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#YoonJin Labyrinth AU

Seokjin is the Goblin King. Handsome, clever, and charismatic with a cruel streak. The goblins adore him, but the rest of the kingdom is split. He is controlling and doesn’t like when people go against his wishes or plans.
Those that do tend to find themselves in precarious situations.

After taking away Yoongi’s baby brother, he becomes smitten with Yoongi. Seokjin attempts to seduce and entice him the entire time Yoongi makes his way through the Labyrinth.
Yoongi is a college student, living with his dad, step-mother and half brother. He’s having a hard time finding his place with his dad’s new family, maybe being purposefully distant even.
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🐹❤️🐰🐱 새로운 가족

#정진 #슙진 #KOOKJIN #YOONJIN #btsfanart
🐥💦 톄톄!!! 꾸가!!! 어디간거야 ㅠㅠㅠ

#슙민 #YOONMIN #btsfanart
🐥 여보세요? 즨형... 저희가 몇일전에 고양이를 데려왔는데요...

#뷔민 #VMIN #btsfanart
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[#yoonjin au]

In a world where everyone has superpowers, Seokjin can read minds and Yoongi is a shapeshifter.

Yoongi works at the café across from Seokjin's bakery and, every day after his shift ends, he crosses the street to visit Jin. Not in his human form, no---but as a cat.
They like each other and think their crushes are secret, having absolutely no idea that they've already confessed to each other. Seokjin hears it in Yoongi's thoughts, and Yoongi hears it from Seokjin's own mouth bc Seokjin confides in him when he thinks he's just a stray cat.
Seokjin is used to hearing compliments from people wherever he goes. Over the years, he's managed to control his power enough that he /can/ block someone's mind so that he's not able to hear them anymore. But sometimes it's harder to get the job done, especially among crowds.
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yoonjin famous au!;
Yoongi and Seokjin break up years before, yoongi has this insta acc where he shares his love for him secretly. He gets caught, has to either hide his true identity or tell the truth.
#yoonjin #yoonjinau
pls be kind with me djsjsj
dont tag bts
dont mess the threat
1. Famous rapper Agust D’s secret account.
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// h e a r t l i n e s // a #yoonjin au

Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi are popular artists who infamously hate each other.

Suddenly, Min Yoongi’s red string of fate appears.

Connected to Kim Seokjin.
• enemies to lovers and all the tropes that come with it!!
• there will be cursing
• ignore timestamps and we are going to collectively ignore changing hair colors
• don’t break thread pls
• side vmin
• please don’t tag BTS
notes before we begin:
• i am bad at writing fanwars, apparently!!
• this is a bit less planned than suckerpunch in that I don’t already have the ending written out—I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to add angst lmao
• mostly fun!!
• title from florence + the machine
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tainted with gold

#yoonjin au where two of heaven’s most favored angels entrapped by love, longing, and jealousy became two of the deadliest sins

alternatively; how seven angels became the embodiment of the seven deadly sins

#YJweek18 #day2 #sin

/ s u p e r n a t u r a l /
all was well until seokjin starts to see yoongi, one of the angels, in a darker light and yoongi becomes too envious of anyone who touches and stays to close to seokjin, the oldest. yoongi wasn’t oblivious of the heavy tension and lingering stares from the older angel.
jin also knew better. he knew yoongi wasn’t just being protective or caring over him. they both knew but they chose to ignore it under the assumption that no one would find out. they kept quiet, silently pining, knowing that deep under those immaculately white robes, were stains.
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// s u c k e r p u n c h // #yoonjin au

Yoongi was just minding his business when a party goes wrong and his friends accidentally bring home the youngest of the quiet and secretive Kim brothers—sons of the President—prompting Kim Seokjin to casually saunter into his life.
• ignore timestamps
• don’t break thread pls
• there will be cursing
The Kim brothers: sons of the new President of the country
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| YOONJIN TEXT AU | Kim Seokjin, Taehyung and Namjoon own a fast-food joint, but Jin would rather use their official account to hype up his favorite underated rapper instead of actually promoting his business...
Kim Seokjin invented fanboy-ing
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#yoonjin text AU where rising underground rap sensation Agust D mistakingly sends a stranger (beloved actor Seokjin) the worst text imaginable and it kind of blows up.
Luck? Yoongi doesn't know her.
Unfortunately for Yoongi, he can't hide photographic evidence, so he embraces his fate head on.
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