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I sometimes hear people ask why #Boulder is so white. This is a remarkable 4-part series from @KUNC that may not about Boulder specifically, but it's about a lot of our surrounding areas and gives a lot of context. It's a must read/listen. 👇 (1/x)
Here is an interactive map that shows the decrease in diversity in the Mountain West. (2/x)
This segment is about how current racial tensions in Loveland (not that far from Boulder) are a legacy of its history as a sundown town. The reporters talk to Black residents who talk about what it feels like to be there. (3/x)…
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📄 Introducing Deadline’s It Starts On the Page, a series that highlights the scripts that will serve as the creative backbones of the now-underway TV awards season

(THREAD) Keep checking for updates! Image
Read the full Season 3-premiere script for ‘The Kominsky Method’ (#TheKominskyMethod) here: Image
Read the pilot script for HBO’s limited series ‘Mare Of Easttown’ (#MareOfEasttown) here: Image
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I learned about Black Wall Street on Twitter. Learned more from #Watchman & #LoveCraftCountry on @HBO. Been listening to podcasts about the massacre since. You should too. Oklahoma is doing WRONG by survivors, to this very day. Also, S/O to Gentrification.…
And because nothing moves in this country unless white ppl can make money from it, with all of the new eyes on this history, gentrification is on the rise. Imagine that. White gentrifiers & land owners wanting to have their shops/apts/businesses in this historic area in Tulsa...
...while Black descendants of the survivors, themselves (still) business owners...cannot afford the rent anymore. Survivors, including living survivors, are still fighting for reparations. And today is the 100yr anniversary of what the racist, white GOVERNMENT did to...
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Las 10 películas y series más nominadas en todos los premios de 2021 (y dónde verlas). ¡Abrimos hilo! 👇👇
1.- #TheGreat (Serie/Apple TV)
Una serie apasionante que retrata el ascenso de Catalina la Grande, emperatriz de Rusia. Nominada a los #GoldenGlobes, #IndependentSpirit y #CriticsChoiceAwards
2.- #Mank (Película/Netflix)
Mientras trata de acabar de escribir "Ciudadano Kane", el guionista Herman Mankiewicz es testigo de la convulsa realidad del Hollywood de la década de 1930. Nominada a los #GoldenGlobes, #SAG, #BAFTA y #CriticsChoiceAwards
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I think I am finally ready to discuss. #LovecraftCountry "Rewind 1921" on the #TulsaRaceMassacre.

As a Tulsa definitely touched a chord.
So far I have avoided articles and podcasts about the show (and especially this episode) because I wanted to experience it through my own lens first before adding other voices to it.

