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The initiators of this #AntiRacist ideology were primarily traumatised Jews with their resolution of #NeverAgain.

It's a classic example of good intentions paving the way to hell, & all the more efficiently, because Jews lean Right as well as Left, so its not just a L/R thing.
To be clear: I'm not blaming Jews for this anti-racist ideology, which was an understandable response to the trauma they had suffered at the hands of the Nazis & their criminally insane racial ideology. But it IS misconceived & will have the opposite effect to that intended.
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#TodayinHistory in 1972, Pres Ferdinand Marcos had NOT YET declared Martial Law. Democracy was still alive. Martial Law was only implemented at 8:00 pm on Sept 22 & announced on live TV at 7:15pm on Sept 23. (THREAD) #NeverForget #NeverAgain

On this day, Congress still had a session. And there was still a rally of the Movement for Concerned Citizens for Civil Liberties that began on Sept 20 & held at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila. The rally grew to around 30k on Sept 21.
Sen. Ninoy Aquino was still able to deliver his last privilege speech on the Senate flr.

*The timing of the imposition of Martial Law was dependent upon Congress’ adjournment, orig. scheduled to 21 Sept. But at the last min., congressional leaders decided to delay it to 23.
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If you’ve ever experienced how unfair our justice system is, here are even more reasons to #NeverForget and say #NeverAgain. A thread:
Nung panahon ng Martial Law, maraming naging biktima ng human rights violations. Maraming dinakip. Maraming tinorture. Meron ding mga pinatay. Pero hindi lang tao ang pinatay ng Martial Law. Today I will tell you the story of how the Marcoses killed justice in the Philippines.
It all began a week after Martial Law was declared. September 29, 1972, Ferdinand Marcos issued Letter of Instruction No. 11.

Anong nakalagay sa LOI 11? Lahat ng nasa gobyerno, dapat mag-submit ng letters of resignation—pati mga judge.
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(WARNING: The following illustrations may be graphic to some readers. Kindly view at your own discretion.)

On the 48th anniversary of Martial Law declaration, let’s take a look at the many stories of torture during the Marcos regime. #NeverAgain

(TRIGGER WARNING: Physical abuse, sexual violence)

Electric shock

Electric wires are attached to the victim’s fingers, arms, head, and in some cases, genitalia.

READ:… #NeverAgain #NeverForget
(TRIGGER WARNING: Physical abuse, torture)

San Juanico Bridge

The victim lies between two beds and if their body falls, they will be beaten.

READ:… #NeverAgain #NeverForget
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#DefendPressFreedom #FightTyranny Living in the dark. A martial law baby’s story. (Thread)
The newspapers disappeared and the television went on the blink when I was in grade 3. Dad didn’t know how to explain events to kids who had learned early to be news junkies.
Why? we kids asked. How will we know what’s happening?
Dad, a journalist, groped for answers. He said Marcos could be hiding something or wanted to do things he wanted to keep secret.
Something bad? we asked.
Bad things?
We learned anyway from the people who came daily to consult with our parents.
Of people disappearing.
Of men strung up on poles as a warning to others fighting for the right to own land.
Of officials stealing public funds.
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Sister MJ also says Duterte is worse than Marcos.

“All the atrocities, human rights violations… are the same as Marcos. Ang addition dito ay kabastusan. Our moral fiber is being eroded kayo nagkakaroon tayo ng culture of death.”

Dr. Carol adds that under Duterte, it’s martial rule w/o a formal declaration.

“There are more ex-military men dominating the cabinet. So talagang militarized na iyon civilian bureaucracy. The law has been weaponized and mas madami talagang pinatay ang rehimeng ito.”

For the full episode, please click on the Youtube link👇🏻. It’s also on the @nowyouknowph FB page.

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The mother of a friend of ours in Nantes survived the Lodz ghetto (although neither her husband or child did) and was sent to Auschwitz where she stayed until the end of the war when she went to Paris as a refugee. She had a relationship (I believe they married) and she had one
child, our friend Raymond.

Several years ago, before we moved to Chinon, we had dinner with Raymond and his wife at their house, as we did occasionally. On this night, his mother was there visiting. She sat at the head of the table.

