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NEW: @DoD_IG report on US-#Afghanistan raises questions about Washington's "over-the-horizon" #counterterrorism strategy

Need for US planes/drones to fly long distances, loss of human intelligence "has significantly reduced the DoD’s
capacity to track terrorist targets"
"As of the end of the quarter [March 31], the DoD had not conducted any strikes on terrorist targets in #Afghanistan since its withdrawal last year" per @DoD_IG acting IG Sean O'Donnell

re: #ISIS #alQaida
#ISIS-#Khorasan estimated to have 2,000 members operating in #Afghanistan, per @DoD_IG citing @DefenseIntel

That's about half of estimates shared by the @UN in February
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#سی_آی_اے پاکستان کے ہر شعبے کے کرتا دھرتاؤں کی پتلونوں میں گھسی ہوئی ہے. امریکی حکومت میں سی آئ اے اور فوج کے پرانے افسران اعلی عہدوں ہر بٹھاۓ جاتے ہیں جبکہ #پاکستان میں سی آئی اے کے ایما پر فوج اور آئی ایس آئی کے افسران کو جان بوجھ کر متنازعہ بنایا جاتا ہے.
غدار سیاستدان، انتظامیہ اور اعلی عدلیہ اس کاوش میں اپنا پورا حصہ ڈالتے ہیں. اب تو #آئی _ایس _پی_آر بھی اس فتنے کو اِگنور کر کے اصل میں اس کام میں مددگار بن گیا ہے.

یہ کیا ہو رہا ہے؟ جان بوجھ کر کیا جا رہا ہے؟
#Pakistan #PakArmy #DGISPR #ISI #Judiciary #CIA @ImranKhanPTI
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General Qamar Javed Bajwa is the Chief of Army Staff of the #Pakistan Army. The four-star general has spent 44 years of his life in Pakistani military service, General Bajwa studied military tactics and strategy at
Canadian Army Command and Staff College, Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, United States and the National Defence University, Islamabad. General Bajwa joined the highly-decorated Baloch Regiment in 1980. General Bajwa as a Major, served in the
5th Northern Light Infantry in Azad Kashmir. In addition, General Bajwa as Lieutenant-Colonel served in the X Corps, stationed in Rawalpindi, as a Staff Officer. Upon promotion as one-star rank army general, Brigadier Bajwa served as the Chief of Staff (COS) at the X Corps.
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#OnThisDay, in 1951, the famous Somnath Temple in #Gujarat was restored to its former glory. In the words of the then President of India, Dr Rajendra Prasad, it proved that “the power of reconstruction is always greater than the power of destruction". 1/9
#Indianhistory Image
The Somnath #Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva as ‘Lord of the Moon’, has been one of the most sacred shrines in #India for over 1,500 years. Due to its fame as a centre of wealth, it was attacked and plundered by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1026 CE. 2/9
#Hindu #religion Image
A few years after this infamous sack, the temple was restored and continued to serve as an important pilgrimage centre. But over the centuries, the temple was attacked and plundered repeatedly. 3/9
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“President of #Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi strongly rejects Prime Minister’s advice to remove Governor Punjab.
The President has conveyed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan that Governor Punjab cannot be removed without his approval. Image
Referring to clause 3 of Article 101 of the Constitution, he stated that “the Governor shall hold office during the pleasure of the President”.
He wrote that the incumbent governor cannot be removed as there was neither any allegation of misconduct nor conviction by any court of Image
law or of any act committed by him contrary to the Constitution of Pakistan.
He stated that it was his duty as Head of the State to represent the unity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in terms of Article 41 of the Constitution. Image
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Neden gizlice resi çekiyorlar, neden bunu yayınlıyorlar ve neden böyleler? #Pakistan'a birkaç defa gidip ülkenin genelini gezmiş birisi olarak bu floodda bunları açıklayacağım. Ülkenin geleneklerini ve bu konulardaki açlığın, sebeplerini. Konu aslında nüfus ve gelişmişliktir.
Arkadaşlar Pakistan, nüfusun okuryazar oranı %60'ı geçmeyen bir ülke. Bu oran erkeklerde %70 iken kadınlarda %40 küsurlardadır. Eğitim ise ülkede bir imkansızlık çünkü ağır gelenekler ve ülkede çok yaygın olan sufi ve tasavvufi inanışlar Pakistan'ın elini kolunu bağlıyor.
Bizde de kimi tarikatların (hepsi değil) kızları okula göndermediklerini bilirsiniz mesela ismailağa tarikatı (Halidi kolu) böyledir ve yine biliyorsunuz ki evlere TV sokmama kuralları vardır. İşte bu tarikatlardan Pakistan'da da bolca var. Peki eve Tv girmeyince ne olur?
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Since this article on #import duties as implicit #export taxes went to 'print', I received some very good feedback, so let me add two points below to add clarity mechanisms at play here. 👇👇
1\ An 'innocent' 10% #import duty on bikes increases the relative profits of selling domestically versus #exporting by 40%! thus deterring new #exporters [assumptions are based on @PBSofficialpak numbers!]
Table below takes you through it. #Pakistan #Trade 👇👇
2\ From a #policy angle, how do you shift from an #ImportSubstitution mindset (which is the same as saying #Export substitution one) to an #Export led growth one? All of a sudden? No. Here are some ideas. #Pakistan

