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🚨 Chelsea plan to pay more than Christopher Nkunku's €60m release clause to stop suitors joining race next year. When he signed new deal, release clause negotiated 'low' (below market value) to ensure he could still leave despite extending, Nkunku's request.


In essence, Nkunku wants to focus on the World Cup and do a full season with Leipzig. It's smart of Chelsea to offer above the release clause (and still below market value) now before his price goes up higher.

Under that eventuality, Leipzig could demand more to fast-track sale or tell #CFC to try their luck when release clause active. Negotiation is intriguing because Leipzig want max fee rather than only release clause. But they also know #CFC not be only suitor prepared to pay more.
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Chelsea plan to pay more than Christopher Nkunku's €60m release clause to stop suitors joining race next summer. When Nkunku signed new deal, release clause negotiated 'low' (below market value) to ensure he could still leave despite extending. This was at Nkunku's request.
In essence, Nkunku wants to focus on the World Cup and do a full season with Leipzig. It's smart of Chelsea to offer above the release clause (and still below market value) now before his price goes up higher.
Under that eventuality, Leipzig could demand more to fast-track sale or tell #CFC to try their luck when release clause active. Negotiation is intriguing because Leipzig want max fee rather than only release clause. But they also know #CFC not be only suitor prepared to pay more.
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Got a big response to this, with fans from lots of clubs sharing their experience of crushing at Hillsborough over the years.

I’ve compiled them into a thread for researchers and posterity…
Spurs fan re 1981
“I’ll never forget my brothers coming back from that match in 81 & saying how horrific it was. There should NEVER have been another semi there. Not that they care that much about fans now, but they really didn’t give a shit in the 80’s.”
LFC Fan re 1988

“I was in Pen C in 1988 and saw a lads arm get broken we were crushed in so tight.”

