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Ha appena iniziato a parlare Mario #Draghi in #Senato.

Riporterò i passaggi più importanti del suo intervento.👇 Image
#Draghi: "La guerra in #Ucraina è giunta al suo 85esimo giorno. La speranza da parte dell'esercito russo di conquistare vaste aree del Paese in tempi brevi si è scontrata con la convinta resistenza del popolo ucraino".
#Draghi: "La Federazione Russa si è ritirata da ampie porzioni del territorio ucraino per concentrare le sue forze nell'area orientale del Paese. Anche qui l'avanzata russa procede molto più lentamente del previsto. Nell'ultima settimana le forze ucraine hanno ripreso il
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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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#Putin e la sua #Russia ogni giorno dà prova di essere fallimentare: il gas US arriverà alla #Bulgaria a prezzi migliori rispetto a quello di Gazprom.…
Non bastassero l'interruzione del gas e i cyber attack lanciati, dopo la posizione pro-#Ucraina della #Bulgaria, che si è offerta perfino di riparare elicotteri militari e carri armati rotti per l'Ucraina…
Ora sono arrivati disordini, che vedono la manina della #Russia dietro. Sì, perché un partito nazionalista filorusso oggi fa una manifestazione davanti all'edificio del parlamento, a Sofia, chiedendo al governo di dimettersi con la scusa di non aver affrontato la crisi economica.
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Thread: 11 May 2022: Day 77 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Croatia alarmed by #Hungary's irredentist noises. Have been similar problems with #Ukraine.
The equivalent of the whole population of Estonia has been deported from Ukraine to Russia.
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Il grande giorno è arrivato. Alle 20:00 ora italiana Mario #Draghi farà capolino dallo Studio Ovale della Casa Bianca: ad accoglierlo Joe #Biden.
Incontro ritenuto cruciale a Palazzo Chigi: per ridefinire lo status internazionale italiano, per affermare senza tentennamenti l'appartenenza di Roma al campo atlantico.
Quanto oggi può apparire scontato, ma solo grazie a #Draghi.
Per quanto ancora diversi politici nostrani fatichino ad accettarlo: è il momento delle scelte.
Anche mostrarsi neutrali, restare a guardare, mostrarsi geopoliticamente prudenti, significa schierarsi. Ma contro l'Alleanza cui ambiremmo di esser parte. Non un dettaglio.
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Thread: 3 May 2022: Day 69 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Pentagon says #China is avoiding direct military assistance to #Russia's attempt to erase #Ukraine ... for now
Truly bizarre for #Russia to have picked this fight with #Israel; so needless. Jerusalem had kept quiet for two months about Moscow's use of the "Nazi" pretext for the attack on #Ukraine and walked a fine line in general over the war, now forced to change
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Waiting for the 🇪🇺 energy ministers to arrive for the emergency summit to agree an oil embargo against #Russia and a united stance on #Putin’s demand to pay for gas in #rubles.

The decisions taken today will have ripple effects throughout the global economy.
@BarbaraPompili,🇫🇷French Minister for Ecological Transition who convened this emergency meeting of energy ministers, stresses upon entering that the purpose of today's summit is to respond to Russia shutting off the gas taps to #Poland & #Bulgaria, not to discuss the #OilEmbargo.
"Today's council is exclusively on the question of gas and not on the question of oil," Pompili tells a reporter who asks about the embargo.

"We have other discussions that are ongoing, but we must stay focused today on the issue of gas."

Playing down expectations?
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🇪🇺energy ministers holding an emergency meeting today to discuss how to respond to Russia shutting off the gas taps to #Poland & #Bulgaria - and clarify whether paying for gas in rubles would violate the EU's #RussiaSanctions.

They'll also try to find agreement on a #OilEmbargo.
What we know for sure is any 🇪🇺 embargo on #RussianOil won't begin immediately. It would probably be phased out by end of the year.

In order to avoid an #Orban veto, #Hungary may have to be granted exemptions. #Italy & #Greece also need more convincing. But #Germany is on board.
Today's emergency meeting starts 3pm. If 🇪🇺 agrees oil embargo it will send shock waves through the world economy, analysts predicting it will lead to even higher inflation. There are fears of resulting social unrest.

#Brussels & #Washington in talks on how to cushion the blow.
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Una recopilación de pósters socialistas para celebrar el #DiaDelTrabajador empezando por 4 de la Unión Soviética, de diferentes décadas y diferentes estilos.

#LaborDay #MayDay
Cuatro soviéticos extra, dedicados a @sovietvisuals

#СССР #Мая1
Dos húngaros y dos checoslovacos.
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🎥🛑Imágenes de las consecuencias del ataque en la planta de defensa "Artem" en #Kiev

🔻Esta planta producía misiles antitanques, antibuques y de aviación entre otros.
1️⃣ 🛑#Ucrania ha acumulado 2.000 soldados a lo largo de la frontera con #Transnistria para invadirla con ayuda de la #OTAN en respuesta a los fracasos de sus tropas en el #Donbass Image
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Thread: 28 April 2022: Day 64 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Britain is getting the messaging right on this: an acknowledgement of the reality that there is a task in front of us, but a refusal to even hint at recognising #Russia's annexation of Crimea or any other part of #Ukraine
#Russia managing to forge a nation in #Ukraine, revitalise a West that had seemed in terminal decline, and eliminate its own levers soft/economic influence in a war meant to do exactly the opposite is quite something to watch
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Good morning! ☕️

Today's thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺

Three civilians killed, 6 injured due to Russian shelling in #Donetsk Oblast yesterday - governor
A Russian ammo depot was on fire in Staraya Nelidovka in the #Belgorod Oblast of #Russia last night
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1/ Dear all, before everyone freaks out complete re the #supply #disruption of #natural #gas to #poland and #bulgaria which was initiated by #gazprom yesterday, i thought i'd make a little explanatory thread.
2/ first, consider poland. it exports about 10 bn m3 annually from russia. Image
3/ however, natural gas is not so important for its primary energy supply. poland still heavily depends on #coal, in particular for its electrical energy production. Image
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#Bulgaria and #Poland confirmed the suspension of #Russian gas supplies from 27.04.2022 after the countries refused to pay for deliveries in rubles.
Here is the immediate and slightly longer-term supply outlook for both as well as the region. /1
Russian Yamal contract to expire Dec 2022. Wasn't going to be renewed.

