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Can’t quite believe we’re here again after the chaos of Paris last year + promises made that Istanbul would be better …. but we’ve tried to collate the experiences of Man City fans in the paper today + I’m properly shocked at what went on last weekend in Istanbul…
Shocked that having put some work into this, @UEFA wouldn’t even comment or offer any apology. I’m guessing they will in time but impression it gives is that they don’t care (FWIW I know there are people who do, but the official face is so tone deaf)…..
I can’t think of any other leisure event where you would pay between €70 to €690 (+flights + hotels) + then be asked to queue for 2hrs to get a bus to take you there, which itself might take 3hrs….this is queue for shuttle buses from @PeterCampbe11 Image
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➡️ Jugar sencillo es jugar mejor.
➡️ Potencial amenaza contra rivales encerrados.
➡️ El carisma de un apellido irlandés en un argentino pelirrojo.
➡️ Una de las gangas del mercado.

#MacAllister #Liverpool #LFC Image

🛑Antes de comenzar, un recordatorio:
Agradeceré la difusión que hagáis del hilo.

Ayuda a que la cuenta crezca y que sus contenidos lleguen a un mayor público. Así, más gente podrá conocer a los jugadores en cuestión (cumpliendo el objetivo del hilo)
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🔙 Un 3 de junio como hoy, pero en 1892, se fundó uno de los clubes más emblemáticos del mundo: el “Liverpool Football Club”.

Su ciudad, su estadio y su gente son como un cuento, que el @clubhilosfutbol decidió contarte en forma de 🧵.

Prepárense un té 🫖 y traigan a sus nietos Image
Antes de hablar del #LFC, tenemos que conocer su ciudad.

Liverpool es la capital del condado de Merseyside, situada en el estuario del río Mersey, a unos cuatro kilómetros del mar. Es el segundo puerto del Reino Unido y un importante centro comercial e industrial. ImageImageImageImage
Es probable que su nombre provenga del término “lifer pol”, que significa piscina fangosa o charco, teniendo en cuenta que la ciudad evolucionó a partir de un pequeño pueblo de pescadores a orillas del río. Image
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James Milner on being a role model for Liverpool's youngsters:

"I came in about 15 minutes later than I normally do today and Trent was in before me and said, ‘Have I beat you in?!’" #lfc [lfc] Image
Milner: "For him to comment and actually be in that early – I know he hasn’t done the school run or anything – it’s great. They’re the special things, you see the younger guys and Trent, I’ve seen him grow up and you see the pictures when he first came into the team as a boy."
Milner: "And you see what a player he is now and the man he is becoming, hopefully we have helped him learn a few positive things on the way and the things he needs to do to look after himself. It’s easier when you’re young, you never feel stiff, you never feel tired."
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James Milner on Liverpool Football Club:

“It’s the fans’ club. We are lucky enough to rent a shirt for a few years and do what we can in that shirt, but it’s their club and everything we do is for them." #lfc [lfc] Image
Milner: "So when we go around the city and you see people hanging off scaffolding and ladders and you make eye contact with someone… those are the special moments and the special moments we work so hard for to earn and it’s amazing to share."
Milner: "Because the following they have given the team over the years, all around the world, the amount of money they must have spent – we played every single game possible last year, the following we have all the time, when you need them they are there."
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James Milner on his favourite Liverpool game:

"It has to be Barcelona I think. The whole thing around it, the build-up to it in terms of the first-leg result, beating Newcastle, losing players, what happened the night before with Vincent Kompany." #lfc [lfc] Image
Milner: "The reaction to do that against a world-class team full of experienced players, with players missing, it was just a great night for the team and the club, but showed all of the hard work in terms of the whole squad. We had players missing, players who got us there."
Milner: "And the players who came in were ready to play, well coached, knew what their job was, up against it, didn’t panic. You look at that, winning the first trophy as a group is always really important and doing it together."
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James Milner on leaving Liverpool:

"I think the attitude I’ve had through it all is to try to enjoy it. It is business as usual, that’s the mindset I’ve always tried to have, and you try to take it on board and enjoy it and things like that." #lfc [lfc] Image
Milner: "But I think if you overthink it too much that’s probably when you get quite emotional and stuff. So yeah, I just tried to enjoy the occasion. Obviously it would have been nice to win, that was the biggest disappointment."
Milner: "But I just feel content in the journey I’ve had here and proud and happy to have been part of it. So, I think there’s not a lot of sadness, it’s just happiness that I’ve been at the club, that I’ve played at Anfield for that long and the moments we shared there."
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Jurgen Klopp on his favourite James Milner moments:

"There's not one James Milner moment; it's a James Milner seven-and-a-half years. That's really how it is. From the first moment for me, he was a super-important player reference point." #lfc [lfc] Image
Klopp: "When you have a meeting and you look at Millie's eyes and he's not shaking his head, you know you're on the right way. Nothing would have happened here, of all the good things, would not have happened without Millie."
Klopp: "Because he kept it always going until now. From the player who was super-angry when he didn't play, to the player when he did play, the way he pushed the whole dressing room before a game is absolutely second to none. Absolutely."
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Jurgen Klopp on James Milner's dressing room influence:

