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Today is the start of #SHW2020! Each day this week, I'll be tweeting about Britain's long, tempestuous and ever-so-slightly bonkers love–hate relationship with its #sexualhealth.

Darlings, brace yourselves. 💋 #SHW20 Image
We begin with the Victorians, who, contrary to popular belief, were obsessed with sex. In the C19, the only known #STIs were syphilis and gonorrhoea. Diagnosis depended on observable symptoms (no blood tests/smears). Effective treatments were non-existent. Image: @ExploreWellcome Image
In 1864 the British government introduced the Contagious Diseases Acts, intended to protect the armed forces through 'regulation' of 'common prostitutes'. The Acts gave police almost-unlimited discretionary powers to arrest any woman they thought might be soliciting. Image: HCPP Image
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Britain introduced slavery to many #Commonwealth countries. In 2010 the HO destroyed landing cards of #Windrush Commonwealth citizens who came here post WW2, so rights to live here lost. Thus, maybe, possibly #HarryandMeghan have a point that the past should be acknowledged?
New cross-party report finds that Britain losing influence across Africa due to #Windrush and ‘humiliating’ visa process/‘hostile environment’ as well as lack of acknowledgement of slavery.…
But even the most gentle suggestion from the Sussexes that the past should be ‘acknowledged’ when it came to the #Commonwealth was roundly rubbished.
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1/n Some reflections on #BAME inequality #covid19 and #NHSBirthday. Today is the 72nd birthday of the #NHS - founded upon a set of principles that we hold dear of universal access to healthcare, free at the point of delivery at a time when the nation was impoverished due to war
2/n A few weeks earlier, the Empire #Windrush arrived in the UK bringing the first of the “windrush generation” to help rebuild Britain, including the new #NHS. Things were not quite as promised for them.… #Covid19 #NHSBirthday #BAME
3/n I had the privilege of meeting around 100 #windrush nurses in #Leeds with the @BHILeeds and heard fantastic stories of their work building the #NHS, their pride in doing so and the struggles they had endured #NHSBirthday #BAME #Covid19
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1. For #WindrushDay I'm going to share the story of Zaffar Mirza, a 56 year old Pakistani man who was lawfully living with his family in Edinburgh until one day he lost his passport and became a victim of the #HostileEnvironment, two years before the #Windrush scandal broke.
2. In 1967, aged 8, Mr Mirza moved from Pakistan to London with his family. He had a difficult youth, and spent some time in local authority care and juvenile detention before moving to Scotland aged 17. There, he met and married a British woman, Mrs Begum, one year later.
3. Together they raised a family. All of their children were British. He chose not to apply for British citizenship himself, always viewing his status in the UK as secure. After all, his Pakistani passport contained a 1970s stamp which clearly stated he had indefinite leave.
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#thread #BlackPower #BlackRevolution #BlackYouth History was made today in Ldn: Militant independent black working class youth-led history, in the face of an formidable array of forces railed against them from the govt, to the fascist,from left /#BLMUK to wellknown celebrities.
This is an account from the direct experiences of MXM members today, and also our close unified approach with @LondonBlackRevs and several other radical black formations.
The background today is nearly 10yrs of a general absence of radical grassroots resistance, the last time was Aug2011 when we rose up for 3 days after the police murder of #MarkDuggan #BroadwaterFarm crew.
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If you're using #ToryRacism, this thread may be for you.
It won't tell you the hows/whys of good policy, which is how we end injustice (party politics won't) but it might help you think more deeply about your POV.

I'll begin by using my own ignorant hashtag. #LabourRacism
When looking at English & Welsh arrests per 1,000 people, a clear trend has emerged since 2006/07.
All ethnicities have seen a considerable drop, particularly in the black community, which has seen 34,201 fewer arrests.
Welcome statistics.
2) Image
Here's some raw data to show that decrease.
51% drop in White arrests
33% drop in Black arrest
26% drop in Asian arrests
39% drop in Mixed arrests
38% drop in Chinese/other arrests
48% drop overall

Some people will be screaming, 'we have fewer police, with fewer resources'!
3) Image
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I have had several conversations with friends who have recently felt powerless as to what they can/should be doing in response to some of the atrocities in the US.

Here are some ideas. 1/?
Firstly, let’s acknowledge that global anti-blackness is a real thing. It manifests differently in different countries but white supremacy has been an economic driving force for centuries.

This is just a fact. So read that and don’t feel defensive. There is no attack here. 2/?
That’s sorted. Great.

The U.K. has a terrible history of atrocious crimes from near/actual genocide to pillaging nations of their natural resources.

We can only move past this if we have ever, at any point, addressed it as a nation.

