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OK. I promised a thread about the paper and promises must be kept.
Let's use this thread to talk about #DNAdatastorage in general and finish up with our work and some thoughts about the future of the field.
Why use DNA to store data?
As the burden of the #BigData era on data storage infrastructure is becoming too heavy we need to explore alternatives.
DNA was optimized as an information carrier by billions of years of evolution. It's dense, stable, and energetically efficient.
Back in 2012 we saw two important studies demonstrating MB scale data storage on synthetic DNA. @geochurch was the first with an elegant straight forward approach. @Nick_Goldman followed with a more robust encoding.
Since, others has shown encoding/technological improvements
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Ahora en el C3. Sala llena para discutir sobre p-valores. Oradores de lujo incluyendo a @_lacion_ y @wsosaescudero. 🤩
@_lacion_ @wsosaescudero "Los artículos cientificos tienen un solo lector: el referí. Más allá de eso es una entelequia." @wsosaescudero
@_lacion_ @wsosaescudero .@wsosaescudero define el p-valor en 15 palabras o menos:

"El p-valor es una medida relativa de si algo es alto o bajo".
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#TeamOfTeams “We will argue that the familiar pursuit of efficiency must change course. Efficiency remains important, but the ability to adapt to complexity and continual change has become an imperative.”
#TeamOfTeams “Adaptability, not efficiency, must become our central competency.”
#TeamOfTeams “The soldier-turned-historian Josephus was said to have described Roman army drills as “bloodless battles,” and their successful battles as “bloody drills.””
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Love the simplicity of #Serverless #FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) but hate the setup process? Look to these 7 open source projects to ease #AWS Lambda deployments:
#BigData #StreamingAnalytics #Cloud #DataScience #MachineLearning #IFTTT #EventDriven #AI
13 free tools for #API design, development, & testing — for example, Amazon API Gateway allows you to build front-end APIs for applications built on Amazon EC2, #AWS Lambda, or any web application:
#microservices #cloud #serverless #FaaS #coding #IoT
#IFTTT alternatives for developers of #EventDriven workflows:
#IoT #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #Microservices #DataScience #BigData #FaaS #ML
+See the book “AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven #Serverless Applications” at
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Bayesian #MachineLearning Part 1 — Understanding Bayes Theorem from an Analytics Perspective: #abdsc
#BigData #DataScience #Statistics #StatisticalLiteracy #DataLiteracy #Algorithms
Bayesian #MachineLearning Part 3 — building Bayesian models & inference networks: #abdsc
#BigData #DataScience #Statistics #StatisticalLiteracy #DataLiteracy #Algorithms
+See also these books:
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Queridos amigos, hoy es sábado, sabadete, así que toca hilo de #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos. ¿Por qué es tan fácil para las empresas realizar perfiles de usuarios, y tan complicado para los usuarios acceder a esa información, incluso cuando es totalmente discriminatoria?
Vivimos en la era del #BigData Analytics, donde la toma de decisiones automatizada, el aprendizaje automático y las técnicas de creación de perfiles son cada vez más capaces de evaluar las vidas de las personas en función de su propia historia datos y predicciones.
Las técnicas automatizadas de toma de decisiones y creación de perfiles pueden ser perjudiciales para las personas porque la legislación actual no proporciona a los usuarios control sobre sus propios datos, y menos sobre las evaluaciones realizadas por los procesos automatizados.
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[Hilo] Te preguntaras que hace #CienciaAccesible (ASI)?
Creada en el 2010, ASI promueve la ciencia y la tecnología accesible para todos, creando impacto científico-cultural a través de tres pilares:
🧬La Educación,
🧬El Soporte Técnico
🧬El Intercambio de Conocimiento
@BioHackingCol @caminosciencia @CdeC_Col @CienciaenLibre @aca_ciencia @clopezcorrea2 @MujerEnCiencia @PhDCommunity @BardoCientifico @SilvanaCASERO Aunque ASI fue creada en 🇨🇦, nuestro trabajo se enfoca en países de habla #hispana, y la mayoría de nuestras actividades han sido realizadas en #Colombia 🇨🇴

Nos enfocamos a trabajar con poblaciones pequeñas donde el acceso a actividades #científicas es limitado.
@BioHackingCol @caminosciencia @CdeC_Col @CienciaenLibre @aca_ciencia @clopezcorrea2 @MujerEnCiencia @PhDCommunity @BardoCientifico @SilvanaCASERO Dentro de la actividades realizadas en años anteriores y el impacto obtenido estan:
🧬 El “Manual de #CienciaInteractiva, creado con actividades de ciencia que usa materiales de facil acceso. Estos han sido distribuidos de manera gratuita a colegios del #Tolima en #Colombia.
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🆃🅴🅾🆁🅴🅼🅰 (de representación de Arnold-Kolmogorov)

Tiene que ver con #deeplearning, #machinelearning, AI, #bigdata y todas esas palabras cool (y es una excusa para hablar de Arnold).