"I think Millie wants to be, [in the] first place, he wants to be seen as a football player and that's rightly so, because he played 9,000 games or so, that's how it feels!" #lfc [lfc] Image
Klopp: "That was the biggest impact he had; on the pitch. But around, and some of these things I obviously never saw, but I think a lot of things didn't even come up to my office just because Millie sorted it beforehand, which is really good."
Klopp: "It's easy for the other players to look up to him because of the way he is. Because of the way he behaves and treats everybody. He speaks nearly fluently Spanish which means he was always an important fixed point for the Spanish-speaking players when they came in."
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Fabinho on that infamous Barcelona game:

"Not one person in the stadium sat down for a second of that match. My family told me the stewards stopped asking after a while. They said they’d never experienced an atmosphere like it. Oh man, that game." #lfc [the players' tribune] Image
Fabinho: "In the changing room after the [first leg], of course we were down, but we still had this optimism. At one point it was just Klopp, Mané and me left in the room. We were all saying, 'How did we lose this 3–0?' And then Klopp asked us if we could win the second leg."
Fabinho: "I went first: 'Yes, I think so.' And then Sadio said, 'Yeah, so do I.' And Klopp was like, 'Good. Because I think so too.' Our confidence built ahead of the second leg. We even forgot that Salah and Bobby were injured. We all just knew how it had to be."
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Fabinho on Jurgen Klopp:

"Liverpool weren’t the only club that made an offer for me. There was another team in England I could’ve chosen, but it’s simple really: after you speak to Jurgen Klopp, you don’t want to hear anything from anyone else." #lfc [the players' tribune] Image
Fabinho: "It’s like, 'ok, thank you, I’m coming to Liverpool!' We met in England and he explained his vision, how the team played and how important I would be. I didn’t even understand what he was saying. I didn’t really speak English back then, but it didn’t matter!"
Fabinho: "Fortunately, they brought someone along to translate. But even without a translator, you just understand his positivity. I was nodding my head, “Yes, boss!” before they even told me what he was saying. He’s done amazing things for this club."
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Fabinho on Liverpool fans:

"When I arrived, I expected to hear 'You’ll Never Walk Alone' and for the fans to sing songs. I loved all that. But nothing prepares you for what it’s like live. How every action on the pitch gets a reaction in the stands." #lfc [the players' tribune] Image
Fabinho: "So, after every tackle, pressure, every possible foul, I was turning around and paying attention as the fans were going crazy. Man, I was fascinated. I was just admiring them. That noise, that passion. I’d never seen anything like it. The fans are part of the team."
Fabinho: "They inform how we play. 'Heavy metal football' doesn’t work without them. They are the ones pushing us into every move. They never let us stop. Even in those moments when the ball is stuck in midfield and it seems like nothing is going right."
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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Liverpool's success:

“I think we’ve done a bit of it all. We’ve stayed at the top level with the mindset we’ve set.‌ The first season was the year we realised we could really achieve something special." #lfc [mirror] Image
Oxlade-Chamberlain: "We were winning games 4-0, 5-0, Mo [Salah] couldn’t stop scoring and Hendo gave us the belief we could win any game. The second season was when you saw a really big jump up when we just missed out on the league that year, by one point."
Oxlade-Chamberlain: "And that was when the team felt unstoppable. We had some tough times, we lost Virgil [van Dijk], Joey G [Gomez], we had to really dig in and fight for the Champions League. It’s not always been plain sailing through the success."
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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on his plans post Liverpool:

"I still want success, I’ve had a taste of it here, they’ve been the best years ever. So, if by any chance, I can have another sniff of achieving anything like that again then I’d bite your hand off." #lfc [mirror] Image
Oxlade-Chamberlain: "I think I need to go and play somewhere as consistently as possible. They say you’re coming into your peak at 29, so I want to go and test myself, play consistently. I’m still hungry, I still feel I have a lot of games left in me and a lot of energy left."
Oxlade-Chamberlain: "I don’t like to say a point to prove, but that’s always been my attitude. From when I went to Arsenal, I felt like that. When I went to Liverpool, that’s how I felt. When I walked through the door, I felt like I needed to do that. It’s the same again."
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Jurgen Klopp on Naby Keita:

"Naby is an exceptional footballer, what a player he is. Maybe one or two injuries too many just hindered him from getting really through." #lfc [lfc] Image
Klopp: "But if you go through – and I would really recommend that – if you go through our really big games of Liverpool FC you might be surprised how often Naby was in the starting line-up and how often he played incredibly well."
Klopp: "It was a bit of a shame, when it was really going well then a little injury here, a little muscle thing there. That was not too cool and that is probably what people might remember as well, but in his moment he is world-class, without a shadow of a doubt."
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Fenway Sports Group president Mike Gordon on Jorg Schmadtke:

