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THREAD: My Jewish relatives talked about the Holocaust a lot. They warned me against standing in lines, entering rooms with no exit, and against people who would seek to blame others for a nation's suffering...
There are many reasons people mention Hitler often, but the reason his name was on my family's lips was fear. Before the war, they never believed their neighbors and friends could send them off to die without caring or protesting.
They never believed the people they saw in the butcher shop and the concert hall would watch their children beaten and their houses ransacked without offering aid or even a kind word.
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CW: car attack against protestors (yesterday)

A thread of some of my thoughts.
I woke up to news that an ICE guard drove a truck into a team of #NeverAgain protestors in Rhode Island.

No one was killed.

Several were injured.

Then police released tear gas on the Never Again protestors.
1. In the fight against fascism, we do not always get to choose our "risk level." I remember the first day in Cville when someone tried to arrest me for something. I had not chosen to "risk arrest" that day. Sometimes they arrest you because they want to, not because you want to.
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HAPPENING NOW in Seattle: My daughter has joined other Jewish activists in civil disobedience #JewsAgainstICE. ICE office now in lockdown. 700 people arrested by ICE yesterday. This has to stop #NeverAgainIsNow #AbolishICE
Northwest detention center in Tacoma medically tortures undocumented people. Denying pain medication, medical care. Conditions are terrible.
.@amazon supplies ICE with technology and @Boeing supplies planes. This must stop. #JewsAgainstICE
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@Kris_Sacrebleu We should expect a ‘rhyming’ of our mid-19th century era surrounding our Civil War.
The #GOP (POTrump-#Republicans) shall end, leaving a blessed ‘conservative power drought’ lasting about as long as the Lincoln-to-Arthur 24-yr. GOP dominant era; we’ve no time for conservatism.
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼There will be far too much to prosecute, legislate for, and plan if we are to last another century.
Do NOT expect assassinations. Do expect continued domestic terror and prodding from, . . . wait for it . . . —RUSSIA.
The thing yoking America today, 👇🏼
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼 as much as slavery once did, is the scourge of #PartyPolitics which bred corporate control via sponsorship; #Democrats thankfully do acknowledge this, so look for the Dems to do the one thing they do best: self-dismantle their own power through #ElectionReform, 👇🏼
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🚨🚨ATTN: LINDSEY🚨🚨IT IS TRUMP who is causing more detainees. IT IS TRUMP who is keeping immigrants longer than necessary so that shareholders of the CAMP DETENTION CENTERS make more money at $775/per immigrant per DAY. It is TRUMP who is child trafficking! ....
2/ He is abducting these babies and children with the help of DEVOS RELIGIOUS ADOPTION CENTERS are stealing these children from immigrant parents who were separated from them and then deported WITHOUT their children! That's kidnapping! They are illegally adopting ...
3/ these children out! BABIES! So before you talk about human traffickers? You need to address what TRUMP IS DOING in HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Because he has a CHILD TRAFFICKING OPERATION GOING HIMSELF! FIRE STEPHEN MILLER! or It is going to get worse! The United States .....
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RARE color photos from #WW2 offer a chilling look at evil that should inform the way we see #China’s modern-day #ConcentrationCamps in #EastTurkistan (what Communists call “#Xinjiang”).

True evil isn’t some distant black & white memory; it’s alive today, in living color.
… I see only two key differences between what #Nazi Germany did to Jews, Catholics, Roma, LGBT people, disabled people, & so many others, and what Communist #China‘s doing to #Uyghurs, #Kazakhs, #Kyrgyz, #Uzbeks, #Tatars, #FalunGong, & so many others…
… (1) #Nazi Germany forced people to outwardly identify themselves w/ symbols (inc. the Yellow Star of David), whilst #China’s authorities seem to prefer secret digital records; & (2) the #Nazis killed quickly, whilst China’s authorities appear to be killing slowly… for now.
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#Resistance family: I pretty much dropped off of twitter for a couple weeks, dealing with personal shit and trying to check my rage and restlessness with the status quo. And, of course, everything is worse now, and in a couple more weeks, it will be even more worse. 1/
I'm tired. Of the fact that this Administration continues to defile our country with impunity. Tired of racists (becoming more emboldened by the day). Tired of cops getting away with (literally) murder. Tired of human beings being locked in cages like animals. 2/
I'm tired of the fact that brown Americans are made to feel as though they're not Americans (even those born here). It makes me tired that, as each day brings us closer to school starting, my stomach ties into knots, thinking about what could happen to my children there, 3/
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THREAD: Amazing orgs like @RAICESTEXAS @UNITEDWEDREAM @ACLU have become household names & common (excellent!) fundraiser targets.

