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So I have just learnt this is a thing! The dip in your hips is now apparently the worst thing in the world & we must do all these things to get rid of them. But it's part of your anatomy. They are completely natural and normal! You can not change your bones! (1)
Hip dips were not an issue until the diet industry got their dirty claws into it & made them into one. They're part of your natural anatomy, if you want to spend all hours fighting your natural anatomy I urge you to think. Hip dips do not make you a "good" or "bad" person,(2)
hip dips are associated with the shape of your bones, nothing more. I beg you, do not fall into this latest trap, you are not the problem, your body is not the problem, the problem is diet culture. (3/3) #bodypositivity #dietculture #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #bodypositive
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My favorite response to the backlash of @HodaAndJenna sharing their intermittent fasting journey is, “But it’s not a diet! They’re doing it to FEEL GOOD!”
OH. So public weekly weigh ins on a scale is to “feel less sluggish”? Can’t we just be honest for a second please?

Because would you continue your intermittent fasting keto paleo sadness if you weren’t losing a single pound? 🤔

Asking for a friend.
It’s just another diet to shrink our bodies while pretending it’s for health. No one needs to cut out entire food groups & starve for hours for “health.” Our bodies need a variety of foods at regular intervals but #dietculture continues to make eating so damn complicated.
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Hey @PokemonGoApp, this is a kids' game, are you sending these unsolicited calorie competitive push notifications to everyone? It's completely inappropriate. I don't want to see it. #PokemonGO #bodypositive #dietculture #strongnotskinny Image
Calorie counting begins at younger and younger ages, particularly in girls, and correlates far better with teenage obesity and disordered eating (one of the most fatal mental health issues) than adult good health. This is a very poor decision indeed. Please reconsider.
"you adventured really far this week!" would be a vastly better word choice. #PokemonGO #caloriecounter
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