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Su-30 #Flanker #Thread
Lets do this Su-30 came into existence on requirement of Soviet Air Defence Forces #PVO needing a command aircraft to guide Su-27s via radio-data link to guard vast territory of USSR. #PVO was ranked higher than Soviet Airforce #VVS. 1/

Su-27UB & Su-30SM👇
#PVO chose trainer Su-27UB to be developed as combat capable interceptor/command aircraft in which 2nd officer would keep track of targets & assign roles to other aircraft e.g. Su-27s by distributing targets hence the term “Mini AWAC”. Su-27UB was manufactured by #Irkut Corp 2/
Single seat Su-27 was manufactured at KnAAPO which was given task of developing better air superiority Su-27M (now Su-35) by Soviet airforce. Irkut became home of Su-30 as plant was already producing Su-27UB. Su-27PU was demonstrator with new radar,refuelling,communication sys 3/
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Russian #BVR doctrine of 2-Salvo launch is very well known inherited from Soviet era. #Flanker will carry active radar & heat/passive guided BVRAAMs. Once target is in #DLZ active radar missile like R-27EA/R-77 will be launched followed by IR homing R-27ET/R-27EP (Passive RF) 1/3 Image
Idea is that active seeker will force target to do evasive manoeuvres & employ ECMs fully exposing heat/electronic signatures making job much easier for few seconds delay launch of IR/Passive RF missiles like R-27ET/R-27EP having same kinetic performance as R-77/R-27EA/ER 2/3 Image
This very doctrine forced China to develop its own active radar BVR missile that could rival AIM-120B/C. Russian failure to complete full development of R-77 due to funds left them well behind hence they kept Soviet era doctrine of 2-Salvo launch with older R-27 Almo family 3/3 ImageImage
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J-11A #Flanker in Tibet Autonomous Region #TAR on a public open day with all its Russian weaponry. 3 x R-77 on rack, R-27/IR next to ECM pod and R-27/ER under the fuselage. This kit assembled Flanker forced China to develop J-11B/BS so they can mount indigenous weapons on. #PLAAF Image
J-11A has first generation Russian IRST system on left of HUD Image
Cool shots #Flanker is a beauty, something so enormous yet graceful and majestic ImageImage
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Dassault #Rafale will join #IndianAirforce at the end of this month,Ambala AFB on the side of #Pakistan border. How does this change equation for #PAF? Modern aerial warfare is not limited to
platform🆚platform but
“Set of systems of a system 🆚 Set of systems of a system”🧵👇 ImageImage
First of all this isn’t new for #IAF & their defence circle to start singing bhajans of new god. It has happened before
“Su-30MKI Flankers with it's 400km range, "Mini-AWAC," incorporating Western Avionics such as the french SAGEM GPS & the israeli EL/M-8222 EW Suite.” Ring a 🔔 Image
So adversary had an edge for more than decade which they lost it but didn’t realise till last year. #Flanker & #Fulcrum are still the main headaches for PAF as they’re in numbers flying from different bases with potent specs/missiles & more importantly experienced pilots & legacy
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