“Firstly, I would like to welcome Jorg to Liverpool in the knowledge that he will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into a role in which such qualities can only be beneficial both to him and us." #lfc [lfc] Image
Gordon: "Jorg will work with our football operations department as it continues to provide support for Jürgen Klopp, in keeping with our ongoing endeavour to keep growing and developing the club in all areas."
Gordon: "At the same time as we welcome Jorg, we must also bid a fond farewell to Julian Ward, who has served us with unstinting diligence, fortitude and energy in a number of roles, the most recent one being sporting director."
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🚨 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Jorg Schmadtke has been appointed as the club's new sporting director. #lfc [lfc]
The 59-year-old German will begin his new role on June 1, subject to the successful completion of work permit formalities, and will take over as Liverpool’s sporting director from Julian Ward, who will bid farewell this summer after more than a decade at the club, as per @LFC
Schmadtke has signed a short-term deal which club sources insist is longer than three months and could be extended, as per @dmlynch
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John Aldridge on Darwin Nunez:

"I have my concerns about Darwin Nunez. It’s the injuries more than anything, though the early sending off didn’t help him. The forwards before him didn't have the injuries." #lfc [liverpool echo] Image
Aldridge: "He’s shown what he’s about at times though, and he’s a crowd-favourite. He’s got a little bit of Luis Suarez in him, but probably without the finishing touch. But I think he’ll get better. You’re looking at a centre-forward who’s been playing on the left-wing."
Aldridge: "And Cody Gakpo’s a left-winger who is playing as centre-forward. That doesn’t happen overnight. They’ve shown desire and eagerness in certain games, and he’s scored goals. That’s why the manager needs to have a look at the balance of the front three."
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John Aldridge on Bobby Firmino's departure:

"Bobby’s been great and got his two goals since he came back. You almost don’t want him to leave but I think it’s all been done. You move on. He's leaving on a free transfer." #lfc [liverpool echo] Image
Aldridge: "Good luck to him wherever he goes, be it Real Madrid or someone else. He’s been a great servant. He’s extremely well-liked by the fans, that’s what you go off. Firmino, Mane, and Salah will go down with the likes of Hunt, Keegan, Rush, Dalglish, myself."
Aldridge: "They are in that category, Liverpool striking legends, but it can’t happen forever. You just need to see where the manager goes with it next year. I think Klopp needs to look at the balance up top. We only really have one player in Salah who plays right-wing."
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🚨 𝗡𝗘𝗪: Liverpool have rejected a permanent transfer offer from abroad for Fabio Carvalho who could yet leave the club on loan this summer. #lfc [james pearce - the athletic] Image
A unnamed club from abroad, understood not to be Portugal, have seen an offer knocked back while there has already been interest from Premier League clubs in taking him on a temporary basis next term, as per @JamesPearceLFC
@JamesPearceLFC Liverpool are not considering a permanent exit at this time, as per @JamesPearceLFC
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🚨 𝗡𝗘𝗪: Liverpool do NOT want to lose Fabio Carvalho on a permanent deal this summer, and have already turned down one offer from an unnamed club. #lfc [ian doyle - liverpool echo] Image
Liverpool have been contacted by a number of potential suitors from both home and abroad with Jurgen Klopp admitting on Friday that Carvalho could leave on loan in the summer transfer window, as per @IanDoyleSport
@IanDoyleSport However, Liverpool are not looking to move Carvalho on a permanent basis but are sympathetic to the 20-year-old’s desire to get more minutes on the pitch for the 23/24 term after a difficult start to life at Anfield, as per @IanDoyleSport
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🚨 𝗡𝗘𝗪: Liverpool have reportedly made an offer for Barcelona defender Jules Kounde. #lfc [mail]
Jurgen Klopp is eager to bring Kounde to Anfield, with the 24-year-old open to leaving Barcelona this summer, as per @MailSport
Kounde is said to be disappointed that he has often been used out of position at right-back, while he prefers to play as a centre-back. Barcelona are looking to lower their wage bill, but won't accept less than £52million for Kounde, as per @MailSport
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Jurgen Klopp on yesterday’s game:

“A top start, outstanding finish [and] in between... Let me start with the most important [thing], I really thought and felt from the first second today [that] Southampton is a really good club.” #lfc [lfc] Image
Klopp: “When you see the people when you've been relegated, which is obviously the worst thing you want to happen, and the atmosphere is like the atmosphere was like today then, I have to say, it is pretty special. I liked it a lot.”
Klopp: “Then we are 2-0 up and we knew the Southampton players want to pay back to these people - and we let them. We just opened the door for a really talented, offensive team - the counter-attack with the speed they have.”
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James Milner:

"It was one of those games at the end of the season where you get in front like that and you take your foot off the gas slightly and you get punished at this level." #lfc [lfc]
Milner: "And that's what happened; you have to be at absolutely 100 per cent and obviously we weren't. But it says a lot about the boys to be 4-2 down and to keep going until the end and get the two to get it level."
Milner: "And we had good chances to go and win it. Entertaining for the neutral, disappointing not to win but the boys kept fighting until the end, you could see that."
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