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On September 21, 1972, #PH #democracy was still functioning.

Martial Law (Proc. No. 1081, w/ Gen. Orders, Letters of Instruction, etc) may have been postdated to Sept. 21 but that doesn't mean it came into effect on that day. That is a Marcosian LIE.

THREAD. #NeverAgain Image
#OnThisDay in 1972, there was a huge rally held at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo led by the Movement for Concerned Citizens for Civil Liberties. Headed by Sen. Jose W. Diokno & the National Press Club, it grew to 30,000 the next day. Image
At the same time, Congress was holding its last session in Congress before adjournment. And this was key to why Marcos chose September 21 as the date of the declaration of Martial Law. ImageImage
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The barbaric Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill has passed its final reading & is awaiting consideration by the House of Lords.

It contains new limits on the right to protest, sweeping new police powers, the criminalisation of Travellers & increased stop & search powers.
Damage to memorials, such as the statue of slave trader Edward Colston, could mean 10 years in prison - longer than many rape sentences.

The Bill is an unacceptable extension of police & state powers, & attacks the fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly & the right to protest.
If you STILL can't see the *crystal clear* historical parallels, you're either blind, or in denial.

Or you simply just don't care.


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I see we've reached the 'racism is justified against black people & travellers because laws' stage of the Tory regime.

Reminds me of something we did in History at school - can't quite put my finger on it... 🙋‍♂️
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43 floating bodies on Tekeze river attracted huge international attention and Amhara forces have started dumping bodies elsewhere. Quotes from article ⬇️ #TigrayGenocide #TigrayMassArrest #HumeraMassacre #Justice4TigraysWomenandGirls #AllowAccessToTigray…
“Elderly people, children & pregnant women have all been taken to several detention centres and three different warehouses across the city, which have been turned into makeshift ‘concentration camps’, survivors said.” #TigrayMassArrest #TigrayGenocide
“imagery analysis by Vigil Monitor (previously DX Open Network), an atrocity early warning & detection research organisation based in the UK, shows that ethnic Amhara forces & allied Ethiopian troops have been at all the centres for the past few months.”
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Bharat is not a Dharamshala.The priority must be to save Indic communities. It has to & must look out for itself first. It can't endanger its already precarious demographic balance to please the gallery & win empty humanitarian accolades. It can provide material aid & that's all.
Here's is an interesting exchange from Shri Chandraprakash Dwivedi's Chanakya on accommodating refugees citing "athithi devo bhava" because the problem is they won't be merely athithis for long -
Americans & Pakistanis have created this mess in Afghanistan. It is for them to clean it up,not Bharat.Demographic inversion is already a reality in several parts of Bharat & the Indian State shudnt worsen this situation. Only Indic communities are an exception to this position.
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According to #Israel Prime Minister’s fascist speech this evening, the unvaccinated are the disease. We are the reason for all the problems (1 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
It was less than 80 years ago.
How quickly we have forgotten.
We said “never again”
@naftalibennett, shame on you.

#Scapegoating #Vazi #Propaganda (2 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
If you know the history, the comparisons are clear to see.

We, Israeli Jews, know our history.
(3 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
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America was founded on #WhiteIdentity (see 1790 Naturalisation Act), because the founders knew it would be difficult enough forging a nation from different European peoples (incl. Ashkenazi Jews) of the same race, & that trying to include other races was a no-no. Image
So why is the #ADL going against the wisdom of the Founders in promoting non-White, i.e. non-European, immigration to America & to the #WhiteWest in general?

They are not just promoting it, but demonising anyone who opposes it as a RACIST.
The answer to my question lies in a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazism & the Holocaust. A response which the ADL is especially active in promoting.
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Hamas fire 4300 missiles from within civilian areas onto Israeli civilians & Israel is cowardly?

Recruit child soldiers!

How brave & moral!
Hamas hide behind children as human shields & send them to die digging terror tunnels that come up into Jewish kindergartens; or where their leaders hide like rats!

5 yr IDO murdered by a rocket 🚀 The following day Hamas fired rockets at Ido’s funeral! How brave!
Palestinian genocidal antisemitic terrorism based on Nazi ideology.

1941-45 Pro-Nazi Haj Amin al-Husseini planned extermination of Jews with Himmler & Eichmann. Ordered Bosnian Muslims to join Waffen SS.
Send Jewish children at Drancy & Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz!
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What do you think about:

HAMAS : outlawed antisemitic terrorist

HEZBOLLAH: outlawed antisemitic terrorist

ISLAMIC JIHAD: terrorist org

PFLP: outlawed terrorist

PLO: murderous terrorists

BLACK SEPTEMBER: murdering & sexual mutalating 11 Israeli athletes

& others
Lovely people!
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King David Hotel was a BRITISH MILITARY BASE!

