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Gang, let's talk about the question posed by NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) in this piece.

“What’s happening at those other 15 campuses?” Berger said. “We’re not seeing anything like what’s happening at Chapel Hill.” #NCPol #UNC…
I'd imagine that most of you who read newspapers, listen to news on the radio or watch TV news in North Carolina could provide the senator at least a half dozen examples of scandals at other UNC system schools. Most directly or indirectly involving the BOG.

If not, read on...
First it should be said that the disastrous COVID response cited in this piece, leading to huge clusters of avoidable infections and students being sent home en masse, wasn't just a Chapel Hill thing. Several large UNC System schools walked into that one, including State and ECU.
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1/ @APDillon_ @jonpsanders @JohnLockeNC @markrobinsonNC @Chad_Adams NC C19 trends through 7/27/21. NCDHHS consistently modifies their dashboard (adds tests which ⬇️ incidence) and adds death data as far back as 6/20, & is no longer updating on weekends.
2/ Overall incidence is 7.26% and has never been at 5% since testing began; no statistically significant change since the mask mandate. Overall incidence 7/28/20: 7.56%, 7/27/21: 7.26% Image
3/ Daily incid b/w 3.12% & 11.19% over last 14 days. Avg daily incid for 7/21 (5.2%) significantly <7/20 (8.1%). Avg daily incid: May: 6.8% June: 7.6% July 8.1% Aug 6.9% Sept 5.7% Oct 6.4% Nov 7.4% Dec 10.9% Jan 12.0% Feb 7.9% Mar: 5.4% Apr: 5.8% 5/21: 4.4%
6/21: 2.2% 7/21: 5.2% Image
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Phil Berger, one of the most powerful politicians in North Carolina, said the CDC’s guidance on wearing masks is like its caution against eating raw cookie dough: “guidance to ignore.”

Any agency, entity, or department that relies on state funds in North Carolina may be afraid to contradict Phil Berger (in word or deed) because he controls the North Carolina Senate.
"A fundraising email sent Wednesday morning said the latest CDC guidelines aren’t based on science but a method by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the media and liberals to control the American people."… #NCPol
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I've talked extensively On Here about some of the ways #H951 would strip the Commission of existing authority. But it occurred to me that I've not yet explained exactly how and why diluted Commission authority is a big deal to ratepayers.

#ncga #ncpol

But first, some background for anyone who may not be a regular participant in Commission dockets. First, the NCUC is an extremely busy State agency! For FY 2018-19, for example, the NCUC:

-Processed 17,176 filings
-Issued 3,171 orders
-Held 63 contested case hearings


For a great primer re: what the NCUC does and which utilities/industries the NCUC regulates, see this slide deck:…

#ncga #ncpol

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As school boards across NC are deciding on face mask policies, the CDC has recommended universal indoor masking for adults and children at all schools.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends universal masking in schools. #NCEd
"AAP recommends universal masking because a significant portion of the student population is not yet eligible for vaccines, and masking is proven to reduce transmission of the virus and to protect those who are not vaccinated."…
"CDC recommends that everyone in K through 12 schools wear a mask indoors, including teachers, staff, students and visitors, regardless of vaccination status."…
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Quick thread on influence peddling, corporate corruption, and why right-wing moral panic politics seem to be ubiquitous while the left is unable to do the same. /1 #ncpol
Tons of people point to this stuff - like ALEC literally just ghostwriting corporate welfare bills for GOP legislators to rubber-stamp - and say, why don't Democrats make a big deal about this?

In short - they do. But everyone ignores it!
/2 #ncpol
There are two big reasons why the radical right-wing movement is able to blow up complete nonsense like encroaching Sharia law, birtherism or "critical race theory" into the "Serious Issues" category.

First - their base is extremely homogeneous. /3 #ncpol
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Putting Terry Stoops on this "task force" is just giving up the game. They're not even trying to be taken seriously. #ncpol #nced
Yeah, that's because the "Classroom Teachers Association of North Carolina" doesn't really exist. They have fewer than 10 members. As an organization, they're like the 3 chipmunks stacked on top of one another in a trenchcoat pretending to be a grownup.
It is nevertheless extremely funny how Robinson, the Art Pope-John Locke Fdn guys (including Stoop) and the others constantly whinge about how many members they *think* @ncae has, and then they stick this not-an-actual-thing group on their "task force." Clown show.🤡 #ncpol #nced
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Another week, another thread on how #H951, in its current form, would stymie the NC Utilities Commission's ability to oversee our state's public utilities.

