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1. Day 14 of Westminster hearings at #CSAinquiry – my round-up in three parts. Part 2 in 43 tweets. Part 1 on Friday:

Document dump reveals more about paedophile knights Peter Hayman & Cyril Smith… And the tape of MP’s “sexual activity” with “teenager”.
2. A “document dump” was adduced to #CSAinquiry on Friday (Day 14)...

Much of it contains hugely relevant revelations re #VIPaedophiles, yet has not been presented properly to inquiry, eg with the calling of key relevant witnesses.

This is a strategy of hiding in plain sight…
3. I was immediately suspicious of “document dump” by #CSAinquiry: was it hoping big disclosures would be overlooked?

I have gone through it. And it contains revelations more startling than we heard in Westminster hearings.

Makes you wonder what inquiry is hiding even deeper...
4. Christopher Horne, former Tory councillor and PPC (MP candidate), says this in written statement for #CSAinquiry:

While working on election campaign in Rochdale in 1972 when “Sir” Cyril Smith became MP, local police WARNED him NOT to reveal Smith’s “predilection for boys”...
5. Christopher Horne tells #CSAinquiry of a “police visit” to warn Conservative party workers about revealing what we now know to be the truth about “Sir” Cyril Smith.

This is just one revelation in Friday’s “document dump”, but Horne was not called to testify at hearings…
6. “‘Any mention of Cyril Smith’s predilection for boys’ would be regarded as conduct likely to lead to a breach of the peace and could well lead to an injunction and an order to stay out of Rochdale during the election.”

Police in Christopher Horne’s statement to #CSAinquiry.
7. “He was very clear that any mention of this [Cyril Smith] issue would be treated as an offence and acted on accordingly.

“He indicated that the same information had been given to the Labour party.”

Christopher Horne on police. Written statement, March 2019, for #CSAinquiry.
8. This episode shows how some police were protecting #VIPaedophiles such as “Sir” Cyril Smith, just as Don Hale @perryscope21 relates.

One does not corroborate the other, but it is broadly supportive.

Anyway, it is so significant that #CSAinquiry should hear testimony on it.
9. From Rochdale to Chester. #AllChange #NoChange

We learn, from a BTP statement to #CSAinquiry, a brief summary of that nebulous #CaughtInTheLooAtCrewe allegation from 1987 against Sir Peter Morrison that no one could describe exactly back on Day 6…
10. “In 1987 a Cheshire MP, Mr Peter Morrison, was taken off a train in Crewe following an allegation of abuse of a young male on the train. The MPs name is on the list of those involved with North Wales Child abuse.”

BTP statement, dated Mar 13, as it appears, to #CSAinquiry.
11. Margaret Thatcher BANNED her attorney general, Sir Michael Havers, from holding a press conference re “Sir” Peter Hayman’s being outed as a paedophile by Geoffrey Dickens in Parliament in 1981.

Memo to PM from press sec Bernard Ingham – in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry...
12. Despite that ban, Bernard Ingham tells PM in memo passed to #CSAinquiry, Sir Michael Havers has done an interview with the Standard re “Sir” Peter Hayman.

“The attorney general has, to all intents and purposes, anticipated his parliamentary answer [due the following day].”
13. What was role of Sir Michael Havers in decision re “Sir” Peter Hayman in 1978?

Whitehall note disclosed to #CSAinquiry: “The Attorney-General decided there was no case for a prosecution.”

Clerical error? Inquiry did not inquire.

Havers @FOIACentre: foiacentre.com/news-Playland-…
14. Sir Michael Havers claimed that there was not the evidence to prosecute “Sir” Peter Hayman in 1978 - the official story.

But I revealed @FOIACentre that DPP Sir Thomas Hetherington decided against charging after a chummy chat with Sir David Napley: foiacentre.com/news-CSA-inqui…
15. The official story re “Sir” Peter Hayman, then and now, is: “There has been no cover-up.” They attacked Geoffrey Dickens for outing Hayman. And, 38 years later, I exposed how they had lied throughout.

Today, at #CSAinquiry, they still repeat “no cover-up” re #VIPaedophiles.
16. Sir Thomas Hetherington maintained in Whitehall that police “agreed with the DPP’s decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman” – minutes in #CSAinquiry “document dump”.

Another lie.

I revealed what investigating officer really thought @FOIACentre: foiacentre.com/news-CSA-inqui…
17. Formerly secret minutes of meeting chaired by cabinet sec Sir Robert Armstrong in #CSAinquiry “document dump” also reveal that “Sir” Peter Hayman IGNORED warning as high commissioner to Canada not “to retain the services” of someone “who had convictions for sexual offences”.
18. In 1981, DPP asked police for “Sir” Peter Hayman’s seized obscene diaries “for the undisclosed purpose of being made available to the Security Services”, says another Whitehall note in #CSAinquiry “document dump”.

This raises big qus about relationship between DPP and MI5.
19. DPP reminded staff again “that they should be on the look out for sensitive circumstances” like “Sir” Peter Hayman’s case, so that he could alert MI5 because of security risk, reveals a Whitehall note disclosed to #CSAinquiry.

So, DPP and DPP staff are in effect MI5 agents.
20. MI6 (formally SIS) pretends that “Sir” Peter Hayman was just a diplomat. #CSAinquiry pathetically goes along with this lie.

He was a senior MI6 officer, as I pointed out when revealing MI6 #PaedoFiles @FOIACentre (Exaro reported his MI6 role in 2014): foiacentre.com/news-CSA-inqui…
21. The farce of #CSAinquiry’s sparing MI6’s blushes over “Sir” Peter Hayman is illustrated by this redaction in a 1981 note in “document dump” from Sir Robert Armstrong to Margaret Thatcher.

