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Just as mentioned earlier Distinguished @adeyanjudeji has been granted bail for the upteenth time by a competent court a few minutes ago. Criminal libel is an illegality in any Democracy and Nigeria is not going to be painted differently by tyrants abusing office. #FreeDejiNow
Don’t let anyone subjugate your or oppress you with terms they don’t even understand themselves. There’s no case here. Criminal libel was a colonial tool deployed to suppress the fundamental human rights of brutally oppressed Nigerians under the British rule before independence.
There was a need to deny the natives access to vital information on the ruthless exploitation of Nigeria’s resources back then by the foreign plunderers. So divulging information pertaining to Govt affairs was a serious criminal offense under the Official Secrests Ordinance.
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If Buhari succeds in caging freedom of expression, he can then violate even out right to life bc there will be no voice to challenge him.

*even our right
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Regardless of what @adeyanjudeji may have said, our position is that criminal defamation is unlawful, and has in fact been used by @PoliceNG and some governors to criminalize freedom of expression. This should never be allowed to continue in a society governed by the rule of law.
The UN Human Rights Committee a body that interprets the ICCPR has said that all public figures are legitimately subject to public criticism and that there should be no prohibition of criticism of public institutions. Defamation should be treated as a civil, not a criminal matter
In circumstances of public debate concerning public figures in the political domain and public institutions, the value placed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (which Nigeria has ratified) upon uninhibited expression is particularly high.
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Buhari's dictatorship is now fully activated.

Deji was arrested by one of Nigeria's dehumanizing institutions, the police.

He was arrested for the kind of thing that you would ordinarily say or write on the social media for good governance.

We are in a dictatorship.
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Yesterday in Port Harcourt, I was Keynote Speaker @ Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria - BON’s 71st General Assembly.
The threat issued to Media became too much to bear. I raised my lecture with this: “Anything that can be a hanging threat against the media must be rejected.”
With this story of arrest of Deji Adeyanju&others who protested in Abuja today, let me advise the government of @NGRPresident @MBuhari , just tune down the intolerant acts now. @PoliceNG , stop repressing Citizens’ right to dissent.
#FreeDejiNow! Do this NOW or earliest tomorrow!
Let Citizens like @adeyanjudeji exercise their rights and should they violate the law, MAKE IT EXPLICIT what and how they broke any law. @PoliceNG ,STOP USING the law as your cover to trample on Citizens right.
#CitizensFirst has the right to protest against ANYTHING.#FreeDeji🙏🏾
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