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Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Repeal of Cashless Debit Card and Other Measures) Bill 2022
Bit of an oops there. The no doc opt for people in the 4 original sites who have been forced CDC program out begins October 4th now.
Perin who? Again quoting Noel Pearson, who does not speak for ANYONE on the CDC, literally, anywhere. Noel is linked to the FRC region, and as ALP's amendments show, their concerns raised in Senate Inquiry have ALL been address. Perin is way behind the current reality.
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📌Sen. Malarndirri McCarthy ALP CDC Repeal Debate 26th Sept 2022:

#cashlessdebitcard #auspol #auspol2022 #induecard
A reminder for those who do not know how Income Management came to be in Australia - the LNP fraud of the intervention:…
Just as they are now, LNP lied to the entire country and got away with it. #NeverAgain, anyone - anywhere.
There can be no 'back ward step' in repealing a policy that should NEVER have begun in the first place.
Just as it was then, the ABC took a pivotal role in spreading the misinformation and lies to the general public, despite knowing the outcome of the ACC investigations.
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Colin & others are doing great work in exposing the truth behind gender ideology, but there is another ideology, that of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & AntiRacism, which already dominates the West & urgently also needs to be exposed for what it is.
Like gender ideology, it is Orwellian & moral-supremacist, going to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacy, on which it bases its spurious claims to moral authority & the power that comes with it:
It is based on a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazism & its antisemitism, all aspects of which it demonises, rather than trying to understand.

It represents a massive failure of social science academia going back to the end of WW2.
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Just wanted to share a few lesser-known facts about 1930s Germany which given the #CostOfLivingCrisis & a new PM, seem salient, taken predominantly from The Third Reich Trilogy by British historian Richard J. Evans, hailed as a "masterpiece of historical scholarship."
Evans produced the report into the writings of David Irving who had claimed he'd been defamed as a Holocaust denier. The report proved irrefutable: Irving had deliberately distorted & manipulated historical evidence to bring it in line with his prejudices. Irving lost the case.
Almost every day I see the tired old claim that because the Nazis had 'socialist' in their official party name, they *were* socialists - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the fact they imprisoned & executed socialists, union organisers & other left-wingers.
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#ML50 What was happening 50 years ago today, September 21, 1972. From the comprehensive timeline available in the #PhilippineDiaryProject:… ImageImageImageImage
Conclusion, what was happeniong 50 years ago today, September 21, 1972:… ImageImage
Here is a #PhilippineDiaryProject feature comparing and contrasting the two first person accounts of the establishment of the dictatorship:…
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I've learned plenty about how & why the Nazis came to power - issues of race & migration, a pervading sense of victimisation among nationalists, & a general lack of empathy were all exploited by the Nazis.

These conditions are present in Britain today.…
While Jews were of course the primary victims, the Nazis also targeted other groups for persecution & murder.

The Nazis claimed that Roma, people with disabilities, some Slavic peoples, & Black people were biologically inferior.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain…
The regime persecuted other groups because of politics, ideology, or behaviour, including Communists, Socialists, Union organisers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gay men, & people the Nazis called “asocials” & “professional criminals.”…
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Remembering The Lives Lost On 9/11

Let's #NeverForget the lives of innocent Muslims that were lost during the events that preceded #September11. Which had the very country that uses slogans like #NeverAgain for their own, but come up with heartless policies for the rest. Image
Iraq Sanctions In The 90s

"As many as 576,000 Iraqi CHILDREN may have died — because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization."…
Let's never forget Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright saying the lives lost in Iraq through these sanctions in the 90s was "worth it".
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That not a single UK print or broadcast national news media outlet has so far even mentioned that GB "News" presenter Neil Oliver last night interviewed someone who in 2016 described the #Holocuast as "a lie", is as chilling as it is mind-blowing.

WTAF happened to #NeverForget?
To its credit, the Jewish Chronicle has at least covered this story - but shamefully for UK journalism, it remains the only national "news" organisation to have done so.…
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This makes me sick to my stomach.

GB "News" is giving airtime to one of the most influential far-right voices in Europe, who until recently was denying the #Holocaust.

FFS @Ofcom, what will it take to reign in this dangerously irresponsible Channel?…
And of course this grotesque dangerous far-right freak is being amplified by Sophie Corcoran.

Whatever happened to #NeverForget & #NeverAgain?

This is horrific, & extremely dangerous.

British people should be appalled that GB "News" is shamelessly platforming the far-right.
Peter Imanuelsen, aka Peter Sweden, is a far-right British national, a conspiracy theorist & a "xenophobic pseudo-journalist who has denied the #Holocaust, called the moon landing a “hoax,” & suggested that #LGBTQ people be sent to camps."

