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Barbara Hewson, 58, due back for Day 2 of five-person disciplinary tribunal this am.

She admits two charges of “professional misconduct”. Counsel John Beggs to continue mitigation.

Tribunal then expected to decide between suspending or disbarring her.

Correction of typo in a tweet from yesterday. Barbara Hewson’s solicitor is not Daniel Berle. It is Daniel BERKE.

Everyone is present in the tribunal room awaiting the tribunal panel.

There is no sun streaming into the room today. Rain clouds have covered the winter sky...
Barbara Hewson’s disciplinary tribunal resumes, with her counsel, John Beggs, continuing to make pleas in mitigation.

He repeats that, following Hewson’s article that sparked a “tsunami of abuse”, she was forced to leave her chambers.
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Counsel to #CSAinquiry formally asks Alexis Jay and inquiry panel to DELAY substantive hearings re Greville Janner, the late peer and ex-MP, from February to October 2020 b/c IOPC referred file on one individual to CPS re police failings.

Decision on submission to be announced.
When Lord Janner died, he faced trial of facts on 22 CSA charges re nine complainants.

But #CSAinquiry hears in prelim hearing that, according to CPS, he should have faced ANOTHER 12 charges re three more complainants.

PLUS police were investigating yet more allegations.
Counsel to #CSAinquiry, Brian Altman, rejects charge that inquiry has “singled out” Lord Janner, saying that it has considered other cases of alleged institutional failure.

These included Archbishop Peter Ball, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Peter Morrison and Sir Peter Hayman, he says.
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After #CSAinquiry failed to adduce several written statements by ex-police officers when they testified to Westminster hearings in March (unlike for other witnesses), I requested the statements.

But the inquiry refused to disclose this evidence.

It covered up... 1/7
Some five months later, and now that Carl Beech has been convicted, in effect, of making up his claims about #VIPaedophiles, #CSAinquiry has finally published this evidence about #VIPaedophile police probes of yesteryear and the associated cover-ups. 2/7
Look for yourself what these police witnesses said in their statements just released.

Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith all crop up: 3/7

Paul Holmes…

Robert Glen…

Malcolm Sinclair…
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@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo I came to the Op to expose an international child rape trafficking ring, fulfilling #OpDeathEaters goals 1-3:

1. Establish the credibility and scale of the story.

2. Challenge the propaganda and framing of the story.

3, Raise awareness beyond the initial small circle.
@OpDeathEaters @MissSnoBunnie @YourAnonCentral @fred062811 @WCM_JustSocial @der_bluthund @DonVonCrump1 @StuartSyvret @fiondavision @soychicka @Agenthades1 @jkbjournalist @ciabaudo None of us believe we'd be here today if not for #OpDeathEaters. I doubt any media would have followed up on #Epstein if not for this Op.
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This thread will look into the sordid legacy of paedosadism inside the English Royal Family. #OpDeathEaters

All information collected by @OpDeathEaters and @GeorgieBC circa 2014 - present. Image
The reason the UK won't link Kincora to the Child Abuse Inquiry. #OpDeathEaters
Lord Mountbatten was linked to the #Kincora boy's rape and torture network. Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was renowned to be wildly promiscuous, bisexual and abuse working-class boys or peasant Indian boys. #OpDeathEaters
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@AnneV @BeePrinsloo Hey @adamlevine @bprinsloo happy shared anniversary birthday a little early. Epstein scandal who knew?? So are Victoria secret models products of Epstein types and agencies? #naomicampbell…
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo The Epstein Victoria secret Pipeline… so when Anne v became a liability due to my civil lawsuit they replaced her with behati in 2012. Killer models eh?
@AnneV @BeePrinsloo @adamlevine @BPrinsloo Anne v literally coded a pizza picture in her hand when Adam was served with the lawsuit. Hindsight is 20/20.
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Government should change the law to make it a crime for priests, vicars and other clergy to have sexual relations with anyone aged 16-18 under their pastoral care (like teachers, etc), #CSAinquiry recommends in report on Anglican church published a few minutes ago.
Church of England “put its own reputation above the needs of victims and survivors,” concludes #CSAinquiry report on case studies of Chichester diocese and paedophile bishop Peter Ball. (Like so many institutions, of course.)
“In allegations involving victims and survivors over the age of 16, a number of individuals in the Diocese of Chichester and Lambeth Palace misinterpreted the actions of abusers as homosexual behaviour,” concludes #CSAinquiry report – out about 20 minutes ago.
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in three parts. Part 3 in 21 tweets.

