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Protests across #Bulgaria for a week. This is the first mass wave of protests in 7 years. There is a lot to explain to the foreign observer, but the most important thing is that people are extremely disgusted by the corruption and Orban-style government.
There are different groups in the protests. There is no clear leadership, but the protests began after an action by the democratic Yes, Bulgaria against luxury properties of State Security-related politician Ahmed Dogan and his circle.
Dogan's party is in coalition with the Nationalists and Borisov's party. They tried to threaten ethnic violence if the protests continued. These threats are no longer working and protests continue against the oligarchs who support the government.
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¿De dónde salía el caballo que tantas vidas segó en los 80 y 90? Acompáñenme en este HILO sobre #mafia, política, #heroína y tráfico de armas (y sobre por qué conocer la política internacional importa: nos afecta a todos).
En #Turquía el cultivo de adormidera tiene gran tradición. Tanto que hay una provincia que se llama Opio (Afyon) y hay varias recetas de dulces que se preparan con pasta o semillas de adormidera. (Foto: hombres fumando en un café de Estambul en 1898, autor desconocido) Image
Oficialmente, el opio turco se dedicaba a la industria farmacéutica, pero buena parte de la producción se desviaba a producir #heroína. Los traficantes turcos se la vendían a la mafia corsa de Marsella, que controlaba la distribución internacional (Foto: The French Connection). Image
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I did an article about the curious case of poisoning #Bulgaria citizen mr Elimian Gebrev, of which 3 #Russia #GRU operatives are sought for. The article is behind a paywall and in Finnish, so a thread will follow.…
At least 1 of the Gerbev poisoning suspects is related also to the #Salisbury poisoning incident which almost lead to the death of Sergei and Julia #Skripal . That was 2018. Mr. Gerbev was attacked in #Bulgaria in 2015, three years prior to Skripal. 1/…
The poison that was used in the murder attempts of Gebrev is yet unidentified. Was #novichok used in Europe already in 2015? 2/
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Interesting (not peer-reviewed) paper on #Greece's tourism re-opening plan, which concludes that the current policy is largely economically rational (with few exceptions), but speculates the country may not be ready to handle the resulting infection load.…
"Data from @eody_gr show that in the 10-day period from May 24 to June 2, 36% of 69 new confirmed cases were related to foreign travel. [...] It's obvious, therefore, that the #COVID19 infection load in #Greece will increase
because of tourism."
"Although #Germany has a better epidemiological profile (infections per M) than #France or #Italy, the relative infection load of Germany is likely to be higher than the infection load of either France or Italy because Germany was responsible for 2.6x as many arrivals in 2019."
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THREAD: Instead of working to protect women & girls during the #COVID19 pandemic, #Hungary has just rushed through a vote to withdraw from a groundbreaking European treaty to combat violence against women. #IstanbulConvention.…
#Hungary's Christian Democratic Party introduced the bill only last night, on the grounds that the #IstanbulConvention's protections of #migrants and #refugees contradict national policy, and that it promotes so-called "gender ideology."…
Such misinformation has been used to advance homophobic, anti-migrant & anti-women's rights agendas elsewhere in the region. Misrepresentation of efforts towards gender equality has provoked dangerous attacks on women's & #LGBT rights in #Poland. See @hrw…
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In Plovdiv, prosecutors launch inquiry into hospital cardiology department head, night shift attendant for "creating panic," spreading fake news. They wrote an open letter saying the hospital doesn't have enough PPE for coronavirus patients.
Days ago GERB (right-wing populist) MPs proposed 5-year prison sentences for purveyors of "fake news about infectious disease." #plovdiv #bulgaria @EU_Commission, EU has never been great about this sort of thing--
so I don't hold out much hope. But something very dark is happening in Central and Eastern Europe. Have you noticed?
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#BREAKING: Angry over his inability to drag #NATO into #Syrian war, dictator #Erdogan has ordered #Turkish security forces to open borders and let #Syrian refugees travel freely to #EU among them there are hundreds of #ISIL members which #Turkey recently released in NE #Syria!
#BREAKING: This video is reported to be showing the first group of #Syrian refugees walking toward #Europe after #Turkish Gendarmerie opened the borders on order of #Erdogan. There are #ISIL members among them who are recently released from the #SDF's prison camps in NE #Syria.
They are on their ways to #Europe now. Tens of thousands of refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan & other countries are now walking toward the borders with #Bulgaria to immigrate to their future home, #Germany! They are thankful of #Erdogan!
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¿Quiénes son los jueces directamente relacionados con la Open Society Foundations (OSF) de #GeorgeSoros? (HILO)
La organización European Centre for Law and Justice ha publicado un informe donde señala la relación de determinados jueces del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos con el entramado sostenido por el magnate húngaro. Estos son:
1) Lech Garlicki participa en la Universidad Centroeuropea de #Budapest desde 1997. Ha colaborado también en numerosos programas de Open Society Institute en la capital húngara.
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2. Imagine there's an attempt on your life, special forces and gendarmerie raid your business, state institutions acquire control of it, and you flee abroad to save your life.
3. Then you learn: PM #Borissov and General Prosecutor #Tsatsarov negotiate the sale of your assets to a #Turkish company (#Bulgaria-#Turkey).
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1. #Bulgaria/n #economy 101! #Thread

