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Seek, and ye shall find

The determination, bravery, blood and tears of every Hongkongers who #FightForFreedom are the strongest motivation for our 1 year long advocacy work.
Yesterday, one of our main call for actions has been met.

This is just the beginning of our story. 1/7
In June 2019, an exasperated LIHKG forum user called for help to revoke foreign citizenship of senior HK officials for trampling on #Hongkongers’ freedom. In less than a month, like-minded volunteers established this advocacy group *Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.* 2/7
Hongkongers have endearingly adopted both our names, "Laam Chau" in Cantonese, as protest slogans. In our unity and resolve, we along with our fellow compatriots have come this far - Yesterday, the @USTreasury announced sanction regime on 11 top #HKSAR and Chinese officials. 3/7
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The nomination of #Mishustin to be PM of #Russia likely represents an “all in, scorched Earth” move by #Putin to fight the #MagnitskyAct sanctions. Mishustin, along with Prosector General #YuryChaika, has been integral to the investigation of (1/3)…
… of alleged massive tax fraud (via #HSBC, the #HongKong #Shanghai Banking Corp.) by US citizenship-renouncer #BillBrowder.

With the opening of #NordStream2, we already see #Germany backing off the #Magnitsky narrative, with @SPIEGEL_English questioning key aspects (2/3)…
… of #BillBrowder’s shifting story (inc. the fundamental point that #Magnitsky was a lawyer & not an accountant).

The loser here is #HumanRights. The #MagnitskyAct is great, powerful legislation built on a questionable foundation. It should’ve been named after #LiuXiaobo. (3/3)
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1/19 Voor het eerst in parlementaire geschiedenis importeert NL Amerikaanse wet: de #MagnitskyAct. Tweede Kamerleden noemen het een mensenrechtenwet, maar dat is het niet. Lees hieronder draadje over de zwendelaar die deze wet naar NL bracht, Bill Browder. Bizar verhaal. #HOAX
2/19 #MagnitskyAct die inmiddels door de Tweede Kamer is, is vernoemd naar een Russische accountant die om het leven kwam in een Russische cel, Sergei Magnitsky, en is zogenaamd bedoeld om overal ter wereld schenders van mensenrechten te kunnen straffen met sancties.
3/19 Werkgever van omgekomen Rus Magnitsky is Britse hedgefundmanager Bill Browder. Die beweert dat #Magnitsky is opgepakt en om het leven is gebracht omdat hij klokkenluider was. Hij zou op politiebureau aangifte hebben gedaan van belastingfraude door overheidsfunctionarissen.
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This is shocking—even for #Russia! Actor Pavel Ustinov was meeting a friend in Moscow on the same day as one of the recent election protests. He yelled out to his friend and riot police swooped in & arrested him. He was tried for hurting the cop! And sentenced to 3.5 yrs in jail!
#Russia's cops often randomly grab protesters to arrest them. But #Ustinov wasn't even protesting. His sister said he went downtown to meet a friend. There's video of him literally just looking at his phone when riot police tackled him. Court didn't allow it as evidence. 3.5yrs!
"Let's not be silent. Let's talk about this injustice." #Russia's theater community are posting videos (collected in this THREAD⤵️) to show support & spread the word about Pavel Ustinov's Kafkaesque fate. Cops attacked HIM—for doing nothing—and HE's going to jail for 3.5 years.😧
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💰FBME Bank 👉🏼Cyprus👉🏼Russia
👉🏼Aaron Banks 👉🏼Trump👉🏼Manafort

Ongoing Probe:

"Money laundering, terrorist financing, transnational organized crime, fraud schemes, sanctions evasion, weapons proliferation, corruption by politically exposed persons, & other financial crimes”.
Officers from the NCA, in collaboration with MI5 and US intelligence agencies, are examining previously undisclosed links between Aaron Banks and Russia, amid fears Moscow may have played a potentially sinister role in the #Brexit referendum. #AaronBanks…
May 2019 Cypriot police raided the premises of FBME Bank in Nicosia and in Limassol, looking for evidence of money laundering…
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The New German Anti-Semitism

For the nation’s estimated 200,000 Jews, new forms of old hatreds are stoking fear.

