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JUST IN: #BNNArgentina Reports.

The National Government enacted this Thursday the Budget 2023, although it did so partially by making "an exception" in one of the articles of the law referred to electricity tariffs. #Argentina #Budget #Economy
The regulation was enacted through decree 799/2022, published in the Official Gazette with the signature of President Alberto Fernández and his entire cabinet, following the approval of the so-called "law of laws" in the Senate on November 16.
The approved bill provided that "given the nature of electric energy as a public service, the national government and the provinces shall publish, within a period of no more than ninety days, tariff charts".
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27ème session de la Conférence des Etats parties à la #CIAC | #OIAC #CSP27 @OPCW @f_alabrune
Débat général – Déclaration de la France
#Ukraine | La campagne de manipulation et de désinformation que mène la 🇷🇺 dans cette enceinte est inacceptable. La 🇫🇷 réitère son plein soutien et sa confiance au Directeur général et au Secrétariat technique, dont l’indépendance et l’impartialité sont exemplaires.
#Syrie | Nous déplorons le non-respect par le régime syrien de ses obligations de coopération. Le personnel de l’OIAC et de l’ONU doit pouvoir bénéficier d’un accès immédiat et sans entrave à tous les sites jugés pertinents sur le territoire de la Syrie.
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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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JUST IN: #BNNUK Reports.

Northern Ireland secretary Chris Heaton-Harris (@chhcalling) has asked Stormont's Department of Education to make significant cuts to its "current spending trajectory." #budget #UK #Economy
As departments were operating without proper budgets since the start of the financial year in April, Harris set a budget for them in a written statement to the House of Commons on Thursday.
A spokesperson from the Department of Health said it was "urgently assessing the implications" of the budget announcement.
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🧵 1/7
@RishiSunak the NHS doesn’t need more money … it needs to better manage/better spend the money it has.

@DHSCgovuk planned spend for 2021/22 on England = £190.3bn - majority (£136bn) passed to NHS England & NHS Improvement for spending on health services… 💰
How is that not enough for England’s 56m population? 🤯

c.40% of this is spent on treating preventable conditions! Yet the NHS fails to execute a strategy that truly prioritises prevention… 🤦🏽‍♂️
Take CVD as an example: economic analysis suggests that if all detected individuals were managed according to NICE guidelines, the total saving would be £61bn & 5.2m CVD cases prevented!

The amount of waste in public services is criminal… 🗑
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Actually, nice thread here explaining that there are some parliamentary procedural diffs btwn this and #Budget
Priorities are stability, growth, public svcs. Let's see how we go on those
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Tomorrow the UK is being 'saved' from future profiteering. Starting from a desperate position for so many with bills, rent, debt. Truss trust deficit for all of us to repay

Plus this past windfall tax rider The measure was contained within the Government’s announce
Source for the last screenshot

Going to be leaning on a lot of trusted commentators to split genuine sweeteners for jumpy voters and markers from the things spun as not so bad that need the PR Sheen rubbed off…
Like the tax threshold and public service spending freeze for 5yrs

Real spend dropping every year by the rate of inflation and same impacts on supply chains. While urging execs not to raise wages…
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#CostOfLivingCrisis #Austerity #ThereIsNoBlackHole #ToryLies
We’re going to have austerity on the basis of some very dubious accounting for the national debt
~ Richard Murphy…
#ToryEconomics #SunakHasNoMandate #FudgeIt #budget
/2 The UK’s #nationaldebt is a strange figure. For example, to most people's surprise it includes all our notes and coins, as well as premium bonds. But much more worrying is the fact that a significant part of it is created by what I think to be dubious #Accounting . A thread…
/3 The way the national debt is calculated makes a massive difference when it comes to calculating so-called ‘#fiscalblackhole s’,which are the supposed reason why we need to have #austerity and #tax rises now. But some of the accounting for this debt is dubious to say the least.
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BREAKING: #BNNSriLanka Reports.

Sri Lanka will present a budget on Monday, attempting to put it finances in order with new reforms. #SriLanka #IMF #Economy #Budget
Analysts say that, President Ranil Wickremesinghe's first full-year budget to parliament will include measures, which would help Sri Lanka restructure its debt, increase revenues and reduce spending as it is working on the bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, State Minister for Finance said, "This is a budget that is being presented at a time Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented crisis. Over 70% of families are asking the government for support and the economy is estimated to shrink 8.3% this year.
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The requirement for #fiscalpolicy is to find the right balance between flexibility to respond to changing socioeconomic circumstances and the credibility to maintain control of #debt.



Rules-based policies matter for credibility as they impose both external and internal discipline, help ensure economic agents condition on the govt’s plans and allow us to understand progress relative to the plan, as we outlined in our research back in the spring of 2021 👆

We suggest five main proposals for a new #fiscalframework which seeks to address the current deficiencies:

1⃣ ▶️ The #Chancellor should set out a structured timetable for fiscal events and deliver a #Budget speech focused on the state of the economy and the

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JUST IN: #BNNAustralia Reports.

