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Remember when?
❗️15 #Wisconsin elected #GOP wrote to VP Pence pressuring him to not to certify a free and fair election.
#WisGOP #Insurrectionists #Traitors
#DemVoice1 #WisDems #WiscoWarrior #WiUnion…
❗️Ten prominent mainstream WI Republicans are accused of fraudulently posing as electors to overturn President Biden’s election
- including the chair of the #WisGOP & a member of the ELECTIONS COMMISSION!…
#WisGOP fraudulent electors are going to court!

"Dane County Judge Frank Remington told attorneys in the case Wednesday that... the jury trial would begin Sept. 3, 2024..."

#WisDems #WiscoWarriors #DemVoice1…
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Hey! Don't change that channel! Stay dazzled with the amazing federal rodeo clowns, while @SpeakerMcCarthy @LeaderMcConnell work with Anthony Blinken to advance the #Bolsheviks agenda in #UkraineonFire and Soros color revolution in America! Image
And in other federal seditious chaos operations news, the @LeaderMcConnell @SenSchumer #GreatestShowOnEarth continues undermining the Judicial Branch while circus 🎪 clowns perform silly skits ImageImage
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@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby I grew up on the family dairy farm est 1765. Before the USA was a nation & one of the favorite treats after milking, feeding the cows and cleanup was done, was to get a cup of chilled fresh whole milk out of the refrigerated tank. A childhood friend told be the other day...cont/
@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby That if we fed the store-bought homogenized pasteurized "processed" milk, instead of "fresh wholesome from the mother cow milk" that the calf would die.

The corrupt are killing us and saying "it's for our health".

For our health.

I've come to realize....CONT/
@cheeseslave2 @RealDrJaneRuby It's not "NOT" for the good of our health but for the robbery, destruction and death of our health.

This government is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people but a rogue unrecognizable lawless crimes to constitutional and humanitarian law...cont/
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Statistically probable outcome that has been predicted for years @USMC @USArmy @USNavy @usairforce , but duh...politics...[STATE] [Clinton][Kerry], NGO’s <#grifters #traitors 🤪@GenFlynn @RichardGrenell
To be a 🪰 on the wall @NORADCommand scenario meetings!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hurry up and watch this before it disappears down the memory hole 🕳 @ [C*A] [NARA] [GOOG]

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🇧🇬⚡️ Bulgarian politician Boyko Borisov has bragged about visiting the US, British, and German embassies multiple times for consultations.
#bulgaria #ukrainewar #nato #borisov #gerb #traitors #magnitsky
He revealed that his party, GERB, is working on completing the law on the jury system after the US ordered the judicial reform to be voted on in the next parliament.
Borisov also announced that GERB is in favor of forming a government with a "constitutional majority, clear governance, pro-Western, pro-European, pro-NATO" stance after the elections.
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Make no mistake. That DAO is doing the work, russian infowars haven´t achievedand I wouldn´t wonder, if the SBU would find out, they are a russian asset.
That´s what those scumbags are doing. Read what that Ukraine_DAO did here. Again and again and again. Intentially, following their agenda.

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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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@Eric_Schmitt New Zealand /1 M Pop. : 440 556 cases, 750 deaths.
USA /1M Pop. : 309 736 cases, 3 366 deaths.
Just shut up! You don't care about THE People = #Democracy!
Stupid selfish #Kleon, what you're calling "authoritarian and tyrant", it's take care of THE People.
@Eric_Schmitt Total cases in New Zealand.
Before Feb 2022 : with her politic.
After Feb 2022 : after international libertarians/corporatists/lobbyists lobbying (to KILL THE PEOPLE, sell vaccines & drugs)... Image
@Eric_Schmitt YOU are a the tyrant & authoritarian. Democracy is not to be naive!
When an elected politician take care of THE People, he/she is called authoritarian/tyrant by others obsessed by their corporation, lobby, political party... #Idiocracy #Traitors
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1/5.. #WednesdayWankers Of the 1000 things promised in their manifesto.. the 1st thing that @BJP4India implements in #Uttarakhand is free coaching schemes for Muslims which wasnt in their manifesto. This is how Hindu-Drohi BJP screws & betrays Hindus. @pushkardhami @NarendraModi
2/5.. #HowBJPfoolsHindus In their entire manifesto for Uttarakhand.. the words "Minority" or "Muslim" cannot be found anywhere.. Yet.. the first action of @PushkarDhami is crawl for Muslims with free coaching.. Read their manifesto>…
@pushkardhami 3/5.. #HowBJPfoolsHindus In their entire manifesto for Uttarakhand 2022.. even the word "coaching" appears ONLY TWICE & that for kids of martyrs from military & police.. and thats NOT FREE.. But the first implementation is FREE COACHING for Muslims.. @pushkardhami @NarendraModi
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In Kherson, the car of Major Sneshin, appointed by the occupiers as the so-called "head of the duty unit of the traffic police" was blown up