This is a thread to lift up lesser-known orgs doing amazing immigration rights work. Please follow them, donate, fundraise! Add to list in comments!
1) .@NeverAgainActn is a newly established coalition of Jews and allies who are actively shutting ICE and their camps down. When they say #neveragain, they f'ing mean it. Take action with them:
2) @LasAmericasIAC is in the courts at the border every day getting ppl out of concentration camps, getting families reunited. They are tireless. They need money. Please follow and donate.
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@realDonaldTrump 1/5 Mr. @realDonaldTrump campaigned on American Exceptionalism. From Day 1 he was slandered & libeled. For 15+ yrs @SpeakerPelosi ‘s party has fomented hate via #IdentityPolitics.

It’s now the party of #OpenBorders & #SanctuaryCities

@IlhanMN says ‘white nationalism’? Wrong....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 2/5 No. There are many black, brown, yellow & red Americans who oppose illegal immigration.

This is abt law & why we’re great.

Last century my family came here legally. Housed in slums. Names changed. Spat on in NYC. They learned English and assimilated. They flew OUR flag....
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN 3/5 I’m darker than @AOC or @RashidaTlaib. The nerve of calling people like me white nationalists is infuriating.

It’s reprehensible for elected officials to use emotionally charged labels like racist, bigot, sexist w/o proof. I’ll never vote Democrat again.

#WalkAway #Blexit
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Well, holla at ya girl in the southern district of NY!

We are here

No hate.


Immigrants are welcome here.
no caption needed
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Happening NOW: Immigrant families separated under the Trump, Obama, & Bush administrations have stormed @JoeBiden's campaign building, demanding #DignityNotDeportation.

Why are we protesting Biden and not Trump? A thread.
For the past 2 decades, undocumented immigrants have been living a crisis: raids, family separation, millions of deportations.

Now, the Trump administration’s cruel treatment of immigrants at the border & across the country has finally exposed the inhumanity of our whole system.
Thousands of people are taking the streets to protest these atrocities. Americans are refusing to look away from the crisis and are saying: #NeverAgain, #CloseTheCamps, and #AbolishICE.
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Earlier today I was arrested with 17 other Jews and allies in the Cannon congressional building in Washington, DC, as part of a #NeverAgainIsNow protest against the US government's detention and abuse of immigrants in American-run concentration camps around the country.
As an American Jew, I grew up hearing NEVER AGAIN. Never again can we allow the horrors of the Holocaust. Never again to death camps and forced labor. Never again to ripping children from their parents. Never again to weaponizing abuse, indignity, and dehumanization.
As an American Jew, I also grew up hearing where the world fell short; where humanity failed to live up to that rallying cry of NEVER AGAIN: Cambodia. Bosnia. Rwanda. Darfur. I learned that NEVER AGAIN is both a call to action and a reminder of the cost of inaction.
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It’s a day that ends in -y, so #JewsAgainstICE and allies are taking action!

Today we’re in DC, targeting ICE’s enablers: Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who continue to fund roundups and camps and prisons around the country.

Take action:
BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE are sitting in at Congress, targeting ICE’s enablers who continue to write them blank checks for roundups, concentration camps, and prisons around the country. #NeverAgainIsNow!

#NeverAgainIsNow! We will not sit by while Congress, R’s and D's, keep giving billions of dollars to run concentration camps, harass our neighbors and separate families.

When we say #NeverAgain, we mean it! We will not stop #ShutDownICE

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.@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y’s post is itself dangerous propaganda. And it won’t work.

As explained by @NeverAgainActn, “We were raised to see the warning signs, and we’re here to say that #NeverAgain means taking action now, before it’s too late.” 1/
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81 years ago today, the Évian Conference was convened (6–15 July 1938) at Évian-les-Bains, France, to discuss the Jewish refugee problem & the plight of the increasing numbers of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis.
In other words: the world giving a green light to Hitler.
New Zealand 🇳🇿 has expressed willingness to consider only individual requests of Jewish refugees. Colombia 🇨🇴 has announced that it can absorb only wealthy Jewish agricultural workers, as did Uruguay 🇺🇾
The Australian 🇦🇺 representative refused to put his country people, who are known for their ‘fragile souls’, in the face of unnecessary ethical dilemmas: "So far we have not had a race problem in Australia and we are not prepared to risk changing it with the arrival of Jews."
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LIVE: #NeverAgainIsNow marching through the streets of San Francisco! #JewsAgainstICE and allies are calling out @SpeakerPelosi and other Dems who continue to fund ICE’s reign of terror. No more appeasement!

