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With each leadership opportunity I've had during my @usairforce career, I've been extremely honored, blessed, & is no exception.
@usairforce I'm proud to follow extraordinary leaders. Chiefs of Staffs from Spaatz to @GenDaveGoldfein, who have lead our @usairforce through Cold War competition & deterrence, through conflicts around the world, & through challenging #budget cycles & tough decisions.
@usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein This is a very historic day for our Nation & I don't take this moment lightly. Today is possible due to the perseverance of those who went before me serving as an inspiration to me and many others.
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Fiscal marksmanship is a problem that plagues the #budgeting process at all level of government, from #Centre to #state governments. Attention is however still focused on the #Centre, despite #states now accounting for one and a half times the spending of the #Centre. (1/n)
This @IDFCinstitute working paper on fiscal marksmanship by @SharmadhaS and @PrakharMisra analyses the revenue #budgets of 28 #states of 15 years to analyse why state #budget estimates often miss the actuals on the various components of their total revenues. (2/n)
Fiscal marksmanship is a structural issue cutting across all #states, whether rich or poor. A rich state like #Kerala overestimated its total revenue in all 15 years but so did #Assam in 14 out of 15 years by an average of a massive 18.18%. (3/n) Image
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What if this, as awful as it is, still a part of #ThePlan ? 🤔
Let's look at it...(THREAD)
#COVID1984 brought mass, unprecedented hysteria and fear. Cries for the government to do something. So, they did. They recommended a plan to "slow the spread" so as to not overwhelm hospitals. The plan included reccommendations for self precautions, social interactions, and jobs.
Each piece of this whole puzzle will be explored in turn, so stay with me! 👍👍👍👍
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1/ THREAD: What do you think is the most important article or video in today’s @ProgNewsDaily? There are 80+ to choose from.…

Top stories:
* #Democrats Can’t Quit Their #Addiction to Big-Money #Donors - @newrepublic
* 'Absolute Robbery': #Gilead Announces $3,120 Price Tag for #Covid19 #Drug Developed With $70 Million in Taxpayer Support - @commondreams

* The Republican #Sabotage of the Vote #Recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin - @Greg_Palast

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* #Trump Deletes "White Power" Tweet After Officials Get Destroyed On Sunday Shows - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced

* 60+ Groups Demand Senate Pass #Sanders Amendment to Slash 'Out of Control' #Pentagon #Budget by $74 Billion - @commondreams

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As we head towards the #budget @TitoMboweni announced the government intends to introduce #ZeroBasedBudgeting (ZBB)- the notion that budgets are justified from scratch- to radically cutback on spending. What does this mean?
A thread:
When the RDP was introduced in 1994, the notion of #ZBB (while not mentioned in the RDP doc.) was used at the time to convey the idea that apartheid budgets couldn’t serve as the baseline, but that new budgets needed to be constructed by the democratic state.
A relatively conservative section was controversially inserted on macro economic policy & budgeting- a discussion for another time.…
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#bookrelease! @ShankkarAiyar's new book the #GatedRepublic releases this weekend -…. Dive back into some of his latest op-eds in the thread below
After India’s announcement of ‘One Nation, One Market’ in the #agricultural sector, Shankkar Aiyar, reflects on the mechanics of #policy reforms in #India, where problems and solutions for economic growth are known.…
India's circular #migrantworkers constitute a large part of the $ 2.8 trillion economy's #Workforce workforce. @ShankkarAiyar relates the lack of coordination and quick decision making that left them stranded on their way back home during the lockdown.…
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The @GOPunjabPK recently announced Provincial Budget with total estimate of revenues as Rs 2,240.63bn & expenditure as Rs2115.63bn. A thread on major highlights of the budget.
A total of Rs 336.5bn was allocated for School Education Department.
#Pakistan #economy #Punjab
The Health Care Department was allocated Rs 134 bn by the #Punjab Government.

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #PunjabBudget2020 #CoronaBudget
Irrigation Department received 45bn out of the total #Budget .

#Pakistan #Budget2021 #economy #PunjabBudget2020
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#PTI govt unveils corona-influenced #budget
Follow our live updates here:
HAPPENING NOW: When we assumed leadership, current account deficit was Rs20b, circular debt was Rs1200b, rupee was kept inflated and SBP reserves fell from Rs18b to below Rs10b," says Federal Minister of Industries & Production Hammad Azhar while presenting #Budget2021
No measures had been taken to combat money laundering, says Azhar. "We took key decisions to stabilise the economy and we saw improvement in key indicators."
Current account deficit was brought down, trade deficit contracted 21 per cent, he adds while presenting #Budget2021
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@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @PIB_India @cbic_india @GST_Council +
My limited wisdom:

(A)Declare 2020 as a zero year, as if it never happened.

(B)Extend all 2020 deadlines by a year each, incl for eg if a petrol car is >15yrs.