Here are my thoughts:
1. #TheTulsaRaceMassacre is our 9/11. Imagine what it would be like to watch a graphic reenactment of that day if you lived in NYC or across the river in NJ constantly wondering about where you were at the time and all the "what ifs" the could have changed your life.
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Listening to so many podcasts breakdown the “I am” ep of #LovecraftCountry & all of the ways this “respectable” Black woman (Hippolyta) , George’s wife was both angry & being shrunk by the people who hate AND love her. Wow...
That Hippolyta was a literal math/science genius but it was George who was the one out exploring while she stayed at home & cooked his food & raised his child...and that *HE* (the man who loved her) had no prob with that arrangement AND was the one to decide whether to...
...*allow* his adult/math/science genius wife to explore with And the fact that “angry BW) has been used by WP but espc WW & BW as a curse or silencer for US knowing damn well they *also* have a fucking lot to be angry about as well...but as long as you hold BW ...
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ROAD TO HALLOWEEN 2020 - Recomendamos una película de terror para cada día de octubre en un hilo de 31 películas espeluznantes y/o divertidas con el espíritu de la noche de difuntos. #RoadtoHalloween Image
1- TALES FROM THE HOOD (1995) Antes de Jordan Peele y #LovecraftCountry, esta antología de terror con espíritu TALES FROM THE CRYPT ponía los problemas raciales USA sobre la mesa a través de relatos morales cáusticos, sin dejar de lado los grandes FX gore. ImageImageImageImage
2- THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1991) El año de su muerte, Stuart Gordon merece un homenaje con una de sus obras menos conocidas, una adaptación libre de Poe con un sádico torquemada en un pre-Torture Porn sobre la caza de brujas que actualizaba films como WITCHFINDER GENERAL. ImageImageImageImage
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Not quite sure how to feel about this week's #LovecraftCountry. Taken on its own it's a strong hour, anchored by a fantastic Jamie Chung, who's never been less than magnetic in anything I've seen her in. Someone give her a show already.
But as part of the ongoing story of #LovecraftCountry, it feels like an odd fit. Are we just supposed to handwave the fact that Tic is apparently a war criminal? Is this something the show is going to revisit, or is it in the past?
The episode does such a great job of putting us in Ji-Ah's point of view that we end up alienated from Tic. To the point that her forgiveness of him feels unearned. "We're both monsters, so it's OK" is a really glib way of addressing the things he's done. #LovecraftCountry
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Don't let a few tentacles get in the way of love #LovecraftCountry
Ain't nothing wrong with trying new things Tic
Let a foxtail girl love you
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If there's one thing I appreciate about #LovecraftCountry it's that it has probably on of the most interesting depictions of whiteness on screen currently. Especially as I find it contrasted against Girls which I'm still currently watching.
I'm catching up at the moment, but I enjoy the fact that Ruby's episode demonstrated how white folks existence is a time bomb when they're around black people. With or without or involvement they can just cause our deaths.
As well as the parts where, and we see this more and more these days, that white people so deeply want to get as close to blackness as possible. Claim it in some way if possible.
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Rewatching #LovecraftCountry & how the WW at the store wanted to go to the “colored side” of town to have a good time. We weren’t allowed the resources they had but they had FULL ACCESS to Blackness. At all times.’s funny how the “colored side” was labeled criminal...
...but white ppl sought out the “colored side” of town to do their dirt. So it’s “nasty & dirty & dangerous” till it’s time to have a good time. And then they can go back to whiteness. So easy isn’t it? And this includes music. We see it in all of these so called ...
...”hip hop” sites today. Yup. Full access to Blackness. Folks like to dip in & dip out.
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This week's #LovecraftCountry was the best episode of the season so far. Not coincidentally, it's the first episode that feels less like a horror story, and more like a story with horror in it.
The core theme of #LovecraftCountry - white people are scarier than Cthulhu - is obviously quite rich, but this week was the first time that I felt the show was digging deeper into that idea, rather than just presenting it and expecting that to be enough.
Also, there was some criticism of the handling of an intersex character last week, and I'm wondering if the strong queer themes in this episode make up for that. (They don't have to, obviously, but at least the show has varied queer rep.) #LovecraftCountry
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#ANTMAN va #KangTheConqueror !!!???🐜💥

El actor Jonathan Majors se une al reparto de #AntMan3 y podría ser #KangElConquistador!!

Vínculo directo con #Loki???

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU Image
Sera #KangTheConqueror el nuevo gran villano del #MCU!!??

Quien es #Kang? Te lo contamos aca!!!

Su nombre original es Nathaniel Richards (del linaje de #ReedRichards #MrFantastic de los #FantasticFour), viene del futuro, del siglo XXX.
De joven se une a los #YoungAvengers bajo el nombre de #IronLad, pero cuando encuentra los planos de una máquina del tiempo, viaja al 2950AC
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Random #LovecraftCountry thought, but doesn't seem as if Tic (and George, though he has the excuse of being older) have rather old-fashioned reading tastes? The authors they mention - Stoker, Poe, Borroughs, Lovecraft - had all stopped writing, or even died, before Tic was born.
In 1955, Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, Clarke, and Bester were in their 30s and 40s and well into their writing careers. Some of their iconic work (Stranger in a Strange Land, Rendezvous with Rama) was still ahead of them, but they had been writing short fiction for decades.
If I think of the kind of writing a genre-curious young man like Tic would be interested in, those are the names that come up. And a lot of it would probably be in magazines like Analog, Astounding, Amazing Stories, or Weird Tales, all around since the 1920s and 30s.
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Watcging the new #LovecraftCountry episode, and I definitely appreciate a getting to see a black woman whose body looks like mine getting to fuck and be sexy.
Though I also find the contrast of Ruby and Leti to be interesting. While Leti can at times be performing activism she still wants to try. While Ruby is pragmatic, but not interested in helping us as a people. As seen by her "winner take all" philosophy.
Just finished. Saw the bit that had folks upset. I'd be more shocked I think if I went in blind, but at the same time it was still an "oof" kinda moment for me.
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Between that Stormfront gal's actions in S02 E03 of #TheBoys and Montrose's in S01 E04 of #LoveCraftCountry, I'm unsure which was more disturbing.

