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I think it's a welcomed step back in their discography and evolution in their music. Personally, I didn't like Oneus' music on their latest releases, but luckily this cool style is coming back to them. The problem is, you have to put more effort into+++ Image
it, at this point, you can't afford to take anything; if your goal is to get out of irrelevance once and for all, you can't release irrelevant music. May your intelligence for returning to what suits you better than anyone accompany you when it comes to picking up the song with++
which you will return. I hope my point is understood, up to here I will leave my review today.

✅Qualification: C.
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Creo que es un retroceso bienvenido en su discografía y evolución en su música. En lo personal no me estaba gustado nada la música de Oneus en sus últimos lanzamientos, pero por suerte este estilo cool está volviendo a ellos. El problema es, que tienes++ Image
que ponerle más ganas, en este punto, no te puedes dar el lujo de sacar cualquier cosa; si tu objetivo es salir de una vez de la irrelevancia, no puedes permitirte sacar música irrelevante. Que tu inteligencia para volver a lo que te queda mejor que a nadie te acompañe a la hora+
de recoger la canción con la que regresarás. Espero que se entienda mi punto, hasta aquí dejaré mi reseña hoy.

✅Calificación: C.
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[ENG] #AIMERS - #Bubble

When you listen to it without watching the video it becomes cuter than it really is. The melody is actually very nice to me, but I think the music has too many things here and there, I feel like a lot is happening at once and I can't concentrate well.+++ Image
Being such a brilliant song, putting so many sounds into it feels rushed. The bridge leaves much to be desired, they start to drop nonsense verses that have nothing to do with the song and when it ends it seems like they didn't get anywhere. In general I think this song has no+++
ground and seems to be floating in the air all the time.

✅Qualification: C.

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Fight Inside:

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[ESP] #AIMERS - #Bubble

Cuando la escuchas sin ver el vídeo se vuelve más cute de lo que en realidad es. La melodía en realidad se me hace muy linda, pero creo que la música tiene demasiadas cosas aquí y allá, siento que están pasando muchas cosas a la vez y no logro+++ Image
concentrarme bien. Al ser una canción tan brillante, el ponerle tantos sonidos se siente atropellada. El puente deja demasiado que desear, empiezan a soltar versos sin sentido que no tienen nada que ver con la canción y al terminar parece que no se llegó a ningún lugar. En+++
general creo que esta canción no tiene una base y parece estar flotando en el aire todo el tiempo.

✅Calificación: C.

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Fight Inside:

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[ENG] #VERIVERY - #Crazy_Like_That

Here we like people who take risks from time to time, and I feel that this time they went down a road full of obstacles, which they were able to overcome. The song in general is quite calm (thank you), but it has a constant dark beat+++ Image
throughout the track that scares me but I like it. The truth is that I like it, I don't think it's the most remarkable and elaborate song of their discography, but it's enjoyable. The chorus is a bit too chanalized for my liking, but I like the melody so actually this song does++
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[ESP] #VERIVERY - #Crazy_Like_That

Aquí nos gusta la gente que se arriesga de vez en cuando, y siento que esta vez se fueron por un camino lleno de obstáculos, que pudieron superar. La canción en general es bastante tranquila (gracias), pero tiene un beat oscuro constante+++ Image
durante toda la pista que me asusta pero me gusta. La verdad es que me gusta, no creo que sea lo más destacable y elaborado de su discografía, pero está disfrutable. El estribillo está demasiado canalizado para mi gusto, pero me gusta la melodía así que en realidad esta canción++
sí cumple con mis exigencias. El outro lo encuentro genial.

✅Calificación: B.

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Tap Tap:
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[ENG] #GIDLE - #Queencard

It's like the next step up from #Tomboy, it's like an improved Tomboy, taken to another level. It's light but it is charged with elements that go beyond the musica. It brings a direct message that got us quickly and goes very well combined with the+++ Image
music; it doesn't allow you to get bored for a second and at the same time it has its respective breaks; it's like a lot in one but it doesn't feel too stuffy. On the other hand, there isn't much to highlight about the music, it's cool that it's not so generic (a bit it is, but+
not that much) and how it fits perfectly into the era of tiktok and dances and things like that. I've seen a lot of people complain but I actually think it's a perfect song for May 2023.

