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#namgiseok au where Yoongi is a famous rapper,that has been hiding who he is for years from everyone, because no one takes omega rapper seriously, attends WKorea event as a special guest along with two rivals alphas RM and jhope. And during Sexy Nukim performance he loses it..
first thing that i should mention from omegaverse there are only names omega, alpha, beta and the fact that they have their own scents. no sl!ck, no pr3gnancies were mentioned, just them having scents!!!
- namseok are dating
- namgiseok endgame
- no angst just crack
- fluff
- side ship vminkook
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#namseok 🔞 cw // virginity kink, bttm hobi top joon, dacryphilia, virginity loss, unprotected sex, overstimulation

virgin hobi acting slutty to get joon's attention but as soon as they're in the bedroom hobi stays bright red with his legs snapped shut
since he's a virgin, joon really wants to rock his world y'know, so he offers to rim him first before fingering him and hobi, oh hobi

hobi despite acting like a slut who knows /exactly/ what he's doing doesn't... actually know what rimming is
joon is plenty happy to show him and goes down until hobi's hands tremble and his thighs have been slowly spreading from where they'd been snapped shut the moment he laid down on the bed
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⎡Namseok AU⎦ ~ ⎡Social Media Au⎦

Hoseok's a struggling veterinary student and Namjoon's grandfather won't stop bugging him about getting a husband. The solution? Namjoon offers to be Hoseok's sugar daddy and in return Hoseok has to pretend to be his boyfriend. Image
Hola best friends🍄 welcome to a new au HOORAH!

☀︎ Moodboard made by @annieselv
☀︎ You can quote and reply as long as you're nice otherwise you will be blocked 💖
☀︎ This is a work of fiction it does not depict the real BTS members
☀︎ Wont update on weekends

☀︎ Fluff
☀︎ Angst
☀︎ Mature language and sexual jokes
☀︎ Humor if i decide to be funny
☀︎ tbh idk what else to tag im 100% winging this LMAOOOOO but ill add tags if necessary
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@BTS_twt’s tweets throughout the years (2013 to 2020) for namjoon’s birthday 🐨
a thread
let’s take a trip down memory lane✨pt (1/4)
Starting from this 🥺 “rapmom hyung you’re so cute” 🐥
Tae imitating joon’s selca..aww this is so cute
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⎡ Namgiseok AU ⎦~⎣Social Media Au⎦
#namgi #sope #namseok #namgiseok

Yoongi and Hoseok aren't strangers to getting patched up, their sports landing them in the hospital countless times, but they're not used to the new nurse who's been treating their wounds, and their hearts. Image
HIIII ~~~ Please do enjoy the au!! You can quote AND reply i do not mind 🌛🖤 any one that posts hate in the comments to me or my writing will be blocked! Dont read if you dont like my writing it is very simple <3

Mood board by: @subminjiminie

☼ this is a poly au
☼ Fluff
☼ Angst
☼ swearing, sexual and mature jokes
☼ Mentions of death and injury (no main characters are gona die but namjoons a nurse so he will mention these things every now and then. It wont be graphic descriptions or anything like that)
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