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Condemnation Statement by Democratic Students Federation (DSF) against @hecpk's ban on Holi celebrations in Pakistani universities:

We strongly condemn @hecpk for its decision to ban Holi celebrations, even after witnessing successful celebrations at Quaid-I-Azam University. This ban infringes upon students' fundamental rights and disregards religious pluralism and cultural diversity in our country.

Pakistan is a diverse nation incorporating cultural richness. The recent celebration of Holi at Quaid-I-Azam University clearly demonstrated the acceptance and harmony among students from different backgrounds. Such events foster an environment of inclusivity and respect.

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A 111 años de hundirse en el atlántico, partido en 2, con la proa y popa en diferentes sitios, y haberse llevado 1.503 almas en el año 1912, el #Titanic quiere seguir cobrando vidas.

8 cosas curiosas sobre el mini submarino #Titan desaparecido con 5 tripulantes.

[Hilo] 🧶

1- Los restos del Titanic se encuentran a 3.800 m de profundidad en el océano atlántico en una zona llamada Cañón del Titanic, a unos 640 km al sureste de Terranova, Canadá. La proa y la popa están separadas por una distancia de 800 m.
Acá la coordenadas exactas: 👇

2- A esa profundidad de 3.800 m, la presión es de 38.396,34 Kpa (kilopascales). Eso es ~200 veces la presión de aire que llevan los neumáticos de un auto sedan convencional R14 (28 PSI - 193 Kpa). 😬
Pocos submarinos en el mundo llegan a esa profundidad sin sufrir daños. 💥

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سہگل حویلی
یعنی مشہور زمانہ لال حویلی
جہلم کے ہندو شہزادے اور مسلمان رقاصہ بدھن بائی کی محبت کی 100 سالہ پرانی وہ ادھوری داستان جس کی گواہی آج بھی اس کےمنقش درودیوار دیتےہیں۔
راولپنڈی (پاکستان) کے بوہڑ بازار میں واقع لال حویلی جہاں ایک زمانےمیں رقص وسرود اور ImageImageImage
رقاصاءوں کی خوبصورتی کی تعریف کرنے والوں کا تانتا بندھا کرتا تھا، ڈانس پارٹیاں ھوا کرتی تھیں آج سیاسی گہما گہمی ھے۔
قیام پاکستان سے پہلے جہلم کے ایک خوشحال گھرانے سےتعلق رکھنے والے ممتاز بیرسٹر دھن راج سہگل شادی کی ایک تقریب میں شرکت کیلئےسیالکوٹ گئے جہاں انہوں نے مشہور زمانہ اور Image
حسین رقاصہ بدھن بائی سے شادی کر لی۔
ہندو ھو اسے مہاتما بدھ کی گھنٹیاں نہ بھائیں کیسے ممکن ھے!
بدھن بائی کے گھنگھروءوں نے راج کا دل موہ لیا۔
اسی محبت کی کہانی نےلال حویلی کی بنیادڈالی۔ دھن راج بدھن کو اپنےساتھ راولپنڈی لے آیا اور بوہڑبازار میں ایک شاندار حویلی تعمیر کروائی جو سہگل Image
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As the #Taliban continue to claim moving #TTP fighters to western #Afghanistan, TTP fighters have been confirmed in northern AFG, today the head of district intelligence of the Taliban’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GID) can under attack in #Badakhshah province.
For those unfamiliar with #Badakhshah provincial borders… Image
Another important factor to keep in mind is the #geological value of #Badakhshah province.

This is of key importance to #China’s investment into minerals in #Afghanistan. Image
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Some interesting reports coming out of #Afghanistan over the past few days:

- roughly 2,000 #Taliban suicide bombers have been moved to the #Iran|ian border since the end of May.
- #ISKP has also started moving their fighters to northern #Afghanistan, according to sources within an anti-#Taliban group. They are being moved to #Badakhshan, #Takhar and some others.

Apparently, there are both @CIA and #ISI fingerprints on this.
- #Taliban are moving its fighters closer to the #Tajikistan border. Fighters are also moving to the #Badakhshan province, bordering #Tajikistan.