For any who haven't seen those episodes, take the trigger warnings seriously. Like, take all the trigger warnings.
#LoveCraftCountry better have plans to redeem itself by next episode. So many writing choices were already shoddy in this latest episode, but that last act of violence, on a QPOC no less, was completely uncalled for and in poor taste. Like, y'all better have a good reason, WTF?
Okay fine, the writing was good, esp with all the Easter eggs and genre nods and finger-pointing to moments in history. But still, they did Yahima detty.

Detty, I say.
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#LovecraftCountry first thing in the morning seems like a good idea.
This episode is so much fun and still terrifying. #LovecraftCountry
I’d love to hear @MishaGreen talk about episode 4. I love this combo of horror and adventure. #LovecraftCountry
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Imagina você ser uma executiva qualificada, com vivência internacional , trabalhando em uma grande agência de publicidade estrangeira com filial no Brasil. Porém, além da sua preocupação com entregas e performance precisar lidar com racismo internalizado por ser quem é
Pois a sua liderança com gritos de #tiraisso resolveu te constranger por usar tranças, por ser quem é: uma mulher negra.
Para completar você denuncia para o rh, na justiça e não só é demitida como escoltada para fora de seu local de trabalho e processada por anos
e depois de tanta exaustão condenada a pagar uma indenização por contar a própria história, a sua história o #racismo que sofreu.
Parece enredo de #lovecraftcountry, mas não é.Isso aconteceu, aqui no Brasil e com a Luana Teófilo
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“I thought the world was one way, and I found out it isn’t. And it terrifies me. But I can’t live in fear. I won’t. I gotta face this new world head on, and stake my claim in it.” - Leti @jurneesmollett (seems relevant to more than #LovecraftCountry)
@MishaGreen is the writer behind these words so head over there and follow her!
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Leti bought a murder palace. #LovecraftCountry
This is fiction and I hate how real this is and how so much of this is still happening. #lovecraft #lovecraftcountryhbo #lovecraftcountry
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The smallest details of a grieving family 💔 #LovecraftCountry
💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 #LovecraftCountry
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#LovecraftCountry is serving Art History

Artist: John Trumbull, American, 1756–1843
The Last Family Who Perished in the Deluge (Genesis 7:4-24)
Oil on canvas Artist: John Trumbull, American, 1756–1843 The Last Family

Freedom or Death, 1794-95
Jean Baptiste Regnault
Oil on canvas Freedom or Death, 1794-95 Oil on canvas Jean Baptiste Regnau
#LovecraftCountry Uncle George’s 🤎 is Dora. But Dora’s are always “not real” in some way. Always tragic.
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LOVECRAFT COUNTRY ha empezado en HBO con un piloto ESPECTACULAR que logra una mezcla perfecta de acción, misterio y terror con sangre, monstruos y una ambientación exquisita en la América segregada de Jim Crow. Como SUPERNATURAL con gran presupuesto y el filtro racial de GET OUT. ImageImageImageImage
#LovecraftCountry 1x01 Empieza prácticamente igual que la odisea de los Winchester, dos familiares en busca de un padre en forma de Road movie de terror hasta llegar a un tercer acto que es todo un micro-homenaje a uno de los pilares del horror noire: 'Night of the Living Dead' ImageImageImage
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY tiene una cuidada ambientación en la Norteamérica segregada, con asombrosas recreaciones en movimiento de la serie de fotografías 'Segregation Story' (1956) de Gordon Parks y otras como 'American Way of Life' (1935) de Margaret Bourke-White. ImageImageImageImage
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