A secret operation… Dolphin Square, MPs, the Navy officer, the gvt official in arms sales. And the boy left brain-damaged after attack. All in the “document dump”…
2. A previously unknown police probe into allegations of “organised sexual abuse” of children in care in London at “sex parties” by “political, government and military figures” was THWARTED (1996-9), according to ex-detective anonymised as “GB” in statement to #CSAinquiry
3. ‘Operation Mileshogue’ was investigating these allegs of sexual abuse by #VIPaedophiles at various locations, inc Dolphin Square, of “young boys within the care system” from Bermondsey to Thamesmead, according to disclosures buried in Day 14’s “document dump” by #CSAinquiry
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in three parts. Part 2 in 43 tweets. Part 1 on Friday:

Document dump reveals more about paedophile knights Peter Hayman & Cyril Smith… And the tape of MP’s “sexual activity” with “teenager”.
2. A “document dump” was adduced to #CSAinquiry on Friday (Day 14)...

Much of it contains hugely relevant revelations re #VIPaedophiles, yet has not been presented properly to inquiry, eg with the calling of key relevant witnesses.

This is a strategy of hiding in plain sight…
3. I was immediately suspicious of “document dump” by #CSAinquiry: was it hoping big disclosures would be overlooked?

I have gone through it. And it contains revelations more startling than we heard in Westminster hearings.

Makes you wonder what inquiry is hiding even deeper...
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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 25 tweets.

Closing submissions on behalf of core participants. And an outburst from a survivor of child sexual abuse who was denied a voice at the inquiry, leading to a correction from Harvey Proctor’s barrister.
2. Richard Scorer, representing seven survivors of child sexual abuse by “Sir” Cyril Smith, told #CSAinquiry that David Steel #LordTittleTattle “buried his head in the sand, as he continues to do” in “a complete abdication of responsible leadership”...
3. Richard Scorer urged #CSAinquiry to condemn in its investigation report – due early next year – an attempt by David Steel #LordTittleTattle “to renege on what he said to this inquiry” in media comments following his appearance at the hearing on Day 8...
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1. Day 12 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 26 tweets.

Just over half-an-hour to hear from the sole abuse survivor allowed to testify.

And another important admission today from CPS re two more #VIPaedophile suspects who escaped prosecution in the day...
2. Robert Montagu told #CSAinquiry – in what he described as “graphic terms” – how his father, Victor Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, one-time Conservative MP, sexually abused him between approximate ages of 6 and 11.

Then the family found out what his father was doing to him….
3. Robert Montagu to #CSAinquiry: “This was the most painful part of it, because, and I’m sure this part is shared with so many, because, having been abused, I was then re-abused by the failure of the investigation.”

There was no investigation, he said...
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1. Day 12 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 14 tweets.

Counsel to #CSAinquiry strokes the cat put up by MI6...

And the odd couple from the Met and the IOPC are recalled to hose down some police whistleblowers a bit more…
2. MI6 put up an anonymous witness to #CSAinquiry, understood to be its legal director, who gave evidence via video link, with only audio for observers.

But we learnt nothing more than I revealed @FOIACentre last week:

3. Counsel to #CSAinquiry, Brian Altman, asked the MI6 witness whether inquiry did not ask it to disclose any material on Sir Maurice Oldfield, former MI6 chief.

“That is correct. We weren’t asked to disclose any such material.”

And, er, that was it on Oldfield.

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1. Day 11 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 12 tweets.