@SpeakerPelosi The sad truth is, Republicans and Democrats have worked together to create ICE, to build the camps, to deport millions of our neighbors. We can’t change the past, but #NeverAgainMeans we WILL NOT ALLOW the Democrats to continue to vote for more ICE and more camps.
@SpeakerPelosi BREAKING: #JewsAgainstICE and allies are blocking @SpeakerPelosi’s office in San Francisco, demanding an immediate end to funding concentration camps & roundups of our neighors. Speaker, #NeverAgainIsNow and we need you to act like it.

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If you’re more outraged by Nike canceling a shoe than by your government locking babies, children, and adults up in cages and telling them to drink out of the toilet if they want water, then it’s time to worry less about your soles and more about your soul. #WalkAwayFromNike
These photos are real, no matter how much you try to deny it. These concentration camps are real. The deaths in these dens of hell are real.
As horror stories about our treatment of adults, children, and babies at America’s border concentration camps continue to emerge, I’m reminded of this quote from Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. (1/6)
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If you're reading this, I have just been arrested with 17 other Jews and allies outside of the ICE Detention Facility in Boston, protesting the US government's detention and dehumanizing abuse of immigrants in concentration camps at the border and around the country.
Growing up Jewish, I heard the message over and over from my elders: NEVER AGAIN. Honestly, I heard it so often, I got a little impatient, as kids sometimes do. I thought: I get it, I get it, you don't have to keep saying it. Obviously the Holocaust should never happen again.
Surely everyone understands this now.

I am heartbroken to have grown to understand what they already knew. We are now a country locking children in cages, forcing grown women to drink from toilets, forcing men to live in cells so cramped they can't lie down to sleep.
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LIVE: Hundreds of #JewsAgainstICE and allies are marching in Boston from the Holocaust Memorial to shut down the South Bay ICE Detention Center.

#NeverAgainMeans never again for ANYONE. #NeverAgainIsNow. #ItEndsNow.


“When my ancestors were being taken to the camps, I wish that thousands of Germans had flooded into the streets to stop what was happening. There is always a choice! We can always choose to act! Look at the workers from Wayfair who walked out last week.”…
Camilla talks about her experience as a Colombian Jew: “I struggled to feel close to my Jewish roots. But the other day I found myself surrounded by my Jewish siblings, organizing this action, and I felt that I was with family. We understand migration is about life and death."
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As horror stories about our treatment of adults, children, and babies at America’s border concentration camps continue to emerge, I’m reminded of this quote from Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. (1/6)
Just as so many Americans now look away from the wicked human rights abuses that are being carried out in our name, so, too, did Germans in the 1930s—and that enabled the escalation of the Nazi atrocities, which began with separating families and concentration camps,... (2/6)
...but ended with death camps in which millions of innocent human beings were gassed, marched to the ovens, and otherwise murdered through neglect, malnourishment, and the spread of disease. (3/6)
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#DeathbyPrescription - Doctors murder an estimated 150,000 Americans each year, simply by lacking the most basic understanding of drug interactions. It’s our 4th leading cause of death. And it’s about to get a whole lot worse.
These are not ODs caused by mistaken instructions, nor pharmacy errors, but people taking meds as intentionally prescribed. As a cause of death, #DeathbyPrescription ranks far above Alzheimer's, diabetes, the flu, intentional murders and suicide.
When MSM talks “Overdose Tragedy in the US”, I wait to hear to the main story. It’s not narcotics, legally prescribed or not, nor other illegal drugs. Because more than twice as many suffer #DeathbyPrescription. There are ‘burying the lead’, In fact, it’s never mentioned.
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Thank you for amplifying our campaign! If anyone's wondering, every dollar that isn't needed to pay legal fees will go to @CosechaMovement, a group lead by immigrant organizers fighting for dignity and permanent protection for all 11 million undocumented Americans!
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