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Every Republican defending Trump and opposing this impeachment process, is a threat to democracy, oppressor of the people and an enemy of the Constitution. #ImpeachmentDebate
Each person you hear & see today offering these delusional and manipulative defense techniques to save Donald Trump, is just as corrupt as he is and needs to be removed immediately to protect this country. #ImpeachmentDebate
When will Republicans realize, raising your voice doesn't change the fact that you're full of shit. #ImpeachmentDebate
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(Pls read and RT)

Facts behind Trump’s main defense he was withholding aid to Ukraine to address “corruption:”

1.Trump approved same aid in ’17 and ‘18
2.In spring of 2019, Zelensky won on
3.In May, Defense certified Ukraine met all conditions for aid & Congress appropriated it.
4.There is no record of Trump mentioning “corruption” or demanding anything other than looking at Crowdstrike, a discredited conspiracy theory, and the Bidens.
5. Literally NO ONE is arguing Hunter Biden’s joining the Burisma board was good “ethically” but the “corrupt” practices at Burisma under investigation in Ukraine were alleged to have taken place 2 YEARS BEFORE Hunter signed up:
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Melania & Trump at a hookers & pimp party, posing with the woman who procured children for Jeffrey Epstein to rape

Trump & Melania didn't even need costumes

Republicans are digging our graves to protect these low life pervs


Trump & Melania rolling in the gutter for air time on Howard Stern.

These people are living in the White House.

Staggering, isn't it?

And Republicans are crawling on their bellies like mutant reptiles to cover up Trump's crimes


Melania, Trump, @IvankaTrump and Trump's sex partner Karen McDougal.

Holy Mulligan!

Trump's have no shame - a corrupt crime family & beneath the office of the Presidency

He's a sexual predator & Melania is all in


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We've never had a "President" hire his own team of shake-down artists to strong arm our allies into helping a weak, illegitimate fool stay in power

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, not even Nixon did anything close to Trump. The FBI, DOJ & CIA handle investigations not Trump & Rudy
Insane that anyone would claim Trump's innocent

The story? Like felons Roger Stone & Paul Manafort - @RudyGiuliani was "working" for free as Trump's Einstein Investigator to "clean up corruption" using 4 criminals who have already been indicted & arrested

The US press is absolutely inept. They should be covering Trump's "defense" like it's a big joke, because it is

Trump would be convicted by a jury as quickly as they convicted Trump's longtime minion Roger Stone

Absolutely insane anyone is taking Trump & Republicans seriously
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1- @SpeakerPelosi has lost #ImpeachmentDebate👇🏼

Even if #Shampeachment manages to pass there will be more defections than there were for the Inqiry. The message? Inquiry convinced even more Dems to jump ship. Great look.
2- The House D's had wall-to-wall coverage of their hearings, a compliant Media to spin everything as "devstating", "bombshell", etc. & yet the dial only moved backwards.
3- The House D's focus grouped & poll tested every possible message and/or strategy: Mueller, Bribery, Quid pro Pro, Emoluments, Abuse of Power, etc.
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#Patriots and #Anons don't forget we are watching a movie. Everything that is happening was programmed before #QPosts. Today, the criminals, are ONLY obeying orders from #MilitaryTribunals. [They] are reciting a script to show their corruption to the world. Enjoy the show‼️ 🍿🎉
Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Ring Inside US State Department
26 Jul 2019 - 2:57:28 PM
Do you remember?
We do.

@realDonaldTrump FISAGATE: Enjoy the Show!
23 May 2019 - 10:25:37 PM
What makes a good movie❓
Good actors‼️
Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot!
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I've analyzed the Democrats' #ArticlesOfImpeachment line by line.

This #impeachment is a sham. Here's why:
Democrats know there is ZERO direct evidence in the record of these proceedings to show that @realDonaldTrump engaged in any “scheme” of any kind, or that he intended in his dealings with Ukraine to “influence the 2020 United States Presidential election to his advantage.” 2/
@realDonaldTrump Once again, Democrats include bold allegations that are completely unsupported by the evidentiary record. 3/
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Doug Collins is unable to sleep at night because he's so worried about the sanctity of the processes and procedures of the House Judiciary Committee
Republicans are *not* happy when @RepZoeLofgren brings up Stormy Daniels
"You pick up the New York Times yesterday, President Trump had to pay $2 million to charities because he ripped off his own charity! This is the anti-corruption crusader" -- @RepRaskin lays out the absurdity of Republicans' defense of Trump
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Democrats and Republicans keep invoking Ronald Reagan's "Shining City on a Hill" line from his farewell speech. That speech was written by a woman, Pulitzer Prize-winner @Peggynoonannyc.
It remains a beautiful speech.
@Peggynoonannyc Noonan also wrote Reagan's beautiful speech after the Challenger disaster.
@Peggynoonannyc Noonan also wrote that "thousand points of light" speech for George H W Bush. Too bad she didn't use this evocative writing for better presidents. But that Challenger speech was deeply moving and impactful the night of the disaster.
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Trump: Day 1,055
-IG Confirms Phones Weren't Tapped
-Barr Connected to Giuliani Bribe Plot
-Parnas Concealed $1M From Russia
-Orders Judaism Defined as a Race
-Opposes Lower Drug Cost Measure
-2M in US are Without Running Water
-HJC Holds #ImpeachmentDebate
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To hear House Republicans tell it, Donald Trump is only being impeached because of Kathy Griffin and Robert De Niro. So congratulations to Kathy Griffin and Robert De Niro. #impeachmentDebate
Proof surfaces that Russia bankrolled Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot…
This is a complete joke…
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Congrats to idiot Republican Congressman Buck for spelling out all of Trump’s crimes and shiftiness. #impeachmentDebate
Proof surfaces that Russia bankrolled Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot…
This is a complete joke…
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