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Manchester United’s 2021/22 accounts cover a season when they finished 6th in the Premier League and were eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was replaced by Ralf Rangnick, since succeeded by Erik ten Hag. Some thoughts follow #MUFC
#MUFC pre-tax loss shot up from £24m to £150m, despite revenue rising £89m (18%) from £494m to £583m, thanks to recovery from COVID and return of fans to the stadium, plus profit on player sales increasing £15m to £22m, as expenses rose £154m (29%) after investment in the squad.
#MUFC operational decline was exacerbated by the impact of the weakening of Sterling on non-cash finance costs, as unrealised forex losses on unhedged USD borrowings meant that net interest experienced an adverse swing of £75m from £13m recoverable prior year to £62m payable.
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Liverpool's interest in Moises Caicedo is long-standing dating back to his time at Independiente del Valle. The challenge back then was a complicated representation situation with a number agencies (including Kancha and PSM) claiming to act on his behalf.
Although the fee Brighton eventually paid was low (£4.5million) the agent fees were high. That put off Liverpool and Manchester United, too. Told Caicedo is now very relaxed about his future and will reassess after the World Cup.
Towards the end of the summer window, his representative agreement was running down, which caused a lot of instability and made it difficult for suitors. Caicedo also still under contract until 2025 and Brighton would love him to sign an even longer deal.
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🧵For past few months @MailSport we’ve tried to report + investigate chaos of Stade de France at the Champions League final in Paris last May….in doing so we were contacted by so many #LFC fans with compelling stories that all deserves telling we were somewhat overwhelmed…
We had what we think is important evidence for the UEFA independent review led by Dr Rodrigues (who coincidentally is in Liverpool today meeting fans). Unsurprisingly it completely contradicts French interior minister @GDarmanin narrative of ticketless fans….
We believe the tech failures precipitated chaos. Contrary to established UEFA narrative, digital tickets were part of the problem. Tech meltdown was a primary cause compounded by a potentially fatal misdirection of 37,000 #LFC fans to an entrance designed for 10,000…
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The Premier League has published details of the TV payments to clubs for the 2021/22 season. These amounted to £2.5 bln, ranging from £153m for champions #MCFC to £101m for 20th placed #NCFC (the first time the bottom club got more than £100m).
The largest increases compared to the previous season came at #BHAFC, up £16m, and #AFC, up £11m. In contrast, three clubs received over £10m less than 2020/21: #LUFC £17m, #EFC £13m and #LCFC £11m.
Each of the 20 Premier League clubs received £87.5m as an equal share, coming from domestic rights £31.8m, overseas rights £48.9m and commercial revenue £6.8m.
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This day in 1939, the Football League was suspended due to the outbreak of the Second World War.
The Luftwaffe almost decimated the Polish town of Wielun on September 1, destroying more than 75% of the city and killing nearly 1,200 inhabitants. Two days later, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on the Nazis.
On 14 September, the British government announced that professional football under the umbrella of the Football League was to be stopped. However, establishment of separate regional leagues but with a fifty-mile travel limit was allowed.
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In advance of football clubs starting to publish their accounts for the 2021/22 season, I thought it might be helpful to share some 2-page financial overviews for each of the Premier League clubs for 2020/21, including a comparison against prior year and a 5-year graphical trend.
These overviews also include Premier League rankings for each of the main financial categories, e.g. which club had the highest profit, loss, revenue, wages, debt, transfer spend, etc in 2020/21.
One caveat with these figures is that revenue was significantly impacted by COVID in 2020/21 with match day reduced to almost zero, as games were played behind closed doors, while some broadcasting income was deferred from 2019/20 for matches played after the accounting close.
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The #lfc identity crisis continues. Didn't deserve more than a point today.
So many problems but biggest for me is physical condition of the squad and lack of intensity.
#lfc have been out run in every single match this season.
Minimum 1.7k fewer than opponent, max 7k, average 3.4k per match
Total 20km less than our opponents over the 6 games. In the corresponding fixtures last season we had 11km more.
That's a swing of -5km per match 😬
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As we near the end of the transfer window, some fans ask why their club has not splashed more cash on bringing in new players, despite generating significant revenue. This thread will look at where the money goes by analysing the last 5 years for the Big Six Premier League clubs.
This analysis will look at the source and use of funds for the 5 years up to 2021 (most recently published accounts). We will remove pure accounting entries, such as player amortisation and profit on player sales, but incorporate all cash movements to give a “real world” view.
The Big Six Premier League clubs had £17.6 bln available funds, ranging from £3.2 bln for #MCFC & #MUFC to £2.5 bln for #AFC. Main driver is obviously £13.6 bln revenue with 57% (£7.8bln) going on wages. Net transfer spend is £2.3 bln: purchases £4.3 bln less £2.0 bln sales.
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Following Bayern Munich’s imperious start to the season, on the back of 10 Bundesliga titles in a row, I thought it might be interesting to look at their finances, even though it’s been a while since they published their 2020/21 accounts #FCBayern
Despite the significant impact of COVID, #FCBayern “achieved sound financial results”, once again posting a pre-tax profit, though down from €17m to €5m (€2m after tax). Revenue (club definition) fell €54m (8%) from €698m to €644m, largely offset by €42m cut in expenses.
#FCBayern revenue hit by COVID driven reductions in match day, down €59m (83%) to €12m, and commercial, down €15m (4%) to €345m, while transfer income dropped €31m to €33m. Broadcasting rose €51m (25%) to €255m, mainly due to money deferred from extended 2019/20 season.
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🧵 Pre-match press conference thread Gameweek 4 [Friday]

ℹ️ Team news, injury updates, player availability, manager quotes & anything else relevant to Fantasy Premier League from the pressers ahead of the deadline ⬇️

#fpl #gw4

free-to-read article:…
🏰 Newcastle

📢 Eddie Howe on Wilson: "We don't believe his injury to be serious and we're hopeful he'll only be out for a couple of weeks.

"I back Callum 100 per cent. I've known him a long time and I've never met someone with a better..."

