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Elections are on Saturday and I want to share a story that will explain why I am wholeheartedly campaigning for #AtikuObi2019

I attended the American University of Nigeria, Yola. Before you write me off as another rich kid I should let you know I was raised by a single mother.
When my mom wanted to put me in a university, she was too worried to send me abroad at 15 and frankly she couldn’t afford it. She hated the “glorified secondary schools” and she didn’t trust the federal school system.

I stayed at home a year until someone mentioned AUN.
Not only was the school fees cheaper than any foreign option, there was option of payment plans. A lot of middle class students attended my school.

It was the most reasonable, affordable choice for many of us.
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I want to tell you a story, one that APC supporters and sponsors doesn’t want you to remember or hear about.
This thread is for APC online and offline supporters, bots, and tyranny defenders.
It’s the story of a young man; Bukhari Bello Jega (Bless his soul) #Thread
Like many of you today Bukhari was a strong Buhari supporter, a critic of the GEJ admin; we read his tweets, Buharists RT’ed, like you see happening now.
He wanted change, and believed the Buhari “saint hard-man” posturing will bring the change.
We warned, just like we do now.
He encouraged Buhari even after swearing in, and promoted the little he did.
BTW, Buhari ordered selling of two jets, but none has been sold till date. So he was misled too.
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Met a noisy IPOB supporter.
I just asked him what the IPOB economic policy was and how IPOB planned to do international trade and safeguard the investment of SE people outside the SE if they made enemies of everyone around.

The idiot tried to dodge the question. I didn't let him
I made it clear to everyone in the bar that if IPOB had done ANY thinking on how to BUILD a Country , then there would be clear Economic and Regional-Planning Vision and Policies.

Everyone in the bar said it was true and asked him to answer. He had no clue.
He started ranting about The World Bank.

I told him that I had a degree in Economics and Google on my phone so he should be VERY SURE about anything he wants to say about the World Bank backing Biafra.

He just kept quiet and stopped talking. They are stupid people.
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You have seen that the Buhari Government has been strangely aggressive lately with challenging Allies in Europe and America.

Truth is that the International Community has lost confidence in Buhari and is worried about the impact of Nigeria's failure on Africa and World Security
Recent aggression by the Buhari camp is a fearful reaction to the high-level nature of Atiku Abubakar's US trip.

Atiku met with The Chairman of the US House Committee on Homeland Security.

He also met with The Chairman of the US House Subcommittee on Africa and Human Rights
Atiku met with Congressman Michael Mccaul.

Michael Thomas McCaul Sr. is the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Congressman Mccaul has publicly expressed concerns about Nigeria being a safe haven for Terrorist groups.

These are his views from 3 years ago.
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On #LGNWA...

Tuesday last week: Atiku Abubakar was in 5 States campaigning and consulting, (6 if you count abuja) came to Lagos on Tuesday night, held several consultative meetings that same night then woke up on Wednesday morning to an 8am strategy meeting.
At 10am that Wednesday, he had an economic interactive session with the business community then met with the creative industry leaders.

Same day, he had 5 interviews with leading international media houses - Reuters, BBC world, BBC Hausa, Bloomberg and Financial Times.
At 7pm same Wednesday, Atiku met with the Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter before flying out of Nigeria at 11.25pm, on a British Airways to London, enroute to Washington DC for various meetings with top officials in the US over the electoral process in Nigeria.
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Ordinarily, a visit to the US should not be an election issue as to warrant #AtikuInAmerica trending number 1 for almost 24 hours but for 2 crucial reasons - firstly, that we cannot but recall that some say Buhari could not visit America before the 2015 elections due to a ban.
Secondly, the APC produced a plagiarised manifesto it still didn't read and therefore decided to focus on inanities:

Oshiomhole said Atiku can only visit Dubai, Keyamo also said his own, #AtikuInAmerica is the deathblow to their campaign of inanities, from here on: ISSUES.
#AtikuInAmerica signals the end of a campaign of nonsense which APC has been happy to play - especially as Atiku isn't in America to be called lifeless, but to meaningfully engage stakeholders as the main opposition candidate and ensure they stand with Nigerians on Democracy.
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While it’s a relatively fun atmosphere that Atiku is in the US, we shouldn’t lose sight of the real problems at home.

