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#ONEPIECE x K-pop. (#SEVENTEEN) crossover fanfic. ❀

; masih ingat dengan Sanji fanboy? sebagai suportif BF apakah Zoro akan menyelami dunia K-pop juga? Image
pov; Vinsmoke Sanji
— OOC | original character belong to Eiichiro Oda sensei. Mention K-Pop! tidak bermaksud menyinggung siapapun, murni untuk hiburan semata. Image
Acara komedi ImageImage
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TRAD, 11.05.23 🌟 Wonwoo durante a sua live “GAM3 BO1 🎮 #2” no Weverse, a thread.


#WONWOO #원우 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 @pledis_17 ImageImage
Wonwoo disse que a próxima transmissão será após 3-4 meses, então ele decidiu fazer a live antes.

Wonwoo disse que estavam gravando GOING SEVENTEEN hoje mais cedo. ImageImage
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#SEVENTEEN paper boats at svt cafe🩵

🍒 i want to be a reliable general leader for carats
😇 thank you for always going forward with us in the same direction ㅎㅎ
🦌 i’m not afraid because i have carats ♡ ImageImageImage
🐱 there is no reason why i love you ♡ ^_^
🐯 take care of your meals, horanghae ♡
🐈 just [want to say] thank you.
🍑 seventeen, who have become my brothers
carats, who have become my youth ImageImageImageImage
⚔️ i doa[hae] you so much today too ♡~♡
🐶 have a fruitful and meaningful day ♡ i love you
🐸 may everyone be happy and healthy ImageImageImage
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links to recent #SEVENTEEN content with english subs! 🧵



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Help Rt Carats ‼️
ternyata masih banyak yg blm tau yaa cara buat ngatasin limit klo vote mcd kaya gni, jdi ada 2 cara

1. kalian bisa airplane mode 10-30 detik abis itu baru vote lg, kalau limit lg bisa lakuin hal yg sama

2. pake vpn terus ganti2 negara setiap limit, rekomen👇 Image
1. Tunnel bear
2. Touch vpn
3. Solo vpn
4. Urban vpn
5. Super vpn

kalau ada yg mau nambahin vpn di komen boleh yaa, sejauh ini 2 cara tersebut selalu works untuk aku dan moots2ku, jdi 1 device bisa vote akun sebanyak2nyaa deh!
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원우(세븐틴), “이 순간, 숨멎” l WONWOO(SVT), "At this moment, Breathless" [현장] - @YouTube
세븐틴 '원우', 깡총 뛰면서 심쿵! / SEVENTEEN 'WonWoo' (영화 '유령' VIP시사회)#NewsenTV - @YouTube
세븐틴 원우(SEVENTEEN WONWOO), 하트→토끼귀 '심쿵 아이컨택'··· '유령' 레드카펫 SEVENTEEN WONWOO... - @YouTube
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#SEVENTEEN, minsan sa may kalayaan tayo’y nagkatagpuan.
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black eye symbolism mkultra:
when the program begins to give an error &collapse bc the person has begun to awake & see thru the programming & what’s going on.they are taken for reprogramming(this involves a lot of unspeakable inhumane treatments/torture till they cry ImageImage
out & call in the fallen entity to keep the programming together. the black eye is caused by an entity or handler).(u can see his eye turns black instantly from the beginning this is the working of an entity within+torture.the black eye is a way to show that a person is no longer ImageImageImage
resisting the programming that has been made clear to them).
this is the reason he is going crazy (total chaos mode unleashes) & he is singing “i’m at my worst behavior”.
green shade = chaos/self destruction programming Image
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In order :
- Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan
- SVT OBS Idol 24 hours (13 solo vlogs)
- SVT One Fine Day - 13 Castaway Boy
- SVT OFD S2 in Japan
- Where's My Friend's Island (Jeju)
- SVT In The Soop
- Hit The Road
- Going Seventeen
- Omniscient Interfering View [The Manager EP.42]

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴
The channels you can visit to watch the shows that i have listed down above 😊 ImageImageImageImage
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#SEVENTEEN as brothers; macam-macam abang kalau adiknya mau pacaran
by © semestastellar Image
; fiksi & hiburan semata
; arranged by age group order ya (95z, 96z, 97z, maknae line)
1. 95z ImageImageImage
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Congratulations to #IVE and #LimYoungwoong for winning MMA TOP 10 Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
Congratulations to #TXT (#GoodBoyGoneBad) for winning Best Performance - Male Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 tonight 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
Congratulations to #LE_SSERAFIM (#ANTIFRAGILE) for winning Best Performance - Female Award at the Melon Music Awards #MMA2022 🎉

#KoreanUpdates RZ Image
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the weird little feelings
a #seventeen dokyeom au
; fiksi
; apologies for grammatical mistakes
; written for entertainment purposes
; any trigger warning or content warning will be informed as the story goes
1. ImageImageImage
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happy birthday; heksa & maure
#seventeen jeonghan few tweets au, boyfriend day & birthday special ImageImage
1. ImageImage
2. ImageImage
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a #DOKYEOM x oc social AU

— DK, the loud and energetic resident theater actor in campus gets to work with Niq, a long time acquaintance who is just annoyed at the plain sight of him bc of their contrasting personalities.