All throughout the meal, from starter
through main course through salad and cheese and finally through dessert, this poor woman, in her late 80s, I believe, spoke to herself in a low voice - although loud enough that we could hear - but she spoke to herself, a monologue, as if explaining to someone - what she lived
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In the next several years, we'll lose the last survivors. It's up to us to keep their memories and experiences alive. #NeverAgain
A professor at GWU told me this story:

When the Holocaust Museum opened, visitors would receive a personal story print out from a large database to follow along with during their visit.

She heard someone cry out in the lobby.

It was a survivor.

She had drawn her own name.
The professor asked to follow her through the museum and chronicled her experience of reliving her own childhood memories.

The museum does not have a formal estimate of how many survivors are still with us. Image
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When are POC going to own up to this? #BuildTheWall Repeal the 1965 (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration Act. Over 2,500 #Whites are savagely attacked by 'POC' EVERY SINGLE DAY in the US alone‼️

END THIS HELL, @POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Repeal the unconstitutional RECONSTRUCTION‼️
THREAD: MSM lies v. the REALITY of Crime in the US.
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I just spent 2 weeks on beautiful Crete, from where I watched the Berlin “anti-Coronavirus” protests & middle class Germans happily mingling with Neo-Nazis. Here’s a small story from Greece in WW2 for all who think that the #Wehrmacht “really wasn’t that bad”. #NeverAgain #Thread
In May 1941, after occupying mainland Greece, the German army attacked #Crete. They staged a massive airborne invasion with the Fallschirmjäger paratroops who were opposed by British and Greek troops and Cretan civilians.
After two weeks of bloody battle, the #Fallschirmjäger defeated the defending troops, but sustained losses so heavy that Adolf Hitler forbade any airborne landings for the rest of World War 2. Over 4000 of them were killed or lost in action.
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Read this, & then try to deny the terrifying parallels between many of the techniques, policies & especially the rhetoric deployed by Boris Johnson's @Conservatives, Trump's Republicans & the Bolsanaro, Oban & other right wing regimes, & Hitler's Govt.…
I'll list a few of the more obvious parallels.


Won mass support on the back of a major economic crisis

Offered voters a vision of a better future, one he contrasted with the policies of the parties that had plunged the country into crisis in the first place. Image

Initially attracted the poorest people to vote for him by demonising opponents.

Emphasised a nationalistic moral restoration of the nation.

Projected purpose and dynamism in contrast to dithering or acting as mere administrators. Image
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The American public deserved to know that Russians were in a position to change vote tallies in 2016. Had voters known, they would have demanded a full investigation & opposed any concession without one. #NeverAgain
(Video by @FreeBeYouMe)
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@makeapoint690 @AltABSCBN @SuperficialGZT @MalacananEvents @IamCharotism
We’ve been through quite an adventure across the archipelago, time to go up North, to the land w/ the abundance of natural resources/fresh veggies, Benguet. Image
Our dear Prince Erickus Yup Yup Yup or Eric the worm is not from there. When its old guardian died, he was knighted by Peter the tick to take over the land. #IbalikAngABSCBN
The residents were caught off guard because they were expecting someone from the community or a neighboring district. @COMELEC even suggested that instead of appointing a caretaker, an election could be held.… ImageImage
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Dictator Marcos, Saint Cory, and Enabler Duterte

#OustDuterte has trended several times already, his downfall yet to be witnessed.

Occasionally, #NeverAgain reminds us to loathe the Dictator Marcos.

Aquinos, on the other hand, left their yellow legacy like a diarrhea-stricken animal left its traces—who's calling them out?
Human rights abuses under Cory as bad as dictator’s record – Marcos critics’ own data…
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Feds are done messing around! 💙🚔🐸

#PortlandProtest #PortlandRiots

Another beautiful take down of the Antifa Virus!
#BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter
#PortlandProtest #PortlandRiots

The woman arrested was from Denver 👀😂🐸🚔🤷‍♂️

#AntifaVirus #PortlandRiots #PortlandProtest
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Today donald announced that he was going to use federal forces against civilians excercising their 1st amendment rights. He literally has announced a federal invasion of states against their wishes. And gop and "libertarians" are complicit in their silence. #NeverAgain is now.
Most of us knew he'd try this. Which is why it makes it so engaging when pundits exclaim they never thought it would come to this. We the people knew. That's why we cried and protested and activated. People who lived through this before warned us. Hillary warned us. It's here.
This is not going to be easy but any city being invaded by #TrumpsGoons is going to need to stand up and get into #GoodTrouble. Peaceful protests are going to be attacked in order to incite violence. People will be hurt. But it's critical to channel your inner John Lewis.
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Cutting how to.