We haven’t, don’t and must. 3/?
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I often question why I am expressing opinions on social media .? I am not a politician, just an ordinary everyday person ..But, I can put my hand up for my Children & Grandchildren to say .I did my upmost to challenge, change & make this world better for you .
I resolutely refuse to be complicit to #Tory Gov Economic Murder of vulnerable people, I tried hard to keep our magnificent #NHS for your future care & safety.
It is A Labour of Love & My Duty as a Mother Grand Parent & concerned Citizen of the #UK #Britain
I know I am not alone worrying about the sheer lack of real & decent #governance. The toxic level of #greed & #Corruption & Lack of Accountability ...& worst of all the disgrace of the #Tories #Media & #Press Blaming All their woes & shortcomings on Immigrants & Refugee's
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Dear @patel4witham I would like to send you a copy of the book on Windrush I've written because on the basis of today's debate I'm worried that you and your colleagues are muddled about the causes of the problem…
@patel4witham in every debate about #windrush there is a lot of buck-passing between parties about who was originally responsible for the hostile environment and who should be blamed
@patel4witham and it is true that many have experienced problems for decades because they haven't had documentation that proved their status, but it is disingenuous to suggest that this is a problem which has been caused by successive governments
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If you're outraged by the #Jamaica50 charter flight - don't feel powerless

There are lots of things you can do - here are some of them


#StopDeportations #Windrush
1, sign and share this petition calling for justice for the Windrush generation, including an end to all charter flight deportations to Jamaica and other Commonwealth countries @BARACUK @BameFor…
2, add your name to this petition, calling for the release of the Windrush Lessons Learned Review and demanding all charter flights are grounded…
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🇪🇺THREAD from KT Parker: 🇬🇧
WEEK 1 of Johnson Dictatorship

☑️accept a report proposing constituency boundary changes that give the Cons 25 more seats

☑️ensure voter suppression of hundreds of thousands of poorer, marginalised voters by a new requirement to present photo ID
🇬🇧THREAD ctd
☑️pack the House of Lords with cronies of no discernible talent other than lying to the British public

☑️prepare the ground to claim #Brexit is done by banning use of the word "Brexit" in official documentation and organising a public news blackout on its progress
🇪🇺THREAD ctd
☑️remove all parliamentary oversight of Brexit

☑️bring in legislation to conduct future trade negotiations, especially with America, in secret

☑️remove promised guarantees on workers' rights from the EUWA
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Which policies in the Labour Manifesto directly target a marginalised group?

Tories have got rid of most legal traveller sites, what will happen to the children when their homes are seized and their parents locked up?
#r4today @bbcnickrobinson #VoteEducation
How about the fact the Tories are still trying to deport black British citizens?
The #Windrush scandal continues?
#r4today @bbcnickrobinson
#GE2019 #torymaths…
What of 9 years of systematic persecution of the disabled?

@bbcnickrobinson #r4today
#GMB #GE2019 #torymaths…
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1.On 12th Oct, a group of campaigners organised #R4OR to highlight the risk of Brexit to our rights. This is the 2nd part of all the speeches from that day.

We @FinalSayForAll work hard to show how #BrexitIsPersonal. If you wish to help, please donate at
2. Annelies @Liesebieke speaks about how limited the access to the NHS is for people with disabilities & how so many of them are paying for treatment themselves. Brexit will only make this worse for her, even make it life-threatening. #ROAR
3. Steve Bray @snb19692 spoke at #R4OR of how SODEM represents everyone, no matter how they voted, and even if they don’t realise it. How we need to understand what led us here & the need for PR. They're fighting for everyone’s rights & future.
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Baroness Warsi (the first Muslim to
attend Tory Cabinet meetings).

THEY, CLEARLY, KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE TORY PARTY, how #racist, #xenophobic, and nasty this #Conservative Party really is, they were right at the top of it, #BaronessWarsi ... the #Cons Party's most sen fig
Some key things to understand. Andrew Lansley (1st quote) was in the #Cameron Cabinet.
Baroness Warsi was Tory Chairman for this, Theresa May Government. Her comment, (2), was made LAST SUNDAY, her other quote (3) was from 2016.
She was so disturbed about the disgraceful attitudes she could see all the time that she decided to blow the lid on her own, rabid, Party. Her incendiary comment , in 2016, about there being "a simmering UNDERBELLY of #Islamophobia" came from her own experiences dealing with
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Very sad but also angry to hear that Hubert Howard, 62, died today
He spent the last weeks of his life in intensive care, still fighting to get citizenship.
Arrived in UK aged 3 from Jamaica, only finally granted citizenship here 3 weeks before he died…
He had hoped that #Windrush compensation money would allow him to make a trip back to Jamaica to visit his mother's grave. But he was still waiting for compensation
He lost his job as a caretaker with Peabody housing in 2012 because he couldn't prove he was in the UK legally. Even though he had arrived at the age of three, legally, half a century earlier
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I shall be live tweeting this debate - hoping to see some constructive policy suggestions from @scotgov here. #NewScots #Scotland #UnitedInDiversity #SettledStatus
@scotgov Shockingly few attending the debate. @BenMacpherson points out that @scotgov is working with @the3million and other to provide support in applying for (pre)SS.
@scotgov @BenMacpherson @the3million Thompkin reprimands @BenMacpherson for using the phrase "hostile environment", stating that UKgov is welcoming skilled labour and that this is not 'hostile'. MacPherson responds that going by migrant's experiences the Hostile Environment has spread fear.
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The panel is ready for @The3Million to explain to us @LibDems the issue of #citizensrights / #Brexit at the #LibDemConf.

