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TFW an account with 380k followers tweets out a link to a fucking arXiv paper claiming that "Theory of Mind May Have Spontaneously Emerged in Large Language Models".

#AIHype #MathyMath Screencap of twitter profile of @KrikDBorne. Header image inScreencap of tweet reading "Theory of Mind May Have Spo
That feeling is despair and frustration that researchers at respected institutions would put out such dreck, that it gets so much attention these days, and that so few people seem to be putting any energy into combatting it.

NB: The author of that arXiv (= NOT peer reviewed) paper is the same asshole behind the computer vision gaydar study from a few years ago.

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Strap in folks --- we have a blog post from @sundarpichai at @google about their response to #ChatGPT to unpack!…

#MathyMath #AIHype
Step 1: Lead off with AI hype. AI is "profound"!! It helps people "unlock their potential"!!

There is some useful tech that meets the description in these paragraphs. But I don't think anything is clarified by calling machine translation or information extraction "AI".

>> Screencap: "AI is the most profound technology we are w
And then another instance of "standing in awe of scale". The subtext here is it's getting bigger so fast --- look at all of that progress! But progress towards what and measured how?

#AIHype #InAweOfScale

>> Screencap: "Since then we’ve continued to make invest
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In the context of the Koko/GPT-3 trainwreck I'm reminded of @mathbabedotorg 's book _The Shame Machine_…

@mathbabedotorg I do think there's a positive role for shame in this case --- shame here is reinforcing community values against "experimenting" with vulnerable populations without doing due diligence re research ethics.

It seems that part of the #BigData #mathymath #ML paradigm is that people feel entitled to run experiments involving human subjects who haven't had relevant training in research ethics—y'know computer scientists bumbling around thinking they have the solutions to everything. >>
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I appreciated the chance to have my say in this article by @willknight but I need to push back on a couple of things:…


#ChatGPT #LLM #MathyMath
@willknight The 1st is somewhat subtle. Saying this ability has been "unlocked" paints a picture where there is a pathway to some "AI" and what technologists are doing is figuring out how to follow that path (with LMs, no less!). SciFi movies are not in fact documentaries from the future. >> Screenshot from linked arti...
@willknight Far more problematic is the closing quote, wherein Knight returns to the interviewee he opened with (CEO of a coding tools company) and platforms her opinions about "AI" therapists.

>> Screencap: Reddy, CEO of Ab...Screencap: Reddy, the AI st...
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