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Today's merit pay public records release is a March 2022 email from marketing firm Eckel and Vaughan advising DPI, PEPSC, and the Human Capital Roundtable on how to spin the controversial Pathways to Excellence merit pay plan. #nced #ncpol #ExperienceMatters4NC Image
At last Thursday's State Board of Education meeting, State Superintendent Catherine Truitt and State Board Chair Eric Davis delivered scripted remarks about Pathways to Excellence.
They spoke about our state's difficulty in attracting people to the teaching profession. They spoke about a bunch of teachers who are desperate for a way to climb the ladder without becoming administrators (really?)
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Our principals have done heroic work leading our schools, especially over the last 2-3 gruelling pandemic years. Now thanks to the North Carolina General Assembly they could see salary reductions of nearly $20,000. #ncga #nced #ncpol
If that happens, it would have massive repercussions for staffing in our public schools. Strong leadership is key in retaining teachers. If principals begin to leave (and who wouldn't look for alternatives to a $20k pay cut?) then teachers will leave. And they already are.
This issue needs solving ASAP, but there's another reason that teachers need to pay very close attention to what's happening...
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The @NCSBE voted this morning to certify the petition to add the @NorthCarolinaGP (Green Party) to the Nov. midterm ballot, but it will still take a court order to add @MatthewPHoh and @MichaelDTrudeau. While this is a small win for #ncpol it doesn't change several facts 🧵1/17
It doesn't change the fact that as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking ballot access for the Green Party, I must still go to a federal courthouse in downtown Raleigh, next Monday Aug 8th in order to defend my rights as a disenfranchised voter 2/17…
It doesn’t change the fact the @DNC attempted to disenfranchise NC voters like me by hiring operatives to call, text and visit voters in our homes in an attempt to compel them to remove their signature from the petition to add the Green Party to the ballot in NC 3/17
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Hey, @BillCassidy you were on @ThisWeekABC claiming the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022" will raise taxes on those making less than $200,000 and referred to the Joint Committee on Taxation for this claim. Can you provide where @JCTgov stated this? I can't find it. /1
According to the Editors at Bloomberg @opinion

"this is a sober attempt at fiscal responsibility"

"this compromise would be a big win...for the US Taxpayer. As America's loquacious president once said in another context, it's a big effing deal." /2…
It allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs. A savings of $288 billion over 10 years for Taxpayers. It's almost like you want to protect Big Pharma profits.

Could this be why you are a NO?🤔 /3
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The abortion bans that anti-choice Republican politicians are pushing (and in many places passing) in many states, including #ncpol, directly threaten access not just to reproductive health services - but also to basic birth control.

Here are just a few examples.
In Idaho: “IUDs, I’m not for certain yet on where I would be on that particular issue." - Republican House State Affairs Chairman Brent Crane

Another state where Rs have passed a total ban.…
In Louisiana, Republicans in a State House committee first passed, now is reconsidering, a bill that would've sent women seeking an abortion to prison **as well as** outlaw certain forms of birth control, like Plan B or IUDs.…
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Vocal Charlotte city council Republican @FinTechInnov8r spent over a year recruiting this GOP slate, all of them have gotten crushed. Bokhari's race for the D6 seat is itself razor-thin: he's behind @hand4CLTdist6 by just 87 votes. #cltcc
That's it! @FinTechInnov8r has hung on (barely) to his District 6 seat on the #cltcc, by just 377 votes.

Truly a remarkable feat of political survivorship. Bokhari won his 2019 race by ~3300 votes.

The rest of the Charlotte GOP slate crashes and burns.
Between Durham and now Charlotte, this year has not been great for organized GOP candidate slates.
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Abortion is still legal in North Carolina, but that doesn't mean it's easy for many.

@teddyrosenbluth and I looked at what the Supreme Court decision's means for people in North Carolina and the affect of other southern state's stricter laws.…
Many abortion providers stressed the importance of this year's election for the future of abortion access.

@kyle_ingram11 and @Observer_Wright look at the battleground districts that could decide the future of abortion in NC.… #ncpol
As the fight for and against abortion now plays out on a state level, some activists are asking local Raleigh elected leaders to do more.… #ralpol
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Today @dawnbvaughan and I published several articles looking more deeply into the new #ncpol state budget 🧵

✅ Why it prioritized the Rainy Day Fund (instead of tax cuts or extra spending)

✅ Millions in pork projects

✅ The public had no chance to even try offering input
Inflation concerns have North Carolina lawmakers wanting to learn lessons from 2009, and make sure the state has billions in savings in case of another recession #ncpol #ncga…
The new budget doesn’t put all of NC’s excess revenue into savings. There are 1% or 2% raises for teachers and state employees on top of raises already planned, for example.

And then there’s the pork.

