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In the wake of the attacks on Andy Ngo at yesterday's counterdemonstration against the Proud Boys in Portland, the claim that the thrown milkshakes contained quick-drying cement has circulated widely on right-wing Twitter.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
As far as we can tell, the sole basis for the "cement milkshakes" story is this tweet from @PortlandPolice, which indicates they received one or more reports but doesn't confirm that any such thing actually took place.
We downloaded tweets containing "milkshake" or "milkshakes" and "cement", "concrete", or "chemical". The traffic takes off very suddenly and appears largely non-automated.
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The Mueller report discusses the social media disinformation aspect of Kremlin interference in the 2016 election. We took a look at 12 of the hashtags mentioned over the year prior to the election, as well as a control group of 8 over the same timespan.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First observation - a sizable share (20% or more) of the traffic for 7 of the 12 hashtags mentioned in the report came from accounts that followed one of six banned IRA accounts we have follower lists for. The same is true for only one hashtag in the control group, #CruzCrew.
(previous thread discussing followers of banned trolls here)
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Meet devoted Ted Cruz supporters @stepaniemore621 and @tammybrown87, two extremely similar automated accounts that until Feb 2017 spewed brief tweets laden with pro-Cruz hashtags such as #CruzCrew 24/7. Both use custom apps with names matching the account name.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We pulled tweets containing #CruzCrew and looked for other accounts matching the pattern (24/7 activity, app name matches account name, each app used to run exactly one account.) We found 48, although only 17 posted significant numbers of tweets before the network went dormant.
What do these bots tweet about? Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, and more Ted Cruz, by and large, although a few other topics do manage to sneak in.
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As Trump builds #Inertia going into 2019 with a Homerun SOTU & Roaring economy the Democrats appear to be lining up to EAT EACH OTHER.
SEE:Virginia State Gov.
A Cultural SHIFT is coming & when it hits it will SHAKE the #Luciferian Swamp to it's Core.
As the Battle for America's Soul enters into a New Phase & Intensity The Stars are Aligning to Herald It & Light the Way.
The work begun by Andrew Breitbart is now being completed by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES
assisted by those @GenFlynn called #DigitalSoldiers
Many of these "Soldiers" are right out in the open.
Like me.
& my Brother Brian @drawandstrike who have been fighting the Good Fight in Social Media since 2009.
We were unfocused & inexperienced.
The Death of Andrew & the Rise of ISIS changed that.
Our Worlds changed.
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Remember, Ted Cruz's campaign hired AggregateIQ and AggregateIQ was confirmed as assisting the Cruz campaign as recently as April of this year (if not still going at it).

Are you curious of the people comprising AggregateIQ? Here's a tweet from one of 'em
"Ted Cruz: Hiring swastika folk that financially gain from racism."
Is that worthy of your vote?
[and, yeah, I have the code repository proving that specific person developed code utilized by Cruz]
#TX #vote #cruz #cruzcrew #ElectionDay2018
For those not wishing to click:
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My closing #Midterm2018 THREAD: Let's look at how Ted Cruz has knowingly worked to divide and mislead Texans. #txlege
Please RT
#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #GOPVotingBlue
Ted Cruz FACT: He's invested millions of dollars in digital influence campaigns.
Maliciously targeting you, your family & friends.

Operating largely in the shadows, using firm that harvested data on stolen from millions of unwitting FB users. #TXSen #txlege #TX14 #Psywar #Psyop
Ted Cruz FACT: Files reveal that AggregateIQ—also known as “AIQ”—is the developer behind campaign apps created for Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, as well as a Ukrainian steel magnate named Serhiy Taruta.
#txlege #TXSen #BetoForTexas #Midterm2018 #CruzCrew…
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread on the great #VoteGOP midterms campaign of 2018, final week.

Photos & video clips of #MAGA rallies and other campaign events. You can also find other current photo threads at my pinned tweet.

Below: At the Fort Myers, FL rally today, 10/31/18.
(2) You can watch every Trump rally live at the campaign's official YT channel, and the live feed becomes a video clip as soon as the rally finishes.…
(3) Florida is one of the most important states to follow in this campaign. I love this photo of POTUS greeting Senate candidate Rick Scott, esp. since he had to suspend campaigning to carry out his Governor duties bc of horrific Hurricane Michael.

Bill Nelson has got to go!
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(1) Absolutely epic #TeamTrump #PhotoThread for the record-breaking #RedWave #TrumpInHouston rally.

Finally, an arena large enough for a Trump-sized crowd! #VoteGOP #TexasForTrump #DefyHistory #JobsNotMobs
(2) When I say "venue," I'm referring to the whole precinct, inside and out. When I get official info on the indoor venue/arena capacity I will provide it here. Early clips suggest it's quite large, with more people outside of course.
(3) Per the Toyota Center website the arena's capacity for concerts is up to 19k. I'm disappointed yet again that a stadium with >50k capacity wasn't hired, but I know eventually it will be. Might have to wait until #TrumpPence2020!
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@truthforHim1224 @NewRightNetwork @Smoochie6005 @starcrosswolf @Twitmo_Inmate3 @Texaswild7 @Sandfarmer007 @TexBrussow @AliLovesTexas Latest poll shows Cruz with a 1 point lead. We can’t let Commie Beto flip this seat. TexaStaysRed. Open borders from Beto. Not happening when everyone in Texas #CCL. Let’s vote MAGA Cruz.…
@truthforHim1224 @NewRightNetwork @Smoochie6005 @starcrosswolf @Twitmo_Inmate3 @Texaswild7 @Sandfarmer007 @TexBrussow @AliLovesTexas How can any Texan support Commie Beto. With one stupid comment he Prbly ended his campaign. Beto is stupid beyond all doubt @BetoORourke can’t hide his chauvinist attitude.…
@truthforHim1224 @NewRightNetwork @Smoochie6005 @starcrosswolf @Twitmo_Inmate3 @Texaswild7 @Sandfarmer007 @TexBrussow @AliLovesTexas @BetoORourke Banning BBQ in Texas is not a good idea. Sacrilegious. What else will the Commie Beto want to get rid of. Border security. Border wall. VetoBeto. VoteTedCruz. CruzCrew @SenTedCruz VOTE MAGA not Red.…
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Before #Putin told the internet research agency trolls to support #Trump they had a different project:
@tedcruz and the #TeaParty
@tedcruz I could only find info on about 630 of the 2700 accounts but at least 11 of the suspended accounts posted tweets in support of Cruz and the teaparty @garrettheshadow
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