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Sustained 24/7 sit-in outside SF Federal Building, where Pelosi’s office is. Starting Monday, 7/29 at noon. Need volunteers to take shifts; bring sleeping bags, chairs, umbrellas. We’ll have IMPEACH signs. Please comment here to coordinate.
Expose #PedoPOTUS!
The House of Representatives is scheduled to adjourn tomorrow for six full weeks, leaving Washington until September 9.

Cummings told us to #PayAttention. It’s important enough that they won’t #CancelRecess; not even ONE DAY.
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@markmobility Re-upping this thread, since today the *President of the United States said Hispanic asylum seekers "aren't people."

(Note: poor wording makes it seem I'm saying GOP regime won't come for Jewish people. As stated in thread: they absolutely will.)

@markmobility I spent the first half of my career as a scholar of the rise of fascism in interwar Europe, specifically in France & Germany.

I am telling you that it IS happening here.
@markmobility Read Milton Mayer's "They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45," link & excerpt in this thread, & tell me you don't recognize our country, ourselves, our friends, our neighbors.

Call to #ImpeachTrumpPence. You must do something. I am begging you.
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🐀Impeachment reason #1

h/t Need To Impeach
🐀Impeachment reason #2
🐀Impeachment reason #3
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#kleptocracy is a name we need to use more. Let's call the Trump admin what it is. Trump has proven NAMING someone or something has a lot of power. Witness Sen. Elizabeth Warren stumbling early in her race because Trump named her *Pocahontas.*

@TrickFreee @WillBenton1
Witness the power of the names, "Fake News." "Crooked Hillary," etc. You can't deny the power of *naming* our foe or the actions of our foe. #Kleptocracy isn't used enough-it isn't even a recognized hash tag when you type it into a tweet. Let's get it trending. #IndictTrump
#Kleptocracy Paul Erickson, a Republican political operative & boyfriend of accused Russian spy Maria Butina, was indicted in the federal court in SD on 11 counts of wire fraud and money laundering. #Erickson
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THREAD: Recently, we’ve learned more details about whom Team🇺🇸Mueller has interviewed, and that Mueller plans to interview Trump.🤗

What’s *at least* as interesting: who‘s NOT been publicly included on Mueller’s interview list. Most conspicuously👉🏼Mike PENCE‼️1/
Given Mike Pence's role during the campaign, the transition and now in the WH, Team🇺🇸Mueller *surely* will interview Pence (or already has). But in what capacity? Meaning: how does Pence fit into Mueller's #TrumpRussia investigation⁉️ 2/
Basically, it boils down to this for PENCE:

👉🏼Pence is "innocent", saw nothing, did nothing during his entire tenure w/Trump, or
👉🏼Pence is "innocent" himself, but witnessed criminal acts by others, or
👉🏼Pence participated in criminal acts.

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THREAD: Trump's private lawyers slated to meet w/Team🇺🇸Mueller *as soon as next week* for what Team🇷🇺Trump considers "an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the next steps in Mueller's probe."🤨 1/…
No request to interview Trump or Pence has been made (YET). Team🇺🇸Mueller finished his initial interviews of WH staff & all requested documents reportedly have been turned over.🤔 2/
Trump's team (John Dowd & Jay Sekulow) is "hoping for signs" that Mueller's investigation is nearing its end.🙄

(Spoiler alert: it's NOT over until MUELLER says it is.)

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THREAD: Team🇺🇸Mueller is probing Team🇷🇺Trump's data op‼️

Mueller requested that Cambridge Analytica turn over emails of ALL employees who worked on the Trump campaign.

👋🏼Bye-bye, Brad Parscale & KUSH👋🏼

Cambridge Analytica *already* complied w/Mueller's request. We are hearing about this now, b/c the emails also had been turned over to the House Intelligence Committee.🤨 2/
Of course, we are only hearing about this now, but Mueller made his request *before* the media reported in October that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix had contacted #WikiLeaks' Julian Assange during the 2016 campaign‼️ 3/
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Push for Impeachment - THREAD

1 Cracks are beginning to form in the @GOP’s public support of Trump. We the People must force those cracks into CHASMS.

2 Nuke-happy, mentally unfit Trump is imperiling our democracy, our lives, and the existence of our planet.

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