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The final talk of #BangBangCon 2019: @amirootyet on cybercrime fails. [ed: which might be similar to his @bangbangconwest talk!] #BangBangCon
@amirootyet @bangbangconwest So let's start with Hollywood hacking:
(1) speed of typing ~= quality of hacker
(2) windows on screen ~= amount of hacking
(3) green font and 3d models == hacking.

Let's step into the underground script kiddie world. #BangBangCon
(1) People turn up looking for help with getting others' admin passwords or facebook accounts for fun!
(2) Steal underpants, ???, profit people with no plan, and
(3) sellers looking for "partners" to help them who could as well be feds. #BangBangCon
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Next is @mmalisper on writing SQL interpreters for fun, without profit! #BangBangCon
@mmalisper Ah, this is a lisp interpreter inside of postgresql rather than vice versa! Postgresql understands JSON so we can use that to keep our stack of things to do.

So we could transpile a full LISP interpreter, but instead let's start with a RPN calculator. #BangBangCon
To do this in SQL, we need CASE statements (like if/else), and recursive CTEs which provide recursion over variables until the limit of returned results is reached. #BangBangCon
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The final block of 3 talks at #BangBangCon 2019 begins with @josh_triplett on building VMs with KVM and Rust!
@josh_triplett The goal of this talk is to demystify and empower/inspire people to play with VMs rather than assuming they're something only big cloud providers can do. #BangBangCon
How do we use containers and how do they relate to VMs? Containers get hosted inside of VMs, or each container becomes one VM. Many cloud providers wind up abstracting you and your code from the container and VM. #BangBangCon
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Finally, @jes5199 on creating music with AR. #BangBangCon
@jes5199 They're using an overhead camera, and have a mouse projected onto the surface, as well as physical pieces of paper/cards, and a calibration strip on the work surface. #BangBangCon
The theme of #BangBangCon: "I'm going to do talks plus, I'm going to write my own presentation software..." #BangBangCon
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Next up: @psobot on Game Boy cartridges to distribute music! #BangBangCon
@psobot "This is not my phone, this is a Game Boy."

Marty (@itsPusher) is a musician, and Peter agreed on a dare to release the album in CD quality on a Game Boy. "It couldn't possibly cost more than $30." #BangBangCon
So the Game Boy was popular in the 1990's!

But we have only 256 Kbit of RAM to work with, and 32kB of storage per cartridge. So instead of storing the audio, we need to have a synth circuit and do chiptune MIDI instead. #BangBangCon
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Next is @arkh4m on parsers and electric guitars!

He likes to play the guitar but he's not very good at it, and the web is not very helpful at teaching. (just lyrics and bolded [Am] etc. chords) #BangBangCon
@arkh4m so we're just looking for the [chords] out of the lyrics blocks to start with. #BangBangCon
And we'll do this with regexes. But we need not just the text, we need the fingerings too.

So maybe regexes aren't right, let's try Elm instead. #BangBangCon
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Next up in this series on projections, math, and geometry, is @tesseralis on polyhedra! #BangBangCon
@tesseralis What is a polyhedron? A solid in 3 dimensions with flat polygonal faces and edges. Archimedian solids can have more than one kind of face, but regular polyhedra have the same face.

Johnson solids are 90 polyhedra that can be stuck together arbitrarily. #BangBangCon
Truncated polyhedra, snubbing, and augmentation can be used to create new polyhedra #BangBangCon
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Next up is @JayeshKawli on computing geolocation from shadows! #BangBangCon
@JayeshKawli It started off as detecting what time a picture was taken based on the shadows cast. #BangBangCon
But there's a paper by Prof. Sandnes about using the *length* of the shadow to figure out what latitude the image was taken at... because of trigonometry! #BangBangCon
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First up after lunch at #BangBangCon: @Omar4ur on seeing in 4D!
@Omar4ur How is a 4D hypercube different from just a 3D figure moving in an animation loop?

The 4th dimension can't be visualized inherently by us, but let's analogize to projecting 3D into 2D. #BangBangCon
Seeing in 3D would mean seeing all 6 faces of a cube at once, but our 2d retinas can't do that. So we can learn to construct 3d from 2d... why can't we construct one more dimension in our heads? #BangBangCon
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Next up is Tail Call Optimization: The Musical!!, which we're not sure yet whether we'll livetweet or just leave to its musical glory... by @AnjanaVakil and @nsmargolis #BangBangCon
@AnjanaVakil @nsmargolis and it's a singalong-encouraged musical... yeah, okay, we'll... just encourage people to watch the video :) #BangBangCon
That was fucking amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! and the karaoke lyrics on the bottom made it self-captioning so @stenoknight and I had to do no work! #BangBangCon
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Next up is @leebutterman on teaching computers to chant poetry in Latin! #BangBangCon
@leebutterman So how do we get started? We either need a lot of sound samples from people reading in a booth, or you start with Pink Trombone c.f. the talk from yesterday! #BangBangCon
The pink trombone approach is actually quite doable and has been used for decades. #BangBangCon
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Next up is Veena Sankaranarayanan on Indian floor patterns that can cover infinite areas. #BangBangCon
A Kolam is ancient art that creates a grid-like framework. Traditionally made by women in India, and featured in festivals and competitions! #BangBangCon
You make them by drawing loops around a pattern of grid dots.… #BangBangCon
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First lightning talk of the day at #BangBangCon is @vykthur on creating African mask art using neural networks!
@vykthur He grew up in the Eastern part of Nigeria. One of his family traditions was that every year, people of his tribe would all converge on one village in December to speak their local language and play in the red earth sand. #BangBangCon
Masquerade dances involve acrobatic dancing by people wearing masks who represent the ancestors and spirits.

