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[THREAD] Aujourd'hui, on vous parle d'injonction à l'épilation 👇
Dans l’Egypte antique, l'épilation était considérée comme hygiénique et concernait donc femmes et hommes. À la Renaissance, on épilait seulement les poils visibles : sous les robes, ceux des aisselles et pubiens étaient des atouts de séduction.
Au XIXe siècle, l'épilation, réservée aux actrices, danseuses et prostituées qui montrent leur corps, a donc mauvaise réputation. Un siècle plus tard, l'arrivée des premiers rasoirs jetables, la démocratisation de la baignade et les magazines féminins popularisent la peau lisse.
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So I have just learnt this is a thing! The dip in your hips is now apparently the worst thing in the world & we must do all these things to get rid of them. But it's part of your anatomy. They are completely natural and normal! You can not change your bones! (1)
Hip dips were not an issue until the diet industry got their dirty claws into it & made them into one. They're part of your natural anatomy, if you want to spend all hours fighting your natural anatomy I urge you to think. Hip dips do not make you a "good" or "bad" person,(2)
hip dips are associated with the shape of your bones, nothing more. I beg you, do not fall into this latest trap, you are not the problem, your body is not the problem, the problem is diet culture. (3/3) #bodypositivity #dietculture #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #bodypositive
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Muites estão curioses pra saber o que aconteceu nesses dias em que estive hospitalizada...
Bom, pra quem não sabe, eu fui até o aquário da cidade com a minha sobrinha Malu (6 anos), para ensiná-la mais sobre a vida marinha...
Ume guie nos acompanhava dando informações sobre os peixes, quando a Malu fez a seguinte solicitação/problematização:
- Moce, até agora você só nos mostrou peixes que respiram através de branquias... Você pode nos mostrar agora quais são os peixes que respiram através de negrias?
Malu só queria ver um pouco mais de representatividade. Ela estava sendo totalmente educada, falando num tom de voz tranquilo. Não se exaltou em nenhum momento.
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My eyes move involuntarily, each one swinging to its own music. They’ve danced this way for as long as I can remember. I can’t see it myself, but the jeering kids let me know. The adults nudging me to wear sunglasses let me know. And trolls certainly let me know. Thread 1/5 I'm a Black woman standing with my hands at my waist, wearin
Our society criminalizes #disability. Countless books & films allege eyes reveal a person’s soul, then deliberately give the evil characters abnormal eyes. Not all of them, of course, but enough to influence the public’s perception of eyes like mine. #Ableism 2/5
The #blind community has many stories of police glancing at our eyes & immediately assuming intoxication, illegal substance use, or criminal intent. Those of us who are blind and Black face the dual forces of #ableism and racism. #BlackDisabledLivesMatter 3/5
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Precious? Flat? Smooth? Hard? Yep, definitely jewels that ornament the body beautifully. 💎 #SexPositive Image
The U.S. has a very puritanical, sex-negative culture. Many other countries, like New Zealand, keep it positive. ❤️ 🇳🇿 #KeepItRealOnline #SexEdSaves @GMortonNZ @NZAmbassadorUS @NZembassyUS
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Someone slid onto the DMs and asked us how to navigate having sex as a plus sized queer woman. Cause it is our job to make sure ya'll get the info you need we hit the Google streets and found some stuff.
Here is an article on @BuzzFeedLGBT called Having Sex When Your Partner Is The Same Gender, But A Different Size.…
#Queer #PlusSize #BodyPositive
'I’m fat. Like, in a size 22 kind of way. Over the years, my relationship with my body — along with my weight and how I take care of myself — has had its ups and downs.'
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Here it is! My Top 20 Titty Selfies in celebration of #TittyTuesday Comment on your favorites.

#bodypositive Thread #NSFW

Selfie #1. Gold Member Titties.
Selfie #2. Sweaty Titties #tittytuesday
Selfie #3. Lace Titties #tittytuesday
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Hey @PokemonGoApp, this is a kids' game, are you sending these unsolicited calorie competitive push notifications to everyone? It's completely inappropriate. I don't want to see it. #PokemonGO #bodypositive #dietculture #strongnotskinny Image
Calorie counting begins at younger and younger ages, particularly in girls, and correlates far better with teenage obesity and disordered eating (one of the most fatal mental health issues) than adult good health. This is a very poor decision indeed. Please reconsider.
"you adventured really far this week!" would be a vastly better word choice. #PokemonGO #caloriecounter
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