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Timeline update today?

to Easter? to restart the Economy?

POTUS: "a beautiful timeline...
9 days plus 2 1/2 weeks"

(and yes, 2 1/2 weeks = 17 days)

Mar 24 + 9 + 17 days

gets us to April 19, 2017.
Eastern Orthodox EASTER SUNDAY
2/ GUESS WHO is Eastern Orthodox?

@mikepompeo 's wife Susan

Hence the St Michael icon's in their living room.
Look closely.

3/ Why is EASTERN ORTHODOX Easter a week later?

It actually goes back to 325 AD, the Council of Nicea, where the calculation was set in motion.

It's the 1st Sunday, after the 1st full moon after Vernal equinox (3/21), and always AFTER the Jewish celebration of Passover

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1/ she "misspelled" her own name?
Still not fixed hours later?


LI reversed
2/ screenshot in case she 'fixes' it. 1:35 timestamp EST., or 1335 military time
3/ some possibilities.

13:35 appears in the Q drops, re Comey indictment.
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1/ I'm THRILLED to see @flotus get the praise she deserves, half a world away.
But! The WHEEL PIC is a #comm. READ on!! India goes wild for Melania as she takes equal billing with Donald via @MailOnline
@FLOTUS @MailOnline 2/ Here's two pics. COUNT the spokes on the wheel loom...
there SHOULD BE 16 (8x2) .

In one pic, there's 17, there's an added photoshopped extra spindle w/o a knob on the end.

Modi WANTS US to see it!
@FLOTUS @MailOnline 3/ here's another pic. Compare. 14 are visible, the 2 ends are obviously hidden by the stand, making 16 total as there should be.

Pro Tip: the addition of this loom way at right of frame is INTENTIONAL. It's actually poor photography to include it. There's a REASON. #comm
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1/ NEW Q

askes us to take another look at



Note: there's an 'i' missing in HRC's definition.
2/ first Renegade USSS name for Barack Hussein Obama

very familiar - Standard definition - a TRAITOR.

we've been patiently awaiting the REVEAL to ALL.
HRC USSS code name

Yes, it's a tree that doesn't lose leaves, but
Q wants the NONstandard definition...

I found this.
a LEGAL definition
an AGREEMENT that automatically renews unless a party OFFICIALLY ends it...
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1/ The Nuclear 'incident mistake' is clearly #comms.

is a "nuclear" PNG about to be revealed?

PNG - Portable Network Graphics, aka an IMAGE!
2/ the AK47 PNG image we've been awaiting?
3/ the one that will KILL the interNET?
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1/ Q's 11 markers.

are they really II markers?

Roman Numeral II?



signed in convention September 17 (yea) 1787??
2/ So Q's STRATEGIC MARKER 11.11 may actually mean:

Article II Section 2??

II and 1+1 ??
3/ I've seen II markers on some Patriots' tweets....and have puzzled over it....

e.g. @SaraCarterDC
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1/ lots of #comms here In Hussein’s video and they’re gross. First it starts with a GREEN GO light to BO’s Left. Callout sleeper cell. 2:32 video length is contrived, reorders to 322 skull and bones code.
2/ Cabin in the Woods- a horror film where Human sacrifice is a required by the Ancient Ones, a small group that rules the world.
3/purple shirt, showing rothschilds’ allegiance. And black and red berries. Sacrifice colors.
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3/ As @flotus opens the windows or DOORS of the miniature White house(s), some very special #'s come into prominent view...

17 (8+9), a 45 for POTUS, and a prominent 23 for the baddies...Now comes the Pain!!

[Note that DOORS will be a theme throughout.]
@FLOTUS 4/ Closeup showing lots of GOLD this year...IMO it symbolizes Dominance and Victory over the corrupt families (Roths, Soros) that have previously controlled the world's wealth.. Especially a gilded EVERGREEN pinecone? a troll of HRC's @SecretService name Evergreen.
@FLOTUS @SecretService 5/ the hallway that was graced by the bright RED trees last Christmas? Now practically an ICE castle, with unique 8 point stars (think 8 years of POTUS Presidency!) POTUS and @flotus will be walking the RED CARPET until 2024!
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1/ Black Cat #comm?

emerged on the 50 yard marker
crossed the GOAL line, then disappeared in a
2/ 1st and 10 on the 50?
12:14:43 timestamp reorders to 3 4 4 1 2 1 = 11/4
(3+4+4) / (1+2+1)
3/ just before HALF TIME?

score was 13 to 12
two very ODD scores in football

1 3 1 2 =
3 2 2 (1+1)
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TY @AuVerte
#Symbolism Haircut
Zuckerberg is trying to look like Caesar.

Caesar = Aqueducts
Water = Information

Therefore a massive Aqueduct would = ?

Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365
Metadata collection?
Q…#Qanon #Zuckerberg
Leonardo da Vinci never finished the Mona Lisa because he injured his arm
Arm = #MSM
Unfinished masterpiece = Mueller Report.
Why didn't Mueller charge Obstruction? - Because MSM was "injured" not trusted.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #QTeam
Planet/Moon Symbolism-
Saturn=Cultists (6th planet)
#Symbolically Earth is the planet of sheep while Saturn (6) is the planet the cultists live on. - Just like every other piece of symbolism here - Planet talk allows for comms in plain view of people who won't understand it.
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