Rise of RW TOC v WLD 2

The steady rise of RW fascists/Autocrats/Nationalists/TOC world wide are challenging the peaceful World Order of Western Liberal Democracy post WII M

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W Liberal Democracy vs Transnational Organized Crime

Why the Far R populists hate Soros:

Soros spent billions funding orgs & initiatives devoted to promoting liberal Dem’y, indep’t media, good gov’t, transparency, & pluralism across RU & E EU post Berlin Wall.

GOP & the RW media machine parrot Putin & his populist dictator (TOC) cronies’ anti - Soros propaganda, & are in lock step pushing anti Immigrant, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, rich v poor narratives to outrage, incite conflict & exacerbate divisions.

Remember Putin & his TOC Dictator pals & Drug Cartels caused the mass migrations via wars & violence.

RU/TOC funds terrorist orgs such as ISIS

Mass migration was intentional- meant to destabilize WLD while TOC pushed anti immigrant false narratives = conflict.
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📌On June 8th, Steve Engel head of the OLC at the DOJ, invited Barr to lunch after he rec’d Barr’s unsolicited memo criticizing the Mueller probe.

📌Did the WH decision to hire Barr influenced by private chats he had about his legal views on Mueller’s investigation?

📌Steve Engel served on the Trump campaign transition team and is a Kav pal.

📌McCain was the sole GOP senator to vote against confirming Engel to lead the DOJ’s OLC citing his role in the controversial torture memos under the GWB adm.

“I cannot ... vote for any nominee who in any way has supported the use of enhanced interrogation."

“Mr. Engel reviewed & commented on this memo, which attempted to justify interrogation techniques that violate the Geneva Conventions and stain our nat’l honor,”
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Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.

SCO had prepared their own summaries of their findings that Barr willfully suppressed & instead substituted his own far more flattering summation in the 4 page letter.

The normally silent OSC clearly felt Barr mischaracterized their findings to the extent they felt the need to send a warning shot across the bow.

Why did Barr mischaracterized OSC’s findings?

Manipulate the narrative?

Suppress the truth to the American public?

📌The SCO’s investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some believe Barr should have included more of their material in the 4-page letter

📌Kush identified as senior WH official whose security clearance was denied by career officials.
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Seems the implosion of Swedbank for their role in laundering money for Russian Oligarchs is accelerating!
The old tacit agreements to not look too hard at #MoneyLaundering are not protecting them from new efforts to #DrainTheSwamp #ButNothingsHappening…
Love it "The money laundering scandal that’s swamped banks..." Swamped is certainly the correct verb! Up to $23B a year from 2010-2016! They even knew it was connected to the #Magnitsky case in 2013, must have concealed that knowledge rather than reporting it! #DanskeBank
The allegations lead to raids, stockholder revolt, firing of the CEO & efforts are underway to fire the Board of Directors.
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📌Mueller is a meticulous pro...he has a plan, let it play out.

📌Mueller GJ 'continuing robustly,'
The revelation indicates ongoing cases Mueller HANDED OFF will feature significant developments.

📌Eyes on actions @ EDNY, SDNY, DC, EDVA & other Federal venues

📌”No further indictments” means no further prosecutions conducted by SCO; however the fruits of his probe were indeed farmed out to other venues for prosecution.

📌Any & all criminality will be prosecuted in other Federal & state venues. #SealedIndictments

📌A previously unreported e-mail exchange alleges how Ivanka’s atty Abbe Lowell suggested changes to Cohen’s congressional testimony that would distance Ivanka from the Moscow Tower deal.

📌Butina, the NRA & the Firearms Business of High-Ranking Russian Officials
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#Gunda REVEALED .. and they are not all #GOP I am trying to send a message to ‘makana maoli’ Punahou grad PBO et al. We need them fighting for the #Resistance and Our Democracy, even if they chose to do it behind the many doors he, Hillary and Joe have access to. @maddow
The message comes from @Billbrowder in this tweet (Think #Magnitsky Act) He shares a note and letter from a #Honolulu Reporter who was THUGGED in 2017 (#gunda) by VERY SAME #MobLawyer .. #Cooper he was smeared by @guardian @latimes
DID YOU SEE? The Lawyer did it on orders of Fake DEM @RepTulsiGabbard #GundaGabbard, and by doing it she OUTED herself as acting #mob in 2017. (We #LGBTQ all knew she was mob, because she was virulently #AntiGay, another #gunda #mob marker.) @huffpostqueer @newcivilrights
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(1/16/13 - 4/19/13) Manafort trial exhibits ref’g dates of contact between Manafort, Gates, et al and Dana Rohrabacher’s office. (Note: #MagnitskyAct passed 12/14/12).
Want to show you what Dana Rohrabacher was also doing at the time he was in contact with Manafort (Putin's hand in Ukraine), for some context...
2012 Rohrabacher warned by FBW sometime in 2012 Russia was trying to recruit him.