A wasted morning on the wrong witness from Home Office review. And Tim Hulbert, Home Office whitsleblower on funding by his old department of PIE, objects to being made to feel like the accused...
2. Michael Box, head of secretariat at Home Office for review by Peter Wanless and Richard Whittam into claim that dept gave funds to PIE told #CSAinquiry thrice that he could not answer specific questions about review…
3. A typical answer to #CSAinquiry from Michael Box was: “I can't answer that question. That's a matter for the reviewers.” That one in answer to whether a specific former civil servant was potentially an important person for the Wanless-Whittam review to contact...
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1. Day 10 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in two parts. Part 2 in 30 tweets. Part 1 yday:

More on whipping MPs.

And a clash at #CSAinquiry that illustrates how inquiry has been whipped to stay in line, limiting what it can reveal...
2. Revelations from Lord Jopling’s whipping notes (see part 1 of summary for Day 10 ) puts an earlier comment to #CSAinquiry by Ken Clarke about the ‘dirt books’ in a new light.

Mystery makes for mischief, as Gyles Brandreth put it. And so does secrecy...
3. Ken Clarke told #CSAinquiry what happens to Tory whips’ ‘dirt books’: “We didn’t want this to go into the archives, they were the property of the chief whip, and the chief whip would take them off.”

By archives, Clarke means the National Archives, the UK’s historical record.
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1. Day 10 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in two parts. Part 1 in 24 tweets. Part 2 tomorrow.

Back on Day 6 we went into MI5’s #PaedoFiles, as revealed @FOIACentre:…

Today, inside the ‘dirt book’ of the Conservative whips’ office…
2. First up Ken Clarke, a whip in Sir Edward Heath’s government, told #CSAinquiry that he was UNAWARE of Tim Fortescue’s infamous comments about “scandal involving small boys” until inquiry raised it with him.

Background @FOIACentre from earlier in month:…
3. On Tim Fortescue’s comments re helping MPs in trouble, such as over “scandal involving small boys”, Ken Clarke to #CSAinquiry: “I have no idea what he’s talking about, because I don’t remember a problem with any member of parliament with small boys in my time in the office...”
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1. Day 9 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 20 tweets.

Today, it was the Green party and the honours system in the dock, I mean, witness box. Rather unexpectedly, there was another car crash. And I bet you guessed the wrong one...
2. There is more to say about written evidence adduced today by #CSAinquiry, but I intend to come back to that.

For this summary, I have mainly focussed on the aural testimony. And I thought today was going to be an easy day…
3. Green party’s chairwoman, Liz Reason, told #CSAinquiry that it was blindsided when an agent for 2017 election and last year’s local elections was jailed in August for 22 years for 20 offences, including torture and rape of 10-year-old girl in attic of family home...
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1. Fall-out from day 8 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – in 13 tweets.

Some further key points about yesterday’s testimony by David Steel, #LordTittleTattle, at Westminster hearings.

For background, see my tweet round-up of day 8 yesterday:
2. For David Steel #LordTittleTattle, the start of his leadership of the Liberal party was over-shadowed by Jeremy Thorpe.

His latter years as a LibDem peer will be overshadowed by Cyril Smith.

Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith – the two bookends of Steel’s dismal political life.
3. Happily, counsel for #CSAinquiry reminded David Steel #LordTittleTattle that he had learnt of the allegations about Cyril Smith (to which he confessed to Steel) around the time of Jeremy Thorpe’s trial.

Steel said: “Yes. The Thorpe thing was a very ghastly experience.” ...
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1. Day 8 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 33 tweets.

David Steel, #LordTittleTattle, skewered on his complacency. Background @FOIACentre:…

While most in UK hate the LibDems, we learnt that many LibDem MPs have long hated each other.
2. After Tory’s “Sir” Peter Morrison on Monday and Tuesday, focus at #CSAinquiry today was on Liberal’s “Sir” Cyril Smith.

First up, LibDem president Baroness Brinton who said that he and Jeremy Thorpe, those two great titans of Liberal party, “cordially loathed each other”.
3. Des Wilson, Liberal president from 1986 to 1987, told #CSAinquiry about the Liberal party at the time: “It was almost like two parties. The party in the country was very strong.”