✅Qualification: A.
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Ada 7,8 miliar Tweet tentang K-pop di dunia di 2021!

Berikut ini rangkuman tentang apa dan siapa yang populer di ranah #KpopTwitter 2021 👇
🇮🇩 sang juara!

Indonesia kembali menjadi negara yang paling banyak membicarakan tentang K-pop di Twitter di 2021!

Daebak 👏 Image
Dicari: Mutual untuk ngerayain bareng! 🥳

Fans K-pop di Indonesia adalah yang terbanyak di seluruh dunia!

Siapa idols favorit kamu?

#KpopTwitter Image
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K-pop has a distinct recipe for creating global hits: A catchy hook song, signature dance and flashy video are packaged for social media, where a devoted fan base gives the song a life of its own.

This method helped make K-pop an international phenomenon.
Many K-pop songs follow a classic song-writing style: an intro and a verse with hooks in the chorus. These “hook songs” emphasize catchiness through devices like repetition.

Get the full audio experience:
Like the crab dance in “Gee” or the “Up & Down” dance, most K-pop videos contain a signature dance move — called point dances — that are intentionally easy to imitate.

This makes it easy for fans to share as dance challenges on Twitter and TikTok.
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Tw// rape, sa etc
#woojin #KIMWOOJIN #kwj #kpop #KpopTwitter

**As a victim of sa and a stay I'm requesting you all to read this**

An expose thread on woojin's scandal 👇:
We all know woojin's controversy started w @a1b3c4s9. Now I'm gonna expose everything about woojin's scandal.

1) who's Rafa: rafa @/kihyuniez is a Brazilian STAY who shared op's story after 16m of op tweeting her story when op hinted at woojin after 1h of her initial tweets ImageImage
you can also see she already had mutuals w that acc. She also tweeted @/whoisortolan & @/captainchrisb are friends with the op (pic 3) Image
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Out now in @PLOSBiology, @Kelley__Harris and I try to unravel what altmetrics and the fire hose of social media data really tell us about the potential impacts of research papers. 1/n…
First, some background. Academics are *obsessed* with impact. Our entire ecosystem—grants, tenure, publications, etc.—is built around generating new & striking knowledge, with an implicit goal of producing immediate economic, environmental, or cultural impacts. 2/n
Impact is remarkably difficult to measure, and even harder to predict. Remember 2017 Nobel winner Jeffrey Hall? He left academia a decade prior, in part because the impact of his work was not immediately appreciated by funders and publishers. 3/n…
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El uso de animaciones en los hashtag (similar a lo de la Bola del Dragón) en Twitter tiene nombre :
Se llaman hashflag , y Tw los presenta desde hace años
De hecho es un producto comercial de Twitter para la publicidad
Los primeros usos de hashflags?
2016 Coca Cola Y Spotify
Me refiero con primeros usos a campañas. Los hashtag “tuneados” ya se usaron en 2010 durante el campeonato del Mundo de Fútbol
Recuerdan cuando se tuiteaba #Esp por ejemplo se traducía en un icono con la bandera española
Los hashflag por tanto tienen caducidad y son controlados por Twitter durante un periodo determinado
Algunos ejemplos ?
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#TwitterPoll. So, am headed to #Macao for #BlackPink. @ygofficialblink

#블랙핑크: #Jisoo #Jennie #Rosé #Lisa. #Blinks, you might love them all but if you’ve a favorite to send best wishes to, just let me know with a vote below…

#BlackPink, #BTS, #EXO
Catch the wave. The Korean Wave. #hallyu. Some background here, in an #AsiaMinute. Watch. Like. Subscribe.

And see you in #Macao: #BLACKPINKinMACAO @ygent_official @ygofficialblink #KPOPTwitter @macaousa @USAinHKMacau
#Blinks. Where is 🙋🏻‍♂️?!
From LA to here in #Macao, see ya! #BlackPink

A shoutout to @koreatourism for all their support at my recent #Kpop table at @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal. >US$6m raised for @fastercures #GlobalGourmetGames…
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