PS: thanks to @MOPasha84 for helping make the case clearer.
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By all accounts, the NRF have launched a major offensive against the #Taliban across #Panjshir today -- taking multiple districts.

No doubt the #Taliban can respond in force, but it's yet another sign (beyond #ISKP) that #Afghanistan's new rulers are far from unchallenged.
NEW - x7 rockets fired into #Tajikistan from #Afghanistan.

In one month, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan & #Tajikistan have all been hit by cross-border attacks, and #Iran affected by border clashes.

Tajik incident comes amid NRF (long associated with #Dushanbe) offensive in #Panjshir.
#ISKP have claimed today’s cross-border rocket attack on #Tajikistan.

This comes weeks after a similar volley was fired into #Uzbekistan & amid #TTP cross-border attacks into #Pakistan & clashes along the #Iran border.

#Taliban coming under mounting pressure.
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Really! Read the truth here👇
Its not Congress who built IITs, AIIMS or IIMs

1- #IIT was the brain child of British Officials - back in 1946 when Sir Jogendra Singh of the Viceroy's Executive Council set up a committee whose task was to consider the creation of Higher
Technical Institutions for post-war industrial development in India. The 22-member committee, headed by Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, recommended the establishment of these institutions in various parts of India, along the lines of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#MIT),
with affiliated secondary institutions.
2- #Pakistan made a better #nuclear weapon way before us irrespective to who paid for it,its their property,
3- Pakistan had way better roads during the Congress reign in India.. we did not have a single highway where a fighter plane
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Que dit le 6e rapport du #GIEC sur les vagues de chaleur/canicules (influence humaine + projections futures) alors que le sous-continent #Indien & #Pakistan suffoquent?🥵 #heatwave
Ci-dessous un traduction directe en fil🧵des conclusions du chapitre 11 sur ce sujet!
A dérouler⤵️
Des changements à long terme dans les statistiques des températures extrêmes de courte & de longue durée, notamment l'intensité, la fréquence & la durée, ont été détectés dans les observations & attribués à l'influence humaine à l'échelle mondiale et continentale.
Il est extrêmement probable que l'influence humaine soit le principal facteur contribuant à l'augmentation observée de l'intensité et de la fréquence des extrêmes chauds et à la diminution observée de l'intensité & de la fréquence des extrêmes froids à l'échelle mondiale
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*Treachery and Betrayal...Bajwa Doctrine. Part 4 - Time to go home, General!*

*-Haider Mehdi*

To see a dozen chaps waving green placards captioned "Pak Fauj Zindabad" saddened my heart.

Saddened me that Gen. Bajwa's poor attempt to redeem his tattered @umeed0604
reputation and legacy has come to this laughable spectacle.

Square placards cut in perfect "military precision"dimension.

Perfectly calligraphed slogans in white over a green background carried by burly men clad in white shalwar kameez"mufti".
@GreenBerets38 @Rashid_Aviator
What a mockery of the great institution! What a humiliation of the Army!

Is this what Gen. Bajwa's attempt at redemption has come down to?

