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🔞/ Smut

(Minors please DNI)

Taekook are the type who can't stay away from e/o for long and when they finally meet.. it's -

your lips my lips.. apocalypse..

(Also Jungkook's little sulky about the Celine after party last night and territorial about +
Taking a break from his hectic schedule for 2 days, Jungkook now was free and a little too excited for the day ahead. Taehyung would be arriving home anytime now.

Jungkook had prepared Taehyung's favourite lunch and desert. He took a bath, freshened up, and made himself +
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Whelve; a #taekookau

Jungkook is 20. Finally, of age for his hyungs to book a club to celebrate him being an adult.

“To the youngest,” Jin holds his bottle of soju up, grin wide on his face, “finally we can all drink together without feeling bad for him being left out!”
Jungkook rolls his eyes, taking a sip of the drink with a smile when everyone starts teasing him about finally joining their club of adulthood.

He looks around the club. Empty, only for the seven of them.

Jimin points at the pole in the middle of the room, “shit, we forgot!”
“Forgot what?” Hoseok looks a little tipsy already, “to remove the pole?”

Yoongi blinks, “isn't it attached to the floor?”

Jimin sighs, “I meant, we forgot to ask for a private show for our birthday boy!”

Everyone laughs, looking at Jungkook who sputters he doesn't want one.
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Jungkook is so happy for his boyfriend making waves on his Paris trip, but he's also been missing him way too much, waiting patiently.

So when Taehyung arrives and posts on weverse first instead of texting him, the usually calm Jungkook explodes.

#taekookau 🔞 [ Minors DNI. ]
– Canon compliant.
– It's fictional.
– A huge mix of emotions?
– Might turn NSFW, so minors DO NOT read or interact, and DO NOT follow me. 🔞🔞
– Will post it if this prompt does well! Interest check! Click anything!
Posting the story in an hour! It totalled up to around 2k words.

It's a little angsty. But of course, has a happy ending. I hope you guys will be around to read it and that you like it!
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#taekookau where model Taehyung finds just the thing on the streets of Paris, but did he get it this time?-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
-Model Taehyung X Photographer Jk
-Crack, fluff
-Please enjoy :)
#taekook #taekookau
#taekook #taekookau ImageImageImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;

"strip for me baby" jungkook's ears perked up while he heard his words echoing back inside his soul.

"oh no lord! taehyung no, trust me i didn't actually meant it, don't do it, i just said it because of a youtube's challenge" his cheeks blazed pink. ImageImage
note: jungkook is a youtuber and asexual (about which taehyung has been doubting since so long but didn't actually knew it until today) in this fictional story!
— "but what are you so shy about jungkook? aren't we boyfriends?"

"yeah but uhm–
jungkook paused before gulping the lump down inside of his throat.

"its fine" taehyung clicked on the 'off' button of the camera as soon as he spotted it.
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#taekook #vkook #taekookau #vkookau #taekookimagination #vkookimagination #taekookthetypeto
Taehyung is the type who gets a little too tipsy/clingy/frank/social when he drinks.

It's all good until he get too comfortable clicking pics with everyone who approaches him. He's + Image
being generous and kind...

But his boyfriend at home is a little territorial about him. He sometimes tend to get a little possessive over him... and the pics currently spreading over social media isn't helping him one bit.

He waits for Taehyung to return home so he can + ImageImageImageImage
finally remind him who he really belongs to...

(PS- pray for Taehyung's ass everyone...)
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[ At a restaurant in Paris. ]

Dr. Kim : "Babe can you take a picture of me like this with my thighs and calves out? It's for my Instagram."

CEO Jeon :

#taekookau ImageImage
CEO Jeon : "Okay, fine, I'll keep my shirt buttoned during meetings."

Dr. Kim : "Good boy." ImageImage
CEO Jeon : "Are we even now, baby? No more Instagram stories, right?"

Dr. Kim : ImageImage
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#taekookau STARRY EYES

Jungkook smiles from the distance seeing him..

His world is entirely black and white but Kim Taehyung shines like the brightest star in it.


He laughs ignoring the star shaped tear that escaped his eye shattering against the ground.

Kim Taehyung was his childhood best friend..

