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La fascinante evoluci贸n de la inteligencia artificial (IA) 馃寪馃 Image
Desde los albores de la humanidad hasta hoy, la inteligencia artificial (IA) ha recorrido un camino asombroso. 隆脷nete a este hilo y descubre su evoluci贸n!
La IA ha pasado de ser un concepto de ciencia ficci贸n a una realidad palpable. Conoce c贸mo ha evolucionado a lo largo de los a帽os y c贸mo est谩 transformando nuestro mundo.
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Life is Fast!

We all feel like we never have enough time, so i bring you:

15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Life and Save You Time!

Let's get to it! 馃憞 15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to...
1. Text Blaze

馃敻 Revolutionizing Typing and Automation!
馃敻 Say goodbye to repetitive typing and errors with Text Blaze!

#TextBlaze #AITool #Automation #Writing
2. Loopin

馃敻 Enhancing Meetings with AI Assistance!
馃敻Revolutionize your meetings with Loopin鈥檚 AI meeting assistant!

#Loopin #AITool #AIAssistant #AI
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Well @Justin_Bons that is why $DAG exists 馃槈

Let's explore together how @Conste11ation validates data at the edge and why Metagraphs are the perfect solution for integrating AI with Blockchain
#edgecomputing #EdgeData #BigData
Ready set go 馃殌
Down the #HGTP rabbit hole 馃憞 Image
AI is only as good as its data. With the rise of IoT devices and real-time data processing, the need for efficient and scalable edge computing solutions is paramount. Enter HGTP and Metagraphs by @Conste11ation $DAG #AI #EdgeComputing
HGTP, built on a DAG architecture, is designed to handle complex data types and large volumes of transactions. Its concurrent, parallel, and asynchronous processing capabilities make it ideal for handling vast amounts of data generated by edge devices. #HGTP #DAG
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Unleashing the Power of Interoperability:

$QNT 馃 $DAG Partnership

Let's dive into the exciting partnership between @quant_network and @Conste11ation a collaboration that is set to redefine the landscape of #bigdata, #IoT, and #AI production.

Let's dive in 馃憞 Image
The integration of #Quant Network and #Constellation Network will enable companies to build cross-platform and interoperable big data, IoT, and AI production, and sandbox test environments. Image
This is powered by Constellation鈥檚 #HyperGraph and Quant Overledger鈥檚 interoperability capabilities with various blockchain networks and protocols. Image
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What is the Internet of Animals?

@animaltracking and I see it as an emerging convergence of linked #BigData + #LiveData + Automated #Analytics and #AI.

A powerful tool for science and conservation!

We describe the #IoA in our new paper @Trends_Ecol_Evo鈥 Image
@animaltracking @Trends_Ecol_Evo @WILDLABSNET @conservationx @NaturalSciences @NCState_FER @AI21Labs @freaklabs @conservify @sarameghanbeery @ConsBio @HemRhinoForce Drawing from the blob diagrams of the internet, we first describe what we think are the 50 most important components of the Internet of Animals. This was fun to come up with but probably not comprehensive, what did we miss? What if we expanded to 100?鈥 ImageInternet of Animals
Linking these datasets together is where the magic happens. We can use API鈥檚 to seamlessly join datasets and taxonomy becomes the standard to link them. Taxonomy is still dynamic, although @n8_upham has some creative ideas to help鈥
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1/7 馃У The importance of #data in our digital economy is becoming more pronounced. By 2025, the total amount of data generated is expected to reach a staggering 175 zettabytes, with enterprise data increasing at a 42% annual growth rate. #BigData
2/7 This vast volume of data births the "data economy", a digital ecosystem where businesses, individuals, & government agencies gather, share, and monetize data, tapping into unexplored markets and serving with data-driven products. #DataEconomy
3/7 Organizations are participating in the data economy by eliminating data silos and promoting collaboration. This data exchange is helping organizations unlock value and create new business models. #DataExchange
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The basics of R to Advance for Beginners.