Is this an example of Gen. Bajwa's sorry and pathetic attempt to win the hearts and minds of people of Pakistan by hiding behind the
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1/5 Respected brothers / Retired Military Officers, I have a suggestion to make. As we are convinced that Gen. Bajwa played a dominent role in removing IK Government and imposed on Pakistan an imported US sponcerd regime @umeed0604 @HumasajjadShah @Rashid_Aviator
2/5 change through our local sellable corrupt polititions. Every Pakistani and we all love our PAK FAUJ /Military men but simultanously we also hate the role of our Military Establishment in current political crisis in Pakistan. I believe all #MarchAgainstImportedGovt
3/5 efforts of IK will not materialise urgent elections unless we don’t exert enough pressure on our corroupt Judicial system and particularly on so called bloody neutral Bajwa. I wish to submit that we all retired men of Pakistan Armed Forces annouce a protestا
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The amount of anti-#Pakistan online content generated inside the country, mostly by supporters of a Pakistani political party, has for the first time surpassed similar content produced by troll farms linked to neighboring #India. /1
The quality and sophistication of the anti-#Pakistan content generated from within the country in recent weeks is more sophisticated and powerful than anything similar produced inside #India in recent years. /2
The sophisticated nature of the recent anti-#Pakistan campaign generated inside the country is in many ways at par with military-grade PSYOPS that states mount against each other, targeting key institutions of the country for internal collapse . /3
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Actions and policies of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan and his #PTIGovernment have led to arrests, denial of jobs, travel bans, and deportations of Pakistanis from #Turkey #UAE #France #SaudiArabia #China. All in just three years. The latest is Saudi crackdown on pro-Khan Pakistanis. /1
In April, ex-PM #ImranKhan's incitement was responsible for Pakistanis getting radicalized in two countries: #Turkey+#SaudiArabia. 🇹🇷 arrested 27 pro-Khan Pakistanis on Apr 12. 🇸🇦 has repeatedly arrested Khan sympathizers in 2019+2020+2021 & 2022. /2
In 2020, PM #ImranKhan's followers launched online campaign against #Arab-#Israel peace agreement #AbrahamAccords, radicalizing young Pakistanis in the #Gulf who protested on streets in #UAE & #SaudiArabia, leading to loss of jobs, expulsions, visa bans/3

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April is proving to be a historic month in modern history of #Pakistan. After Supreme Court intervention and Parliament vote that ousted ex-PM for first time in 75 years, 🇵🇰 now has the youngest Foreign Minister in its history: @BBhuttoZardari. /1…
This image, courtesy @PresOfPakistan, is another first for #Pakistan and exemplifies how PM @CMShehbaz is uniting a politically divided 🇵🇰: a @PTIofficial President joins a @pmln_org Prime Minister in administering oath to a @PPP_Org Foreign Minister. /2
History made: Another reason why this April and this Foreign Minister is significant. This illustration shared by Senator @SeharKamran shows @BBhuttoZardari, his mother the late PM 🇵🇰, and his grandfather, ex-PM & ex-FM of #Pakistan, taking oath to serve/3
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Four people, including three Chinese nationals, were killed while four others were injured in a suicide attack outside the University of #Karachi's Confucius Institute. BLA (Bashir Zaib Baloch faction) claimed responsibility for the attack.…

🧵to follow
The deceased were identified as follows:
- Huang Guiping (Confucius Institute Director)
- Ding Mupeng
- Chen Sai
- Khalid (Driver)
Out of the four injured individuals, the two individuals are as follows:
- Wang Yuqing
- Hamid
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The people who want an independent #JammuKashmir are not people who are hostile to #India and #Pakistan but people who are talking about ending the enmity between India and Pakistan. We want you to make Kashmir a bridge of friendship and both recognize the status of this region⏬
Today, after 75 years, the people of Pakistan are chanting slogans of independence. We are not slaves of anyone. We saw that last week the Prime Minister of Pakistan was chanting slogans of independence.⏬
So if Pakistanis want to be free they can call #Europeans and #Americans #AbsolutelyNot then what is our problem why they want to keep us slaves.

Tauqeer Gilani
Zonal President JKLF AJKGB ZONE
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1. Here’s a new update on #IS’s global Ramadan campaign.

In the last week, #IS has deployed more attacks than at any other point since last Ramadan.
2. Since 17 April, #IS has carried out some 132 attacks as part of this campaign.

That's nearly three times more ops per day than usual.
3. #IS’s attacks have been spread far and wide, but with four clear front-runners: #Iraq, #Nigeria, #Syria, and #Afghanistan.

#Iraq: 43
#Nigeria: 34
#Syria: 19
#Afghanistan: 13
#Niger: 5
#DRC: 4
#Egypt: 5
#Somalia: 4
#Pakistan: 2
#India: 1
#Libya: 1
#Uzbekistan: 1
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Fast #import growth has overshadowed some very good news in #Pakistan. The latest release of disaggregated #trade data by @StateBank_Pak reveals that the first nine months of FY22 showed #record high #exports in real terms, since there's statistics.
Short 🧵👇 w/ more results.
1\ #exports grew by 24.8% in the first 9 months of FY22 w.r.t. same period of FY21, reaching 23.7 bn for goods and 5.2 bn for services.

