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Vital conversation happening at #SmartOnCrime on the myriad barriers associated with a criminal record that sentence millions to a lifetime of poverty.

“It strips you of dignity and hope. Then what’s left for us aside from a prison cell?”

@Qwillyleads of @heartlandhelps
Evonne Silva of @codeforamerica rightly notes that legal remedies like expungement and sealing have intentionally been set up to be hard to access.

Case in point: A recent @UMich study found just 6.5% of people eligible for expungement get their records cleared within 5 years.
@arthurrizer of @RSI challenges the advocates on left & right in the room to come together to call out “bullshit laws” and hold our policymakers accountable to doing better.

Notes we must not just address low-level records, must not ignore felonies, records tagged as “violent.”
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So thrilled so be with a powerhouse crew of researchers today at @UMich discussing the growing research base making the case for bringing #CleanSlate automated record-clearing to all 50 states!
Two table-setting findings offered by @UMich researcher Sonja Starr making the case for automating record-clearing:

- One year after a record is cleared, wages ⬆️ >20%

- But under a petition-based system, just 6.5% of eligible people get their records cleared within 5 years
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NEWS: Today, Pennsylvania makes history by becoming the 1st state to clear criminal records by automation, as its #CleanSlate Act takes effect.

Because second chances shouldn’t just be for people who can afford to hire a lawyer & file a costly petition.…
@amprog is proud to have developed the #cleanslate model with @CLSphila—and to see lawmakers in red, blue, and purple states across the country (and in Congress), following PA’s lead, to enable millions of people held back by records to move on with their lives.
More on the push to automate record-clearing through #cleanslate policies, and the growing number of states seeking to follow in PA’s footsteps:
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FACTOID OF THE DAY: North Carolina courts hand down ~100,000 convictions a year—but fewer than 2,000 North Carolinians have had convictions expunged since 2011 when the law changed to allow first-time misdemeanors & felonies to be cleared.
That’s why I’m excited to be in Raleigh today with @Forward_Justice @ncjustice & some of my @TalkPoverty colleagues for #2019NCSecondChanceLobbyDay! #IAmForSecondChances #ncpol
North Carolina’s Second Chance Act would significantly expand eligibility for record-clearing—and importantly, streamline & begin automating the process so more people can successfully clear their records & move on with their lives. #CleanSlate #IAmForSecondChances #ncpol
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Following decades of overcriminalization, 1 in 3 Americans now have some type of criminal record.

In the digital era, any criminal record—even an old marijuana conviction—can stand in the way of jobs, housing, education, and more for years.

(A good-news-for-a-change thread.)
As America reckons with the toll that mass incarceration & the war on drugs have taken—particularly on low-income folx & communities of color—we must ensure that families & communities ravaged by the war on drugs can move on with their lives.

By automatically clearing federal marijuana records & other drug offenses—and for the first time, creating a path to clearing other federal records by petition—the bipartisan #CleanSlate Act introduced today in the House would do just that.

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*HUGELY* important new study by Starr & Prescott of @UMich finds:

People who get a criminal record expunged see their wages go up >20% within a year.


Just 6.5% of eligible folks get their records expunged within 5 years -- because of all the hoops and red tape involved.
@UMich "The policy upshot of our research is clear:

Obtaining an expungement should be made as simple as possible.

States should follow the #CleanSlate approach of Pennsylvania and the new California and Utah bills, to make expungement automatic once the legal requirements are met."
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BREAKING: The Utah Senate just passed bipartisan #CleanSlate automated criminal record-clearing legislation... now heads to Governor's desk to be signed into law!
This will make Utah the 2nd state in the U.S. to automate clearing of criminal records after someone remains crime-free -- following Pennsylvania, which became the first to do so last year.
Enabling people to earn a #cleanslate once they remain crime-free will cut poverty, help people get back to work, and all while saving states money through reduced incarceration.

Thrilled to see this common-sense measure continue to gain momentum in states across the U.S.
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Powerful research presented at yesterday’s #CleanSlate convening at @amprog. Some key takeaways:

1. Someone with a prior conviction who remains crime-free for 4-7 years is no more likely to commit a future crime than anyone else (Nakamura) 1/x
2. Michiganders who had their criminal records “set aside” saw an 11% increase in employment and a 25% increase in wages one year later. (Starr/Prescott) 2/x
3. Tens of millions of Americans are eligible to have their records cleared—but are unable to do so because the current petition-based process is expensive, hard to navigate, and basically requires hiring a lawyer most can’t afford: the “second chance gap.” (@colleen_chien) 3/x
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Beyond excited to share this news...

After becoming law in PA this summer, #CleanSlate is becoming a national bipartisan campaign, taking automated record-clearing to states across the U.S.!

More in WaPo:…

Watch tom'w, 1pm:…
Even a minor record can be a life sentence to poverty, putting jobs, housing, and education out of reach.

Tens of millions of Americans will be able to move on with their lives and provide for their families, as more states pass #CleanSlate laws.
After 2 years of playing nearly nonstop defense on poverty issues, this one feels really good, y'all <3
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