FFS @Ofcom.…
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Like so many others, I'm extremely concerned about the future of our country - and of the planet.

A handful of sociopathic mainly US & UK based elites are deliberately stoking polarisation, which is destroying democracy, societies, trust, hope, & the environment.
Democracy is being sorely tested, & while we just about scraped through the 2008 crash, caused directly be under-regulated capitalism, we all know what happened the previous time there was widespread economic turmoil across the western world.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain
I despise the fact that a handful of wealthy sociopathic elites are using the fascist playbook & their global network of billionaire-funded media & think tanks to deliberately undermine our (highly imperfect) democracy, destroy the welfare state, & divide ordinary decent people.
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Thread: Thoughts and reflections of a (proudly) EX Cult 45 adherent after the historic 8/8/22 FBI search at Mar-a-lago.

There's a bunch of interviews and other info that helped me understand what the hell happened to the US between 2015 and 2022.

Here are some of them.
I chose the above photo because we must #NeverForget the Holocaust, so it will be #NeverAgain.

The aftermath of the 10/27/18 killing of 11 innocent people at the Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh told us a lot about T**** and his inner circle then, and now.
No one in American history has done more than T**** to encourage antisemitism, terrorism, and the downfall of the republic itself. Yet he was welcomed to Pittsburgh by the rabbi of that synagogue. I defended the visit, and will never stop apologizing for that. Mea culpa.
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Dominic Raab is planning to curb judges’ powers in a move likely to make it harder to bring successful legal challenges against the government in England & Wales.

If it acts exactly like a fascist, it probably is a fascist.…
The UK Government's barbaric Rwanda plan is eerily reminiscent of the Madagascar Plan, proposed by the Nazi Government in 1940 - a plan to forcibly relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar.

If it looks exactly like fascism, it probably is a fascism.
It could never happen here, right?

Surely the British people would never tolerate any UK Govt joining forces with actual neo-Nazis across Europe, let alone actually introducing explicitly discriminatory laws.

If it precisely resembles fascism, it's almost certainly fascism.
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In an interview with the program Jung&Naiv, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrey #Melnyk has once again defended the Ukrainian fascist, anti-Semite & Nazi collaborationist Stepan #Bandera. This comes as no surprise. Melnyk is a known Bandera admirer. 1/
This time, however, Melnyk went even further than usual. He not only praised #Bandera as a "freedom fighter," but denied that OUN units Bandera commanded carried out mass murder, saying: "There is no evidence that Bandera troops murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews." 2/
#Melnyk's statements are on the level of Holocaust deniers. The Banderites’ involvement in pogroms, in mass shootings of Jews, and in the Nazi war of extermination against the Soviet Union is an incontrovertible historical fact. 3/
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Please take the time to do this. These bills make @StateDept use diplomatic measures to end the impunity for human rights violations and genocide in Ethiopia.

Our status quo of protecting authoritarian regimes over the basic human rights of the people must end./1
This needs to change, right now, before it is too late to stop the #TigrayGenocide. The peace process is proceeding at a glacial pace AND humanitarian aid is on the table because the @_AfricanUnion, @UN, and @StateDept have all stuck to appeasement.

The US tolerance for genocide is a driver of genocide all over the world. Read "A Problem from Hell" by @PowerUSAID to see every case where those responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the past 50 years figured out that US backlash was not going to be an issue.
/3 Image
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“That could be their vehicle to impose a NATIONWIDE BAN on abortion—on the order of the U.S. Supreme Court… They will now wield [power] however they want…to change the country however they want without restriction, and you must do what they say.”@maddow

“What makes people think that this radical conservative Supreme Court…would allow Congressional law protecting #RoeVWade? I’ll tell you the answer: THEY WON’T…as long as we let these 6 conservative theocrats control our country…”
@ElieNYC @TiffanyDCross
“[Ben Wattenberg 1987 book says] ‘60% of fetuses that are aborted every year are white. If we could keep that 60% alive, that would solve our birth dearth.’ Does that sound like racism to you? And if it doesn’t, I want to know why it doesn’t.”
Jane Elliott
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Jesus wept.
He's been 'ordained' into something called the 'Free Church of England'. There's very little information about it, but this came up. 😬
So, following a little bit of digging, I've found something interesting & revealing.