- #TTP have become so emboldened to expand their operations around #Pakistan, including new waliyats in #Balochistan & #Punjab.
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Thread- WILL PAKISTAN DEFAULT OR NOT? Apparently, the biggest topic in Pakistan’s economy, to which everyone seems to have taken a liking, is the specter of Pakistan’s economic default. To be honest, it’s getting a bit boring by now, especially given that this issue has been 1/n
relentlessly dragged since PDM Govt. took over last year.The chances of a default last year, around this same time,were quiet high given the external and internal conditions. But Pakistan staved that off. Suddenly,out of nowhere,the issue has again gained substantial traction 2/n
, mainly due to commentary on it from some ‘well-known experts’.The publication of Khurram Hussain’s hard-to-comprehend article in DAWN… a few days ago (link) got the tongues wagging full-time, profusely praised by none other than Atif Mian, arguably 3/n
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With #CycloneBiparjoy inching closer to the Gujarat coast, it is likely to make landfall between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. today
#CycloneBiparjoy is moving north-northeastwards towards Saurashtra and Kutch coast and is around 180 km away from Jakhau port. - ANI
Live Updates:…
#CycloneBiparjoy | Fisher colony in Rupen Bandar in #Gujarat’s Dwarka district evacuated ahead of the expected landfall of Cyclone Biparjoy later today. - PTI
Live Updates:…
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1. A thread analysis of #Argentina-#China relations through our previous reports, reports from our on-ground reporters, and SM influencers.

Argentina already has a base operated by the #Chinese military in the province of #Neuquén. Image
2. Now plans to add a port for #Beijing in the #RíoGrande, on the continent's southern tip.

The location of Rio Grande is of extreme strategic importance and crucial for the world in general. Image
3. Since 2018, #Chinese fishing vessels have spent 1 million hours fishing between #Argentina’s maritime border and the high seas, yet spent 600,000 hours ‘in the #dark,’ suspected of illegal fishing within #Argentine waters in the South Atlantic.
Report:… Image
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TTP's New Chapter: Thread
Last year, two smaller groups formerly aligned with the Afghan #Taliban joined #TTP. Led by Mullah Aslam Baloch from Noshki and Mazar #Baloch from #Makran. in 2023, two more smaller groups joined TTP. Today it announced new chapter in #Balochistan Image
This new 'Wilayah' will encompass the Kalat and Makran divisions of #Balochistan. It signifies the establishment of a proper organizational structure, becoming the second administrative unit of #TTP in Balochistan after Wilayah Zhob Makran Division MapKalat Divison Map
Wilayah Zhob, operating in the Pashtun districts of #Balochistan, has been functioning under the command of Sirbakaf Momand. The @PICSSIsb Annual Security Assessment Report 2022 predicted #TTP's expansion plans into non-Pashtun areas of Balochistan. Zhob Division Map
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Let's take this thread into more context for those outside the region, and those unfamiliar with the #TTP operations in #Swat.

The #TTP typically move through 2 routes:

- from #Afghanistan to #Elum in #Buner to either of their bases in #Ghat, south of #MalamJabba.
The 2nd route is from #Kunar, #Afghanistan through #LowerDir or #Bajaur to #GhatPeochar, the former stronghold of the #TTP during #Fazlullah's occupation of #Swat.

It was also one of the most difficult battle is the fight to reclaim Swat from the #terrorists.
We know of both police and military operations on going in areas including #GhatPeochar, mountains around #MalamJabba, #Charbagh, and #Banjot.
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Le #Pakistan paie en #yuan la première cargaison de pétrole de #Russie
Le Pakistan a payé la première livraison de pétrole russe en monnaie chinoise, écrit Reuters citant le ministre du pétrole Musadiq Malik.
#BRICS Image
Il s'agit d'un changement majeur dans la politique de paiement du Pakistan dominée par le dollar, a déclaré l'agence.

Le fait que la #Russie s'était mise d'accord avec le Pakistan sur l'approvisionnement en pétrole est devenu connu en janvier. Image
La partie pakistanaise a ensuite indiqué qu'elle prévoyait d'acheter plus de 35% du volume total des importations de pétrole en provenance de Russie. Image
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The #TTP occupation in #Swat is significantly more than is being reported in the domestic media.

Many villages are under TTP control, and search operations have been on-going for more than 5 months.

It is no surprise that the TTP has returned to Swat for us @commandeleven.
For the past 3 years, we have repeatedly informed and warned that the TTP presence was growing and their influence was increasing.