You can watch it live on their Facebook.
Key points from @The3Million
⭕ Guaranteeing #citizensrights into law with primary legislation
⭕ Physical proof for Settled status
⭕ Keeping voting rights

The current EU settlement scheme is failing a third of EU citizens by forcing them to accept the wrong status.
What will happen to the EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for Settled status?

⭕ They will become unlawful residents subject to the Hostile environment from the @ukhomeoffice

👉 We need a declaratory system where EU citizens are considered lawful per default.
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The most disturbing #Windrush case I encountered:
Joycelyn John, arrived in the UK aged 4, worked as a chambermaid at the Ritz, was forced 50 years later into self-deportation back to Grenada, when Home Office branded her an illegal immigrant.…
Still find it hard to understand why officials thought it was a sensible idea to fly her to an island on the other side of the world, where she had almost no ties, and dump her there alone.
The full story is in The Windrush Betrayal, Exposing the Hostile Environment
which can be pre-ordered here…
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There’s some confusion building already on Patel’s very unhelpful announcement that the UK will end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit, under new government plan. Let’s break this down...…
This applies for those arriving in the U.K. to commence residence for the first time from 01 November 2019 (assuming Brexit will happen on 31 October). Freedom of movement was always ending on the day the U.K. leaves on a no-deal basis - when EU law ends.
The previous Govt. accepted that the new immigration system and border controls will not be ready for an abrupt change, so they planned to implement a temporary transition phase.
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1/ I am trying to say less on here but I have seen one too many opinion-pieces asking black and Asian people not to be fiercely critical of the black and Asian members of Boris Johnson's Government.
2/ I think a lot of those authors are being disingenuous. For one thing, I know plenty of black and Asian Conservative voters, and considering some of the regressive policies they support towards other black and Asian people it is amazing how civilly they are treated.
3/ That treatment is largely civil though, in my experience. As I mentioned, I am trying to say less, but the defence of Sajid Javid has been cynical in the extreme, and shows some people have wilfully short memories.
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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Just wondering who is the real Jo Johnson? 🤔🤔🤔

The one who wanted a #PeoplesVote & allegedly resigned because of it only last November

or the one campaigning with a brother who wants to drag UK out of EU with #NoDeal?

The one who defends his brother's #Watermelon comments, & nominated T Young, prince of leerage, to Office for Students, or the sensitive accordion player 🤔
The Jo Johnson who followed his brother into #BullingdonClub, who was a May cabinet minister during #Windrush mess, or supportive husband of journalist who exposed it?

Or is he just better at concealing his opportunism & power-seeking than his brother (not a high bar, granted)
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We're about to begin the event for Runnymede's & @CLASSthinktank report, 'We Are Ghosts - Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice' with speakers @faizashaheen @omaromalleykhan, @johnharris1969 @SamiaBadani and Laurie Mompelat

We're live-tweeting using #RaceAndClass
.@faizashaheen opens the event talking about the stereotype of the working class, as the white and northern, leading to the erasure of long-standing BME working class groups.

It's created division, that we need to overcome and move the narrative forward

Laurie Mompelat (@RunnymedeTrust and @CLASSthinktank) is presenting the report's findings

The research is a year-long case study of working class London, mainly North Kensington (#Grenfell)

There were 10 focus groups, with people from low income backgrounds
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This just went live, the reason I brought it to the Guardian was that I was pretty shocked that part of the diligence checks for appointments included routinely checking what people has said about #windrush & #brexit regardless of the policy area…
I stand by what I said in that Tweet and my criticism of the Home office letter and here is why...
The letter from the Minister ignored the evidence for #DCRS and was incorrect in its analysis of the experience of other countries. Nearly 10,000 people have died from heroin related deaths in England, Wales & Scotland since 2010 - this makes me angry!
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