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Every time I see displays of racism towards Black people in the news, I think to myself: “I’m Jewish, so I understand. We had the Holocaust, they had slavery. There’s no way I’m racist. Or privileged.” Right? Wrong. And here’s the difference...
While we both may have been discriminated against in the past, it doesn’t mean our experiences are the same now, or that we “know what they’re going through.” I’m Jewish, but I look pretty white, so if I get pulled over by a cop for my driving, you know what I’m worried about?
I’m worried about the cop writing me a ticket, and what it’s going to cost me. Want me to be more honest? I’m also wondering if I can flirt my way out of the ticket. That’s privilege. Want to know what black people worry about when they get pulled over by a cop?... EXACTLY.
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1. 🇺🇸 The future of our Republic is at stake.
Survival as a Nation.
We Rise or We Die.
We, the People.

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Today, it is 33 years since #HashimpuraMassacre, largest number of victims killed in custody of modern India

On 22nd May 1987, 42 Muslim youths from Hashimpura, Meerut, UP were shot in cold blood & their bodies dumped in a nearby irrigation canal by PAC

On the night of May 22, 1987, about 45 Muslim men from Hashimpura, a settlement in Meerut, were rounded up and packed into the rear of a truck of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). (Source: Praveen Jain)
Forty-two of those on board the truck that May night in 1987 were killed in two massacres in neighbouring Ghaziabad district. (Source: Praveen Jain)
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The American people are beginning to wake up. Thank God!


#MAGA #QAnon 🇺🇸
The last pillar of the [Deepstate], the media, is collapsing at long last!!

Never again will we be so foolish to permit some centralized "news" source to govern over us. #NeverAgain

Now that media is collapsing, what’s next?

Well, the media is [Their] last line of…
…defence so I’d say they’re screwed once it’s taken out.

Arrests, indictments, subpoenas, etc etc etc coming soon!

We have AMPLE evidence on quite literally every corrupt/sick individual associated.

Lady Justice has her sword once again! Justice will be served. ⚖️
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This thing is becoming stale. You cannot rewrite history, Jonathan was the President between 2010 & 2015. @chukaobi should stop rewriting what is already cast.

There was a GLOBAL OIL BOOM, & Jonathan was the President then. 2010 - 2014
Here's the history you are fighting hard to rewrite in year 2020.
Year high Year low
2010 $91.46 $64.78
2011 $113.39 $75.40
2012 $109.39 $77.72
2013 $110.62 $86.65
2014 $107.95 $53.45

2.2 Barrel/day
Was there a GLOBAL OIL BOOM when Jonathan was the President? YES, it didn't just happen in Nigeria alone.
OPEC Nations experienced it, OPEC Nations had SAVINGS, except Nigeria whose saving was further DEPLETED without any tangible project to justify such under Jonathan. Disaster!
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In this interview, Korina Sanchez tells Rappler's @mariaressa what it felt like to watch as ABS-CBN went off-air two days after #WorldPressFreedomDay. #DefendPressFreedom

Handa na ba kayo? Watch #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Korina begins with a disclaimer: Whatever I say, whatever my opinions are… these are not reflective of the corporate stand of ABS-CBN.

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Sanchez: I'm not really surprised. I'm not in disbelief. I mean, we live in times where world leader can actually say you can gulp down Lysol... to kill COVID-19, right?

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
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This 17-year-old girl chose to die rather than accept Socialism and name her anti-Nazi associates in February of 1943. Every kid in the USA should see this photo and be taught about this girl's fate and the choices she made.
2) Her answer to the Nazi Socialists who offered to free her and not hang her if she gave up the names of her fellow fighters was, “You will know them when they come to avenge me."

▪︎ First came economic collapse in the 1920's.
3) ▪︎ Then came the rise of Socialism on a national model.

▪︎ Then began oppression of those they deemed the cause of the economic collapse.
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1/ 75 years ago today, US forces liberated #Dachau concentration camp. My maternal grandfather #DavidMaxEichhorn, a Jewish Chaplain, was there. I will spend next week documenting from contemporaneous reports what he saw & did.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain…
2/Time Magazine reporter Sidney Olsen (1908-1995) was with US troops at liberation. Olson’s account of the horrific conditions at #Dachau was part of the most graphic coverage of the war to date. His family hopes to turn his writings into a book.…
3/Some info on my grandfather. Born in 1906 in Columbia, PA. His parents were both emigrees from Germany who came to US in 1890s. Ordained as Rabbi from Hebrew Union College (@HUCJIR) in 1931. Went to MA & then AR.