My analysis? It’s good to be in charge. #ncpol…
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Today’s merit public records release is about the Human Capital Roundtable (HCR), the group that created and spent two years working on the merit pay plan behind closed doors.

#nced #ncpol #ncga #pepsc
Under the facilitation of @srebeducation, HCR began meeting in early 2019, not long after the NCGA created PEPSC. There was no public notice of HCR meetings, no recordings posted, and no agendas, minutes or any other documentation made publicly available.
In early 2021 the Human Capital Roundtable made a presentation to the State Board of Education which proposed seven levels of licensure and language indicating teachers had to demonstrate effectiveness to move up in the model.
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#wcpss #nced #ncpol #wakepol Several last-minute filings today mean there will be 29 candidates running for 9 Wake County school board seats. Only four incumbents are running so there will significant turnover regardless of what happens at the ballot box.…
#wcpss In District 1, Cheryl Caulfield will run against Ben Clapsaddle for the Wake County school board set being vacated by Heather Scott. In District 2, school board member Monika Johnson-Hostler will run against Dorian Hamilton & Monica Ruiz.
#wcpss In District 3, Doug Hammack, Brooks Lowe & Wing Ng will run for the Wake County school board seat being vacated by Roxie Cash. In District 4, appointed school board member Tara Waters will run against Daniel L. Grant-King, Becky Lew-Hobbs & Michael T. Williams.
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Gov. Cooper wants credit when it comes to North Carolina being named America’s Best State for Business, but for years he’s worked AGAINST legislative efforts to improve the state’s business climate. #ncpol #ncga
In 2017, Gov. Cooper vetoed a state budget that enhanced the state’s Job Development Investment Grant program, increased education spending by $700 million, and provided personal income tax cuts to all North Carolinians.…
A year later he said North Carolina should freeze planned tax cuts for businesses, and in 2019 he vetoed corporate income tax cuts and reductions to the franchise tax on businesses.……
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#nced 🧵: This graphic has been circulating on social media with an impassioned plea from teachers- it has been shared over 2000 times.

Why are veteran teachers continually offended by what is happening in NC? Just look at this: ⬇️
The teacher pay scale freezes between years 15-25 & again after a small adjustment in year 25. This means other than small increases, teachers are locked in after year 15 to the same pay. There is no true growth. What other job exists where you aren’t paid for experience?! ☹️
“The teacher shortage is real and getting worse…it's not fair or right what is happening to NC educators. Your children or grandchildren will feel this in the classroom.”

I couldn’t agree more. Our teacher shortage is a crisis.
@ncae @wake_ncae
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BREAKING: We just filed a lawsuit against the NC State Board of Elections' corrupt, lawless, and partisan decision to keep the Green Party off the ballot - even though we submitted over 2000 verified signatures more than required by law.

Read and retweet: Image
This case will determine whether the political establishment can abuse its power to stop another party from participating in elections, simply because they don’t want to compete with candidates who stand for working people, our planet, peace, and real democracy.
All 3 Democrats on @NCSBE voted to keep @NorthCarolinaGP off the ballot. This was after the @dscc targeted people who signed NCGP's petition to try to remove their names. In many cases, signers were contacted by unknown operatives who falsely claimed to represent the Green Party.
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Gov. Cooper signed the 2022 Appropriations bill & House Bill 252: Bail Bond/Bondsmen Provisions/Other Changes.
He vetoed 4, bringing his veto total to 75. Predecessors had a combined total of 35.
One bill becomes law without his signature - HB 911
#ncpol #ncga /more Image
The four vetoes:
House Bill 49: Concealed Carry Permit Lapse/Revise Law
Senate Bill 101: Require Cooperation with ICE 2.0
Senate Bill 593: Schools for the Deaf and Blind
House Bill 823: Child Advocacy Centers/Share Information
Veto statements appear to be largely political: ImageImage
Joint statement from Speaker Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger on Cooper signing HB 105 Image
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#nced #ncpol Questions emerged at today's State Board of Education meeting about whether gender identity might be added to the new K-12 healthful living standards being developed for North Carolina public schools. Board member Olivia Oxendine asked Ellen Essick, DPI section chief
for healthy schools, if gender identity would be included in the future standards. Essick said gender identity isn't in the current standards but she couldn't say yet if they'll be in the new standards because they haven't been written yet. Supt. Catherine Truitt said she and
Mary Hemphill, DPI's chief academic officer, will personally select the members who will be on the writing teams for the new standards. Members are supposed to be healthful living teachers from across NC. Truitt also said there hasn't been as much parental response as hoped for
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🧵 I am beyond disappointed and angry with the #RoevWade decision. I am proud to be a pro-choice legislator and am ready for the fight ahead to advocate for the right to an abortion because abortion is healthcare. #AbortionIsEssential #ncpol Image
Important: Abortion is STILL LEGAL in states across the country, including North Carolina.

