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#taekookau where

Taehyung acts like he’s jungkook’s sugar daddy

Everything jungkook wants or likes, he gets because taehyung buys it for him. ImageImageImage

- friends to lovers

- crack + fluff

- happy ending

- they both like each other and constantly flirt

- tae is rich

- jungkook gets spoiled a lot
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#taekookau where taehyung is in love with jungkook but jungkook is busy loving someone else. ImageImageImageImage
friends to lovers
light angst (dw I'm not good at writing angst)
ignore grammatical errors pls
interact if you like it<3
this was kept in my drafts and i just remembered🥲
1. ImageImage
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#taekookau where taehyung is scared to take jungkook to hell ImageImageImage
– short au
– demon prince th x human jk
– misunderstandings, slight hurt
– please interact with the au, i hope you will enjoy it!1
1. ImageImage
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#taekookau where Jungkook receives a text from his husband, Taehyung while he's away on a work trip to LA but it's not just a normal text-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
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#taekookau wherein mob boss taehyung gets shot and jungkook saves his life in the surgery room. however, taehyung can only focus on jungkook’s pretty face. ImageImageImageImage
• short, completed
• doc jk x mob boss th
• crack(?), fluff, little angst
• have fun and interact please🤍
• jungkook is playing hard to get and taehyung sucks at flirting
1 ImageImageImageImage
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#taekookau where an accident causes jungkook to find out taehyung's secret ImageImageImage
– short au
– established relationship
– uni student jk x uni student th
– not everything as it seems to be
– please interact with the au, i hope you will enjoy it!
1. ImageImage
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shopee au

filo #taekookau where in ImageImageImage
(🍯) Image
(🍯) Image
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#taekookau wherein taehyung’s ex fiancée suddenly comes back to their life and jungkook can’t help but start doubting himself. ImageImageImageImage
• short, completed
• hurt/comfort, angst, fluff
• ceo th x painter jk
• be nice, it’s been a while i posted an au! please share your thoughts and give me feedback!🤍

@kalonvk thank you for the ideaaa🩷

have fun reading!🤍🍒
1 ImageImage
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#taekookau where

The popular jock, Taehyung tries to woo the pretty nerd, Jeongguk.
Only problem? Jeongguk always gives him a cold shoulder. ImageImageImageImage
- jock Th× nerd Jk
- Soc au
- protective Tae
- panick attacks, and bullying
- lots of flirting and fluff😌✨
- an attempt at humour.
1) ImageImage
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seraphic ; #taekookau

Alpha CEO Taehyung has caught has secretary Omega Jeongguk several times talking on the phone during late work hours.

His life, kind of flips when he overhears him one day, saying,

"Daddy will be home soon, baby."

Secretary Jeon has a daddy kink? ImageImageImageImage
- Alpha CEO Taehyung x Omega secretary Jeongguk

- Single Parent Koo

- Crack at start, but grows a lil fluffy, angsty and hurt/comfort (so much)

- Jinkook besties and Vmin besties

- Very light angst, more fluff and hurt/comfort

- May or may not turn nsfw🔞
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#taekook #taekookau #omegaverse #prompt

[Fragments of Love]

💔 omega Tae
💔 disabled alpha Jeongguk (war veteran)
💔 single dad Jeongguk
💔 arranged marriage
💔 mutual pining
💔 blood/violence in flashbacks
💔 angst with a happy ending
💔 Taekook AU
🔞 Image
Tae, has silently loved Jeongguk since childhood, convinced the alpha would never accept a male omega, and so he buried his feelings deep within only to have to watch how Jeongguk got mated to someone else and left for war as an elite soldier.
However, fate takes a surprising turn when Tae is supposed to mate Jeongguk's older brother years later, only to find out about his fiance’s infidelity on their mating day, which his own parents blame him for.
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#taekook #taekookau #prompt

[Hidden Melodies]

🎤 idol Tae
🎤 idol JK
🎤 enemies to lovers
🎤 secret identities/undisclosed genders
🎤 angst with a happy ending Image
Idols are forced to conceal their genders from the public eye to be attractive to everyone.

V and Jeongguk are fierce rivals in the music industry. Both gifted with talent and success, they have captivated the hearts of millions with their mesmerizing performances.
Little do their fans know, their paths have intertwined more intimately than anyone could imagine.

Years ago, they shared a passionate one-night stand. V disappeared shortly afterward, leaving Jeongguk longing for answers.
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#taekookau where university student jungkook accidentally posts something about taehyung, his art professor ImageImageImage
– short au
– professor th x uni student jk
– pining, crushes, crack and fluff
– please interact with the au, i hope you will enjoy it
1. ImageImageImage
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Where family friends Taehyung and Jungkook meet in their teenage years after a long time.

Tae is promised to marry Jungkook's twin sis for a while and they all know that.

But Tae has a mutual crush on Jungkook instead.

His sister catches them romancing one evening. ImageImage
ㅡ Jungkook has a twin sis - Jungha
ㅡ They haven't met in a long while
ㅡ It's mutual crush but undefined relationship
ㅡ Jungha likes Tae
ㅡ Tae pretends to like her so that the family doesn't hate him
ㅡ But he secretly likes JK a lot

Tw // Homophobic families
It was a saturday morning, and Taehyung was beyond excited on meeting the Jeons after a really long time.