His maternal uncle was killed by Nazis in #Dachau.
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Today marks 75 years since the liberation of the first Nazi concentration camp, Dachau, by US forces in the closing days of World War Two. #Dachau #Dachau75 #OTD #NeverAgain
Prior to the liberation of Dachau, Soviet troops had discovered extermination and concentration camps as early as mid-1944. British and Canadian forces entered Bergen-Belsen, in Saxony, and liberated it on the 15th of April 1945.
Dachau is significant, as I've noted in the video, as it was established just days after Hitler took power. Almost immediately, prominent socialists, dissidents and 'asocials' were rounded up for 'Schutzhaft' or 'protective custody'.
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This man's wife and 3 little children were gassed in Auschwitz. So were his parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends & neighbors – his entire world. He remarried my grandmother who gave birth to my mother. This was my Zayde, Shloima Yankov Weiss.

His wife, my maternal Bubbe, Chana Yittel. Together they had 5 children, 30 grandchildren and many, many great- & great-great-grandchildren. They rebuilt from the ashes.

Bubbe died when I was a baby. Zayde died soon after — from heartbreak, my mother says.
He was a disciplined man who rarely shared the horrors he witnessed. A lifelong baker, he'd wake at the crack of dawn to fire up ovens and knead his sorrows into bread & babka.

He was a kind, pious man who showered his children with love.

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Tonight at sundown, #YomHaShoah begins.

Yom HaShoah is the Day of Remembrance for the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust.

As a child in France, my father survived the Holocaust. Millions of Jews - including many members of my family - did not.
As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, the phrases #NeverForget and #NeverAgain have always been a part of my life.
As we get further from the end of the Holocaust, and as fewer survivors remain to share their stories, many fear that the world will forget what happened and that tragedies driven by hatred will unfold, again.

The need to remember what happened is stronger than ever.
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🔥 Thread about China, ABC, Fake News and Coronavirus.
Is ABC news lying, let's discuss...

ABC news had an explosive story last week: "Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources"
Did ABC do any vetting of their explosive story?

"If reading a story in several different news outlets makes a story true, this story was true" Theo Dalrymple

Lets look into this story, i'm quoting from the article:
"Analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event," a SOURCE said
"...according to four SOURCES briefed on the secret reporting"
"...according to two officials FAMILIAR with the document’s contents"
" of the SOURCES said of the NCMI’s report"
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🚨 Remember the good ole days when the media at least pretended to care about the plight of our Uighur brothers and sisters?…
Remember when #NeverAgain was a thing?…
Remember when harvesting organs was something that mattered?…
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800 odd pages, but this Labour #Antisemitism report is dynamite stuff.
There's going to be a lot of red faces in Labour, now this is public.
I'm only scanning & it's mindblowing.
Man, I'm only 40 odd pages in & this has me in stitches.
Check this report out, it's explosive.
This row is only starting...... 😂
Simon Jackson, Director of Policy & Research in @UKLabour, regarding a potential snap election....
"Ultimately though, who votes for JC?
If it's a choice btwn him & TMay how do WE vote for him??
I mean we're not fucking mad"
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(1) Was reading tweets about the Twitter suspension of a perfectly fine American war veteran & MD for "wrongthink" when I noticed this account pretending not to be an antisemitic white supremacist. (They're not always both.)

Learn the signs, then block (or mute to annoy them.)
(2) If you're new to reading HW aka @godlessnz then you might not realize how virulently anti antisemitism I am.

I'm not Jewish, I've hardly met any of the 7k or so Kiwi Jews, & I've never lived in Israel or the USA.

But I'm on a mission to find & expose antisemitism.
(3) I'd bet good money that most Kiwis falsely believe President Trump is antisemitic. The actual antisemitic filth that steals oxygen from us every day hate Trump more than the NZ left does. The killer from 15 March 2019 was an example.

They hate him for NOT being antisemitic.
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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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BREAKING: Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey!

The detention centers must be emptied before they turn into death camps. ICE won’t do it; only Governors have the emergency powers to save these lives. ACT @GovMurphy
@GovMurphy Inside this detention center, immigrants are on hunger strike because it’s the only tool they have to push for release, before it’s too late.

We’re outside making as much noise as we can. We want the people inside to know they’re not alone, & we need @GovMurphy to hear us!
@GovMurphy To stop detention centers from turning into death camps, we need actions like these to happen ASAP all over the country.