But, he continued: “The parliamentary party was a bit of a rabble, to be honest.”
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1. Day 7 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 25 tweets.

Today, somewhere between a farce and a comedy... somewhere between, ‘Yes, Minister’ and ‘Just a Minute’.

A former MI5 boss, a former cabinet secretary – and GYLES BRANDRETH.
2. Sarah Hogg, diary secretary to Peter Morrison in Department of Employment, told #CSAinquiry: “He clearly had an alcohol problem. He used to start drinking at lunchtime and he’d drink a bottle of vodka quite easily by teatime. And then he’d start drinking whisky.”
3. “Sir” Peter Morrison “moved in very high circles,” Sarah Hogg told #CSAinquiry, saying that his friends included the Duke of Westminster and Prince Charles, and his sister was (and still is) lady-in-waiting to the Queen...
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The Westminister Paedosadist hearing. This thread will follow the United Kingdom's #CSAinquiry 2019, featuring reports from:


Will be updated daily.
#OpDeathEaters #IICSA #Westminsterhearing
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1. Day 6 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 20 tweets.

“We are all guilty.” Emotional testimony from Labour official over “cover-up” for Tory MP “Sir” Peter Morrison.

MI5 and Maggie T knew, too.

MI5: we would call the police in same position in future.
2. Frances Mowatt, party agent for Peter Morrison: “He was a very popular member of Parliament.”

Political opponents viewed him as “aloof”, “arrogant” and a drunkard. And a paedophile.

But Frances did not see any of that. On his sexual/private life: “I didn’t hear any rumours.”
3. In response to the claim by Frances Mowatt at #CSAinquiry that she never even heard any rumours about Peter Morrison, Grahame Nicholls, an official in the local Labour party in Chester, said: “I find that absolutely incredible.”
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1. Day 5 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 22 tweets.

After two days of evidence on how police were stopped from investigating #VIPaedophiles, today we heard of the same problem for the media...
2. Don Hale @perryscope21 told #CSAinquiry how Barbara Castle gave him a pile of minutes of secret meetings in 1984 of a committee of MPs and Lords that wanted to promote the lowering of the age of consent.

The papers identified 16 politicians, he said...
3. Don Hale told #CSAinquiry that minutes of secret parliamentary group that wanted to lower age of consent showed the regular attendees: Charles Napier, Keith Joseph, Jeremy Thorpe, Rhodes Boyston and Peter Hayman.
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2. Former Met inspector Paul Holmes told #CSAinquiry of surveillance operation in 1978 on a flat in Cricklewood used by Roddam Twiss, son of Sir Frank, who was Black Rod.

An MP was a suspect: “Cyril Smith was allegedly all over it.”

Bg @FOIACentre:…
3. “We were starting from a mind-set that we would need to proceed as cautiously as possible, covertly as possible, because of the risk of cover-up, because obviously… that was a risk we expected.”

Paul Holmes to #CSAinquiry on Twiss probe in which Cyril Smith was a suspect.
4. Roddam Twiss was jailed in 1967 for indecently assaulting and beating five boys – one as young as 11.

He was also a convicted fraudster.

Paul Holmes, then an officer in Met’s clubs office in West End central, found Twiss’s records had been “sanitised”, he told #CSAinquiry.
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1. Day 3 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in 20 tweets.

Today, powerful testimony from some former police officers at the sharp end of #VIPaedophile cover-ups.

And an attempt to cover it up.
2. Howard Groves, former Met DCI, told #CSAinquiry of a “briefing by a senior officer” in around 1984 when he was a PC in a group on an investigation that was part of ‘Operation Circus’.

Senior officer warned that the inv would stop if they encountered “people of prominence”.
3. Howard Groves told #CSAinquiry that this warning on “prominent people” was given to a team that were to deal with photographs seized in ‘Operation Circus’ from a photographer.

The pictures showed men sexually abusing boys as young as 11 or 12...
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