Australia's Labor government is all set to unveil its first budget on Tuesday amid the slowdown of economic growth, both at home and abroad. The focus is more on easing the cost-of-living crisis without bothering already high inflation.
Treasurer Jim Chalmers said that "There will be cost-of-living relief in the budget, but it will be pretty responsible, pretty restrained, and the best way to provide that cost-of-living relief is to do it in a way that's got other advantages for the economy. ...
And that's how you do it without making this inflation problem that we’ve got in the economy even worse by pushing up prices even further".
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Left Foot Forward:
Lurching the UK towards 'Reaganomics'

A ‘foot soldier’ for US economic fundamentalists, #Truss and her cabinet appear to be applying policy from an American right-wing playbook and lurching the country towards ‘#Reaganomics.’ /1
/2 For the most part, since 1980, #Republican economic policy has revolved around a single policy - hefty tax cuts heavily tilted towards the rich with enormous budgetary deficits as a consequence. Under the Reagan Presidency (1980-1988), income tax was cut across the board
/3 and the top rate of income tax reduced from 70% to 28%. Both Reagan and Bush ran up enormous deficits via huge tax cuts. When Clinton came to power in 1993, he had an awful mess to clean up.

Apart from leading to higher income inequality and punishing the poor –
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#TrussFails #Serco injected £60m to prop up #pension fund after market meltdown
£1bn scheme is latest to scramble to raise cash after chancellor’s tax-cutting mini-budget sparks turmoil… #KamiKwasiEconomics #FudgeIt #budget
/2 Serco’s £1bn pensions scheme is the latest to scramble to raise cash after a plunge in the pound and a meltdown in UK bond prices triggered calls on fund managers to provide collateral for niche financial products they had taken out to hedge against swings in the value
/3 of their investments.
Those products – known as liability-driven investments, or LDIs – have been widely adopted and used by mostly final-salary pension funds managing more than £1.5tn in savings.
However, the recent drop in sterling and in the value of UK government bonds,
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#Russia's new draft #budget (2023-2025) has reached the Duma, so details are available. A big day for statistics-hungry people. Here is the link (I needed VPN to access). The "Poyasnitel'naya zapiska" is the juicy part. 1/
The underlying assumptions prepared by the Economy Ministry: The economy will shrink 2.9% this year and another 0.8% next year. Pretty optimistic, especially for next year. Growth of 2.6% in 24/25, but who knows what the world will look like in 24/25. /2
#Russia expects a steady increase in oil exports from 250m to 255m to 260m tons in 23/24/25 after 231m tons in 2021 and an estimated 243.1m this year, with prices falling from 80 USD this year to 70.1 to 67.5 to 65 USD in 23/24/25. Oil products: Shrinking exports expected. 3/
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Reflections on the morning after - and especially the markets… 🧵

It may well take some time for the dust to settle on #KwasiKwarteng’s first #Budget (yes, 'Budget’: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s fair to call it a duck)...
The initial reaction from most economic commentators and in the financial markets has been a loud boo! There are some things I would have done differently. But the overall strategy is sound, and sentiment should recover as the economic benefits become clearer...
There are two aspects I particularly liked. One is the emphasis on breaking the ‘doom loop’ of weak economic growth and rising taxes, both with tax cuts and – at least as importantly – structural reforms on the supply-side...
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If any of you are wondering if the collapse of the £ was planned by #kamakwasi Kwartang then you haven't been paying attention... A short thread on shorting the £ and acquiring cheap sterling assetts, and its all linked to #Brexit 1/
John Redwood blocked me when I asked him why he had shifted all his assetts into $ & € a good few years ago.

As you will recall, Redwood is a full blown pro #Brexit ERG headbanger and has been telling people to divest from the UK for years... 2/…
So how does this work? Well, if you sold your £ and bought $ in 2015 you got $1.68 for every £ you exchanged.

At the current rate today of $1.09 you've now turned every £1 into £1.54!