The 'Free Church of England' came to the public's attention in 2010 with the case of Shirley Chaplin - a Christian nurse who was moved to a desk job after refusing to remove her crucifix.
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They told us to snitch on our family and friends if they gathered in secret against lockdown rules, Charles.
We arrested and assaulted young adults playing sports outdoors. And, it was done in front of children, who recorded it.…
We had to leave our loved ones to die alone in long-term care and hold funerals over video chats.…
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“Dr. Eastman and President* Trump launched a campaign to overturn a democratic election, an action unprecedented in American history. Their campaign was…a coup in search of a legal theory.”
Judge David Carter 3/28/22

#TrumpCoupAttempt #January6thHearings:
“I've lost my name [and] sense of security—all because a group of people…scapegoat[ed] me and my daughter Shaye, to push their lies about how the Presidential election was stolen.”
Ruby Freeman, former Georgia election worker
#LadyRuby #January6thHearings:
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London's mayor & the deluded, eminent British journalist, #OrwellPrize winner & militant #AntiRacist, #DavidAaronovitch are both committed to the #GreatReplacement of Native Britons with migrants & asylum seekers of colour, of which there is an endless supply.
That #SadiqKhan wants the #GreatReplacement to proceed as quickly as possible, I can understand, but that @DAaronovitch - himself a Native Briton - should want this too is puzzling, until you realise that he is driven by an ideology, just as his communist parents were.
What is this ideology?

It is a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response of the evils of Nazism, which goes to oppose & equally insane extremes. It goes under the name(s) of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & AntiRacism, & the purpose it serves is this: Image
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Yesterday I was on a beach. A beautiful beach with my family when I got alerted to this nasty tweet.
A photo I'd tweeted of incredible women I'm proud to fight antisemitism with,
@JudithOrnstein @GillianLazarus @nicolelampert had been consigned to conspiracy theory.
So while I'm here with family, having a break I badly need, I'm reminded that those of us who fight antisemitism never really get a break.
The antisemitism never goes away. It never takes a day off.
Sometimes you ARE fighting it on a beach.
The idea my dear brave friends and I did anything other than combat hatred towards Jews is absurd, but antisemitism is both deeply dangerous and totally absurd.
My life has forever been changed for the better for combating it.
Love you ladies.
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Given the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail's support for the neofascist #Rwanda plan, here's a thread about Left-hating Harold Harmsworth - 1st Lord Rothermere, owner of the Mail - specifically his vocal support for both Hitler, & Mosley's British Union of #Fascists.
Devised in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (Viscount Northcliffe) & his brother Harold (Lord Rothermere), the Mail has campaigned against Unions & the Left, & against all women & most working-class men being given the vote.

By 1930, they owned 14 national daily & Sunday newspapers.
Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler.

According to James Pool, author of 'Who Financed Hitler': "Shortly after the Nazis' sweeping victory in the election of September 14, 1930, Rothermere went to Munich to have a long talk with Hitler."
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“President* Trump…followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani—to just claim he won and insist the vote counting stop. To falsely claim that everything was fraudulent… Millions of Americans believed him.”

“The Trump campaign knew these claims of voter fraud were false; yet, they continued to barrage small dollar donors, encouraging them to donate to ‘The Official Election Defense Fund.’ @January6thCmte discovered NO SUCH FUND EXISTED.”

“I said to him: ‘Are you out of your f—ing mind?’ I said, ‘I only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on: ORDERLY TRANSITION.’”
White House lawyer Eric Herschmann to John Eastman 1/7/21

@AccountableGOP 🐼 #January6thCommitteeHearings:
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OTD in 1941 Soviets started forcibly deporting 50,000 of the Baltic people we had ‘liberated from fascism’. 60% died. 75% were women & kids

Imagine that happening today, the Bundeskanzler knows and does nothing.. #NeverAgain
Soviet forces had been ‘invited’ into the Baltic countries as a result of absolutely nothing to do with our first treaty with Nazis that totally didn’t have a secret clause. We’re the legal successor state to USSR, we don’t consider this to have been a crime..
We genuinely pretend we don’t understand why NATO is so popular, we whine when statues to the people who did this are removed and all my trolls are morons.
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“I made it clear I did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen…which I told [Donald Trump] was bullshit… The incumbent [cannot] stay in power based on its view unsupported by specific evidence there was fraud in the election.” Bill Barr
#January6thCommittee: “Did that affect your perspective about the election when Attorney General Barr made that statement?”

Ivanka Trump: “It affected my perspective. I respect Attorney General Barr, so I accepted what he was saying.”

“Any legal jargon you hear about seditious conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the United States — all boils down to this: January 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup.”
Bennie Thompson

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