Britain had effectively declared war on the Jews:

1. Prevented Jewish immigration while allowing illegal Arab immigration - a breach of their 1922 Mandate.

2. Britain refused Jewish refugees The Struma sank on 23 Febru...
fleeing Nazi Europe to land in what would become their homeland.
MI6 agents were ordered to SINK refugee ships carrying Jews. The Struma sank with over 700 lives lost.

3. King David Hotel was commandeered by British army as a military base. The Jewish resistance telephoned the SS Patria sank the port of ...
British THREE times. Each time the arrogant British did not take any notice. The Jewish resistance had no intention of causing casualties, but this was typical antisemitic behaviour by the British.

4. It was only when the documents were recently opened did the true facts emerge. Image
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#WhiteSelfGenocide #Ecocide & #ClimateChange are all expressions of #CivilisationalSuicide, which the historian A J Toynbee observed ALL successful civilisations ultimately commit.

If we want to prevent any one of these, we must understand their common, underlying, cause.
I don’t think #AJToynbee recognised the underlying cause of civilisational suicide, but I do.

It’s a consequence of civilisation itself perverting & corrupting evolved human nature, which was adapted to serve a tribal society’s long-term survival. A tribal society now long gone. Image
The primary purpose of the state is to facilitate a society’s self-exploitation, to the personal advantage of its elites & favoured clients, which, decisively, includes the very academics we look to as authorities on understanding society & the state.
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It has been 465 days (12th March 2020) since many Care homes locked their doors - that is 66 weeks or 11,160 hours during that time so much has happened, so many lost, and still so many denied the basic human right to family life #rightsforresidents
There have been 425 publications/guidance issued by the government for all care settings (including care at home/assisted living/chc) of those 188 relate directly to Care Homes and 19 to 'guidance' on visiting #rightsforresidents
According to @ONS between 20/3/2020 and 02/04/2021 (figures released 11/05/2021) 173,974 people have died in care homes in England and Wales. The vast majority of these, our loved ones, with minimal family contact, sometimes none #rightsforresidents
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DIVERSITY is Orwellian newspeak for #RacialMixing, a global #MeltingPot, the destroyer of genuine human diversity, which is a product of pre-modern #NaturalSegregation.

It's a moral-supremacist ideology, which goes to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity.
It began as a well-intentioned, but misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazism & its criminally insane "racial ideology", which conflated race & ethnicity. Ashkenazi Jews are not a different race from other Europeans, but belong to the same, White, race.
However, the trauma Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis caused many to deny & despise their own race, which, spreading from academia & institutions like the BBC & @thetimes, in Britain, has become a major self-destructive cultural element in Western civilisation.
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ONE gigantic error was responsible for this tragedy, as it was for the 1000s of vulnerable girls sexually abused by grooming gangs, but to speak its name is taboo, i.e. RACIST.

Its name is DIVERSITY, which #BigBrother has been imposing on us for decades.…
BigBro & his minions want us to believe that anyone criticising DIVERSITY is inciting xenophobia & racial hatred, which is how they have succeeded in suppressing virtually all opposition to it. Remember #EnochPowell?
Enoch Powell was the most eminent political figure demonised as a RACIST for opposing the madness of mass immigration & DIVERSITY. But the madness, the method to which I elaborate on below, continues to this day.
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Anyone, in America especially, expressing a sense of #WhiteIdentity is smeared as a White supremacist.
To equate White identity with White supremacy is insane. We don't equate Black or Jewish Identity with Black or Jewish supremacy (notwithstanding that some Black & Jewish supremacists exist), but for some reason White identity is taboo & it is important to understand why.
It does have to do with the Nazis having been White, & with not just Jewish trauma at their hands, but they were NOT White supremacists. Far from it, the Nazis were Germano-ethno-supremacists, the vast majority of whose victims were also White.
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Background - The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region has a population of +/-20m. 8m are Uyghurs...
Since China’s occupation of East Turkistan in 1949 the CCP has been relentlessly destroying Uyghur culture and religion...
An investigation documented camps = program of subjugation. Since the start of 2017, 28 facilities have expanded their footprint by more than 2m sq. meters.

China at first denied, then retrospectively legalized/ began a propaganda rewrite, making the camps job training centers.
In China, Islamophobia is institutionalized. It is “VIRTUE“. Their expressions of it on social media have made them foremost purveyor of anti-Islamic ideology. This, in turn, has translated into broad support for China’s intensifying oppression of Muslims
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8th March this year saw a long awaited changed in guidance for all - but esp for those in Care Homes, the big change- #Essentialcaregiver was mentioned and one named visitor allowed indoors and to hold hands (everyone else could meet in groups of 6 outside) #rfr
Screens/pods still mentioned for outdoor visits for more than one person, but this time more homes did open up. There was testing, PPE, time restrictions and supervision - some things mentioned in the guidance, others not but made up by local authorities or care groups. #rfr
Essential Care Giver did and still does seem to allude most people/care groups. We joined forces with @relresuk @NCFCareForum and @JohnCampaign to put in place some useful guidelines, sadly still needed& we need @CareQualityComm to enforce this… #rfr
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Wer den Terror der Hamas gegen die Menschen in Israel & Gaza beendet wissen will, muss endlich diejenigen bestrafen, die den antisemitischen Krieg finanzieren & mit Waffen(design)lieferungen überhaupt erst ermöglichen:

Die Eliten im Iran!