It refers to his “colleagues” at the “FCO” and another short-named but redacted body.
22. And look at this dodgy redaction by #CSAinquiry of another Whitehall memo to the PM’s office on “Sir” Peter Hayman.

The redaction seems to be simply down to its mention of the Security Service (MI5). Inquiry is trigger happy with black pen. The redaction cannot be justified:
23. And how come I can reveal the unredacted document?

The two versions were buried in the “document dump” by #CSAinquiry. But no one at inquiry seems to have spotted that it was publishing both in its dump.

The redaction shows far too great a readiness to resort to secrecy.
24. The Green party’s chairwoman, Liz Reason, following her car crash in witness box on Day 9, submitted supplementary statement to #CSAinquiry on overlooked e-mail accusing election candidate of raping her as a 15-year-old girl...
25. Liz Reason tells #CSAinquiry in supplementary statement that everyone at Green party had forgotten that e-mail – it also claimed that election candidate had a “history of under-age sex with girls” – because various staff had left…
26. The accused Green election candidate has been identified by #CSAinquiry, although not by name. I have not named him.

Liz Reason tells #CSAinquiry that he no longer held any position in party by time of her appearance in witness box.
27. Green party suspended accused election candidate a few days after Liz Reason appeared at #CSAinquiry, pending a “safeguarding investigation”, she says in supplementary statement.

He then resigned from party, she says, but investigation will continue.
28. Three decades ago...

Police seized an audio tape from a woman’s safe during a probe into organised crime in south-east London.

An MP is heard on the tape “engaged in a sexual activity” with a “teenager”, an ex-detective anonymised as “GB” says in statement to #CSAinquiry.
29. Name of MP on audio tape, engaging in sexual activity with a male “teenager”, redacted by #CSAinquiry, although it has identified him (presumably by mistake).

Inquiry failed to call “GB” to testify, but instead has skated over his bombshell evidence. #PutItInTheDocumentDump
30. Tape of MP engaged in sexual activity with a teenager mysteriously DISAPPEARED from storage at a police station, ex-detective GB reveals to #CSAinquiry in statement disclosed in its “document dump” on Day 14…
31. There was other evidence that raised concerns about the MP on the “sex tape” with a “teenager”…

“Children were seen leaving the constituency office of [redacted name of MP],” GB tells #CSAinquiry in his statement…
32. In interview with Met’s ‘Operation Winter Key’ in 2016, GB says that children from care system were “spending the night at his [ie MP’s] constituency surgery” and were “seen coming out in the morning,” as revealed in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry.
33. GB tells Met in interview that the evidence against MP on “sex tape” and who had boys staying overnight at his surgery was not definitive.

“He could have been a nice man putting them [up] for the night, nothing a 100 per cent.”

In the #CSAinquiry “document dump”.
34. Re “sex tape” of MP and “teenager”, GB told Met: “It was obvious he was having sex with someone, basically, grunts, groans, his voice, encouragement and bits and pieces, and it went on for a while.”

In the #CSAinquiry “document dump”.
35. “It sounded like they didn’t know that they were being recorded,” GB tells Met in interview, as disclosed in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry.

Police suspected that organised crime gang in south-east London was “blackmailing” the MP...
36. GB says that it was impossible to be sure that “young male” was under age of consent.

In Met interview in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry, he says: “It was [a] teenager, child, that sort of age. It was a young person… probably a child or young adult.”
37. In a pub in Dulwich, GB tells #CSAinquiry, an unidentified detective superintendent – apparently from regional crime squad – THREATENED him (and his colleague) over their investigation that found tape of MP engaged in sexual activity with teenager...
38. GB said in Met interview re “sex tape” of MP: “This information was passed over to security services MI5 as it was too big and too political for local police to be dealing with.”

This raises bigs Qs over whether MI5 has been straight with #CSAinquiry (quelle surprise)…
39. Anonymous MI5 witness, understood to be its legal director, told #CSAinquiry on Day 6 that it had handed over all relevant material from its files on allegations of child sexual abuse against MPs. Some background @FOIACentre: foiacentre.com/news-CSA-inqui…

40. So, why did MI5 disclosures to #CSAinquiry have NOTHING on “sex tape” seized by police of MP in “sexual activity” with “teenager”?

Why has #CSAinquiry not insisted on proper disclosure by MI5?

And why was none of this raised during hearings, and left to “document dump”?
41. You face prosecution if you name MP on tape in “sexual activity” with “teenager”, as described by “GB”.

So please DO NOT do it (instead, press for #CSAinquiry to resume Westminster hearings).

But inquiry has published the details outlined in tweets 42a and 42b about MP…
42a. GB describes MP on “sex tape” with “teenager” as being “in his 40’s” in Met interview, disclosed in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry, and as “the local MP for [redacted constituency]”.

He adds: “It wasn’t until about 10 years later that he came out [as] being gay.” …
42b. GB was based at time in Rotherhithe, and MP’s “sex tape” went missing from Southwark police station, GB’s statement in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry reveals.

MP was linked, says GB, to sexually abused “young boys” in “care system” “from Bermondsey through to Thamesmead”.
43. There is YET MORE in “document dump” by #CSAinquiry, but not heard at all during Westminster hearings.

Do not worry, it has not been over-looked. (That sound was the spooks having kittens.)

Look out for part 3 of my tweet round-up of Day 14 tomorrow.

Toot-a-loo. Pip, pip.
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