Yup you're quids in... #Brexit #budget 3/
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1/ #Sanctions are hitting #Russia's economy in many ways, but two goals are key:
1.) Diminish Putin's ability to redistribute rubles within Russia (depends mostly on #budget).
2.) Diminish Russia's ability to #import (depends on availability of foreign exchange AND restrictions).
2/ It all boils down to these two things. If the budget is doing fine and imports are doing fine, then the regime can compensate for any sanctions damage with transfers. If there is problem with either one, the government faces difficult foreign/domestic policy tradeoffs.
3/ The budget and the ability to import are the "transmission belts" through which economic effecs of #sanctions become political. The budget is the pie that Putin can share among military/elites/population. The imports are decisive for the size of the pie and how tasty it is.
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1/ #Russia's Finance Ministry stopped publishing detailed data #budget spending in April. But with a few calculations, it's possible to get a pretty good picture of what's going on. Due to the war, #defense spending until July was at least ~1.2tn RUB (~20bn USD) higher than 2021.
2/ This also means that defense spending until July was >1tn higher than planned. Of course this does not account for changes in Russia's stocks of weapons and ammunition. Refilling those will be much more expensive, but it was not yet visible in the budget until July 2022.
3/ Here is how defense spending can be calculated: Russia does not publish detailed monthly spending data, but they still publish a current snapshot on ongoing spending on "". The data here is incomplete, a huge chunk is missing.
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Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay #Toronto!

Our platform remains the same as in previous Elections.

We march, advocate, peacefully protest; yet, we continue to be harmed trying to ensure that we all have the ability to live & thrive.

Together we succeed!
Save your dollars. This campaign doesn’t ask for donations.
Elections shouldn’t be about who can afford to buy Elections or how much wealth a Candidate has— that’s white supremacy tactic 101.2b.

Your efforts to share the message Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay is what is needed
We won’t get what we need without you. Together we succeed!✅

#TORONTO #TOpoli #voteTO
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Politico London: #Chevening chat: Over the weekend Truss was holed up with close aides in Chevening House, the grace and favor home she has access to as foreign secretary, nailing down whom she will put in her top team if she wins, and which policies she will pursue /1 #Truss
/2 Allies were being tight-lipped about the outcome of the away day last night, insisting there is “no complacency,” but that it is right that preparations for No. 10 Downing Street are being made.

Not so fast: Hope springs eternal over at rival #RishiSunak’s campaign HQ,
/3 where his team insists it’s still “all to play for.” Not nearly as many people have voted as people think, an ally tells Playbook. One bold Cabinet minister backing the former chancellor optimistically told the Observer he believed #Sunak still had a one-in-three chance
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Latest data on #Russia's federal budget in May: Oil and gas revenues decline, but still more than 2021 (nominal). Other revenue (VAT etc.) below 2021, despite 17.1% inflation. 1/
Contracting imports clearly visible in VAT statistic (dark blue = this year).
Unfortunately, Minfin will not publish detailed montly data on budget expenditure anymore. It is supposed to make it harder to impose #sanctions (but the only real rationale I see is hiding problems or spending on the war). 3/…
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Pakistan’s Budget Isn’t Enough to Unlock IMF Loan, Citi Says - @business
#Pakistan’s plan to trim its #deficit by slashing spending may not be enough to convince the International Monetary Fund to resume its loan program, according to economists at Citigroup Inc.

The tax-to-GDP ratio is budgeted to rise to 9.2% of gross domestic product in the year starting July 1 from 8.6%, which seems low versus Pakistan’s emerging market peers and its own history. Interest payments are estimated to consume about 44% of revenue.

#Pakistan #KSE100
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Wo stehen wir mit dem #Klimaschutz in 🇩🇪? Die #Umsetzungslücke ist groß, die Regierung will die Lücke mit einem #Klimaschutzsofortprogramm aus Oster- & #Sommerpaket schließen. Wo stehen wir im politischen Prozess? Und sind die Ziele ambitioniert genug?
Eine Einordnung 1/n🧵
2/ Die Ziele aus dem #Klimaschutzgesetz kann man mit dem vergleichen, was mit bestehenden Maßnahmen erreicht wird (Basis: Projektionsbericht 2021). Schon bis 2030 besteht eine #Umsetzungslücke von über 1Gt, worauf #Habeck @BMWK in der #Eröffnungsbilanz selbst hingewiesen hat. Eröffnungsbilanz BMWK:
3/ Die Regierung will die Lücke in zwei Schritten schließen: mit dem #Oster- & #Sommerpaket, die zusammen das #Klimaschutzsofortprogramm bilden. Spätestens 2024 will die Regierung wieder auf dem Zielpfad sein. Die eigene Benchmark der🚦-Regierung ist also gesetzt. Eröffnungsbilanz BMWK:
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ARTF & the #World_Bank approved 3 projects totaling $793 million that will provide urgent& essential food, livelihood& health services to Afghans. All 3 projects will be implemented off-budget out of the interim #Taliban admin’s control, through #UN& NGOs.…
The 3 projects:
1. The Afghanistan Emergency Food Security Project will help in the production of food crops for smallholder farmers& prevent the further deterioration of food security. The project will focus on wheat production, supporting about 300,000 households in two rounds.
2. The Afghanistan Community Resilience& Livelihoods Project will help provide short-term livelihood opportunities& deliver urgent essential services in rural& urban areas. The project aims to provide livelihood&income for 1 million households in 6,450 rural communities&8 cities.
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