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Some apologists for Adani Group are praying-in-aid @AswathDamodaran - the Finance prof and acknowledged corporate valuation expert from NYU Stern B-School. He appears to reject @HindenburgRes allegation that the whole Adani financing model is a 'con' but read his blog
He sets out his understanding of a con.
"A con game to me has no substance at its core, and its only objective is to fool other people, and part them from their money." By that definition Adani Group is NOT a total fraud operation - of course NOT. There is tangible physical
Infrastructure on the ground that generates vast revenues. So where is the fraud?
1. Among #Hindenburg's 'serious contentions" Damodaran acknowledges "the Mauritius-based shell entities, with no real operating purpose, and their links to the Adani Group companies."
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Biggest month ever!

#ADANIENT - Trading this beast whole month. Both LONG & SHORT

Was way late to the party, should have been on this thing way earlier.

Gross return : 30%
Net return: 26.75% (excluding brokerage, taxes and losses from other trades)

// timeline of news events

- Big news that had catastrophic effect on the prices
- Which led to upsurge in volatility
- Being in FnO made it free from circuit limits
- High liquidity, less slippage

Such instances are rare in Indian Markets, #YESBANK & #DHFL had similar characteristics.
Such trades have high R:R and high win rate, like how often you buy something and it goes up 90% on the same day? Bonkers!

> Risk was much higher than my usual risk per trade (while trading cash stocks)
> Traded mostly futures
> Tools used: EMAs, A/VWAPs & intraday high and low
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#AdaniGroup, a conglomerate based out of Ahmadabad was found by Gautam Adani in 1988 with the name of 'Adani Enterprise' (NSE: #ADANIENT). Today, the group does all the businesses one can think of, be it B2B, or B2C.
The group in 2021 stood with Tatas and Ambanis at US$100 bn.
The Adani group saw its glory post COVID 19, when the wealth was quadrupled (261%) in a span of two years or so. The figure alone was US$72.5 billion in 2022.
Very recently, the group has acquired cement giants 'Ambuja Cement (NSE: AMBUJACEM).
It is to no surprise that in 2 years, the flagship #AdaniEnterprises (NSE: ADANIENT) soared almost 3500%. Rest the others, which too saw a great leap forward.
Indian insurance lifeline LIC (NSE: LICI) has also an investment of almost 8% of its AUM ( Assets Under Management).
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You can save LAKHS of your capital by knowing this simple concept of parabolic/vertical move in stocks.

The 90 degree angle inflection point in a stock is a signal to book profit.

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal
1/ What is a parabolic move?

A parabolic move occurs when the speed at which the stock’s price goes up increases exponentially.

In other words, a parabolic stock is a stock that starts going up really fast.
2/ #IRCTC example:

Monthly TF:

Back to back 6 green candles (each candle represent a month here), so no profit booking has happened.

The angle towards the end of the upmove became much steeper i.e. 90 degree.

Such moves are highly susceptible for a bend in the trend.
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🧵 Thread on Adani Group Valuation

⚡️Despite 50-60% Correction in #Adani Group
lets look at Valuation of all Adani stocks

1. #AdaniEnt :
Stock PE : 150 Vs 10yr Avg PE : 14
PriceToBook : 5.73 Vs 10Yr Avg PB : 0.7
McapToSales : 1.47 Vs 10Yr Avg 0.3
Current Ratio :0.89
A current ratio pertains to the liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to pay off its short-term dues and debts with its current assets in a span of 12 months or less.
A good current ratio is typically anywhere between 1.5 and 2, but it can sometimes depend on the ind
2. #AdaniPorts
Stock PE : 20 Vs 10yr Avg PE : 21.4
PriceToBook : 2.43 Vs 10Yr Avg PB : 4.2
McapToSales : 6 Vs 10Yr Avg 8.3

Current Ratio : 1.60

Conclusion : Undervalued
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#AdaniFPO #adani #ADANIENT
What next for Adani group?
A very respected entrepreneur once told me:
If I trust you Ajay, you don’t have to explain. But if I don’t trust you, any amount of explanation is useless.
Our world of finance moves on Trust and Trust ONLY and Capital Always Follows Trust.
Trust takes years to build and gets destroyed in seconds.
For leveraged businesses, this matters a lot more than unlevered businesses.
Any emergence of reputation risk, leads to re-financing risk, leads to liquidity risk and then it creates solvency risk.
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🚨"Adani Group in Crisis: Most Stocks Hit Lower Circuit Limits"

Will this trigger Downward Spiral for the Company?"

According to a report: "Adani tops up collateral on $1 billion loan after stock rout"

🧵to understand Downward Spiral

#Adani #AdaniPower #ADANIENT
1) When business owners need money for any reason, they sometimes give some of their company's shares to banks as a guarantee. This is called Pledging.

Adani group has also pledged its stocks for loans.

See below
2) When company's shares go down below a preset value that can cover bank's loan value, the bank will ask for more money or shares as a guarantee that the loan will be paid back. This is called a "margin call".