A boy who always shined the brightest for Jungkook..

Now a man who shines infront of the whole world..

A star that swore left and right that he will never forget Jungkook no matter how much he shined..
But Jungkook knew those were just words..

No matter how happy he was when he heard them he never believed them..

Cus promises were always meant to be broken..

But that didn't stop him from falling in love with the said star..

Even though it was unreachable..
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#taekookau DRAZEN

"Taehyung are you sure this is the place?"

"Quit it Jimin, Stop making so much noise, I know what I am doing.."

The silence was deafening..

"Do you now?"

Taeh whips around, his eyes wide as he starts to see search around the old haunted looking house..
Cus that certainly wasn't JImin's voice..

"Hello?" He speaks this time a little unsure.. Where the fuck did Jimin go?

"Searching for your friend love?"

Taehyung freezes.. He spins around as the house gets even darker..

"Who are you?"
A beat of silnece, and the next second a dark and cold laughter echoes through the old walls of the house..

"Me?" The voice giggles.. "I'm the epitome of your dreams.."

Tae's fingers dug into the straps of his bag..

His breath getting a little heavy..
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Where bratty Kim Taehyung wants an Ashera- a rare and expensive cat breed to add to his collection of exotic pets.

And CEO Jeongguk has to take the burn of it, because suddenly all of them seem to have vanished from the face of the earth, and his baby doesn't take +
No for an answer.

Chaos ensues as Taehyung proceeds to pout and throw a tantrum while Jk tries to find "ways" to subdue his fits all while his assistants try to find the cat for the boss's previous previous baby.
- short
- crack ( their reasoning is faulty)
- bratty tae, dilf jk
- 'organized crime' people are bad people so that's that.
- mpreg (?) maybe
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Falling for a criminal in the criminal psych ward isn't the best thing Dr. Kim Taehyung did..

But he wasn't ashamed of his feelings and nor was he trying to stop himself..

Cus he knows..

He knows that the sane side of the man he loves, loves him back..

#taekook ImageImage
"Taehyung for fuck's sake! He is manipulating you!" Taehyung closes his eyes as his best friend yells at him..

"He hasn't done shit, it's me! it's all me! Why do you not understand? The man barely speaks to me Jimin!" Taehyung grits out..
"You uare fucking crazy!" jimin growls throwing his hands out.

"Yeah maybe that is why I am treating equally crazy people!" Taehyung raises his voices.. "I can't fucking control who I fall in love Jimin! +
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[ Soulmate AU ]

Taehyung is sure he has a chronic illness. As soon as he had turned 18, he started to deal with unbearable headaches- relieved by strong medications only. The pain's never fully gone though.

He meets Jungkook and feels pain-free for the first time in years. ImageImage
1. 💙

Taehyung is running late for his appointment. Again. He has promised Jimin to be on time.

Taehyung has just made a quick stop at the mall and is already ten minutes late. He sighs as he waits for the elevator to arrive.

Taehyung taps his feet impatiently, thinking about an excuse to tell his friend later. His headache starts to get worse again. It's time for another pill, but he left the package in the car.
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in order to express better his feelings for taehyung, jungkook follows the 'how to show affection to your boyfriend' tutorial
— kindly ignore the time stamps. 💚
— implied nsfw here and there! 🔞
— seeing your interactions makes me happy! <3
— this is a sequel to this au (it's better if you read it before, so you get all the references 🤌🏻)
1. / one month after their first date
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#taekookau alpha Jungkook didn't think he would be running against time to save his son when just that morning, he got out of his penthouse with the said son's hand in his.
When he had kissed him on his cheeks like he did every day.

With his heart on his throat, ImageImageImageImage
his mind quesy, he rushes to the hospital. Not caring if he broke a thousand traffic rules, not caring if his chaffeur was completely pale in fear beside him, in the passenger seat.

His nerves fire up in resistance as he runs as fast as he could till he reaches the reception.
The omega nurse sees how distraught, disheveled he is, she doesn't ask for his relation with the small boy but guides him to the operation theater area and gives him the clear instructions to wait outside.