The masks can be a part of community memory and represent supernatural beings. They're made of complex materials - wood, bronze, brass, & clay #BangBangCon
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First up is @jennschiffer, delivering the morning's keynote, starting with "hello world"! #BangBangCon
@jennschiffer [ed: all the applause from me for @jennschiffer for picking up the mic and positioning it correctly so that it amplifies well! other folks should really do this too rather than wandering away from mic or leaving it angled wrong for their height] #BangBangCon
It's been an amazing journey for @jennschiffer from being denigrated for integrating art to teach code, to getting paid for it and celebrated for it! in just 6 years! #BangBangCon
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Finally for the day at #BangBangCon we have @tesselately on emulating computers inside of bacteria!
@tesselately Bacteria are so similar to computers! They need computational ability in order to swim around, grow, etc.

But we can bend them to behave like computers using genetic circuits. #BangBangCon
But bacteria have different mechanisms than transistors; it's a complicated interaction of DNA, RNA, proteins, etc. inside a cell all regulating each other. #BangBangCon
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Next up is @geekygirlsarah on an open-source artificial pancreas. #BangBangCon
@geekygirlsarah Diabetes: you either don't make enough insulin, or your cells don't respond to it. And your blood sugar can get unsafely high, clogging capillaries without the effects of insulin, or too low if you overcorrect. #BangBangCon
It's hard to manage this by hand, because you have to figure out how much insulin it takes to counteract each unit of carbohydrate you consume. It varies by person, time of day, age, conditions, etc. #BangBangCon
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Next up is @ellenkorbes on making medical dilators using 3D printing! #BangBangCon
@ellenkorbes [ed: eliding some of this discussion from livetweeting, because TERFs can weaponize some of this discussion if quoted out of context.] #BangBangCon
It's challenging to travel through airports with your dilators, because checked luggage gets lost sometimes, and carryon dilators sometimes look like plastic explosive and get confiscated or questioned... #BangBangCon
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Next: @dwhitelined on love messages or other forms of steganography using MIDI files. #BangBangCon
@dwhitelined How do we avoid attracting scrutiny? Hide inside innocuous-looking data. #BangBangCon
Let's talk about the midi file format. There are 16 channels in the track, with an instrument attached to each channel. We have a sequence of metadata (e.g. "program change to piano"), and data for "note on/off" #BangBangCon
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Next up, the Buzzfeed-style clickbait title of "You won't believe this one weird CPU instruction" by @vbhvsgr #BangBangCon
@vbhvsgr We're going to be talking about popcount.. Why is it useful? Why has it been there since the 1960s? And why is it called "the NSA instruction"? #BangBangCon
Hamming weight = the number of symbols different from the 0 symbol of the alphabet.

Popcount allows finding number of distinct characters... allowing for cryptanalysis of the most frequent characters. #BangBangCon
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Next is @apsillers on messing with Javascript variables. #BangBangCon
@apsillers Javascript objects have properties. And properties don't have to be from a fixed, finite list. Instead, we can use a Proxy to define how to dereference properties Javascript doesn't know about on an object.

Such as get() of a property on an innerObj #BangBangCon
overriding things with Proxy can be useful for debugging, such as overriding get() and set() with instrumentation to output accesses to properties then doing the default behavior as normal. #BangBangCon
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Here comes @aparrish on creating new words in fantasy & sci-fi accents with recurrent neural networks! #BangBangCon
@aparrish People perceive phonemes to have particular qualities, which leads to symbolism -- and folks like Tolkien have used this to give people feelings of comfort or foreboding... #BangBangCon
Acoustic poems bypass the cortex and instead target our spinal columns and more primitive parts of our brain with feelings and ideas. #BangBangCon
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Next at #BangBangCon is @sophiedeziel on building a robot to cheat at pokemon!
@sophiedeziel There are shiny vs. ordinary pokemon, both in video games, and in the collectible card game. So if you want to catch them ALL, what do you do? #BangBangCon
Getting a shiny pokemon when you trade is a 1/4096 chance, and each time you have to press A over and over, and then reset without saving if you didn't get the shiny pokemon.

So let's build a sippingbird for it... #BangBangCon
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Next is @lazerwalker on making a game you play with a stationary-mounted bike! You can see how hard you're pedaling, and adjust the difficulty. #BangBangCon
@lazerwalker The base game that came with the station was more of a cycling trainer than an actual game. But what more can we do?

Physical interactivity is a major factor in how we relate to interactive systems. #BangBangCon
So let's try prototyping a game about the politics of on-demand labor and UberEats bike messenger-ing... with orders that will time out. tick tick. #BangBangCon
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Next at #BangBangCon is @bridgs_dev on "game feel"!
@bridgs_dev What is it? Well, it's easier to think about what *bad* game feel is like -- if things feel unnatural or non-interactive.

So we can improve game feel with "juice" to make things feel more rewarding. #BangBangCon
Bringing virtual world into alignment with what we expect from the physical world... or maybe event taking it to 11? #BangBangCon
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