@Naveen_Odisha @capt_amarinder @PMOIndia
@FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @PIB_India @cbic_india @GST_Council @Naveen_Odisha @capt_amarinder @PMOIndia Cont'd

(C)Revisit union& state #budget's. Recast reprioritize 4social obligation rather than revenue maximization.

(D) Merge (or suspend) situationwise non-essential departments & ministries for a year, & reroute human& financial resources into essential ones.

#covid year
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There’s been a surge in walking and cycling in the #pandemic. Government has promised extra billions. It’s what @TheGreenParty has campaigned for, for many years. So how is it looking in #Sheffield?

To set the scene … since the 1960s, Sheffield had been developed to encourage the private car. Politicians competed for the motorist’s vote.…
The £2 billion, 25-year #PFI contract with #Amey failed to enhance safe pedestrian crossings or walking routes, safe cycling facilities, safe dropped kerbs for wheelchair users, safe routes to school.

It was a contract to keep roads just as they had been 25 years previously.
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This thread is about understanding Lebanon’s #budget in few questions.
Another thread will explain #Citizen_Budget 2020.
@OpenBudgets 👇
What is the #Budget?
Article 3 of the "Public Accounting Law" defines #budget as “a legislative instrument in which national #revenues & #expenditures are estimated for the upcoming year & by which #tax collection & spending are allowed”.
State #budgets have evolved to become a tool of #foresight, #planning and #accountability based on programs and #performance assessments.
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Another canard currently doing the rounds is this whole, "Yields are low ergo public debt is no burden - and yields must STAY low or it WOULD quickly become one, far too heavy to bear" schtick.

#UST #Treasury #Fed #deficit 1/x
Clearly no-one understands the difference between real costs and virtual, financial ones.

The State's gross mishandling of the #coronavirus crisis has destroyed or impaired tremendous amounts of productive #capital - a loss which should neither be understated nor camouflaged 2/x
The fact that the gazillion new IOUs #UST has issued as a partial (and temporary) recompense for this will come with artificially low interest rates is absolutely NO cause for cheer: in fact, quite the converse. 3/x
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Wie viel sind eigentlich 38 Milliarden Euro?

Ein kurzer #Thread zur aktuellen Größe des österreichischen Hilfspakets, nachdem ich gestern die Zahl wieder an mehreren Stellen gesehen habe, zB bei @sebastiankurz, bei @MartinThuer oder bei der WKO. #Budget #Coronakrise
Was da im März angekündigt worden war, waren
① Haftungen und Garantien (15 Mrd. Euro)
② Steuerstundungen (10 Mrd. Euro)
③ Nothilfe, Entschädigungen (9 Mrd. Euro)
④ Soforthilfe (4 Mrd. Euro)

Macht in Summe die viel gehörten 38.
Allerdings, unter ④ Soforthilfe fällt unter anderem die #Kurzarbeit und der #Härtefallfonds. Beides wurde in der Zwischenzeit massiv aufgestockt. Die #Kurzarbeit wird mittlerweile sehr breit eingesetzt, wie wir hier 👇 datenreich analysiert haben.…
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Stuck @ home wondering where China & world are headed? Read #TheChinaQuestions—36 @Harvard @FairbankCenter chs. ed. by Profs. @MichaelSzonyi & Rudolf!




See great chapters by Profs. Elizabeth Perry, Joe Fewsmith, Rod MacFarquhar, Mark Elliott, Ya-Wen Lei, Arunabh Ghosh, Yuhua Wang, Arne Westad, Robert Ross, Ian Johnston, Steve Goldstein, Ezra Vogel, Richard Cooper, Dwight Perkins, Meg Rithmire, Mark Wu, Tony Saich, Nara Dillon...
..Michael McElroy, Karen Thornber, Susan Greenhalgh, James Robson, Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp, Bill Alford, Bill Kirby, Michael Puett, Rowan Flad, Peter Bol, Wai-Yee Li, David Der-wei Wang, Jie Li, Stephen Owen & Paul Cohen!

Honored to join them in this @FairbankCenter project!
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My dissertation explored payment models for high-cost, high-value therapies. In this newly published paper, we simulate the benefits of an installment-based payment model for a possible future #geneTx for congestive heart failure.

Thread to follow.

1/6 In our model, we assume a hypothetical gene therapy for CHF which costs $200,000 per patient. Assuming a budget constraint - $1 billion for modeling purposes - we show that deferring payment allows more patients to receive treatment sooner, thus improving clinical #outcomes.
2/6 We model two types of clinical benefits, reduced #readmission and #mortality rates, as well as monetary savings.

