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Look at the state of the bottom of this list.
@Nigel_Farage is ranked 747th out of 751 for MEP voting.
Less than 40% of votes.
Taking taxpayers money & doing nothing.
One of the very worst lazy, overpaid, "gravy train" MEPs Leavers are always railing about.
#WakeUpUK #BrexitsACon
@Nigel_Farage This analysis of MEP value is from here:…
@Nigel_Farage By comparison, here are the top 30 or so of UK MEPs
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Our final picture from the #MarchToLeave. We started by nicking their website, then you donated £30k to follow them all the way, we did a daily count & showed the whole thing was a numerically imploding shitshow, and thoroughly rinsed @Nigel_Farage. Now, finally, it’s done. Phew
Worth giving a shoutout to our ad van drivers and photo and video ninjas. They got a good slice of abuse and smiled their way through it. High fives and big ❤️ to them all
Favourite moment? Farage having a pint in a beer garden, trying desperately to pretend we weren’t 20 metres away broadcasting footage of him calling for a second referendum
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#MarchToLeave featured two Loyalist Flute Bands from Scotland today. #LivingstoneTrueBlues and #MusselburghTrueDefenders. LTB's emblem is a combination of a Confederate flag and the Red Hand of Ulster. A "Tim" is a Catholic, btw. LTB also marched in Newcastle with MTL. 1/6
Here's #BillyMitchell a member of LTB who has made regular appearances on #bbcqt. Also a @ukip member and former candidate.
LTB celebrated one such event in 2013 where Mr Mitchell "got a point in against an snp msp of Asian descent".
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On the behalf of France, I would like to apologise to you UK people for these nutties interfering in your own business (when it's messy enough already).
Meet the French Farage/Frexit team.
Of course, Asselineau is sponsored by RT/Sputnik. Pro-Putin. Went to Krimea. Rambles a lot abt being censored by MSM. Says the founders of the European community were CIA agents, &that the 1st president of the EU commission was a Nazi that drafted a Nazi Europe plan for Hitler.
Lots of conspiracists among his followers. FTR he thinks Putin's LePen is not pro-sovereignty enough. Not anti-migration just saying "When I'm in France, I want to be in France." His whole political career sums up to one idea: Frexit.
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Watch @Nigel_Farage try to run away from his past. Here, on the #MarchToLeave, he’s confronted with footage of the moment he was busted for taking a private jet to work. The man’s a fraud. He’s not anti-elite. He *is* the elite.
This is the video we’re showing all day on the big screen at @Nigel_Farage’s #MarchToLeave
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Day two of the #MarchToLeave. 77 people including photographers. @Nigel_farage should apologise to those marchers for this farce. But of course he’s disappeared. Shameful.
We asked where Farage was. They told us he’s doing his LBC show. Many of these marchers are good and decent people protesting for something they believe in. Farage is a coward and a conman, a Westminster media insider, and he doesn’t give a damn about those marchers.
Quite unbelievable
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350 people signed up, paying £50 p/h to march 'with' this charlatan.
It was never about the people of Sunderland, nor the people he's continually lied to [his followers] It's all about him.
At every stage he betrays the very people he claims to represent.…
A brilliant letter pub'd in @SunderlandEcho y'day spells out how much respect he has for the people of Sunderland & his followers.
Very little, as in the No of times he's visited Sunderland before?
@Nigel_Farage is not a friend to the people of Sunderland…
"This man [@Nigel_Farage] is absolutely the Elite he claims to be fighting"

"Remember all those times he has been here to listen to the people of Sunderland, to advance their interests in Europe?"

"No, Nor can I"
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Hi millionaire elite property tycoon and Farage funder @TiceRichard, is this the "epic protest march" you've been talking about? Cos right now there are more people in the queue at my local Tesco #MarchToLeave #EpicProtestMarch
If you’re out and about and you spot the March To Leave in all its tiny and bedraggled glory, do post a pic with the hashtag #EpicProtestMarch
More journos than marchers 🤷‍♂️
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Just a heads up (tease).... Tomorrow's gonna be one of those days where I do something I probably shouldn't do but figure "hey... it'll be funny😈"
Here's hoping it doesn't go horribly wrong. 🤞🏿
The lazy sods jumped in a bus!!!!!!
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