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2021 PF Thread:

Nice to have a positive start, up 2.91% weekly/YTD. 16 up, 9 down

🐶 None >5%

Exited #III for a 64% gain to buy two shiny new things (positions still under construction). I also top sliced some #RCH
#IPX First quarter AuM up by 20% to £24bn. The shares are highly rated but the tailwind of ESG and scalability of their funds puts them in a sweet spot.

#RCH An ahead of expectations TU. Great news but it's a crowded trade and I top sliced around 20% of my holding
A weak Friday leaves the PF down 1.1% weekly and +1.77% YTD. 8 up, 15 down, 2 unch


Exit: QTX
RNS: QTX, GAMA, GAW, EKF, AAZ, POLR - comments 👇
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Threat 1/ 👇: One of the characteristics that differentiate good investors from bad investors is the ability to identify OPTIONALITY in companies and their discipline to either get it for free or pay very little.
2/ Think about it as buying out of the money options, if you pay too much for something that has very small odds of happening you lose money. This is what happened in the 2000's crash, people bought internet stocks based on illusions, very few of them had any real business.
3/ The markets assign "perceived" higher valuations to some businesses and lots of investors scream how expensive everything is. Some are, but a lot are not, and not being able to identify the optionality of some businesses can destroy your opportunity to have outsize returns
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Grab your hobnobs, time for my second “Behind the City Curtain” thread. This time we’ll move on to something more interesting. “Sell Side Research – What It Really Means”.

Buffett/Munger quotes are cheesy but this one is particularly relevant - "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome". Everyone alters their work/view to get themselves the best possible outcome and City analysts are no exception. So, how do they get paid?

Firstly, analysts are NOT paid for being right / accurate. They'll get a base salary and then bonus (which can be 100%+ of base) will be determined on their yearly ranking in various surveys and the number of interactions they have with fund managers (FM’s)

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@CPL is going to start in a few hours, the excitement among cricket fans to watch T20 cricket after a longtime will be sky high & I feel CPL won't disappoint us much!!!

Almost all teams are very much balanced (feel sorry for Zouks)

Team Analysis in d thread below

#CPL #CPL2020
Barbados 🇧🇧 Tridents

Let me start with the defending Champions @BIMTridents

Team is filled with young players and I feel their strong suite is their Bowling !!

Batting looks slightly weak compared to the bwlng department

#CPL #CPL2020 #BarbadosTridents #Barbados
Barbados had their Core local team retained!!

They have an experienced Captain in Holder who should hold the key for them down d order

JohnsonCharles will open alongside Kyle Mayers

They have @shaidhopein the middle to hold the inngs

#CPL #CPL2020 #BarbadosTridents #Barbados
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Lastly, @JBrunzGaming set up a $50 #GAW with @Pillio_ on 2/17/20 & announced on 2/18/20. Set to end in 24 hours, but didn’t draw until 2/27/20. The same day he posted their #GAW, he tweeted a list of all his active GAWS, excluding his & @Pillio_’s #GAW.

 #JBrunzGaming #Pillio_
Why does @JBrunzGaming assume ppl read his bio before approaching him for #GAWS? Why risk letting sponsors get confused/upset when a winner doesn’t receive what the sponsor intended? Why risk winners screaming scam when you don’t pay in full what was advertised?

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This thread exposes @JBrunzGaming for not hosting legit giveaways. i.e not paying winners what sponsors intended (& pocketing the difference), misleading sponsors/followers, & not being upfront/transparent about transfer/exchange fees/rates.

#JBGCOMMUNITY #FakeGiveaways
@JBrunzGaming was approached to do a giveaway to help grow @MrTacoOG's @Twitch following. JB was given 300USD+45CAD [Total 442CAD AT-THE-TIME] for a [333USD] GAW, a $30 tip for doing it. Total sent AT-THE-TIME was 419CAD. 

#JBrunzGaming #MrTacoOG #Twitch
Sponsors also gave JB $50 more which was donated to his stream. 

Problem: Sponsors approached JB to do this #GAW, tipping him before service was completed. JB accepted the tip. This will be important later.

Q: Do you tip your waiter before they've waited on you? Ponder that.
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2020 weekly close thread for PFAS.

Down 0.17% over the first two trading sessions. 11 up, 9 down, 5 unch...

No movements greater than 5%
Divis #ULS #RECI
Exit: #RRE (too crowded, no edge)
Slice: #AAZ (to 20% weight)

Now 8% cash which I plan to deploy next week

Good w/e all
PFAS down 0.44% weekly (-0.61% YTD). 12 up, 12 down, 2 unch
🐶 #ULS

Divis #GAW #GSK

Have a great w/e folks 🍻🥂⚽️
PFAS up 1.1% weekly (+0.48% YTD). 18 up, 7 down, 2 unch


Sold a slither of #GAW & #SPSY to fund an experimental position in #EMQQ

Have a great w/e folks 🍻🥂⚽️
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