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I get asked how to grow on #Twitch quite a bit. I also (unfortunately) see a lot of misguided attempts to grow. I don't know who needs to hear this, but this is literally the ONLY information you need for how to grow your Twitch channel (thread)
Your Twitch viewership is a function of A) Time B) Effort C) how well you're delivering content your audience (your customers) wants. Time is straight forward, if you're brand new, it's probably going to take you a long time, likely years to get to where you want.
B) Effort. The vast majority of popular streamers didn't get there because of luck, shout outs from others/association with bigger brand names, jumping in a hot tub, or whatever else people think works. It's old school, tireless, and dedicated work.
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Armin der Feigling.

@rezomusik & @TiloJung hatten mit der Hilfe von @zeitonline vor, ein Kanzlertriell mit @OlafScholz, @ABaerbock & @ArminLaschet auf #Twitch & #YouTube durchzuführen.

Armin war aber zu feige und hat abgelehnt. Daher gibt es dies nicht. /TN #CDU #Grüne #SPD
@rezomusik @TiloJung @zeitonline @OlafScholz @ABaerbock @ArminLaschet Ich hätte das cool gefunden. #Rezo & Tilo hätten andere Fragen gestellt (andere Art von Journalismus & anderes Publikum). Da hätte ordentlich was rum kommen können.

Schade ist, dass das wegen Armin scheitert. So kann man der jungen Generation auch den Mittelfinger zeigen. /TN
@rezomusik @TiloJung @zeitonline @OlafScholz @ABaerbock @ArminLaschet Das Event hätte übrigens locker das Potenzial gehabt, 150k-200k Live an Zuschauer:innen dabei zu haben.

Zumindest war dies bei den letzten Events die Zahl.

Hinzu kommen natürlich Videoausschnitte und die Leute auf Youtube.

Daran kann es also nicht liegen. /TN
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Como todos sabemos el parásito bueno para nada de Palacio Nacional ha estado saliendo con espuma en el hocico en sus últimas marraneras después de perder la CDMX y ha estado atacando a la clase media de forma desmedida y majadera.

-Abro hilo-
Seamos claros, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, olvidemos los calificativos y adjetivos que este engendro ha dictado desde hace años con la finalidad de dividir y polarizar. Repito, TODOS SOMOS MEXICANOS, hagamos un solo país.
Estoy seguro que muchos seguidores de López no están de acuerdo con sus últimos ataques hacia los que buscamos un mejor futuro, no caigamos en su juego político de SEGUIR DIVIDIENDO A LOS MEXICANOS,
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I have been confused for a while on what's the best way to implement a "to string" functionality for a #Rust struct. 🦀

The reason why this has been confusing to me is that there are indeed many ways to do that and they all have different purposes!

This is what I learned

The first thing that you can do is to just implement a simple `to_string()` function directly on your struct!…
This is easy and it works! But the implementation is very specific to our struct.

The rest of the codebase doesn't really know that this type can be converted to a String and therefore you cannot build abstractions on top of this... 🤨
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👔 Diego MILITO
DT @RacingClub
5 / MAYO / 2021

#AguanteRacing #VamosAcadé
@Carrereadores #XboxSeriesS
🇦🇷 HOY comienza el #AguanteRacing

📌 Super HILO con resultados de La Acadé y también transmisión en #Twitch : debes estar al pendiente de ambos 🤭

🎮 Ultimate c/sliders de @HistModoCarrera

🔠 Grupos, casi actualizados, de la actual @Libertadores

📽… ImageImageImage
Gracias a @Pao_FIFA21 y @FIFAindexyt hemos podido incluir a JJ CÁCERES quien tiene buen presente y más futuro en El Cilindro.

Tú no, @EASPORTSFutbol. Image
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On a beaucoup parlé ces derniers jours de la prestation de Gabriel Attal, le porte-parole du gouvernement sur #Twitch dans "#SansFiltre" C'est encore un exemple intéressant à regarder dans le détail sur la confusion des genres entre #compol et #compublique à l'œuvre en ce moment
Cette émission, qui a réuni des influenceurs a été tournée à l'Elysée. Réalisation soignée, au moins trois caméras dont une en travelling, régie vidéo et son en direct, décor lumineux, outils de streaming. Avec salaires, prestas, c'est probablement une opération à 5 chiffres.
Que le gouvernement choisisse de développer son audience et la visibilité de ses actions sur différents médias et réseaux, ça peut se discuter dans la forme, mais sur le fond, c'est une stratégie qui a beaucoup de sens, même si cela a un coût pour la collectivité.
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¿Por qué #Twitch se está comiendo a #YouTube? 🙄Fácil: La avaricia rompe el saco y en YouTube no han aprendido la lección y se han pasado de egoístas😡 Te lo explico de manera clara y sencilla. Quien no conoce la historia está condenado a repetirla y va más allá de #videojuegos Image
Si todavía no conoces Twitch te diré que es una de las redes con mayor crecimiento en los últimos años y el lugar para millones de amantes de los videojuegos en todo el mundo, siendo la plataforma de live streaming más grande del mundo.
Desde su origen ha estado especializada en la retransmisión de partidas de videojuegos, aunque cada vez ofrece más contenidos de todo tipo, como música, moda, charlas con los usuarios o deporte. Image
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Este año he conseguido engañar a @adria_ariste y emitiremos la grabación de @XppDevPodcast en #twitch. No emitiremos el podcast en formato video, no, emitiremos la grabación del mismo, con sus errores y sus cagadas, porque somos unos modernos 🤣🤣🤣 #XppDevRules #XppGroupies
Probablemente no haya ni una sola persona interesada en vernos en directo, pero no pasa nada. Así que nada si quieres ver en directo a @adria_ariste sacando moscas gigantes de su habitación, o los cortes que hacemos porque nos equivocamos hablando, permanece atento!!
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You'll know Jon '@apestyles' Van Fleet as one of the biggest winners in online poker history, with $16.6M in online cashes.