#Borissov's government is proud that in 2018, #GDP growth was 3.2%, but how impressive is this and should you be impressed too?
2. #Bulgaria has the lowest #GDP/capita in the #EU, but it is not that small. Our population is ca 7.1 million. What does that mean? Lack of efficiency, but not only.

Graph credit: WorldBank
3. #Bulgaria has the lowest median earnings in the #EU. In 2018, the net salary was 457 EUR. Contrast with #Romania (565 EUR), #Poland (784 EUR), and #Greece (917 EUR).

Chart credit:…
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ABRO HILO. El león en #Europa.
Hace poco, cuando hice RT de un tuit de @serbiaireland que mostraba este cuadro de Velizar Simeonovski: un #león acechando un uro, mucha gente me comunicó su sorpresa porque hubo leones en nuestro continente. Voy a ampliar aquí esa información.
@serbiaireland Y me refiero al león africano de toda la vida, vamos, al Panthera leo de los documentales de @la2_tve. No me refiero al león de las cavernas (Panthera spelaea), que vivió en Eurasia durante el Pleistoceno y se extinguió tras la Edad de Hielo. Ese león era "primo" del africano
@serbiaireland @la2_tve Esta es el área histórica de distribución del león. Como se puede apreciar, fuera de #Africa, hubo leones en toda #Asia occidental, Asia Menor y los Balcanes. Esa Península fue el territorio europeo donde habitó el león.
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21. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1-20. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
"The Houthi group in Yemen yesterday announced that it had released 12 detainees in the central province of Dhamar."

Houthis pardon 12 held for ‘supporting Saudi coalition’…
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Less than a month is left to the commemoration of the #HitlerStalinPact, that opened gates to the Second World War in #Europe! Those two bastards created hell on Earth or #Bloodlands to use @TimothyDSnyder term. #NeverForget… via @guardian
@TimothyDSnyder @guardian The neglected history of the #WarsawUprising. "Churchill & Roosevelt wanted to keep Stalin happy, thus they endorsed his lies about @katyn1940. Roosevelt apologized to Stalin when the exiled 🇵🇱 govmt. demanded @ifrc investigation of the crime!"… via @WSJ
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Thread: While the world is shaken by the #murder of #Bulgarian journalist #ViktoriaMarinova, it might be a good time to talk about the country itself. #BG ranks lower in #PressFreedom than both #Hungary or #Poland. The country is the poorest and most corrupt in the #EU. 1/13
Yet, the #EU somehow does not think #Bulgaria is a big issue, due to the fact that PM (and ex-bodyguard of #Soviet General Secretary Todor Zhivkov) @BoykoBorissov "behaves", unlike #Orban and #Kaczyński, who openly challenge the Union. Borissov's party is also member of @EPP 2/13
#MediaFreedom-wise, 80% of the print media in the country is owned by MP #Peevski, whose pro-gov tabloids (with the generous help of other pro-gov actors who get nice rewards in return such as property #Blaskov) stifle #opposition and manage vast #antiEU smear campaigns 3/13
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#demographics #militaries #economies #currencies
- Best demographics
- Largest military
- Largest economy
- Most used currency
- Liquid financial markets
- Open capital account
- Rule of law
- Best geography
- Can be self sufficient if required
- Not trade dependent
Top trade partners as of 30 June 2018:
- China: 15.2% (strategic competitor)
- Canada: 15.1%
- Mexico: 14.6%
- Japan: 5.1%
- Germany: 4.4%

The next 10 years could result in the below:
- Mexico (25%)
- Canada (20%
- Japan (7%)
- South Korea (5%)
- Great Britain (4%)
Bring the manufacturing (jobs) home while negatively impacting China's economy.………
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A terror attack in #Paris against the #Iran-ian main opposition group the #MEK was foiled. Attack due to take place during their conference whose speakers included Rudy #Guilani.The 2 arrested terrorists were a couple of Iranian origin living in Belgium
The Belgian couple was arrested in #Brussels a few hours before the attack was to take place at a conference attended by 25,000 people. Police found in their car 500 g of #TATP and detonators. 2 accomplices were arrested in #France and #Germany, including an #Iran-ian diplomat.
The Iranian diplomat based at the Iranian embassy is allegedly a member of Iran secret services and reportedly provided the explosives to the couple in #Luxembourg. The #US intelligences services also allegedly provided #Belgium, #France and #Germany with actionable info.
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