#fpl #gw4 #nufc #WolNew #fantasypl
📢 Howe on Wilson: "...attitude. I back him and his body. He's such an important part of our future and this season he's already shown that with the goals that he's scored - the two goals he's scored have been of the highest level..."

#fpl #gw4 #nufc #WolNew #fantasypl
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Following last night’s match between Manchester United and Liverpool, I thought it might be interesting to see how the finances of these clubs compare, particularly the direction of travel over the last 10 years (up to most recent accounts for the 2020/21 season) #MUFC #LFC
10 years ago #MUFC £320m revenue was nearly twice as much as #LFC £169m with the difference rising to a peak of £217m in 2017, but since then the gap has almost completely closed to only £7m with United’s £494m just ahead of #LFC £487m.
#LFC have earned more broadcasting income than #MUFC in each of the last four years, due to more success on the pitch, especially in Europe, where Liverpool’s exploits in the Champion League have generated much more TV money.
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Arsenal fans will be delighted with the team’s good start to the season, so are probably unconcerned about the financial implications of their player recruitment, but it is maybe worth looking at whether there will be any issues with Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations #AFC
As it stands, #AFC have spent a hefty £270m gross on transfers in the last 2 seasons, only surpassed by #CFC £288m, but ahead of #MUFC £255m, #MCFC £231m, #THFC £194m and #LFC £156m (though both #CFC and #MUFC will probably spend more on new players before the window closes).
Even more incredibly, #AFC net transfer spend of £218m is the highest of the Big Six in the last 2 seasons, just ahead of #CFC £217m. That is a fairly remarkable statistic for a club that has not competed in the lucrative Champions League since 2017.
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After Manchester United’s awful start to the season, the focus has once again turned to the Glazers. This thread will look at some of the reasons why the club’s fans might be unhappy with their owners – from a financial perspective #MUFC
#MUFC are the only Premier League club to pay dividends to their shareholders, mainly the Glazers. Since 2016 they have paid a hefty £166m, averaging £22m a year. Note: the high £33m payment in 2021/22 included including £11m delayed from 2020/21. Image
Although it has fallen from its (sizeable) peak, #MUFC £21m interest payment in 2020/21 was still the highest in the Premier League. United have now paid a staggering three-quarters of a billion pounds (£743m) in interest since the Glazers’ leveraged buy-out in 2005. ImageImage
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*deep breath*

I know there’s a huge debate over ‘This is all the Glazers fault’ v ‘You can’t keep blaming the owners’ which was kinda Redknapp v Neville on Saturday night…..

Let’s be clear: Joel Glazer isn’t responsible for David de Gea chucking the ball in his net…..
Nor is he responsible for Erik ten Hag signing a 5’ 9” centre half, playing Eriksen as a false 9…..these are individual errors, coaching mistakes.

However, leadership is about the culture you create

So let’s break down the culture the Glazers have at #MUFC…..
1) It’s opaque and unaccountable

No-one ever has to answer for the numerous errors. They never do media, they abolished the AGM. They rule like a absolute monarch, with divine right. And pretty much everyone who deals with plc culture would agree that’s a recipe for failure…
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Chelsea have been spending big in this summer’s transfer window with their outlay likely to be well over £200m by deadline day. This thread will look at the financial implications and explain how #CFC can still be in line with Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.
#CFC new owner Todd Boehly is well aware of the challenge: “FFP is starting to get some teeth and that will limit the ability to acquire players at any price. That could mean financial penalties and disqualification from sporting competitions.”
#CFC spending ability is limited by the Premier League Profitability and Sustainability (P&S) rules. These allow a £5m loss a year, which can be boosted by £30m equity injection, giving allowable losses of £35m a year. This works out to £105m over the 3-year monitoring period.
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When Newcastle United were bought by a consortium led by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, the expectation was that #NUFC would splash out on players, due to the enormous wealth of the new owners, but that hasn’t really been the case. So why is the club not spending big?
#NUFC manager Eddie Howe gave this answer: “Financial Fair Play impacts us and will continue to impact us for a number of years. We haven't got the free rein that maybe has been perceived within the media, that we can go and sign who we want and pay extortionate fees and wages.”
Despite the fact that #NUFC new owners had stated that their ambition was to win the Premier League in “five to ten years”, Howe sounded a note of caution, “We’re having to be creative and smart and try and make the right additions within the financial constraints that we have.”
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PREMIER LEAGUE 2022 - 2023.