Dedicado a @wsosaescudero y los fanáticos del libro verde.
🗣️ porfa RT así difundimos #TeRegaloUnTeorema
Dice así: toda función continua, aunque dependa de muchas variables se puede escribir como combinación de funciones (continuas) que dependen de una sola variable.
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@sverhulst is at #UNHQ today for the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. In a few moments, he’ll be sharing GovLab’s experiences for a panel on how #bigdata can contribute to the follow-up on the #2030Agenda. Stay tuned! #HLPF2019
And we’re staring! Excited to hear how new data sources can inform official statistics for #SDGs
Director General Yusuf Murangwa discusses how Rwanda used #bigdata to improve its understand of the economy and agriculture.
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Thread: the public vs. procurement

<HUGE> development spending hides in plain sight.

Do you ignore it? Think someone else has it covered?

In LMICs upto 50% of all government spending is via <PUBLIC PROCUREMENT>

Myriad contracts: roads/bridges/hospitals/drugs....
(hand) Pump Primer:

India 1999: I worked in WATSAN. Over 1000 new handpump tubewells would replace contaminated shallow wells & rusting pumps that often stood in puddles. You paddled to collect drinking water, and the puddle seeped into the well.
The Good: The new pumps were installed on large concrete platforms, in turn mounted on a large buried concrete ring. This stopped water undermining the platform, which would crack and break up the concrete. Back to puddles and contamination.
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#STPIINDIA has been playing the role catalyst in bolstering the growth of #IT industry by providing state-of-the-art incubation facilities to #startups,#MSMEs & budding entrepreneurs in IT/ITeS sector to nurture tech-fueled entrepreneurship in India.#STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI
In the early 90’s, when development of physical infrastructure needed massive investment, #STPIINDIA pioneered incubation services to nurture budding IT companies & promote them to leverage the enormous opportunities in software exports. #STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI @Omkar_Raii
#STPIINDIA has been providing world-class incubation facilities to #startups, #MSMEs & budding entrepreneurs in #IT industry since 1991 to stimulate the growth of tech entrepreneurship pan-India by enabling hassle-free operations. #STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI @Omkar_Raii
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Sábado, sabadete, por lo que hoy toca hilo sobre #privacidad y #protecciondedatos o (des)protección de datos. Tema central de hoy: ¿Por qué estamos actualmente en una situación en la que la privacidad y la falta de transparencia se han convertido en cuestiones legales centrales?
Obviamente, se debe a un rápido desarrollo tecnológico, pero quizás sea útil para nuestra discusión sobre #transparencia, #privacidad y #perfiles.
para cavar un poco más profundo en el por qué, y no en el cómo. ¡Adelante hilo!
Dos hechos tecnológicos hicieron posible esta enorme transformación: 1) el desarrollo de hardware informático y 2) el desarrollo de un software que permitió que muchos ordenadores funcionaran como uno solo. ¿Qué supusieron estos grandes hitos para las organizaciones y empresas?
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Worth bearing in mind.

No one has deployed quantum encryption or quantum entanglement, yet, which are two of the easiest solutions if you have them.

But we need to augment civilian IT security dramatically, especially in strategic industries.…
And yes, the fact that many key breakthroughs apparently *haven't* filtered their way into cutting-edge industries is actually good news, given how much IP theft and general infiltration we seem to be dealing with.

Still odd how many things haven't surfaced yet.
Especially the blindingly obvious.

You really *didn't* know the malware could be tracked, and more importantly mapped, over years and even decades?

That your botnets were just a mountain of hard evidence?
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#China built a surveillance database on Americans from stolen/hacked data, such as the #OPM hack, and some US software developers helped them build & implement it.

I’d love to know who those (treasonous, IMO) developers were.
According to the insider, the database is very similar to China’s social credit scoring system that tracks every detail of Chinese citizen’s lives, upon which China Asians them a “freedom score.”
The software they used to build it out was originally a #BigData analytics program for #SmartCities, like the one Google wants to build in #Toronto.…
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Here is a summary of the @ASCO Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements (#mCODE) project ... in thread format
1/ Problem:
#clinicaltrials continue to be the primary way to answer question in oncology but few patients enroll. Despite more data being stored in the #EHR, we can't easily combine data across systems as few are interoperable. This is a missed opportunity.
2/ Solution:
#mCODE is a newly proposed data standard that leverages and expands existing data standards to promote answering clinically meaningful oncology questions across medical records allowing us to learn from more patients
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Che bella la Master of Elusion #amazon che licenzia centinaia di ̷s̷c̷h̷i̷a̷v̷i̷ dipendenti ogni anno nei suoi magazzini in "sottoproduzione" (ossia che sforano al ribasso la rigida metrica stabilita da precisi algoritmi di Artificial Intelligence AI).…
Poi quando la Master of Elusion #amazon si accorge di un video che le reca un po' di prurito... succede che quel video, dopo anni di fiera militanza nel canale Tu(mi)Tu(r)bi dell'Unità, decide per partito preso di emigrare all'estero.