#seventeen  #seventeenau #seventeenfiloau Image
• this is my first ever AU, please bear with me. criticisms and suggestions are open, as long as you keep it respectful.
• idols DO NOT represent the characters.
• this is not a Doyeon x DK AU, i just used Doyeon as a face claim for the OC.
• DMs are open for your 💭💬
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#seventeen as pacar yang diajakin main tebak-tebakan.
"Kamu tau warna pelangi, nggak?"

Svt thread au Image
—tingkat kepekaanya 5G ImageImage
—becandaan mulu ni orang! ImageImageImage
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220505 #MINGYU vlive translation thread 🐶💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #민규
- the title of mingyu’s vlive is “succeeded at making reservation for 6 pm” 😅
- mingyu said the screen is kind of blurry because the screen is partially broken (?), so he might switch to streaming with his ipad later
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220505 #THE8 vlive translation thread 🐸💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN
- minghao said yesterday he’ll having a teamtime vlive with carats 🍵
- the vlive was buffering a lot, so minghao said he’ll turn it off and try again ;;;
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seungcheol’s reply on weverse:

💎: v-app?

🍒: ㅋㅋㅋㅋright now, [doing] vlive is an subscription basisㅋㅋ..

maybe he’s also in line to do a live something during quarantine 😅

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #에스쿱스
💎: seungcheol-ah, is princess kkuma growing well? [*his puppy 🐶]
🍒: she’s really big…

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #에스쿱스
💎: coups, i’ve become a frequent patron of the restaurant you told us about, it’s so delicious ♡

🍒: the owner is really kind 💕

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #에스쿱스
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220503 #JUNHUI vlive translation thread 🐱💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN
- he came right after jeonghan’s vlive finished 💖
- junhui also tested out a few filters and checked that the wifi connection is okay (jeonghan also mentioned earlier they fixed it by getting a wifi egg)
- a carat told junhui they’re currently learning chinese and that it’s really hard… junhui replied that he’s also taking chinese lessons again because he has to learn more about chinese dialects for his drama!
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220503 #JEONGHAN vlive translation thread 👼🏻💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN ImageImage
- jeonghan is doing a dinner vlive like he promised earlier! 💖 he said he ordered chicken and sweet/sour pork
- jeonghan said he actually felt a small earthquake a little earlier, so he said he hopes all japanese carats are doing okay 🥺
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220503 #VERNON vlive translation thread 🐼💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN Image
- the title of vernon’s vlive is “met gala in a corner of the room” 😭
- it’s an audio only live
- vernon said he was eating chinese food just now
- the title of vernon’s vlive is referring to his weverse messages from earlier!
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GOING SEVENTEEN 2022 - EP. 44 (GSVT E-Triathlon Championship 2022 #1)
#SEVENTEEN @pledis_17

Thread of explanations
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
Please refer to the second picture.

But in this episode, the 깍두기 player is a special player who will assist the team that needs them. That's why Seungkwan says that this special player's existence is like that of diced radish kimchi to ox bone soup aka very necessary.
During the first round, Dino's team was able to win over Seungkwan. But Jeonghan's team won over Seungkwan during the second round and gained a 깍두기 (diced radish kimchi) player. The caption says that Jeonghan's team emerged to become a reputable family that makes kimchi.
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220212 #SEUNGCHEOL vlive translation thread 🍒

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN #에스쿱스
- seungcheol said he has to do some “homework” given to him by bumzu, so he turned on vlive for a little bit before then
- seungcheol said he’s going to listen to some music and he wanted to show carats a song he’s been listening to nowadays (but the music isn’t working, so he called the staff to help 😭)
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— 220211 #DINO birthday vlive translation thread 🦦💖

@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN
- dino said the staff prepared dinosaur balloons for him!
- his birthday cake and the candle for it are also shaped like dinosaurs 🦕💖
🦦: i think this cake is cuter than my (bday) cake from last year!
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