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Inherent Contempt Thread 1/16

Many of my Tweeps have now been commenting on 'Inherent Contempt' after this Congressional procedure was floated yesterday by a DEM member of one of the formal Impeachment Investigation committees.

This thead will explain WHY NOW

Inherent Contempt Thread 2/16

First, what is Inherent Contempt. IC is a legal procedure that Congress can use to throw any witness into JAIL for not responding or doing what Congress orders them to do (like provide documents) etc. It is LEGAL & was used often

Inherent Contempt Thread 3/16

Inherent Contempt has not been used in recent DECADES as most witnesses do comply (eventually) and other remedies exist. For example Bill Clinton COMPLIED with subpoena requests. Trump obviously is the exception & now IC is needed

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1. Again, drop issue of impeachment. @SpeakerPelosi is right that, for now, votes aren't there.

But @TheDemocrats have no excuse for their complicity in aiding Trump Admini in rank violations of the law. Their weak, impotent "stern letter" approach is undermining democracy...
@SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats 2...this began when @TheDemocrats all but announced that they were too scared to use their authority in the face of unquestionable lawbreaking by Administration officials. Who is at fault? It begins with...

@RepRichardNeal. In May, when Treas Sec @stevenmnuchin1 &....
@SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats @RepRichardNeal @stevenmnuchin1 3...IRS chief Rettig refused to turn over Trump's taxes on demand from House Ways and Means Committee. The law here is quite blunt: Mnuchin and Rettig had to turn it over under 26 U.S. Code § 6103. Here is the statute; the relevant section is attached.…
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1. It's amazing how few reporters understand the law in this situation. They are not saying " @ODNIgov Joseph Maguire is breaking the law." It is not even arguable that this is happening.

So, let's give them some reporting.....
@ODNIgov is the DNI itself on the legal requirements of turning over whistleblower complaints under Title VII of Public Law No: 105-272 (The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act).

There is no "If the DOJ approves" standard. It is MUST...
@ODNIgov 3...the House is not powerless to act here. "Going to court" when they KNOW it is a matter of URGENT concern (because the Inspector General says so) is insane.

So, use #InherentContempt to arrest @ODNIgov Joseph Maguire.…

Reporters: Learn this stuff.
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Sustained 24/7 sit-in outside SF Federal Building, where Pelosi’s office is. Starting Monday, 7/29 at noon. Need volunteers to take shifts; bring sleeping bags, chairs, umbrellas. We’ll have IMPEACH signs. Please comment here to coordinate.
Expose #PedoPOTUS!
The House of Representatives is scheduled to adjourn tomorrow for six full weeks, leaving Washington until September 9.

Cummings told us to #PayAttention. It’s important enough that they won’t #CancelRecess; not even ONE DAY.
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1. Representative Matt Gaetz Confronts Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein About Signing FISA Application Against U.S. Person Carter Page...… via @thelastrefuge2
2. Rosenstein basically sat there & said... "I don't have to give you nothing.. send me to court.. I'm NOT gonna be held in contempt.. You can't threaten me. If the President orders me to turn over documents I DO NOT have to comply with the ENTIRE order".
3. Time @HouseGOP #InherentContempt. Otherwise, Rosenstein will go the courts to drag this out another YEAR or more. WE HAVE AN #ELECTION in a few months... #DOJ #FBI etal..... POSSIBLE #INTERFERENCE AGAIN!
Take our ele tions back!
#DeepState still in place!
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