He does, albeit with his heart in his hand, quivering, with his
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#taekookau 🔞

omega jungkook is tired of spending his heats alone, so he downloads arouse— an app that seems the solution to his problems.

there, he meets taehyung, an alpha who's quite fond of playing with pretty things ImageImage
— kindly ignore the time stamps. 💚
— pure and plain nsfw 🔞 (so, minors dni!)
— this is my first try with a/b/o, so it might be a mess.
— everything's /fiction/ here.
— the pictures used aren't mine, so cr. to the owners.
1. ImageImage
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─ a #taekookau where ! ImageImage
─ please like n retweet 🤸
─ quote tweet above for thoughts !
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in order to woo jungkook, taehyung follows the 'how to get a guy to like you' tutorial
— kindly ignore the time stamps. 💚
— i'd say this is pretty much nsfw! 🔞
— short
— seeing your interactions makes me really happy! <3
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taehyung is very much whipped and in love with jungkook

and well, it happens to be father's day
— dedicated to all my daddyv besties 🫶🏻
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#taekookau wherein

Cupid does the only thing he's not supposed to: falls in love.

Or, Jeon Jungkook, who happens to be Taehyung’s first love, is the next in the list of people he has to arrow. ImageImageImageImage
— angst, hurt/comfort, single dad jungkook, cupid taehyung, best friends to ?? to ??, happy ending (i promise!)

— writing this was very special to me, so i hope you enjoy reading it as well. 💚
Taehyung traces his fingers at the olive yellow and plume purple painting hanging on the wall of his living room and sighs, a lazy smile lingering on his lips like he’s used to doing that when in the face of pain.
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#taekookau 🔞

"They think you have an Oral fixation with that photo you posted.."

Tae preens at the fingers that keeps scratching his head..

Jungkook looks down and smirks..

"Is that right pup?"

And Tae can only manage a hum around the thick girth in his mouth..

Actor Kim Taehyung is reknowned for his sultry, fierce and head strong personality..

Both in real life and on set...

He has a very strong personality, that has people scared to look him in the eyes..

Articles even headlined him as the 'Real life Medusa' because of his eyes..
His eyes are something else..

Those can make men and women bow down to him left and right without him speaking a single word..

Tae's manager, his best friend Jimin is sick of finding staff for him cus all of them that are hired are just falling for the Actor even if they aren;t
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#taekookau🔞 where Jungκooκ discovers a new feature in his satisfyer app and gets so used to only coming when a certain, deep velvety voice tells him to that he does exactly that - with the slight difference that it’s his new roommate Tαehyung telling him to come /in/ this time ImageImageImageImage
— a/n

before we continue, i have a few things to say, the first being that it’s been a while since i’ve written a social media au, so be gentle with me please

other than that, i’ll list a few important things below, please read carefully (and ignore time stamps)
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#taekookau #nsfw where Taèhyûng’s taxi breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the driver (JK) offers him to stay at his apartment.
This includes:

Boypussy and boobs Taèhyûng
Strangers to lovers
Implied mpreg
Breeding kink

Taèhyûng sat comfortably at the back of the moving cab, he was returning back to his studio apartment in the upper East side of busan after a long day of running around in his small but well known bakery that his mother had previously owned before retiring and putting all her-
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#taekookau where

taehyung and jungkook supposedly hate each other

english isn’t my first language so please be nice.

IGNORE typos and time stamps! i make a lot a typos and sometimes it’s my keyboards fault 😭

pls interact so i’ll know u liked it <3

espero que les guste 🥲 hope u guys like it!
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#taekookau where amnesiac Jungkook doesn't remember his husband, but he doesn't need to to know that /holy hell/, he hit the freaking jackpot.

ie. Mentally-21-year-old Jungkook taking every opportunity to flirt with Taehyung like a needy (but wholesome) fratboy. ImageImage
➺ short
➺ crack, hurt/comfort, fluff
➺ for those in need of some cheer like me LOL
➺ busy week ahead but will try my best to write this this weekend!!!
let me know what u think hehe
The doctors tell him that he was the unfortunate victim of a drunk driver’s stupid life choices, and that although his body somehow suffered nothing more than mild scratches, chunks of his declarative memory are lost for the time being.
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