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I like how #SHREDIGCEM is setting up.
#NewPosition - LONG in #SHREDIGCEM at 38.5


New 52w high 44.

Up 14% from the entry price. Raised stop to the break-even point.

Free trade now.
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#NewPosition - Short in #Nifty May Futures at 9845 Image
#Nifty May Future Short trade reason:

Nifty fell from 12250 to 7500 in only 6 weeks. That's a 'sharp & brutal' 40% fall & confirmation that we are in a bear market.

1/n Image
Because we fell harder, the bounce had to be sharp too. Study past 30%+ corrections & you'll see markets have bounced 50% or more almost immediately. And, that 50% level we hit this Thursday.

But, hang-on. We don't go short because it has reached here. Need more evidence.

2/n Image
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#NewPosition - Long in #Bajfinance at 2120

Not my core bread & butter' strategy. Testing waters with a very small quantity.

Long at 2120


Trade closed at 1975.

Cost of doing business: 0.7% of portfolio.
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#NewPosition - LONG in #METROPOLIS at 1735

4 to 8 weeks breakout
40 minutes later


This is exactly why I only invest in low free float names.

If you want above-average returns, this where the serious money is.

Sold 25% at 1935

Holding remaining bought at 1735

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#NewPosition - LONG in #AFFLE at 1750

Cup & handle breakout + shakeout

New 52w High - 1840

Went Long yesterday at 1750

10% move in a day.

Bought at 1750 yesterday.

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#NewPosition - LONG in #DEEPAKNTR at 371

Cup & handle breakout

2nd long at 378

4 to 8 weeks breakout
New 52w High


Long at 371 & 378

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#NewPosition - Long in #JBCHEPHARM at 412

Shakeout + breakout

A clean breakout. Let’s see how the closing is.

New 52w high


Long at 412 & 433

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#NewPosition - LONG in #ORIENTELEC at 195.5

Weekly Inside Bar + Shakeout

Clean breakout so far. Let's see how it closes today.


2nd long at 206

Now long at 195.5 & 206
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#NewPosition - LONG in DIXON at 3285

4-8 weeks breakout

New 52w High


2nd long at 3240

Now long at 3240 & 3285
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#NewPosition - Long in #CreditAcc at 693

4 to 8 weeks breakouts
New 52w High


Long at 693

New 52w high


Long at 693. Moving stop to break-even point. A free trade now.

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#NewPosition - Long in #CGCL at 206.5

Weekly Inside Bar breakout

10% up intra-day. 💥💥

Power of Low free float stocks


Closed at 206.5. Stop hit.

Trade closed
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#NewPosition - Long in #GOLDIAM at 139
New 52w high


Long at 139

2nd entry

Added X at 146. Tennis ball action

Now, long at 139.5 & 146

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A stock up 70% in 8 weeks has just formed a weekly Inside bar. Free float is around Rs188cr. only.

Don't miss it.
#NewPosition - Long in #VADILALIND at 788

Weekly Inside Bar breakout
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#NewPosition - Long in #RNAM at 291.5

Under 8 weeks weekly breakout
New 52w high


#RNAM heads-up given on last Friday.
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#NewPosition - Long in INOXLEISUR at 341.5

3T VCP breakout
In the meanwhile, #INOXLEISUR has also gone up.


Long at 341.5


up 11% from buy price of 341.5

Moving stop to breakeven. Another free trade now.
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#NewPosition - Long in #POLYCAB at 679

Inside weekly bar

New 52 high 722

Long at 679
New 52w high 760

Long at 679; up 12%. Moving stop to break-even point. A free trade now.

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#NewPosition - Long in #BLUESTARCO at 809

Inside weekly bar breakout

2nd Long entry; Bought 2X at 830.

Now long X at 809 & 2X at 830

Shakeout & breakout
New 52w High


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#NewPosition - LONG in #TATASTEEL Aug Future at 349

Spot chart for reference.
Trade reason: Inverse of this.

4% pop


Long at 349 Aug Future

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#NewPosition - Long in #BRIGADE at 255

Shakeout on weekly last week


Resting on/around 50 DMA
2nd long entry @ 265

3rd day and has been acting right since the first entry @ 255


New 52w high 282. 10% up from the first entry @ 255

Moving money from #LTTS to #BRIGADE is paying off.
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#NewPosition - LONG in #VGUARD at 242.5

Cup & Handle breakout (2T VCP breakout) on weekly frame


Shakeout bar within the handle itself making it sweeter.
2nd long entry at 247

Now long at 242.5 & 247.

Closed entirely at 233

Total cost: of doing business: 0.9R or 0.9% of portfolio.

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#NewPosition - Long in #MAHASTEEL at 182

2T VCP Breakout

Locked up 5% upper freeze

New 52week high


Up 11% from entry

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#NewPosition - Long in #BANKNIFTY May future at 31430

Small position.
Added more at 31450,

Full position now.


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#NewPosition - LONG in #GRSE at 119

Volatility drying every week & a higher closing every week against the previous one.

Testing water with a small entry
Weekly Inside bar breakout to a new 52w high of 126.5

I have a position at 119

This is how a 'complete change in sentiments bar' looks like a.k.a 'kicker pattern'. From most bearish closing to the stock opening gap up & above the opening of the previous bad day. It is up 12% at 131

I had pointed the same in TANLA. It is up ard 50%
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#NewPosition - LONG in #GOLDIAM at 105.5

Shakeout & Breakout on the same day.
10% Upper circuit & a new 52w high


Long at 105.5

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