The 10bcm/year Baltic Pipeline supplying NO gas to PL to be commissioned 1 Oct 2022.

Swinoujscie terminal cap to rise from 5bcm/y (2022) ->8.3bcm in 2024.

2 LNG cargoes to arrive 28/30.04 /2
Russian LTC contract to expire Dec 2022. Wasn't going to be renewed.

Interconnector GR-BG (IGB) to be commissioned second half of 2022.

Immediate likely supplies from AGSC 1bcm/year deal, Chiren UGS, Greece LNG and RO-BG link.

1LNG Egypt cargo due in GR. 1.05 /3
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Good morning! ☕️

Thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺 for today
Governor of the #Belgorod region says the border village of Zhuravlevka has been shelled, two people injured
Russian forces used the Smerch MLRS to hit civilian infrastructure in #Mykolayiv, one civilian was injured - regional military administration
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A Ukrainian Nazi reveals the regime plan on Tv 2015 - says #Donbass is overly populated with people nobody has any use for (useless people) and sitting on rich resources and in order to exploit those resources 1.5 million #Donbas people have to be exterminated
#Odessa #Mariupol
"THEY HID BEHIND OLD MEN" "took 250 civilians as human shield and fired from there"
#Mariupol residents narrate the horror of being under occupation of Ukraini #AZOVNAZIS battalions
sw***e Ba**ards an old lady said in anger
It was unbearable
Why hide like rats?
They stole from our homes, burned down our houses and shot at children - they are "beasts" - even the German Nazi did not do that to us - says a senior resident of #Mariupol to the journalist.

#Donbass #Kiev #Poland #Bulgaria #Germany #Ukraine #BidenIsALaughingstock #AZOVNAZIS
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Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa Image
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
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Two months ago today the missiles started flying into all parts of #Ukraine, eight years after the original invasion in Crimea and east Ukraine.

It's Easter Day for Orthodox believers:
Shchaslyvoho Velykodnya🇺🇦

Day 60 of #PutinsWar on its peaceful neighbour, this is the daily🧵
Shamelessly, Putin went to church on Easter night, just hours after learning his troops had murdered 8 civilians in #Odesa as missiles struck residential buildings

Among the victims this 3 month old baby Kira, her mother Valeriia and grandmother Liudmila.
How many more must die?
One story I am keeping tabs on is the reported kidnapping in #Ukraine of a #Bulgaria diplomat.

The news is just being picked up on in the country after the mayor of #Melitopol announced that Russian soldiers had abducted Honorary Consul, Sergei Zhelev…
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St George's 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Day in England, Day 59 in #Ukraine of the devastating war brought by #Russia.

Here's the daily thread with the most relevant news and analysis of the situation, updated in real time.
Starting with the territorial news and almost no change to the front lines anywhere in #Ukraine in the last 24 hours.

That is going to turn up the pressure on #Russia with Victory Day in just 16 days. It could lead to the invaders stretching themselves and taking too many risks
Attacks intensified around #Sloviansk as the #Donbas region remains the focal point of most fierce fighting.

Further south in #Donetsk region, just west of the city itself, the villages of Mar'inka and Novomykhailivka are bearing the brunt of Russian attacks and street warfare.
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Details are thin, but I've seen from multiple sources that Ukrainians are flying more planes now than they did on day 1 of the war. That means #Bulgaria, #Poland and #Slovakia have transferred all some, if not all, of their MiG29s.
two things from this, aside from the obvious this is good for Ukraine. First, this is a one off reinforcement. It takes time to train fighter pilots, and so NATO states can only transfer jets the Ukrainians already know how to use.
2nd, the countries transferring jets are joining the F35 program. That's one of those platforms that enjoys a 5:1 advantage against what the Russians fly.
Russia DOES have a fifth generation platform, but they don't have the manufacturing capacity to churn them out.
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The world's democracies has 30 days to stop the dictator #Putin declaring a victory in the #Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine on May 9th (Russia's annual V Day). #StopPutinNOW #ArmsforUkraine #holdtheline #SaveUkrainianLives
Not a inch of Ukrainian territory must be seized by Putin and the Kremlin. The future of Europe rests with what we do in the next 30 days. The dignity and lives of Ukrainian women, children, old and disabled depends on it. It's that simple. Tell our leaders now...#holdtheline
Our leaders failed us by allowing Russia to seize the #Crimea in 2014 and looked away whilst Ukrainian forces fought hard and protected us against Russian backed rebels over 8 year of bloody civil war that cost the lives of over 1,000 brave Ukrainian military in one battle alone.
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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Happening now: @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg briefing before extraordinary Summit of NATO Heads of State
NEW: @NATO's @jensstoltenberg calls for beefed-up defense

"Major reinforcements to our security will require major investments in defense" he says. citing a "new sense of urgency bcs we cannot take peace for granted"
"There is a need to also address the long term consequences" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg

"There is a need to reset our deterrence & defense...we wil do what is necessary to defend & protect all allies"
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