What you might not know?

The childhood bullying, periods of depression, and battles with drink and drugs he overcame along the way.

A thread 👇👇👇
1/15) Jonathan Van Fleet was born in 1982 in New York.

He was picked on as a child, but when a growth spurt made him bigger than the bullies, he was able to turn the tables and defend others from bullying.

He'd soon get the same emotional reactions at the online poker.
2) "If someone kept three-betting me, I'd think: 'I’m gonna show them!" Jonathan Van Fleet told @ElliotRoe1 on the Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast.

"But whenever I’m acting emotionally, I’m not playing my best poker.”

And playing great poker is something Van Fleet excels at.
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Can you get a DMCA strike for in-game music?

Yes, it happened. Let's discuss. Please consider a RT to help get the word out. (Part 1/4)

#DMCA #gamedev #twitch
“Music licensing in a game is not the same as broadcasting rights.”
(Part 2/4)
“So, how do you protect yourself?”
(Part 3/4)
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Présidentielle 2022 : je réponds à vos questions. Participez avec le hashtag #JLMDirect. Suivez aussi ce direct sur #Twitch ( et #YouTube ()…
En ce moment en direct sur 6 réseaux sociaux. Je vous ai promis une photo de coulisses, voilà ce que ça donne. Et maintenant, envoyez vos questions. #JLMDirect Image
Au 21e siècle, il faut intégrer la règle verte : ne pas prendre à la nature davantage que ce qu'elle peut reconstituer. #JLMDirect
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INTERESTING story found on don't want to miss. (A thread)
Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi.
In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife).
He already knew her because she had been Hunter's babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal- marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives 'a quiet life' and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues.
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Weekly Financial Recap (Part 1)

~@PaytmBank launches Credit Card 💳
~🔬 @intel sells Nand to SK Hynix
~@PayPal launches Trading in @Bitcoin 💹
~Jio launches web browser (@JioBrowser)🌐
~Adidas to sell @Reebok 👟

@dmuthuk @FinKrypt @FI_InvestIndia #StockMarket #scamdemic2020
~Jio & Qualcomm start trials for 5G.📱
~@altbalaji acquires 17.5% stake in Tring📺
~GoodGamer Raises $2.5 million 💰
~Micromax Launches new mobiles📱
~Signzy raises $ 5.4 million 💰

@VidyaG88 @trdessai @FinMedium @ipo_mantra @latha_venkatesh #Scam1992 #market #Investment #jio
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This week was both very intense and very rewarding as we successfully completed our first #RemoteTeaching exercises on #EmbeddedElectronics. It was really cool to see students doing some #Arduino programming from their homes on the physical systems at @AaltoUniversity 🧵(1/9) Image
The exercises are a part of a course on Translational Engineering, so they had to be of a more general/informative nature and to be tailored for a group of master students (not all currently in Finland) with very heterogeneous background ( (2/9)
So, the tricky goal was to set up a remotely accessible user-friendly system able to read, display, and interpret data from accelerometers attached to a prosthetic hand that opens/closes at various speeds (Why hand? Cause it is cool and it leans towards my research) (3/9)
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#Twitch ads PART 2.

So I was doing some reading, and I have a hypothesis of why Twitch has decided to introduce mid-rolls.

Yesterday, I shared some insight with you all on why as revenue is integral to many companies.

Today, we're going to talk about programmatic advertising.
So what IS programmatic advertising?

In short, it's the buying and selling digital advertising space automatically. Prior to this, companies had to manually set up ads - recall the ad pool for Twitch is super small.

This new process is streamlined, smarter and more efficient.
Programmatic advertising connects publishers (in this case, Twitch) and advertisers. Advertisers use demand-side platforms (DSP) to automate the process of buying ads.

A DSP makes the process easier for advertisers, because they can purchase their ads from multiple publishers.
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Hoo boy, I didn’t think I was going to make this thread, but:

My name is Millie and I work in a tech team that puts ads on our company’s website.

Or I did, until the bottom fell out of ads due to COVID.

With @Twitch introducing mid-rolls, here are some things you should know:
(Also at the end I’ve written a short list of alternative ad solutions, please feel free to add to them)
Advertising is THE MAIN FORM of revenue generation on the internet. It’s what pays for the internet to run. It’s how Google makes its money. Facebook makes a lot from ads too.