By restructuring payment in a relatively simple way, and assuming only about 1 in 6 eligible patients are treated, patients and payers can benefit.
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A few tips for young men building their #professional #wardrobe, especially on a #budget:

• first suits should be charcoal or navy. They’re the most versatile & appropriate in most any setting.
• *DO NOT* wear a black suit during daytime work, it’s overly formal...
... black suits are for evening/social events. Don’t sweat if you don’t have one. Charcoal w/a black tie/white shirt is acceptable. Navy also w/ a dark (not black) tie if necessary.
• Stick with white or light blue shirts. They go w/ all your suits.
• Use ties for variety.
• Especially on a budget, avoid trendy and stick w/ classic/traditional looks. They never go out of style and replacing ties is the cheapest way to update your look.
• After you acquire charcoal, navy, black suits, THEN venture into patterns or lighter colors.
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Long thread on Indian Budget 2020-21. Let’s be cynical for a change & question the rationale of initiatives. Because I can’t understand some things the way they are. I’m sure however that we as a nation do believe in good luck. Else we seem to be cruising without compass.
If you couldn’t understand why we needed 2.5 hours speech to convey this budget, you’re not alone. To simplify, GDP = Consumption + Investment + Govt spends + (Exports – Imports).We need all cylinders to fire, for #India with highest working age population in the world.Let's see
Basics first:
On a Rs 30.4 lac cr budget, govt will earn 74% & borrow rest 26%. Of this, 23% will be spent on interest payments. On balance 77%, Defense takes 11%, police forces 4%, subsidies 7%, Railways 7%, tax administration 5%, pensions 7%.
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What did #famers get in #Budget, where @nsitharaman claimed, "Our Govt is committed to the goal of doubling farmers income by 2022"

P.S-Acc to Dalwai committee,"real income of farmer, should increase by 10.4%/year,which has been increasing less than 2.5% in last 5 years
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA Govt allocates 9.3% of the budget to #Agri, allied,irrigation & #rural development, which was 9.8% last year. Factoring Inflation, Real Increase in allocation is actually negative.

Is this enough ?
Will this increase #farm income, prop up #rural demand ?

@mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA @mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon Govt allocated 1.58 lakh crore to #agri, allied sectors & irrigation i.e. 5.2% of the total budget. Last years budget had allocated 1.52 lakh crore, which was 5.45% of the budget i.e. reduced spending !

👉Will this double #farm income by 2022 ?🙄
@rssurjewala @MonaAmbegaonkar
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#Budget2020 #sensex
Three themes of budget:

1) Aspirational Indian
2) Economic Development
3) Developing a Caring society
Not only trains, Krishi Udaan by ministry of civil aviation for logistics of perishable items
#budget2020 #budget #nbfc #cooperatives
Target for agriculture credit 15 lakh crores.
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In order to build #OptionsTrading strategy to make use of #budget volatility, we need to find out what has happened in the previous budget sessions. I did an extensive historical data analysis for the period 2008 to 2019, to find what kind of #TradingStrategy one can use
This is what happened during the intraday time frame on the #Budgetday for last 10 years of budget sessions.
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Long thread on Budget FY-2020: How difficult is finance minister’s job in #India. If you’re amongst those who think the budget doesn’t do much for people, you need to understand this in detail. Why do we struggle to solve national problems? #Budget2020 #NirmalaSitharaman
Let me simplify things for the readers as to how the budget looks like & what the numbers mean. Below is the graphic that I have created for the revenue & expense heads for govt of India.Left side is govt INCOME & right side is how it SPENDS for the year. Size Rs 27.8 lac crores Image
Income of govt:
1) Taxes & non-tax revenue is 61% & 10% respectively. Additionally, another 4% comes by selling govt shares in PSUs. All this adds to 75%.
2) Borrowings forms the balance 25% of Income. This is our govt borrowing money to spend which of-course carries interest.
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#Lithuania #Vilnius

Last week #Lithuanian #parliament adopted the state #budget for 2020. The main #financial document of the #state was approved by the majority of voters.
It is sad to see how #Lithuania is #suffering without #money. Absolute #chaos – this is how they say in #Lithuania about the new budget.
So, state budget revenues are planned in the amount of 11.559 billion euros, expenses – 12.705 billion euros.
The budget deficit will amount 2.9% of the planned gross domestic product. In other words, the #Lithuanian #draft hardly met the requirements of #fiscal #discipline. The #budget #deficit for #EU member states should not exceed 3% of GDP.
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1. I'm on a long road trip & came across with #Ethiopia|'s 'home grown economic reform agenda' doc & tried to chew it but unable to swallow it neither as major economic reform nor as 'home grown economic reform'.
2. Without being bogged on how or what it is called, I will try to put my personal take & feedback on the the fundamental issues/flaws realted to to this reform. I remember a yr ago I've indicated what I think regarding major economic reforms should be undertaken in #Ethiopia.
3. General observation:
a) to certain degree it succeed to pin point some of structural constraints (still not the root causes)
b) it simplifies the complex economic issues and proposes simplistic reforms (it is like treating the fever without diagnosing the chronic infection)
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