He didn't even sleep last night due to the anxiety and excitement.

The last time they all met, he was 15, and the Jeon twins were 14.
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Raffish; #taekookau

“Sir,” Jungkook knocks on the door, looking at his wristwatch with worry, “sir, we have to leave. Are you ready?”

“Just a second, please,” Taehyung's voice is thin, “I am not done yet!”

Jungkook blows out a breath, impatiently tapping his foot on the floor. ImageImage
Tags —
— a/b/o
— alpha JK/omega Tae
— Bodyguard JK/ Idol Tae
— pining/unrequited feelings
— angst with a happy ending
Jungkook chokes on a breath when Taehyung yanks the door open. Looking at him with a bright smile and an eager expression.

“How do I look?” Taehyung gestures at himself, “good?”

Jungkook holds his breath, nodding, “yes, sir. You look gorgeous. As always.”
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Jungkòok learns how to deal with his pregnant husband hormones. ImageImage
" tae baby , for the last time ...I.promise you the water is not cold " jungkook is literally on his knees , hands swaying in the mini bath pool to test the water temperature.

" see? Its warm " jungkook says carefully , he has a meeting in 10.
But taehyung here has been so cranky this morning and on full demands , he has ran hot water severally into the bath but taehyung still insists its cold , he knows tae is doing this just so he can spend more time with him the morning before he's off to the office.
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#taekook #taekookau

"Victoria's Secret angel Kim Taehyung who was headlining their Paris show comes out with a scandalous baby bump where his ex of three months, Idol Jeon Jungkook was performing his new single 'Mine' which is speculated to be for his new omega flame-"
his head and his face. Jungkook feels numb and like he is underwater- adrift from the whole world and feeling like the water is separating him away from it. He doesn't hear anything except the white noise. He doesn't feel anything because his lungs are so full of water.
He doesn't bother wiping the water away as he blinks.

"What is the date?" He asks aloud. No one answers.

He searches for his phone- left on the water, beside his stale drink and tries to open it but it refuses to turn on. The battery was dead.

Jungkook starts tidying up.
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Office Enemy #taekookau 🔞

Senior manager Taehyung is blindsided by upper management when they hand over his promotion to the chairman’s inexperienced son, Jungkook. Image
• vkook pwp 🔞
• bad boss jungkook / fed-up employee taehyung
• hate sex
• unsolicited nudes
• link below
Taehyung always thought of the office as a living organism, its various parts and players working harmoniously together. The rows of cubicles were the building’s innards; the employees were the cells. Jeon Jungkook’s entrance into the company was an infection.
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#taekookau where Taehyung is really bad at appreciating through words, and Jungkook is having horrible misunderstandings— ImageImageImageImage
2. ImageImageImageImage
3. ImageImageImageImage
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#taekookau where taehyung and jungkook are neighbors. Both of them have a crush on each other but they don’t know it.

Jungkook wants to confess so bad until one day he receives an unexpected text from his hot neighbor taehyung. ImageImageImageImage
1 ImageImageImageImage
2 ImageImageImage
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KALOPSIA; a #taekookau [a/b/o]

“He is here,” Jimin passes by his desk in a hurry.

Taehyung stands up, bowing with a wide smile when he sees Minhyuk pass by his desk.

Minhyuk nods at him, offers him a small smile as he goes. Taehyung sits down with a pout. Staring after him. ImageImage
“Another day of him ignoring me!” Taehyung whines, nudging Jimin with his foot, “come on, why can't he be in love with me?”

Jimin snorts, not looking up from his files, “you are thinking too much.”

Taehyung looks at where Minhyuk is and curses, “or, maybe Jeon is the reason!”
Taehyung glares at the alpha who is talking to Minhyuk. Minhyuk looks impressed with whatever Jungkook is saying. Taehyung watches the captain pat Jungkook's bicep with a smile before going inside his cabin.

Jungkook comes back to his desk, smirking at Taehyung, “1 point to me.”
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In a society ruled by alphas, Jungkook is a sigma who wants to keep his super rare rank a secret. It's pretty easy for the most part, because sigmas and alphas are quite similar.

Until omega Taehyung, the campus crush, takes an interest in him.

#taekookau🔞 [Minors DNI.]

Taehyung looks at the drawer then, and indeed, it's been pushed shut completely.

Taehyung looks up at Jungkook, alarmed. "Do you think someone came into your room when you were somewhere else?"
Jungkook's brows furrow, and his jaw clenches. "I'm going to drag them to the ends of the earth if I catch them." Jungkook says, raging. "The audacity is unbelievable."

Taehyung wraps his arms around Jungkook's bicep, pressing a kiss there. "Shh, calm down, baby."
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#taekookau where Jungkook is hired as a private nanny, unaware the single father is none other than Kim Taehyung, Seoul’s most feared crime boss - and leaves him sassy notes each day.

Until one day Taehyung comes home to: “Where were you? I told you of the kids’ recital today!” ImageImageImageImage
→ mob boss & single father!th
→ masters student!jk
→ jk leaving sassy notes for taehyung like “who dresses their children like miniature adults like this? get some pastels!!” And “are you eating breakfast if you’re already long gone for work when I get here at 7a?”
— will try to write this on my flight tomorrow, lmk if you’re interested :3 idk why I’m on such a crime kick lately ha
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