Deaf ears.

We have repeatedly argued against the negotiating table, because it is a sign of weakness.

Why should we negotiate?
The news of Gen. #FaizHameed's deal to hand over parts of #KPK to #TTP, in return for peace for the country - that is accepting defeat and emboldening the enemy.

Is it any surprise that there was a significant uptick in violence from December onwards, when TTP walked away again?
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1. Thread on organisations plotting against #Indian PM #NarendraModi.

Share it to max people to make them understand how these propaganda organisations work!!

17 so called civil rights organisations call on President #Biden to cancel the invitation to #Modi ji. ImageImage
2. The main organisation behind these is #IAMC or Indian American Muslims Council.

Fact : The organisation is alleged to have links with several terrorists organisations. Just check the links here : Image
3. #FreedomHouse says that #India's democracy is Partly Free.

Fact :
How many of you believe this?

Moreover this organisation is funded by George #Soros who has pledged $ 1Billion to fight Modi!!

Checkout the images: ImageImageImage
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🔴 #Mpox aka #Monkeypox is spreading .
But not where you think it is.
A short 🧵 Image
The latest situation report on the multi-country outbreak of #mpox from @WHO has come out . In Summary:
▶️ 87,929 cases and 146 deaths from Jan 2022
▶️ 111 countries / territories affected as of date Image
▶️ The European and American Outbreak of #mpox which followed a super spreader event last year is pretty well under control.
There are few cases still being reported, but vaccination campaigns have brought the outbreak pretty well under control. Image
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سیٹھی محلہ (پشاور، پاکستان)
Sethi Mohallah (Peshawar, Pakistan)
پشاور کے قصہ خوانی بازار کی ہلچل میں واقع سیٹھی محلہ
ہمیں اس بات کی یاددلاتا ھےکہ کس
طرح اشرافیہ پشاوری لوگ اپنےگھربناتےتھے۔
سیٹھی خاندان کی تعمیر کردہ یہ نادرحویلیاں گندھارااور وسطی ImageImageImageImage
ایشیا کے فن اور فن تعمیرکا امتزاج ہیں اور ان کا ڈیزائن بخارا (ازبکستان) کےفن تعمیرسے متاثرھے۔
سیٹھی پنجاب کاایک ہندو تاجرخاندان تھاجو 19ویں صدی کے اوائل میں جہلم سے پشاور منتقل ھوا۔
بنیادی طور پر وہ لکڑی کی تاجرتھےجسے وہ برطانوی حکمرانوں کےساتھ اچھےتعلقات کی بدولت رعایتی نرخوں پر ImageImageImageImage
سیٹھی بہت بڑی کوٹھیاں بنانےکیلیے مشہور تھے اور انکی تعمیراتی ذہانت بے مثال تھی۔
سیٹھی محلہ میں تقریباً ایک ہی طرز کی سات حویلیاں بنی ھوئی ہیں۔ایک ایسی گلی میں جو عام دیواروں والی شہر کی گلیوں سےکم مڑتی اور مڑتی ہیں۔
ڈائریکٹوریٹ آف آرکیالوجی (Directorate of Archaeology) ImageImageImageImage
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#Pakistan wants #BJP to lose
#China wants BJP to lose
● Arms-lobby wants BJP to lose
● Pharma-lobby wants BJP to lose
● Radical-#Islamists wants BJP to lose
● Anti-Nationals want BJP to lose
● ##Missionaries want BJP to lose
#Muslims want BJP to lose
#BJP fulfilled its promise of...
● Ram Mandir
● New Education Policy
● Article-370 abrogaton
● Strengthened-Defense
● Tightened NGOs
● Tightened Naxals
● Tightened Missionaries
● 5th Largest Economy
● CORONA vaccination
● Kashi-Corridor
● Conquered SPACE
● Erasing signs-of-slavery
● Infrastructure
● IITs
● Zero Corruption at the ministry level
● DeMonetisation
● Zero Bomb-Blast
● Peace in Kashmir
● 2nd in mobile-manufacturing
● 100% Railway-Electrification
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Let us take a look on 9th May, from the lens of a developed country like US, as to what the laws say on vandalism and arson of government and military property.