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I'm attending the #DataForGood panel organized by @SFU, moderated by @drjoyjohnson w/ Sheryl Groeneweg @ISED_CA, Richard Evans @StatCan_eng, and Bohdan Noysk @SFU

#AI #partnership #bigdata #cdnsci #scipol #cdnpoli
RE - risk assessment for data security is a daunting task ➡️ so it's important to be able to communicate what is known, what can be done. Govt needs to be forthcoming to build great relationships, to build trust.

BN - the best partnerships are built on strong relationships.
BN works in sensitive patient data, which is a fantastic resource. Researchers have been accessing this kind of data for decades because of good practise to anonymized and de-identify data.
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In July 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. #OneGiantLeap

#Apollo11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

That's #OneSmallStep for [a] man, #OneGiantLeap for mankind.

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BigData è passato dall'essere una semplice parola d'ordine a una realtà che sta iniziando ad avere un impatto significativo in tutti gli aspetti della nostra vita pubblica e privata. #BigData #BigDataAnalytics
Sia che si tratti di siti di social media che pubblicano annunci accuratamente mirati, sia che le città offrano servizi migliori ai loro residenti o sia che i governi non tutelino la privacy, l'impatto e il potenziale dei #BigData sta cominciando solo adesso ad essere intuito.
Gran parte dello sforzo profuso sembra essere focalizzato sulla componente analitica dei dati, come l'uso del giusto tipo di strumenti #BigData per estrarre le informazioni a partire dai dati e tracciare intuizioni fino ad allora sepolte in strati di dati.
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To understand why so many are highlighting the Chinese cameras in Leinster House, one must first recognise that China does not do business or espionage like the West. There's no separation between industry sectors the CCP deems strategically important.
The #IOT, #5G, #AI and #SmartCities sectors are integral to China. These sectors have billions of dollars pumped into them from Chinese government central and regional funds and are controlled centrally by the CCP, with the CCP placing key personnel into these companies.
One other area of interest to the Chinese government is #BigData - and boy do they have the opportunity to gather as much of this as possible thanks to the West. This data is used to forecast and predict actions, reactions of markets, industry and people - most importantly people
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#Bigdata vs Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence
By Irene Aldridge
☝️author High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to #Algorithmic Strategies& #Trading Systems
☝️co-author Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know About #Fintech,#highfrequencytrading and FlashCrashes
1. ☝️🧐➿🔢 In traditional #statistics or #econometrics, researchers make assumptions about #data distributions ahead of the analysis
2. 🥇💪#machinelearning = the 1st discipline to apply #efficiency to #problemsolving brought by #computers & their enhanced computational power
3. 🤗➿🔢#ML scientists try to reduce #assumptions about the data as much as possible&let the data (&computers) decide what fits best.
4. ♾➡️🔤🌐#Datascience identifies core characteristics of the data, summarized by what has been known as #characteristic values (#eigenvalues)
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Data Needs A Home:

🧬The population of every DNA word is equivalent to the population of its reverse-complement DNA word in the SINGLE-STRANDED human genome

🧬Population count of 1.4 trillion DNA words

🧬Does anyone want a copy of this data before files are deleted?

Can You Use This #Data?

🧬Demonstrates the inherent inversion symmetry structure for all DNA elements in the single-stranded genome

🧬Demonstrates the absence of analog symmetries between reverse pairs and complement pairs of DNA elements


Do You Know Anyone 🏷 Who Can Use This Data?

🧬The number of times every #DNA element (1-nt to 20-nt) occurs in the single-stranded genome

🧬This inversion symmetry structure is also maintained at the level of each individual #chromosome, except chromosome M (mitochondrial DNA)
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Last week, I did a talk with @WSU_COM PhD students about applying for #nonacademicjobs or what's often called #postac or #altac careers. My goal was to encourage students to explore their options, but also inject some reality in their sometimes starry-eyed discussions. 1/start
2/ Right off the bat, I wanted to dispel the notion that PhD jobs are a great fit for nonacademic jobs in industry, nonprofit or govt. sectors. There are a number of reasons for this: Nonacademic recruiters think you are too expensive or esoteric for their jobs...
3/ Continuing reasons why PhD doesn't easily translate to #AltAc: Faculty lack expertise or knowledge about nonacademic jobs (even if they want to support you), and graduate programs encourage deep scholarly knowledge and publication rather than broader public engagement.
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