Now, more than ever, we must ensure we have pro-choice champions in our state legislature who will be strong advocates for the right to choose. Follow @LilliansList @VoteChoice @emilyslist Image
I am proud to be an outspoken leader for reproductive rights in the North Carolina House. I have filed several proactive pieces of legislation to protect the right to abortion in our state. But, In NC, we are at the razor's edge for abortion access. #ncpol #BansOffOurBodies Image
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#nced #ncpol NC Charter Schools Advisory Board recommended today amendments to the agreement that charter schools must sign. Several amdts. touch on issues the state has had with some charters that are closing or new schools with questionable language.…
All of the changes reflect what's already in state law but are being included in the agreement to make clear what charters expected to do. For instance, one amdt. says the nonprofit that receives the charter can't enter into an agreement that lets a 3rd party assume control or
replace any members of the nonprofit, This was added b/c the original application for Wayne STEM Academy would have let the developer replace the school's board. CSAB recommended today state approval for Wayne STEM now that the wording about removing the board was dropped.
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#nced #ncpol #ncga HB1173 filed Wednesday would ask voters to approve NC constitutional amdt. in Nov. to make State Board of Education members elected positions. SBE members would be elected to 4-year terms using same district lines as Congressional seats.…
Amdt. would also make State Supt. the board chair. The bill only has GOP sponsors & comes at a time when state board members are appointed by the governor, currently a Democrat. State board currently has a Democratic majority. Amdt also says vacancies for elected state board
positions would be appointed by governor w/ confirmation approval from General Assembly. If voters approve amdt., looks like board elections would be in 2024.
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Red flag law thread...

Friends and family you know love are going to die because of red flag laws.

No. I'm not being dramatic.

This leads to dead gun owners and dead police trying to steal weapons from people.

Now is the time to keep up the fight.

Red flag laws will instantly become a weapon of anti gunners.

Don't like your co-worker? Say he threatened you at work.

Don't like your political enemy? Send the police to murder him in his house.

Axe to grind with an ex? "Yes officer he said he'd hurt me."

Then, without notice, the cops are breaking into your house in the middle of the night, you're shooting at each other, your dog gets shot, the cop gets shot in the face, and you end up bleeding out on the floor when they're protecting and serving you.

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on the eve of one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in recent history, this unconstitutional gun grab, I was just informed by @NCGOP that they were too busy to answer my questions as to what @WhatleyNCGOP is doing to stop @ThomTillis and Richard burr @gunpolicy @NRA
By further restricting our constitutional and natural rights when it is not only unconstitutional, the laws wouldn't have prevented any of the recent shootings. I have sent several peer-reviewed papers to both offices on each and every item showing that it won't work @GunOwners
I was told by the @ncgop that i wasn't even allowed to ask what @WhatleyNCGOP was doing specifically on this issue, and when i respectfully asked to speak to someone else in the office they informed me that they had too many other important things to do and hung up on me
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It looks like the vendor the Green Party paid to collect signatures for its petition to get on NC's US Senate ballot, First Choice Consulting, is the same one implicated in the massive Republican signature forgery scandal unfolding in Michigan.… #ncpol
Basically, First Choice Consulting, which has a history of fraud, collected tens of thousands of fraudulent signatures for GOP candidates running for governor in Michigan. They got caught, and now 5 of those candidates have been disqualified.… #ncpol
So it's at least... interesting... that the NC Greens, which are running a spoiler campaign to defeat the Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley in #ncsen, hired the same GOP firm to collect signatures for them.

Pretty remarkable coincidence. #ncpol
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Note: one key difference between the coalitions on the left vs. right is that many activists on the right have really internalized message discipline.

They know that "we're going to overrule women's control over their bodies" is very unpopular. So they just don't say that.
The anti-choicers who feel most passionately about their cause don't constantly harangue Republican politicians to talk more about it. Instead, they pretend to care about other pretend issues to get politicians elected who will then do the unpopular things they actually want.
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North Carolina Lieutenant Governor @markrobinsonNC is not only unapologetically making a beeline for the NRA trough in Houston this weekend, he also serves on the NRA’s national outreach board.

In Robinson’s prepared statement, he offers zero solutions to the gun violence problem. Image…
Robinson’s meteoric, four-year rise—from a furniture factory employee who’d never owned a firearm, to an NRA board member (and a Lieutenant Governorship)—seems pretty improbable.

Some might suggest that he was *groomed* for this.
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Press conference on Parental Bill of Rights about to start. #ncga #nced
Listen here:
Tweets to follow
Berger: Prior to the pandemic we took for granted the rights we thought parents had related to their child's education
-The bill is about increasing transparency and trust
Ballard will run the bill tomorrow.
Ballard says parent input is critical, heart of the bill is parental involvement.
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