1. Title 18 of the US Federal Law, termed as “US Code” deals with Crimes and…… Image
2. Similarly, Title 18, sections 1389, which prohibits any attacks on US servicemen and their property, also hands out 5 - 10 years imprisonment for major injury and damages.
#9thMay_USlaws Image
3. Even un-authorized entry into a restricted premises like military base is punishable by imprisonment of 6 months according to Title 18, sections 1382.
#9thMay_USlaws Image
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New Update | CrisisWatch

⚡ Four conflict risks in June

↘️ Twelve conflict deteriorations in May

❗ Country in focus: #Pakistan 🇵🇰

⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Sudan

Hostilities escalated between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, notably in Darfur region, where the growing involvement of tribal militias and armed groups threatens all-out civil war.
⚡ Conflict Risk Alert | #Somaliland

Fighting between government forces and Dhulbahante clan militias spread in the Sool region.

As parties recruit new fighters, the conflict could ripple into other parts of Somaliland.…
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Today, I have completed documenting 100 #reported cases of heart-wrenching atrocities against #Sindhi #Hindu #women in #Pakistan in the dataset published here:…
Some disturbing patterns emerge, read the 🧵 to know more 👇 and pls RT to expand its reach(1/N)
1. The higher the % Hindu population, the more rampant the conversion activity. In fact top-6 districts that account for 2 in every 3 cases are also home to a majority of entire Pakistan's entire Hindu population. (2/N) ImageImage
2. Most common template - a girl 👧 usually a minor, is abducted from home/school, raped, tortured, converted and then married off to the abductor - all on the same day! (3/N)
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Iran to become ‘full-fledged’ SCO member in July

The Iranian foreign minister made the announcement from South Africa, where he took part in a ministerial meeting of the BRICS economic bloc…
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian revealed on 1 June that Iran’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be completed in July.…
“We will become a full-fledged member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in July when the next summit of the association is to take place,” he told reporters on Thursday, according to Iran’s state-run Tasnim News Agency.…
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Afghan, Pakistan cartels survived empires-now they are drowning Indian Ocean region in drugs

Like their colonial-era ancestors, #smugglers are the economic backbone of impoverished communities in #Afghanistan and #Pakistan.…
"Last week, a French warship operating in a multinational mission in the Gulf of Oman reported seizures of drugs with an estimated street value of $108 million."
Drugs worth $108m seized by French warship in Indian Ocean

Drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine valued at $108m, were seized in the Indian Ocean by a French warship operating with CTF 150.…
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While Chinese are beating Muslims in #Pakistan, the Communist authorities of #China is attempting to demolish Najiaying Mosque, a historic mosque located in Yuxi City, Yunnan.

Till now, 24 Sunni Hui #Muslims have been sent to detention center for resistance.
🔴 In complete silence from the #Arab and #Pakistan media, Communist party of #China will be demolishing the historic ′Nagying Mosque' which dates back to the thirteenth century. The demolition equipment was sent in premises on Saturday 05/27.
The reason for demolition is to implement a judicial ruling which says that the mosque's external appearance is UGLY & does not reflect #Chinese culture. The local Sunni Muslims without any support from the world #Muslim community, are defending the mosque with "#Nara_e_Taqbeer".
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#IPLFinal2023 #IPLonJioCinema #IPL2023Final #NarendraModiStadium #CSKvGT #CSKvsGT #GTvsCSK #GTvCSK #ViratKohli𓃵 Image
Abdul Hafeez Kardar was one of the only three players to have played cricket for both India and Pakistan. He was the first captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

#IPLFinal2023 #IPLonJioCinema #IPL2023Final #NarendraModiStadium #CSKvGT #CSKvsGT #GTvsCSK #GTvCSK #ViratKohli𓃵
The Lahore-born made his international debut while representing India against England in 1946.
He played 3 Test matches for India from his 27 Test matches.

#IPLFinal2023 #IPLonJioCinema #IPL2023Final #NarendraModiStadium #CSKvGT #CSKvsGT #GTvsCSK #GTvCSK #ViratKohli
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Australian Border Force: OMCGs turning to Afghan-produced methamphetamine

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs who are conspiring with offshore criminals to import methamphetamine from #Afghanistan to #Australia.…
Bikie gangs finding new sources of meth from Afghanistan…
"The illicit drug methamphetamine has been smuggled into Australia from Afghanistan at an alarming rate since the Taliban took control, authorities warned [...]"
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