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Jeremy Corbyn fans are currently targeting and viciously bullying a heavily pregnant Jewish woman because she wore a satirical tee-shirt pointing out that their hero, the jezziah, was a positive irritant and obstruction to both the anti apartheid movement and the Irish peace
These hypocritical cultists are screaming abuse at this sweet lady, and calling for her to lose her job, all for pointing out that their โ€œsaint jezzaโ€ is a hypocritical lying antisemitic misogynist fraud, who has never done anything other than seek to increase his own power
These rabid racists (because they are - to a person - spewing antisemitic filth too) have DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING that she is accused of - photoshopped an image of the glorious leader stealing the limelight from the genuine AAM - and filled it with antisemitic hate
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In 1986, Dianne Abbott was a leading member of a group 'Labour Black Sections' which campaigned to allow notorious antisemitic hate preacher Louis Farrakhan (leader of the Nation of Islam) INTO Britain. 1/6

#LabourRacism #GE19
Ms Abbott & co could not claim that they did not know about Farrakhan's racism:

In 1984 he called Judaism "a gutter religion"

and said 'that the nations which helped create Israel and now support Israel were criminals in the sight of Almighty God." [2 Jun 1985 p.7] 2/6
'Black radical taunts US Jews with 'God's ovens' gibe'

'He played on the Jewish Holocaust cry of "never again", saying "You can't say never again to God because when he puts you in the oven "never again" don't mean a damn thing.' [Times 10 Oct 1985 p.7] 3/6
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*Mega Thread* containing over 125 elected antisemitic @uklabour officials

Labour was an anti-racist political party but then @jeremycorbyn became leader with his garbled world view of Israel, and like many of his fans, he can't differentiate from anti-Israel views & antisemitism
1: People like ALAN BULL a Holocaust denier were protected by @jeremycorbyn's inner circle because they thought he might stand a chance of winning a marginal seat

NB: his partner is now a councillor in Peterborough
2: ALAN MYERS @Uklabour council candidate was suspended for stating:"if you say anything against them they cry antisemitism & harp back to the holocaust to curry sympathy"

Has he been expelled from Labour for this form of Holocaust revisionism? Who knows?โ€ฆ
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