12/14/12 #MagnistkyAct passed.…
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There's actually serious geopolitical reason this "adoption" issue keeps coming up. @KremlinRussia Putin signed law banning adoption Russian orphans by #US citizens to retaliate for #Magnitsky Act by which Russians face sanction for human rights abuses 1/…
#US Congress adopted Magnitsky over @BarackObama admin objections. White House feared diplo retaliation. But Congress was dead-set on replacing cold war-era Jackson–Vanik amendment. Putin claimed in parallel that he was powerless to stop @dumagovru from imposing adoption ban 2/
Of course that wasn't true. But Russia loves tit-for-tat. Crimea justified by Kosovo. There's always a kernel of truth but it's also always more complicated. In this case, the adoption ban was outright cruel - harming children already suffering who had chance for better lives 3/
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President of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council hit with US sanctions. / Presidente do Conselho Supremo Eleitoral da Nicaragua sofre sanção de proibição de entrada nos EUA com base no “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act”, uma lei de 2017.…
A inclusão desse alto magistrado nicaraguense na lista suja de banidos pelo Departamento de Estado dos EUA foi feita com base na Lei Magnitsky (Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act), devido a seu suposto envolvimento em significativos atos de corrupção em seu país.
The 2016 Global Magnitsky Act (GMA) addresses human rights abuses and acts of significant corruption on a global scale. This act allows the US Government to impose targeted sanctions, visa bans on corrupt government officials and human rights violators and to freeze their assets.
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Turkey has concluded that Jamal #Khashoggi, a prominent journalist from Saudi Arabia, was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul earlier this week by a 15-member Saudi team sent “specifically for the murder"…
"#Khashoggi visited the consulate to obtain documents related to his upcoming wedding.

The killing, if confirmed, would mark a stunning escalation of Saudi Arabia’s effort to silence dissent, rounding up clerics, business execs & women’s rights advocates"
"The initial assessment of the Turkish police is that Mr. #Khashoggi has been killed at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. We believe that the murder was premeditated and the body was subsequently moved out of the consulate."…
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Butina certainly has many talents. Greenberg's political and business lean tilts heavily towards Russia. His Center for National Interest is the most Kremlin-friendly think-tank in DC. and guess what @traciemac_Bmore? The Center hosted Trump's Mayflower Speech on April 27 2016.
Yes, this significant Mayflower speech which was fundamental in establishing a working agreement between Trump's campaign and Russia. In attendance was a veritable who's who of suspicious Washington types with last names like Flynn, Kislyak and Sessions.…
A few days ago @WendySiegelman was able to find solid ties between Butina's #NRA operation and @DanaRohrabacher's #EndMagnitsky campaign. Could Butina possibly tie it all to The Mayflower via Greenberg?
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Critically ill Russian national is 66yo Sergei Skripal, former intel colonel/double agent granted refuge in UK after a 2010 "spy swap" between US & Russia. He and a woman were apparently poisoned in/near Salisbury shopping center.
Ex-Russian spy & daughter 'poisoned' in UK sparks fears of another Kremlin-backed hit. Investigators scrambling to identify the chemical used. Skripal feared for his life after his wife died in a car crash & his son was killed in a road incident..…
UK warns Kremlin over poisoning of ex-spy Skripal & his daughter. Recalling Litvinenko murder, FM Johnson said UK was "in the lead across the world" in trying to counteract a "host of malign activity" by Russia.

Skripal's brother, son & wife have been killed in the last 2 year.
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Already indicted on multiple charges and facing the likelihood of superseding indictments, Rick Gates appears to be cooperating with special counsel Mueller in the #TrumpRussia investigation…
Rick Gates worked for Tom Barrack, of the US-Russia nuclear scheme (upthread) literally until the day he was indicted…
1 year ago today, Mike Flynn met privately in his West Wing office with FBI investigators interested in his communications with Kislyak, without a lawyer or the knowledge of Trump or WH officials.

Trump did not learn about the interview until 2 days later…
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