A escasos días de comenzar una nueva edición de la mejor liga del mundo con tres nuevos equipos, vamos a ver qué 20 equipos participan en esta nueva temporada, quiénes son sus estrellas, sus estadios y mucho más.

¡Dentro hilo! 🧵⬇️
He elaborado una leyenda para esquematizar todo.

Añadiré los siguientes emojis después de cada presentación:

• 🏟️: Estadio (capacidad)
• 📍: Ciudad.
• ©️: Capitán.
• ⭐: Estrella.
• 👶🏻: Joven promesa.
• 💰: Fichaje más caro (precio)
• 👨🏻‍🏫: Entrenador (nacionalidad)
1 - Bournemouth: 🍒
Regresan tras descender en 2020 y no subir en 2021.

• 🏟️: Vitality Stadium (11.329)
• 📍: Bournemouth.
• ©️: Lloyd Kelly.
• ⭐: Dominic Solanke.
• 👶🏻: Marcus Tavernier.
• 💰: Marcus Tavernier (11,9 millones)
• 👨🏻‍🏫: Scott Parker (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

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A tribute to a sustained team effort by #LFC in winning the #communityshield2022 !!! #YNWA 🥅⚽⚽⚽🛡️ .. 1/3
A tribute to a sustained team effort by #LFC in winning the #communityshield2022 !!! #YNWA 🥅⚽⚽⚽🛡️ .. 2/3
A tribute to a sustained team effort by #LFC in winning the #communityshield2022 !!! #YNWA 🥅⚽⚽⚽🛡️ .. 3/3
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In football money often talks, i.e. success on the pitch is almost invariably reserved for clubs that have spent the most on wages and transfer fees. However, it might be interesting to see which clubs have performed the best (and indeed worst) relative to their budget.
This thread will therefore look at how teams in the Premier League in 2021/22 performed relative to their wages, combined wages/player amortisation and squad cost. This is not an exact science, but just a bit of fun, as there are a few caveats to an analysis of this type.
First, I have used financial figures from the most recent published accounts, i.e. from 2020/21, so these are a year out of date compared to 2021/22 league position. Moreover, the last figures available for the 3 promoted clubs are from the Championship, so are under-stated.
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As a follow-up to yesterday’s thread on how the “Big Six” in the Premier League fared during the COVID era, here is an alternative view for each club. I’ve also added a few other clubs which needed more financial support over the two years of the pandemic (2019/20 and 2020/21).
#AFC posted a huge £181m pre-tax loss, though this was inflated by interest payable including a once-off £32m refinancing fee, as around £200m external bonds were redeemed and replaced by a loan from Stan Kroenke. Net cash outflow of £148m was funded by reduction in cash balance.
#CFC enormous £294m operating loss was partially offset by £171m profit from player sales, but they still made £120m pre-tax loss. However, net cash outflow was restricted to £20m, mainly due to relatively low net player purchases plus £50m share capital from Roman Abramovich.
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While it is obvious that football clubs have suffered over the last two years due to the impact of COVID, I thought it might be interesting to look at how their finances have been impacted, both in terms of the profit and loss account, but also the important cash flow statement.
For the purpose of illustrating the effect of the pandemic, I have looked at the Big Six Premier League clubs, comparing the numbers for the last two sets of published accounts (2019/20 and 2020/21) with those reported for the preceding two seasons (2017/18 and 2018/19).
Most fans will understandably focus on a club’s profit and loss account, particularly revenue and wages, but the cash flow statement will also incorporate the money spent on players and infrastructure, thus providing a more complete picture.
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