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#DataAnalytics #DataScience #rstats #data #BigData Image
1/20 Image
2/20 Image
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The basics of R for Beginners.

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#DataAnalytics #DataScience #rstats #data #BigData
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Der Einsatz von #ChatGPT und #KI in deutschen Unternehmen bringt viele Vorteile mit sich, die nicht nur auf nationaler, sondern auch auf globaler Ebene von Bedeutung sind.

In diesem "Mega-Thread" werden wir wichtige Vorteile von KI f眉r deutsche Firmen betrachten. 馃嚛馃嚜馃
1. 馃挕 Effizientere Entscheidungsfindung

Durch den Einsatz von KI k枚nnen Unternehmen schneller und pr盲ziser Entscheidungen treffen, was ihnen hilft, ihre Wettbewerbsf盲higkeit zu steigern und effektiver auf Ver盲nderungen im Markt zu reagieren. #Innovation #KI
2. 馃搱 Datenanalyse

KI erm枚glicht es, gro脽e Mengen an Daten schneller und genauer zu analysieren als je zuvor.

Dies hilft Unternehmen, ihre Gesch盲ftsstrategien zu optimieren und Wachstumschancen zu identifizieren. #BigData #Analytics
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馃嚝馃嚪 "En cas d鈥檈ngagement majeur, tous les effectifs de l'@armeedeterre seraient d茅ploy茅s"

Retour sur l'audition 脿 huis clos du @CEMAT_FR, devant la commission de la d茅fense nationale, 脿 propos du projet de #LPM 24-30.

THREAD 猬囷笍 Image
馃嚝馃嚪 "L'@armeedeterre a le devoir et les moyens de b芒tir pour 2030, l鈥檃rm茅e dont la France aura besoin pour la d茅cennie 2030-2040." @CEMAT_FR #LPM
馃嚝馃嚪 L'@armeedeterre est adapt茅e 脿 l鈥檃mbition et au caract猫re d鈥檜ne 'France puissance d鈥櫭﹒uilibres'. Par h茅ritage, c鈥檈st une arm茅e de forces m茅dianes [...]." @CEMAT_FR #LPM
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1/ Elon Musk on ollut merkitt盲v盲 vaikuttaja Big Datan hy枚dynt盲misess盲. H盲nen investointinsa Twitteriin ja Teslaan ovat auttaneet ker盲盲m盲盲n ja k盲ytt盲m盲盲n valtavia m盲盲ri盲 dataa. #ElonMusk #Tesla #Twitter #BigData
2/ Microsoft on toinen Big Datan ker盲盲j盲 ja hy枚dynt盲j盲. He ovat ker盲nneet dataa tuotteidensa, kuten Windowsin, Officen ja Androidin, sek盲 palveluidensa, kuten Bingin, Azuren ja LinkedInin, kautta. #Microsoft #BigData
3/ OpenAI, jonka Elon Musk perusti, keskittyy yleisen teko盲lyn (AGI) kehitt盲miseen. Vaikuttavia teko盲lymalleja, kuten ChatGPT, on kehitetty t盲t盲 tarkoitusta varten. #OpenAI #ChatGPT #AGI
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The Households鈥 Carbon Footprint Inequality #BigData by @BBVAResearch 馃憞
1锔忊儯High Inequality: similar consumption but lower than income
2锔忊儯But Different according to origin @BaldwinRE @gabriel_zucman @glviolante @fatihguvenen
@R_Blundell_UCL @_LukasFreund_ Image
Inequality of Carbon Footprint: Transport as key reason. In contrast, Energy Utilities concentrated in the lower tail of consumption distribution (and income) @BaldwinRE @gabriel_zucman @glviolante @fatihguvenen
@R_Blundell_UCL @_LukasFreund_ Image
Carbon Footprint and Aging: Lower emissions from 40-45 years and older, but not homogeneous. We emit less Co2 from transportation but more from household utilities @BaldwinRE @gabriel_zucman @glviolante @fatihguvenen @R_Blundell_UCL @_LukasFreund_ Image
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________ ETYMOLOGY_________