Cut a ~6-8” branch from your plant, we will trim it down as we go
I’m cutting the branch with a sterile blade, right about where my baby finger is sitting

You want to cut the stem on a ~45 degree angle as is creates more surface area on the stem to pull water into the cutting
The lower leaves are to be removed with a sharp blade. Rather than cut perpendicular across the petiole (leaf stem), I cut twice at 45 degree angles to the stem - the ensure no stipules are left on the stem- we want to remove all vegetative tissue - you can see I missed a bit
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Imagine that Trump actively wants to seize indefinite and untempered power.

Now imagine abstaining from the 2020 election because Biden's polices are milquetoast.

Do you realize how grotesquely myopic it is to just "trust Trump" to not succeed at fully eroding civil liberties?
Neoliberals adopt the aesthetics of social justice, insofar as they offer performances in grieving injustices. They'll offer no systematic analysis or its commensurate solutions. We will never see a successful Democrat offer that (so long as Capitalism is left unchallenged.)
If it wasn't Biden, it would be some other neoliberal ghoul (but maybe with a cleaner record.) Without some dramatic change in American political culture (and the systems that produce it,) this will be the reality.
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THREAD: On the 75th anniversary of the first nuclear weapon test, conducted by the US govt in New Mexico on 16 July 1945, the UN Special Rapporteur on toxics urges us not to forget the discriminatory legacy of nuclear testing: #nuclearban #NeverAgain Trinity nuclear test.
"From the detonation of hundreds of nuclear bombs over communities in the Pacific to the disposal of hazardous radioactive waste on lands & territories of indigenous peoples, the legacy of nuclear testing is one of the cruellest examples of environmental injustice." #nuclearban
"Today it is important that we stop and reflect on the racial and ethnic discrimination of nuclear testing, and the victims of this legacy that continue to suffer," says @SRtoxics. This is crucial to confront the structures of white supremacy throughout our societies. #nuclearban
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This world needs some love ❤️

I declare a hunger strike (الإضراب بالصيام) in meditative silence (جلسة الذكر) for
#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿

WHY? ....
25 years ago, at 15 years old I saw my Bosnian Muslim brethren subjected to genocide as UN soldiers watched Mladic’s militia slaughter 8370+ Bosnian Muslim men & boys in Srebrenica. This atrocity radicalised an entire generation of European & global Muslims, including me
I was active in London, Pakistan, Denmark & at 24 was illegally held in Egypt for ‘thought crime’ under emergency powers in the War on Terror as an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience & witnessed friends tortured in Hosni Mubarak’s dungeons. My torture number was 42
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Stopping genocide is not a one person job

I can’t do this alone. Uigurs don’t have a voice in the West. This is why no one cared

World @UyghurCongress needs our voice

Here’s a full tool kit &game plan to

#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿…
WHAT is the CCP doing?

Genocide against Uigur Muslims in East Turkistan, with up to 2 million in concentration camps


The Guardian:
“Documents confirm largest mass incarceration of an ethnic-religious minority since Second World War”…
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@curryspcworld ordered printer. Supposed to be delivered yesterday. DPD website says they’ve received notice of my parcel but no parcel and I can’t get through to a human on your customer services line. Thoroughly frustrated to be told I just need to check the DPD website 1/2
If it were that easy, I wouldn’t have had to call at all! Now facing having to go to nearest store to speak to a human which is an unnecessary risk. Utterly hopeless.
Been to store. Not on their system and won’t be until #DPD Pick up the parcel as “sometimes it comes from our suppliers.” He can’t cancel my order or even refund my delivery charge. My next stop is Trading Standards @TSScot as you haven’t supplied my item on th day you promised
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