner hearings at #CSAinquiry.
John Sinnott accepts that in the past there was no oversight by senior managers at Leicestershire county council’s social services department of complaints of sexual or physical abuse of children in the council’s “care” homes.
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Day 6 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again for fourth day in a row:

James Coussey of CPS, Jeremy Naunton also of CPS, and evidence read from the late Barbara Fitt, manager of a children’s home in Leicester, and her widower, Ray.
James Coussey, retired senior prosecutor, made the newspapers in 1986 when he had to placate a furious magistrate who threatened to free a man on a murder charge because of prosecution blunders by DPP office.

Nothing compared to prosecution blunders over Greville Janner MP.
Jeremy Naunton, senior lawyer for DPP then CPS, faces qus this pm – behind closed doors – as to why Greville Janner, then Labour MP, was not prosecuted in 1991. Just as he had to explain why Peter Hayman was not prosecuted in 1978, as revealed @FOIACentre:…
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Day 5 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again for third day in a row:

Peter Joyce, prosecutor in Frank Beck’s trial;

Iain Groundwell, retired from CPS;

Reading statement by the late Peter Hollingworth, former chief prosecutor for Leicestershire.
Peter Joyce was prosecuting counsel in Frank Beck’s trial in 1991.

At the request of police, he advised how to deal with allegations that arose at the time against Greville Janner, then Labour MP.

He is giving evidence in closed session at #CSAinquiry.

Peter Joyce made a late, successful application to become a “core participant” in #CSAinquiry investigation re Greville Janner after inquiry sent him a “detailed request” in May for a statement...
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Day 4 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY again:

Tony Butler, senior Leicestershire Police officer who oversaw investigation into Frank Beck in 1991 in which allegations against Greville Janner MP arose. And Mark Williams of CPS.

After I highlighted how #CSAinquiry had been seeking to keep secret even the operational name of the police investigation into Frank Beck, and then, Greville Janner MP in 1991, it has finally made public what it was called: Operation Intern.
Tony Butler was Leicestershire’s assistant chief constable when he oversaw Operation Intern, inv into Frank Beck and then Greville Janner MP. He later became deputy chief constable and has since retired. He is giving evidence behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry. #SecretCSAinquiry
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Day 3 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry behind closed doors ALL DAY: three Leicestershire officers who were on first police probe into Labour MP Greville Janner in 1991 as part of Frank Beck case... DCI Kelvyn Ashby, Ch Supt Graham Carr, Det Supt Tim Garner.

DCI Kelvyn Ashby was SIO on police probe into Frank Beck, who ran a Leicestershire children’s home.

He investigated allegations against Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, in 1991 as part of that case.

He is giving evidence behind closed doors at #CSAinquiry. #SecretCSAinquiry
Police in this first probe into Greville Janner passed a file to the CPS, which decided against pressing any charge against the then MP.

Janner was named as an abuser by a witness at Frank Beck’s trial.

Janner denied the claims in Parliament. Many MPs spoke in his support.
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Day 2 of Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, which investigated Lord Janner from 2012, due to give evidence – partly in open, partly in closed session.

Catch-up on his statement from my thread from Sunday:
After further submissions in closed session at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry, Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, enters witness box in open session. He will later testify further in closed session.

See my thread on Hewson’s statement:
Det Supt Matt Hewson has been confirming some points from his statement, already covered in my thread from Sunday (see below).

Janner hearing adjourns for a mid-morning break.

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Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: Brian Altman, counsel to inquiry, begins chronology with ‘Operation Magnolia’ in 1999.

But he completely omits the first police investigation into Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, in 1991.

Presumably entirely saved for closed session.
Brian Altman tells #CSAinquiry that among many allegations on which Lord Janner faced charges at the end of his life was that he sexually assaulted an under-age boy at a flat in Dolphin Square.
Nick Stanage, barrister for 13 complainant core participants, tells Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry: “You can ask who made mistakes in this case? Why did they make them?”
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Det Supt Matt Hewson, SIO for ‘Operation Enamel’, which investigated Lord Janner from 2012, is due to give evidence at Janner hearings of #CSAinquiry on Tuesday.