Gegen das #AppeasementausDeutschland! ImageImage
Die iranischen Führer und Propagandisten sprechen es stolz und offen aus:

Sie wollen die Menschen in Israel mit allen Mitteln vernichten.

Es geht ihnen nicht um ein mündiges, freies & vernünftiges Leben für die Muslime in der Region, sondern um den antisemitischen Massenmord… ImageImageImageImage
Die Propaganda des djihadistischen Regimes im Iran artikuliert die antisemitische Vernichtungsideologie offen und systematisch im Staatsfernsehen.

Regelmäßig werden Raketenangriffe auf Israel in Videos simuliert bzw. Terror von Hamas & Co. glorifiziert.…
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Rwanda, the NST-1 and the ENEMY Within!
(parts of this thread are a personal experience, with evidences)

Rwanda then
Rwanda now
Rwanda tomorrow 2017-2024
A disturbing socio-cultural factor(s) to achieve NST-1
Recommendation to my fellow Umunyarwanda.

A Thread.
Paul Kagame beginning in 1990, as commander of the forces of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), led the struggle to liberate Rwanda. The RPF halted the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, which claimed over a million victims. The hallmarks of President Kagame’s administration...1
...are peace and reconciliation, women’s empowerment, promotion of investment and entrepreneurship, and access to information technology.

Less than 40days ago, graves were dug up to reveal victims of the genocide, in Nyabihu district, less than 10KM from where I sit to write...2
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1/n This thread is not about Medicine, Science or Lung Disease. It’s about what you should ask when when you hear about another cycle of violence in #IsraelPalestine. Written in #Solidarity with the Jews & Arabs who today stand together against racism & hate #TrueHeroes
2/n When people speak about “country x’s right to defend itself” - what you should ask, does the leadership of country x have the right to provoke violence? and do the actions taken really constitute defense or serve another agenda? #KnowWhatToAsk #IsraelPalestine
3/n When they say but “look at the violence in the streets by the minority ” - what you should ask, is what has been done to the minority , how many have been dispossessed, killed without recourse, disenfranchised and for how long? #IsraelPalestine #EndTheOppression
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The Nazis made an extremely ugly issue of RACE, which they confused with ETHNICITY. Ashkenazi Jews & Slavs are not a different race from Germans, but comprise a single, White, European, race, which includes many different ethnicities.
In pathological overreaction to this Nazi madness, traumatised Jewish academics & others went to the opposite but equally insane extreme of denying the reality of race altogether, while demonising human tribalism, which is very sensitive to racial & ethnic differences.
This initial response to the evils of Nazism was born of trauma & understandable. It was also a well-intended, but misconceived, #NeverAgain response, which was sized upon by #BigBrother & his minions as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.
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My Bar Mitzvah was on Yom Hashoah, 27 years ago. We put photos of Wiklers killed in the Holocaust into the program. Today and every day, let's resolve to fight against anti-Semitism, genocide, and hate in all its forms—and celebrate those who resist. #NeverAgain
The six million. The millions of others. The wounds, visible and invisible, in those who survived, and their progeny. We can never forget—and we must ensure no future generation can forget, lest history repeat.
On Yom Hashoah, we also celebrate the heroism and resilience of those who fought back. The uprisings, the unrecorded acts of resistance; all those who fought, in and out of uniform.
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#ProtectTheKids #LebenRetten #harterLockdownJetzt #YesToNoCovid #SchulenKitasBuerosZu #SchwereSchuld

Endlich wird klar wo die Verhinderer sitzen....
Danke @spdde ,
nach der Beweihräucherung bei #Lanz Borjans
zum 20. Jahrestag von #HartzIV
nennt man das wirklich

Aber vor allem am Feiertag JomHschoa ,
ein zynisches und menschenverachtendes Beispiel warum wir Deutschen #NeverAgain wirklich verinnerlichen müssen.
Die Welt wird nicht bedroht von den Menschen, die böse sind, sondern von denen, die das Böse zulassen.
Albert Einstein *1879 †1955

Hoffentlich begreifen das Alle!

#Infektionsschutzgesetz #Neuinfektionen

Frau Merkel, nun übernehmen Sie bitte!
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