ORGANIZE: If you think you can turn out 10 cars of people to a detention center or state capitol near you, DM us!
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2015 till date, Nigeria's LEADERSHIP/GOVERNANCE BAR has been so LOWERED, that it has become imperative for the COWERY UDULATION "SAI BABA" to be EXPUNGED from Nigeria's Political Lexicon.
2/ Born March 5, 1937, in 1999, when former President Olusegun Obasanjo, became Nigeria's democratically elected President, he was already 62. The world over, including the U.S., at 60, you're a Senior Citizen. Thus, "BABA" crept into Nigeria's Modern Political Lexicon, in 1999.
3/ I believe in the biblical command which preaches RESPECT FOR ELDERS. I also believe in the aphorism that says RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL. But you see this word "BABA" has been so bastardised in Nigeria's Political Firmament, particularly, when a NIGERIAN PRESIDENT is called BABA.
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Today, it is 18 years since the #Gujarat2002 Pogrom/Genocide, began with a 3 day period of planned violence which continued for a year.

Officially 1,044 dead, 223 missing & 2,500 injured, CCT estimated 1,926 killed, Other sources estimated 2,000 plus.


Following the initial outbreak of violence of three days, there were further outbreaks of violence in Ahmedabad for three months; statewide, there were further outbreaks of violence against the minority Muslim population for the next year.

According to official figures, the riots ended with 1,044 dead, 223 missing & 2,500 injured. Of the dead, 790 were Muslim & 254 Hindu.

CCT estimated 1,926 & other sources estimated 2,000+

Many brutal killings & rapes were reported & widespread looting & destruction of property
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Y’all wanna refuse to accept a fascist America? Here’s a thread from our new Statement of Conscience. #TrumpPenceOutNow #OutNow
Silent No More, We Say:
The hour is late. For over three years, the Trump/Pence regime has brought an unrelenting barrage of insult, injury, and atrocity, with catastrophic consequences for all humanity. #TrumpPenceOutNow
There are times in history when a people must reach deep into their collective conscience and act with unprecedented moral courage to stop the crimes of their government.
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Today, it is 37 years since the #NellieMassacre, one of the darkest chapters in history of Independent India

On 18th February 1983, Officially 3,000 (over 10,000 in unofficial estimates) Muslims were massacred in Assam during a six-hour period of mayhem

The massacre claimed lives of 3000 Muslims (10,000 unofficial ) from 14 villages—Alisingha, Khulapathar, Basundhari, Bugduba Beel, Bugduba Habi, Borjola, Butuni, Dongabori,Indurmari, Mati Parbat, Muladhari, Mati Parbat no. 8, Silbheta, Borburi and Nelli-of Nagaon district, Assam.
#NellieMassacre has been described as one of the worst pogroms since World War II.

A documentary, "What the Fields Remember", has been directed by Subasri Krishnan @subzburz

Replug of a insightful article on #NellieMassacre by @harsh_mander…
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Today, it is 37 years since the #NellieMassacre, one of the darkest chapters in history of Independent India.

On 18th February 1983, Officially 3,000 (over 10,000 in unofficial estimates) Muslims were massacred in Assam during a six-hour period

The massacre claimed lives of 3000 Muslims (10,000 unofficial ) from 14 villages—Alisingha, Khulapathar, Basundhari, Bugduba Beel, Bugduba Habi, Borjola, Butuni, Dongabori,Indurmari, Mati Parbat, Muladhari, Mati Parbat no. 8, Silbheta, Borburi and Nelli-of Nagaon district, Assam.
#NellieMassacre has been described as one of the worst pogroms since World War II.

A documentary, "What the Fields Remember", has been produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust.

Replug of a insightful article on #NellieMassacre by @harsh_mander…
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1. #QAnon "Done in 30". January 30, 2020, we are now at "Impeachment end". The ploy to send new Article(s) to the Senate to delay "Boomerang"s with a "perfect" State of the Union. #Q
2. #QAnon “And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” #Q #Q #deepdream #deepdreams
3. #QAnon Graham says if there is even "a scintilla" of evidence that Biden could've laundered his family's enrichment from the public trust via Burisma, then POTUS' concerns were (obviously) indeed in the public interest! #Q
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I visited Dachau the summer between junior/senior year. I was struck by how ordinary it was; I then realized the quotidian presence is what made it such an evil place. I felt the horror intellectually, emotionally, and viscerally.

I returned to CONUS and my summer
job at a liquor market. One of my tasks was to deliver wine & booze for parties. I had a large delivery for a wedding in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. It was a Jewish wedding and the bride’s grandfather took delivery of the order. He insisted in helping unload the truck, and that’s when
I noticed his left forearm had a linear tattoo. When I got a closer look, it was a six digit number. He must have noticed the sick feeling I had and told me he was sent to Auschwitz in 1941. I told him I had toured Dachau the previous week during my trip to West Germany.
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