Details: the explosion occurred around 8 a.m when Sneshin was driving a car with his wife and daughter. No one was injured media reports/1
According to the source, the explosive device was planted under a concrete block on the side of the road on Parovozny Lane. There is a version that it was a radio-controlled homemade bomb with a capacity of about 400 grams in TNT equivalent.
In parallel with this event, the so-called "deputy head" of the Kherson occupation administration, Stremousov, said that the "sabotage-reconnaissance group" was liquidated in the city's Tavryche district.
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‼️Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short testified under #subpoena to a federal grand jury probing the #January6th insurrection—the highest-ranked Trump WH official known to have testified.

Trump, Rudy & others should be VERY worried.😎

In March, DOJ finally expanded its CRIMINAL probe of #January6th to include preparations for Trump’s “Save America” rally that preceded the the Capitol assault…as well as its financing👉🏼Alex Jones and @Publix heiress Julie Jenkins Fanfelli.

Grand jury subpoenas were sent to those who organized Trump's #January6th rally near the WH—prosecutors seek multiple records + documents, including texts, emails & potential communications with others regarding the logistics of the event.

No ignoring a federal GJ #subpoena.😎
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@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation I think it was a general consensus that the security protocols were in place 2 protect the Capitol. What wasn't known was how many within the system of 🇺🇸Govt, meant 2 protect 🇺🇸Govt institutions; were actually participants in the weakening of protections. Congress members,SCOTUS
@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation Justice, thru his wife, & 3 other Justices by association w/groups & orgs that financed & helped organize the #coup attempt. Then there's the Executive Branch that was infested w/#Traitors ! As 🇺🇸ppl trusted that 🇺🇸Govt institutions wld keep #TraitorTrump in ✅; 🇺🇸ppl trusted the
@SeananHerrick @LisaRoxy7519 @MacFarlaneNews @FaceTheNation security institutions 2protect the Capitol during certification. Another aspect of this is; it was common public knowledge that #TrumpCrimeSyndicate was seeking 2 use any actions from Biden/Harris/🇺🇸Govt supporters 2 declare martial law. When the Trump rally was announced Jan6th;
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🔥Carlton Larson, a law professor at @ucdavis and an **expert in #treason law,** on the seditious conspiracy charges against the #OathKeepers:

“This is as a good a case as you could bring.”💥

#SeditiousConspiracy #January6th…
After Biden was projected to have defeated Trump, #OathKeepers founder & leader Stewart Rhodes allegedly wrote in a Nov 2020 chat:

“We aren’t getting through this without a civil war. Too late for that. Prepare your mind, body, spirit.”🧐

The #SeditiousConspiracy charges are supported by detailed allegations that #OathKeepers:

💻discussed plans in encrypted chats
✈️traveled to DC from across the US
👬organized in teams
🪖used military tactics
🔫stashed weapons near DC
📲communicated w/each other during the riot
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* exploiting white, black, brown, red and yellow ethnicities alike

Updated January 5th 2022
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Wikipedia is considering bowing to the Communist Party of China by considering deleting this entry:… #China #TiananmenSquareMassacre #facts
Over 10,000 Chinese students were massacred by the Chinese government in early June of 1989.
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⚠️WARNING ⚠️ The Owners of the Democrats’ Big Data Firm Have a Side Gig: Working to Elect Far-Right Republicans‼️…
🚨A Mother Jones investigation found that the owners and founders of TargetSmart also own a company that earns millions by helping to elect far-right GOP state legislators who have tried to overturn the 2020 election results, and were involved in the January 6 insurrection.
@gop Traitors in swing States 👇…
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Oh?? #Blackmailed #UniParty #EvilGOP

Borrow more money to give away to the foreign nation that ran the Epstein Wexner Maxwell MegaGroup child sex gang - Traffickers of thousands of children globally and just charge it to the People.…
America the Dumbass Fatted Calf
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This madness will never end by voting.

The fact, #Rats #Traitors #Perverts @LeaderMcConnell and @GOPLeader are still in charge of the #EvilGOP #UniParty #EvilCongress should be screaming "this whole system is rigged" by the most wick evil perverted #globalistpsychopaths on earth
The corrupt rotton #EvilFBI serves the #globalistpsychopaths actively destroying those defending the Constitution - Mobsters running a federal blackmail/ protection racket from its inception.
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