Discussed in the past-relevant in Geneaology, Languages and #CYBERNETICS

(Followed by a cluster of VLAD PUTIN's CASH) Image
Over time and with more #BigData things have a way of creating their own THEME CLUSTERS

SAMPLE of the GREAT SUCKING VLAD THEME in my Russian Oligarch Money Network Image
Deripaska and Rotanberg links toward bottom... Image
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馃馃搱 #MachineLearning is changing the game for businesses by providing insights that lead to better decision-making. From predicting customer behavior to optimizing supply chains, ML is a game-changer! #AI #BigData
馃馃懆鈥嶐煉 With its ability to learn and adapt, #MachineLearning is like having a virtual assistant that's always looking for ways to improve your business processes. Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to automated insights! #DigitalTransformation
馃馃捇 The collaboration between humans and #MachineLearning is the key to unlocking its true potential. We can create more accurate predictions and optimize complex systems by working together. #Teamwork #AI
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Some believe #privacy in #Web3 stops at anonymous transactions, which couldn't be further from the truth

@OasisProtocol have built a solution to propel #blockchain adoption to areas that were not previously possible 馃尮

Mega thread馃У猬囷笍

Don't miss this one

鉂わ笍/RT/Follow for more鈥 Image
2) @OasisProtocol will be imminently releasing the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) to all major #EVM chains, allowing any #dApp to integrate customisable, compliant confidentiality to any existing dApp

With OPL and their #privacy paratime Sapphire, a new era is coming to #Web3 Image
3) Now let's get into what this unlocks in #Web3

Undercollateralized or variable rate lending in #DeFi

Borrower reputation can be established via private data such as credit history

Those with a good reputation can get loans using less collateral &/or lower interest rates
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1/ AI is already impacting the financial industry in a big way, and the same goes for hedge funds. It has the potential to provide insights that are not possible with human analysis, making it an essential tool for the hedge fund industry.

A Thread 馃У
2/ Hedge funds can use AI to identify patterns and make predictions that were not possible before. This is important in a market where every second counts, and a slight edge can make all the difference. #DataScience #MachineLearning #HedgeFunds @KirkDBorne
@KirkDBorne 3/ One of the ways Photons Hedge is leveraging AI is by using natural language processing to analyze news and social media sentiment. This helps the fund to understand how the market is reacting to news and events, enabling them to make better-informed trades. #SentimentAnalysis
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馃У Topological what?
@Conste11ation $DAG is a giant microservices architecture for storing topological data because it is designed...
#OpenSource #bigdata #crypto #Programming #cybersecurity #devops #IoT #DataScience #WebDevelopment #AI #web3
as a decentralized and scalable network that can handle complex data streams and process them efficiently. It does this by leveraging several key concepts and technologies, such as Hylochain consensus, dynamic partitioning, and map-reduce functions.
In a microservices architecture, applications are broken down into smaller, modular components (called microservices) that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently of each other.
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From a technical standpoint, @Conste11ation offers developers unique benefits not found in other networks:
馃懆鈥嶐煉籎ava Scala
馃挶Generative Economics
#OpenSource #bigdata #Programming #devops #IoT #DataScience Image
Scalability: @Conste11ation's DAG-based architecture provides unlimited horizontal scalability, with no congestion or high fees, allowing projects to grow without limitations.
Metagraphs: Advanced Layer-0 state channels enable complex data structures and logic, without the constraints of traditional smart contracts. Metagraphs can act as off-chain data oracles and are compatible with external systems and programming languages.
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馃敶 [THREAD] Ce que contient notre projet de r茅vision constitutionnelle pour d茅verrouiller la V猫me R茅publique et d茅confiner la d茅mocratie fran莽aise.