We are still unsafe because Boko Haram has become stronger, armed bandits have ravaged states, and our soldiers aren’t catered for.
We heard Buhari himself dismiss the welfare of our soldiers when asked in a recent interview. It is important that we have a leader who assumes responsibility and had respect and admiration for his citizens.
The coming election is very important for us as a country. Removing Buhari establishes that we are powerful as citizens to vote out any leader who doesn’t meet our needs.

Atiku has been running a serious campaign on issues, rolling out his solutions as will be applied.
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Hanging out over the weekend with @GhenhisKhan, @stjudendukwe and @kamenchukso, we decided since we’re all in Abuja, we could go by road to visit @adeyanjudeji in Kano Prison where he’s being detained by the Buhari regime.

Yesterday morning we set out and did just that.
A few people know that Deji and I had fallen out here on Twitter a couple of times over perspectives on issues relating to PDP which he had left and which he then took to criticising publicly.

We had to agree with @MrStanleyNwabia’s intervention to block each other on twitter.
Visiting him yesterday, I was reminded of the solidarity we once shared and the continued love of country inspite of difference in approach - one thing no one can say about Deji is that he doesn’t love Nigeria, which is exactly why he dislikes Buhari and sometimes PDP.
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This thread 👇 contains VERBATIM clips from @GuardianNigeria editorial of August 30, 1985, three days after General Buhari’s govt was sacked by IBB & CO.

Looks like an editorial you'll read again after May 2019.


"It did not take long before the Buhari administration, so openly and so warmly received by Nigerians when it came to power, began to show it's true and frightful face. Soon enough, it became clear that his administration had a conception of government in which the governed..."
"...were regarded as a hostile, adversary force, and in which government was virtually an end in itself."
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When the Nigerian State is led by Divisive Leaders who forget that we are a Country of Nations and when they introduce Nepotism, it stirs up deep ethnic reactions to issues that cannot be faulted.

Nigeria belong to ALL OF US and that message is why we say #LGNWA with Atiku.
Kudos to @iamHSDickson for leadership on this matter and to the Niger Delta Govs for solidarity.

Gov. Obaseki of Edo wasn't at that meeting but I hope he understands as Gov. Ortom of Benue now does that Nepotism is beyond political party sentiment, it is a threat to ALL.
I hope that other ethnicities will seize this chance to make a case directly against Nepotism but I hope most that Nigerians will understand the stakes of February 16 more and vote out this Divisive Govt that will destroy Nigeria if we don't send them packing.
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This circulated last night on WhatsApp and I dismissed it; only to find this morning that it had gone far.

A check on the website link below produced the second screenshot - just few minutes ago and I’m actually worried about the implication of this.…
Basically, the APC took an American campaign document, copied it and pasted it as their #NextLevel manifesto for the 2019 elections.

This action is not only a disgrace but a confirmation that the APC has absolutely ZERO RESPECT for Nigeria and Nigerians.

APC is a party that doesn’t take governance seriously - how do you go and copy a manifesto from America as your #NextLevel plan for Nigeria?

They don’t take us seriously and Nigerians must take this as a confirmation of their attitude towards us, it is an attitude of disdain.
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“We need learning, financing and tools to compete with the world”

-Mustapha Chike-Obi first speaker at #OneOnOnewithPeterObi
Second speaker @atiku ‘s son Aminu Atiku. Smooth and concise.

“We can’t give what we don’t have... we have low quality leadership in Nigeria... I know, I was there”

Okwute Nigeria “The Rock of Nigeria”
Peter Obi himself

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