(Non-#energytwitter followers may want to mute me for a little while.)

#ncga #ncpol

First, it would effectively legislate Duke Energy's integrated resource plan, which has been (and continues to be) the subject of a hotly-contested open docket awaiting decision by the NCUC.


Btw, the NCUC just last month issued an Order giving notice of "additional proceedings" re: Duke's IRPs to allow for the "additional exploration and further consideration [of 'several topics of interest'] by the Commission prior to the issuance of a final order[.]"


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Critical Race Theory #CRT lesson one:

Your grandparents identify with one of these two groups, and have handed down their values.

Take all the time you need with this. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #2:

These folks birthed the idea of charter schools. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #3:

These are the grandparents of the seditionists who stormed the capitol on January 6th. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
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Let’s be clear about something, because the gaslighting on this is totally out of control. 1/15 🧵#ncpol #CRT
Reasonable minds who stand in opposition to neoracism, or Critical Race Theory (CRT), are not suggesting we not teach history, even the difficult history of the American past, or not talk/debate about present day difficulties 2/15
People are saying students should not be forced to adopt present day discrimination or be forced to accept a politically driven ideology about the United States. 3/15
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The drinking water for at least 200,000 people along the Cape Fear River is polluted with industrial chemicals that a nearby plant discharged into the river for years.

If you don't live near the Cape Fear, you might not have heard - but it's a major issue.

/thread/ #ncpol
When we went to New Hanover County to hold a town hall, it was the first question we got.

And when we went to Chatham County - 150 away from New Hanover, but also on the Cape Fear - it was the first question again.
The issue is PFAS, short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This is a group of industrial chemicals used in many consumer products, notably including Teflon, but as varied as pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, firefighting foam, cosmetics, textiles, and stain repellents.
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What do we do when confronted with a doctrine that “questions the very foundations of the liberal order”? That’s how leading legal scholars Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic describe critical race theory, the school of thought they helped found. #ncpol…
They seek to replace the existing order with a new order, one that preaches “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination,” and that everything we see and do boils down to race and a racial hierarchy — the intersection of race and power. #ncpol
This doctrine is ascendant in American culture and in parts of North Carolina.

I oppose it, and I will combat it with everything that I have, because it undoes the framework that produced the most successful ongoing experiment in self-government in the history of mankind. #ncpol
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Some of the ways House Bill 951 would strip the NC Utilities Commission of existing decision-making authority, a thread.

(As I'm able over the next few days, I'll add more examples to this thread.)

#ncpol #ncga #h951 #energytwitter

Whereas currently the Commission thoroughly vets any new electric generating facility to determine whether there is actually a system need for the power that will be generated by the new facility, H951 would significantly water down this oversight authority.

Presently, the Commission must consider several factors in deciding whether the "public convenience and necessity" are served by the type, size, and location of the new generating facility, including the utility's options for pooling or purchasing power. See G.S. 62-110.1.

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It does not:
- Preserve the NC Utilities Commission's existing decision-making authority to protect both the utility and its ratepayers
- Preserve certain of the NCUC's recent decisions to protect ratepayers in Duke Energy's last rate cases

#ncpol #ncga #energytwitter

For example, check out this excerpt from the NCUC's order in Duke Energy Carolinas' last rate case:

(here's a link to the order; see pp. 45-48, starting at bottom of p. 45:…)

"The Commission has strived consistently to balance allowing utilities the full recovery of early generating plant retirement costs while not unduly burdening ratepayers."

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North Carolina is 1 of 40 states who have access to rural Broadband Funding programs. Rep. Ted Budd has done nothing, and my Republican opponent(s) are pushing an America First nationalist agenda.
Read below what we can do now. /1
The #CARESACT passed in 2020 allocated $150B to state and local Gov't's that included broadband initiatives.