But ads has taken a hit because of COVID, companies are less likely to advertise right now.
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The more I work with community, the more I believe in a hot take not everyone is going to agree with me about:

In order to be a good community manager/developer, you need to sincerely, unshakeably, despite-everything *like* your community.

#gamedev #twitch

And it's not an easy task. You're on a front line. If good things happen, you will be the one who receives (unearned) praise, if bad things happen, you will be the one who receives (unearned) hatred.

This can dive from love to death threats, and back, and back again. Literally.
It's like standing in front of a screaming crowd, and under all possible scenarios, they will scream things you won't agree with, you know are not true, or you'd want to argue with.

And in most cases, you can't, or you shouldn't do so. Sounds frustrating?
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We have been added to @giantbomb, the largest video game database online!

Why does this matter?

@Twitch uses GiantBomb to list all of their games available for streaming! This was the first step to get us listed on #Twitch so users can start tagging the game. Image
& we will start showing up in the Twitch lists and categories!

We have already submitted new box art to be displayed on Twitch which should start showing up as soon as tomorrow!

Now begins the process of targeting mid/top tier Twitch streamers to get them to play & live stream
Super Crypto Kart!!!

Get ready for mainstream #gaming to enter into #crypto, Chain Games, and Super Crypto Kart!…

#gamer #gamers #videogames #supercryptokart #ethereum #eth #chaingang #web3 #blockchain #blockchaingames #blockchaingaming
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I think I'll start a thread at this point so I'm not spamming peoples timelines. I'm having so much fun though! Win lucky number 7 on @FallGuysGame #FallGuysGame .
Win #8 today in @FallGuysGame ! This game is crazy, everyone play it! #FallGuysGame
win #9 in @FallGuysGame ! Who's keeping track of this! Let's go baby #FallGuysGame
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Dicas de Streaming de #LiveCoding na #Twitch.

1. Não leve esse tweet tão a sério, são apenas dicas, você pode simplesmente ignorar se não gostar.
2. O chat é o mais importante, mesmo que seu conteúdo seja fantástico ele não será a mesma coisa sem a interação com o chat
3. Mas não exagere, é preciso achar um balanço entre conteúdo técnico e entretenimento. (timers ajudam)
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Rendez-vous dans quelques instants sur #BFMTV pour #BrunetNeumann. Suivez le live-tweet ⬇️ Image
Si vous étiez personnel de santé, vous sauriez que la situation était intenable. Monsieur #Macron a retiré 12 milliards des budgets de la Santé au cours des trois dernières années. #BrunetNeumann
Je me situe du point de vue de la santé publique. Si nous pensons qu'il va y avoir une deuxième vague de l'épidémie, il faut prévoir ce dont nous avons besoin. Pour l'instant, ce que je vois, c'est que ça ne fait pas la maille. #BrunetNeumann
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(1/4) Let's clarify something about content creators:

We make next to nothing in ad revenue. I made $400 in total from #YouTube with 114k subscribers/170k views last months. #Twitch? $6.69 in ad revenue and I'm a partner.

The rest? Comes from subs, donations, Patreon, etc.
(2/4) So, if you're watching a content creator and enjoying the content, consider throwing a sub or a couple bucks their way if they teach you something. Especially the small accounts with just a few viewers. They're pouring hundreds of hours into content for pennies on return
(3/4) Understand, too, that this is why we have sponsorships. We can make more for doing a 2 minute ad than an entire months worth of content, so hush and don't bitch to a content creator when they have a sponsored video that you're enjoying for free.
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Présentation du baromètre #SocialLife "Réseaux Sociaux et Marques" de @harrisint_fr lors de la matinée #SocialMedia et #InfluenceMarketing de l'@ebg.
Merci à @Phil_Khattou et aux différents intervenants.
Découvrez les principaux résultats via ce thread ⤵️
Quel est le périmètre d'investigation de ce baromètre ?
31 #RéseauxSociaux et 19 #Messageries dispatchés dans 5 grandes catégories:
- Entertainment
- Commerce
- Microblogging, Forum
- Messageries, Vidéo
- Business
#EBGLive #SocialLife
Les usages sont en forte hausse en 2020 (une activité liée à la crise) que ce soit sur les #RéseauxSociaux (83%) ou les #applis de messagerie (81%).
4,7 plateformes utilisées en moyenne vs 3,7 en 2019.
#EBGLive #SocialLife
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Imagine tweeting about your projects... couldn't be me tbh.
We make a weekly podcast about Games, Tech, Music, Life, Degeneracy, and that time a dog got sat on.
Arcane Ramblings is 7PM every Monday on! Join Scotty from #Sojourner, Teddy from Teddy, and Rob from Rob! 🎸🎮🤘🏻
#Comedy #Podcast #Gaming #Scottish #Twitch
Animated Regrets is a podcast where Teddy, Lee, & Rob watch 3 eps of 3 anime and deign if they are worthy of continued watching, like a Roman Emperor with too many wall scrolls. 🗻
You can listen to our first episode here:…
#Anime #Podcast #Review #Scottish
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