#Pakistan #trade
2\ All top destinations show fast #export growth. Shipments to the #USA and to #China in particular.
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Ex-PM #ImranKhan dragged #Cuba into domestic #Pakistan politics by using sanctions on Cuban people as something Pakistanis should look up to. This cynical analogy was unfair to both great nations. One more damage from the previous govt added to PM @CMShehbaz's repair list.
Federal Minister @betterpakistan represents many Pakistanis who believe #Pakistan should not be like #Cuba/#NorthKorea; and is within his rights to respond to the statement by ex-PM #ImranKhan who advised Pakistanis at an international forum to learn to live under sanctions.
#Pakistan and #Cuba enjoy excellent ties. But first the ex-PM dragged Cuba into Pak politics, and when a Minister @betterpakistan responded to the ex-PM, the Ambassador of Cuba apparently indirectly came to ex-PM's defense. This looks like an attempt to meddle in 🇵🇰 politics.
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1/10) Prior to last week's #Uranium sector retreat😱 #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech forecasted deep multi-year U supply deficits with 200M lbs demand vs 135M lbs mined #U3O8 supply + 25M lbs of Secondary Supply that will be dropping due to pivot from #Russia⚠️ A🧵4U👇2
2) World #Nuclear Association was reporting 439 operable reactors (392 GW) + 56 more under construction (62GW)⚛️🏗️ with 26 expected to come online this year & next.⚡️🌞 96 more in advanced planning/ordered + 325 proposed🧾 for projected +2.6%/yr growth rate↗️🏗️🤠🐂 #Uranium🧵👇3
3) On Monday #Pakistan announced that a new 1100MW 'Hualong One' #Nuclear reactor built with #China had begun commercial operation⚛️⚡️ which will consume circa 0.5Million lbs of #U3O8 #Uranium per year delivering #CarbonFree #electricity for the next 60+ years.🌞🇵🇰⛏️🤠🐂 🧵👇4
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(keep this for record)

1- Gen Qamar Bajwa visit to USA along with IK in 2019 received 21 gun salute reserved for heads of state. IK did not receive it. Bajwa received in Pentagon.

2- Gen Bajwa was adamant to remove…
2/8 ISI chief Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed. PM IK wanted to keep him.

3- Donald Lu memo was sent by Pakistani Military Attaché to Gen. Bajwa and ISI Chief Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum.

4- This correspondence was kept SECRET from FM Qureshi and PM IK.

5- Ambassador Asad Majeed sent
3/8 letter to FM but did not hear anything back. He called FM Qureshi to follow up on that. That is
how FM and PM came to know.

5- In Islamabad Jalsa FM said “I am handing over IMMANAT to Imran Khan”.

6- PM IK showed letter to public. This was in reality to show to Gen.
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„Polacy przybyli aby nam pomóc, gdy zostaliśmy porzuceni przez wszystkich”

23 IV 1908 urodził się generał Władysław Turowicz - polski pilot, "ojciec pakistańskich sił powietrznych” i bohater narodowy Pakistanu

O czasach, kiedy polskie Orły szybowały nad niebem Pakistanu ⬇️ ImageImage
Władysław urodził się w rodzinie szlacheckiej we wsi Wadziejewsko na Syberii,w Imperium Rosyjskim. Car zesłał ich pod granicę z Chinami,jak wielu polskich patriotów,za karę. Ojciec Władysława uczestniczył tam w budowie kolei transsyberyjskiej. Rodzina zdecydowała się na powrót do ImageImage
odrodzonej Polski,kiedy w Rosji zapłonęło piekło Rewolucji Październikowej. Nim dotarli do kraju,byli świadkami najstraszniejszej wizji komunizmu. Ich dwuletnia podróż zakończyła się szczęśliwie w 1922 w Warszawie. Władysław,od najmłodszych lat zafascynowany awiacją, po egzaminie Image
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#Pakistan's new de-facto finance minister @MiftahIsmail and his team had 3 meetings with IMF in D.C., Friday. They're meeting again Sat. Ismail said his govt had two priorities: get back on track with the IMF program and get out of FATF grey list. He seemed hopeful about 1/5
achieving both goals by June. As for IMF demands, Ismael said the fund wants fiscal and tax measures(the same ones as before) plus reversal of recent subsidies provided by @ImranKhanPTI.Ismael called those subsidies, in particular the recent subsidy on petrol and diesel, 2/5
"debilitating" for Pakistan's fragile economy. He called it a "subsidy from poor to rich."

He said his admin would have reversed the subsidy without IMF asking.

Saying that renewal of the program was very important for Pakistan, Ismael said his govt was ready to 3/5
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