The American Rescue Plan Act voted into law earlier this year provides $350B that states and local Gov't can use for broadband projects. /2
The Broadband Infrastructure Program voted into law this year, has a budget of $288 million that will only go to state and service providers to expand broadband. /3
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NEW: Are voters souring on educators? In the latest Carolina Forward poll, we see little evidence that this is the case. Large majorities of voters trust their teachers and principals - and think they should be paid more:… #ncpol
The GOP's War on Teachers is premised largely on the accusation of "political indoctrination" in #nced. But we find that this doesn't resonate with the large majority of voters, who solidly trust their educators.… #ncpol
The big problem Republicans have in this fight is that a huge swath of voters see and interact with public schools every day. They can plainly see that the "indoctrination" stuff is nonsense.… #ncpol
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#ncsen budget proposal bumps up #childcare center reimbursement by 2%, with increase intended to go to teacher salaries. #ncga #ncpol
#NCsen budget increases the #medicaid Innovations Waiver slots by 420 this fall, by another 580 in 2022, subject to @CMSGov approval, etc. distributed statewide.
There are 15,000 on wait list that is often >10 years long. #ncga #ncpol
@CMSGov #NCsen budget allows for postpartum women to remain on #Medicaid for up to 12 months. Starts in 2022, allowed for under #AmericanRescuePlan
#NCGA once again rejecting #Medicaidexpansion despite federal incentives…
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First up from the #ncsen budget: state/ county special assistance #medicaid rates for adult care homes unchanged. Last time we saw a budget, it was $1182 for regular residents, $1515 for people with dementia. #ncga
And the personal needs allowance for residents in those facilities goes from $46/ month to $70
We wrote about this back in 2019, two years later, the bump up remains the same.…
$1.5M in one-time funding for #telepsychiatry program run out of @EastCarolina (NC-STeP) to continue #mentalhealth response to #COVID19 #ncga #NCSen budget
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#ncsen #ncpol 15M for PFAS research. dozen new positions to investigate emerging compounds. #ncga
Funding for GREAT program w 30M + 700M in federal funds for rural broadband. #ncsen #NCGA budget
#ncsen budget does not do #medicaidexpansion but uses #ARP funds to allow for #Medicaid extended #postpartum coverage for up to 12 months #NCGA also adds 1000 #innovationswaiver slots for #peoplewithdisabilities
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Some of the state's top health organizations ask North Carolina leaders for an emergency meeting to address rising #mentalhealth crisis needs.

In December, 40% of all emergency room discharges for kids were for behavioral health concerns, according to the letter. #ncga #ncpol
North Carolina was ranked 44th nationally in access to mental health care in @MentalHealthAm's 2021 report:…

The state ranked 45th overall for pediatric mental health care. #ncpol #mentalhealth
The letter from health care leaders also mentions reports of involuntary commitments rising by 91% over the past decade. @NCHealthNews reported that worrisome trend when state data wasn't available for IVCs:…
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THREAD: A statement from LWVNC Vice President Marian Lewin regarding Senate Bill 326:

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina has defended access to the ballot box since our creation in 1920. Now more than ever, we need to protect that sacred right.

#ncpol Image
More voters than ever before participated in the 2020 election, in many ways because of expansions that made voting more accessible, including vote by mail.
We want to see these permanent fixes to our voting system so that we are building upon the success of 2020 for future elections.

On the surface, SB326 would not provide more integrity to our election process.
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Senate Elections Cmte is now discussing #SB725 which would prohibit funding from nonprofits to help under-resourced counties pay for elections. Sen. Marcus is worried about taking away all the funding options possible, which also making sure there is no undue influence. Same!
Elections in 2020 were under-funded, with non profit groups having to come in to fund basic necessities like hazard pay for the poll workers who worked during early voting. Sen. Perry doesn't think we should establish funding bc the 2020 pandemic was a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Sen. Newton says #SB725 prohibits funding to remove the appearance of impropriety, but that money was used for safe voting: single-use pens? And he says if we need more money in the future #ncga will handle it then. Sen. Marcus points out how shortsighted and unfair that will be.
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Senate Bill 326 (Jim Crow 2.0) is back. And has now been split into 3 different bills: #SB326 #SB724 and #SB725 They’re trying to make it harder for us to fight by making it more confusing, but we’re still here!
The Senate Elections & Redistricting Committee is meeting at 11 am to discuss these 3 bills, you can watch it all go down here:… #ncga #ncpol
If you don’t remember, #SB326 threatens to disenfranchise over 11,000 voters, many identifying as Black, brown, or Indigenous people, by making it harder to vote by mail.
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Multiple North Carolina city elections may be delayed until 2022 because delayed census results don’t leave enough time to adjust city council & other municipal voting districts to reflect population changes.

1/ #NCPol
Voting districts for state, county, and city elections are redrawn using census results to ensure that voting districts are roughly equal in population.

Congressional districts will also be redrawn as part of reapportionment & adjusting for population changes.

North Carolina cities that may have city elections postponed to 2022 because US Census results have been delayed include: #Raleigh #Cary #Charlotte #ElizabethCity #Fayetteville #Greensboro #Greenville

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