He is only witness due to testify in the open next week, but he will give some evidence behind closed doors. 1/17
Operation Enamel’s Det Supt Matt Hewson, now retired, reveals in #CSAinquiry statement that SEVEN witnesses to a police inv, ‘Operation Magnolia’ in 2000-2, into two Leicester children’s homes, mentioned Greville Janner, then a Labour MP.

That proved to be just the start... 2/17
One of two former residents of a Leicester children’s home described to police in 2000 being taken to a property for sexual abuse by a group of men, including Greville Janner.

He also described giving Janner a “blow job” in the Japanese garden of Abbey Park in Leicester. 3/17
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Barbara Hewson, 58, due back for Day 2 of five-person disciplinary tribunal this am.

She admits two charges of “professional misconduct”. Counsel John Beggs to continue mitigation.

Tribunal then expected to decide between suspending or disbarring her.

Correction of typo in a tweet from yesterday. Barbara Hewson’s solicitor is not Daniel Berle. It is Daniel BERKE.

Everyone is present in the tribunal room awaiting the tribunal panel.

There is no sun streaming into the room today. Rain clouds have covered the winter sky...
Barbara Hewson’s disciplinary tribunal resumes, with her counsel, John Beggs, continuing to make pleas in mitigation.

He repeats that, following Hewson’s article that sparked a “tsunami of abuse”, she was forced to leave her chambers.
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Counsel to #CSAinquiry formally asks Alexis Jay and inquiry panel to DELAY substantive hearings re Greville Janner, the late peer and ex-MP, from February to October 2020 b/c IOPC referred file on one individual to CPS re police failings.

Decision on submission to be announced.
When Lord Janner died, he faced trial of facts on 22 CSA charges re nine complainants.

But #CSAinquiry hears in prelim hearing that, according to CPS, he should have faced ANOTHER 12 charges re three more complainants.

PLUS police were investigating yet more allegations.
Counsel to #CSAinquiry, Brian Altman, rejects charge that inquiry has “singled out” Lord Janner, saying that it has considered other cases of alleged institutional failure.

These included Archbishop Peter Ball, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Peter Morrison and Sir Peter Hayman, he says.
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After #CSAinquiry failed to adduce several written statements by ex-police officers when they testified to Westminster hearings in March (unlike for other witnesses), I requested the statements.

But the inquiry refused to disclose this evidence.

It covered up... 1/7
Some five months later, and now that Carl Beech has been convicted, in effect, of making up his claims about #VIPaedophiles, #CSAinquiry has finally published this evidence about #VIPaedophile police probes of yesteryear and the associated cover-ups. 2/7
Look for yourself what these police witnesses said in their statements just released.

Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith all crop up: 3/7

Paul Holmes…

Robert Glen…

Malcolm Sinclair…
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@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo I came to the Op to expose an international child rape trafficking ring, fulfilling #OpDeathEaters goals 1-3:

1. Establish the credibility and scale of the story.

2. Challenge the propaganda and framing of the story.

3, Raise awareness beyond the initial small circle.
@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo None of us believe we'd be here today if not for #OpDeathEaters. I doubt any media would have followed up on #Epstein if not for this Op.
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This thread will look into the sordid legacy of paedosadism inside the English Royal Family. #OpDeathEaters

All information collected by @OpDeathEaters and @GeorgieBC circa 2014 - present. Image
The reason the UK won't link Kincora to the Child Abuse Inquiry. #OpDeathEaters
Lord Mountbatten was linked to the #Kincora boy's rape and torture network. Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was renowned to be wildly promiscuous, bisexual and abuse working-class boys or peasant Indian boys. #OpDeathEaters
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