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Air Chiefs of 21 nations were present at #PearlHarbor during shooting. Why only #IAF Chief presence is being highlighted? Its a close shave for all 21 Air Chiefs attenting Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium 2019.
Air Chiefs and leadership from across the Indo-Pacific gathered for the 2019 Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium at Pacific Air Forces Headquarters, Pearl Harbor Dec. 3 to 6, jointly hosted by Gen. David Goldfein, U.S. Air Force chief of staff, and Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., PACAF commander.
Lydia Robertson, a US Navy official, has given a statement that the #PearlHarborShooting incident happened at a maintenance area for #Nuclear submarines.
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*Martyr of Burejal*
During 2012-14, Swike, a turquoise lake in Potohar wilderness, was one favorite outing of ours
After a tiring Trek n Swim session our dining retreat was a modest truck driver hotel Jhal Chakkiyan Ki Daal, serving the delicacy of the same name
Beside our hotel was a signboard
Major Shahnawaz Shaheed, Sitara e Jurrat
8 Baloch Abbasia
Hero of Burejal
First Shaheed of #SeptemberWar (now this is incorrect)
but the officer definitely was among the leading elements of Operation GRAND SLAM crossing start line at 0500 on Sep1
8 Baloch & 13 Lancers were part of Brigade Attack on Chhamb
They initially met the southern screen positions at Burejal manned by J&K Militia and cleared it
Major Shahnawaz commanding a company of 8 Baloch earned Sitara e Jurrat on his battle heroics
The officer fell to MG fire
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Few days ago, I published a thread about the Iranian regime's intention to activate the #Golan front as a next step after the attacks in the #UAE, Saudi Arabia and the US Embassy in #Baghdad.1/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC
In a dangerous move, two heavy artillery shells were fired from inside #Syria towards #Hermon mountain in north Israel.2/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC
In response to this escalation, #IAF warplanes and #IDF artillery targeted five sites belonging to the #Assad regime and its Iranian allies.3/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC #Syria
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When will the Syrian people be able to live in peace? Syria 8 years of invasion, suffering, torture, deaths, biggest refugee crisis, destruction, wasn’t enough for you, US-led Coalition?

#Síria #USLedCoalition #USWarCrimes #WarCrimes #USCrimesAgainstHumanity
#USTerrorism #Terror
Explosions heard around #Aleppo international airport

Breaking: Several 'enemy airstrikes' target the Syrian military in northern Aleppo
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After almost 5 years of fight, #ISIS "caliphate" has been eliminated from de map. Many actors have contributed in the liberation of an 300000 Km^2 zone between Syria & Irak : (1)
- #ISF / #PMU : 150214 km^2 (52 %) [#Coalition & #IAF]
- #SAA : 81950 Km^2 (28 %) [#RuAF, #IRGC & #PMU]
- #SDF : 44054 Km^2 (15 %) [#Coalition]
- #FSA /#TFSA : 8866 Km^2 (3,2 %) [#Coalition & #TSK]
- #KF : 4687 Km^2 (1,6 %) [#Coalition]
- #LAF : 350 Km^2 (0,2 %) [#RuAF & #LAF]
With the end of #ISIS "caliphate" the terrorist fight enter in a new phase in #Syria.
After loose control of the villages & towns militants will increase their presence as sleeper cells around the country as we see in #Irak. Nowadays many areas still have #ISIS presence: (3)
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#Breaking: Just in - Captured IAF pilot Abhinandan in #Pakistan has been released to #India as a peace gesture.
#Update: Heavy security at Attari border ahead of IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman's return, Picture credit: @ANI
#Breaking: Update - The IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman's return to #India has been postponed, and will be released within 15 minutes source says.
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44 பேரின் உயிரை குடித்த ஒரு சம்பவத்துக்கு இந்தியா பதிலடி குடுத்திருக்குது.

ஒரு இந்தியனா #IAF ன் சாதுரியத்தை, துல்லிய தாக்குதலை நினைத்து எனக்கு பெருமையே.

ஆனா தனிப்பட்ட மனுஷனா இதை பெருமையா நினைக்கல. என் குடும்பத்தில் ஒருத்தரை அநியாயமா கொலை செஞ்சவங்கள பழிதீர்த்த வெறிதான் கொஞ்சம்
அடங்கிருக்கு. அந்த மசூத் அசார் இறந்துட்டான்னு வரும் செய்தி தான் எனக்கு இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் சந்தோசத்தை தரும்.

ஆனா அதைவிட வேதனை ரொம்ப அதிகமாயிருக்கு. மோடி எனக்கு புடிக்கும், ஒரு அரசியல்வாதியா.

ஆனா அதே நேரம் இந்த தாக்குதல் மன்மோகன் சிங் ஆட்சியில நடந்திருந்தாலும் நான் இதே கௌரவம்
இதே பெருமை, இதே சந்தோசம் அடைஞ்சிருப்பேன். ஏன்னா நான் முதல்ல இந்தியன், அப்புறம் தான் ஹிந்து, தமிழன், இந்த மாவட்டதுக்காரன், இந்த ஜாதிக்காரன், இந்த அரசியல்கட்சி சார்பாளன் எல்லாம்.

இப்படி ஒரு தாக்குதல் நடக்கவே இல்லே, போற போக்குல ரெண்டு குண்டு கீழே விழுந்திருச்சுன்னு பாகிஸ்தான்
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PM Modi holds high-level security meeting amid reports India carried out strikes on terror camp across LoC

Special coverage on and NDTV 24x7

#IAF #IndianAirForce
India carried out pre-dawn air strikes on terror camps across the LoC on Tuesday, according to reports

Read here:

#IAF #IndianAirForce
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Note on possible #IAF #airstrike today. There is NO SUCH THING as "terror camps". These aren't concentrated like schools or colleges. These are disaggregated and dispersed AT ALL TIMES. If targets were struck they would be military targets
.2n this IAF Embraer 145 AWACS was patrolling since the early hours. Watchers know this is an unusual pattern, although it did come close to the area of the alleged strike, it patrolled South as well. The plane has since returned to base. Source: @zone5aviation #IAF #airstrike
.3n for is where balakot is
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#BREAKING: It is expected that the #Israel takes advantage of the chaos in #Syria to carry-out an airstrike against #Syrian military infrastructures probably tonight or tomorrow night. (Archive image)
#BREAKING: Following to the plans, #Israel Air Force launched an airstrike against a military facility near #Damascus minutes ago. #Syrian Pantsir-S2 and S-200 SAM sites at Mazzeh, Al-Dimas, Al-Kiswah & #GolanHeights have launched missiles at cruise missiles. Here is first video:
#BREAKING: Video shows #Israel Air Force's F-16I Sufa fighter jet returning #Israel after launching Delilah cruise missiles at a #Syrian Military Base near #Damascus. Obviously its pilot is launching flares to flee surface to air missiles launched at it over #GolanHeights.
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Absolutely extraordinary.

#Syria’s air defense systems have no way to determine “friend” from “foe.” #Russia doesn’t export that tech.

Within a complex & unpredictable environment, that raises the risk to civilian aircraft
#Israel says #Syria’s air defense fired “dozens” of anti-aircraft missiles from several batteries across the country over the space of 40-mins… *after* #IAF planes had returned to #Israel.

One took down #Russia’s IL-20.…
To me, this looks like messaging more than a truly dramatic change in reality/dynamics:

- S-300s already deployed in #Syria.

- #Israel (& US) uses encrypted radar/GPS; less vulnerable to counter-measures

- #Russia has been “jamming” for 2+ yrs.

- #Israel fires most from Med.
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