馃搨 Pour acc茅der au dossier #D茅mocratieNationale, c'est par ici :鈥

#Constitution #D茅mocratie #Libert茅s Image
L'article 1 vise 脿 sanctuariser le principe de #Libert茅dExpression attaqu茅 depuis des ann茅es, mais aussi les donn茅es personnelles 脿 l'heure des #GAFAM, de l'#IA et des #BigData. Le second point reprend la proposition de Mirabeau en vue de r茅tablir le #PortDarmeCitoyen en France. Image
L'article 2 introduit une r茅forme majeure avec l'adoption du principe de "Nation en armes", ou d'arm茅e de milice, analogue 脿 la conception suisse de la d茅fense nationale. Il s'agit notamment d'茅viter l'instrumentation de la force publique 脿 des fins contraires 脿 la d茅mocratie. Image
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"Con il ritorno della #Guerra sul suolo #europeo, non potrebbe esserci un momento pi霉 opportuno e appropriato per gli Stati membri dell'#UE per concordare una聽bussola strategica per la sicurezza e la #difesa聽di adesso.聽Preparato dal Servizio europeo per l'azione esterna (#SEAE)
negli ultimi due anni e adottato dagli Stati membri il 21 marzo, definisce un piano per rafforzare la politica di sicurezza e di difesa dell'#UE entro il #2030 con l'obiettivo di diventare "un servizio di sicurezza pi霉 #assertivo e聽decisivo fornitore鈥澛.
La bussola guider脿 la politica di sicurezza e difesa dell'#UE per gli anni a venire, sulla base di una valutazione comune delle minacce e delle sfide geostrategiche #globali, di una visione comune di dove andare, nonch茅 degli obiettivi e delle azioni proposte per raggiungere
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The thing is,

Elon Musk is being financed to destroy this platform.

They don't have to answer to Shareholders. They can destroy the brand if they want to.

Media Execs will sink all the money they want into this; because they're losing customers to Twitter users.
There are Autocrats around the world who would pay hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to spike a global communications platform that's bringing democracy to the far reaches of the planet.

This platform is all about engagement.

Corporate Media offers the opposite. #BigData
I've been kicked off this platform more times than I can count.

I probably deserved it once, I'll give them one. But, seriously...

No liberal has ever censored a view. Ever. We judge folks for their views, and conservatives take THAT as a personal attack.

Human nature.
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Identifying projects that will be integral to the future of #Web3 & #Crypto is vital for your portfolio

@OasisProtocol, $ROSE & founder Dawn Song, have partnerships, backers and connections that will blow your mind

Mega Thread below馃У鉁忥笍猬囷笍

Like, RT, Follow and @ tag friends馃尮 Image
2) @Meta X @OasisProtocol

For over 2 years they have worked on developing fairness in their #AI

@OasisProtocol is @Meta's chosen technology partner & worth remembering that Meta approached Oasis

I'd be confident in saying this runs deeper than just AI 馃憖

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3) @Google X @OasisProtocol

Bringing the best in data #privacy technology to companies who essentially deal with sensitive information in large volumes

It will encourage & expand support for innovative applications that are computing & memory-intensive

#BigData #AI $ROSE Image
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danke @nick_luethi

den gesponserten ist wichtig, dass kohle 眉ber die h眉rde h眉pft, das logo ist v枚llig egal... logo...

grandios, was diese historischen zeiten alles zu pulverisieren verm枚gen :-)鈥
wann wird #WalderGate genutzt, um 眉ber viel h枚here h眉rden zu h眉pfen?
- Moderne
- Postmoderne

bye bye 馃槄馃槀馃ぃ
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Seven years ago, I called #LeonardCohen's *Everybody Knows* "the perfect anthem for our times."

> Everybody knows the fight was fixed
> The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
> That鈥檚 how it goes
> Everybody knows鈥 1/ A smoke-filled room lit by ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:鈥 2/
That was just after Cohen died, and while the world seems to want to settle on *Hallelujah* as his totemic song, *Everybody Knows* keeps inserting itself into the discourse, in the most toxic, hope-draining way possible. 3/
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