So, falling Adani stocks can trigger margin call for Adani group.
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Hindenburg Reply on Adani’s Response - before CFO Media Interview!

“In terms of substance, Adani’s ‘413 page’ response only included about 30 pages focused on issues related to our report.”

#adani #AdaniGroup #hindenburg #ADANIENT #AdaniEnterprises #Hindenburg
The remainder of the response consisted of 330 pages of court records, along with 53 pages of high-level financials, general information, and details on irrelevant corporate initiatives, such as how it encourages female entrepreneurship and the production of safe vegetables.
Adani Failed To Specifically Answer 62 of Our 88 Questions

Of The Questions It Did Answer, The Group Largely Confirmed Or Attempted to Sidestep Our Findings
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Adani made a 413-page response to @HindenburgRes 's report

I read it so that you don't have to

Summarising it below. A thread🧵👇
1/ Adani Group is Deeply over leveraged

- Group has executional excellence

- Net Debt to EBITDA has reduced from 7.6x to 3.2x

- EBITDA has grown at 22%, Net Debt has grown at 11% CAGR in last 9 yrs
2/ Highly pledged promoter stake in group cos

- The promoter pledge has reduced drastically in the last few years

See chart 👇
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#AdaniGroup #adaniports #ADANIENT #ambuja
The real story
Every one in the media is taking about #Adani and it’s valuation, damage done by #HindenbergResearch Having headed Institutional broking business and being on board of think tanks puts several different questions
Now this is what we have seen, complete damage now let me try to break it up in simple language as I perceive, the RL perspective
Let me start with a quote
"The shooter is someone different from the arrow." - RL
#HindenbergResearch #Hindenburg is an arrow no point in talking
About the arrow, except for the fact
According to the report of the Financial Times, Hindenburg Research was founded by Nathan Anderson. He is from Jerusalem. He has studied International Business Management from the Connecticut University of America so let’s start with Israel
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Whether Adani is eligible for raising money via FPO

Rule says you cannot if SEBI investigation is ongoing

A detailed thread on the eligibility test of Adani Enterprises FPO

#AdaniFPO #AdaniGroup #AdaniEnterprises #ADANIENT Image
The law

As per regulation 155 of SEBI ICDR Regulations company cannot bring the FPO if investigation by sebi is ongoing or show cause notice has been served and pending Image
Backstory,In July-21 Govt in parliament responded to questions raised by @MahuaMoitra and stated that SEBI is investigating Adani Group… ImageImage
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I studied all #Adani charts so that you don't have to

Everyone is telling what #Adani should do.
Nobody is telling what #Adani shareholders should do.

Like and retweet appreciated -

One by one charts with explanation below 👇👇
#Adanient cmp 2760

Traders : Any pullback till 3150 is a short opportunity

Investors : 3150 should've been your stop, but any crack below 2400, you will suffer deeply.
#Adaniports cmp 596

Traders : Any rise till 670 can be a short opportunity

Investors : 500 a good level to add, long term trend still intact
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Why has @HindenburgRes come up with the controversial Adani research report now?

How have they engineered their Big Short?

And how they have benefited from it?

Let’s find out in a short 🧵:

#AdaniGroup #stockmarketcrash #Adani #AdaniFPO
Hindenburg Research is a firm that looks for highly leveraged, absurdly valued companies that may undergo a price correction (or even a collapse) in the future.

They’re named after the Hindenburg airship, that went down in flames on 6 May, 1937.

#AdaniGroup #Adani
This time, they’ve set their eyes on Adani group of companies.

They’ve put out a detailed report on how the group is on its way to a spectacular collapse due to fraud and stock manipulation.

Not to mention absurd valuations and debt positions.

#Adani #AdaniEnterprises
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Adani Enterprises (#ADANIENT) and Adani Group

I published an update on @smartkarma for subs (link at the end). And I have some Ugly Charts.
And an Ugly Table
Another Ugly Chart
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Stuck in #Adani Group stocks ?
Let's find out where the next supports are, what the charts are saying.
Retweet to amplify the reach ⚡️♥️

Important support at 650 below this can see 600 and even 550. Image
More pain left next support at 300 for Adanipower now. Bullish only if starts closing above 350. Image
Strongest of them all, charts saying stock stuck in a range. Support zones at 3060-3000. Resistance at 3450. Image
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Market Update (14th Sept)

FIIs & DIIs (in crore)
FII: +1956.98
DII: -1268.43
SGX Nifty: -279.00
Price Band Revised From 10% To 5%: Reliance Infra, Reliance Power, Sanghi Inds, Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra)
Price Band Revised From 20% To 5%: JWL, Kingfa Science, Spandana Sphoorty, Titagarh Wagons, Zee Media Corp
Record-Date Dividend: CARE Ratings
Record-Date Final Dividend: Prince Pipes, CMS Info
Stocks To Track As Per Our App/Website: #ADANIPORTS, #ADANIENT, #DBCORP
Nifty Future:
Buy @ 17890, 1st Target: 17970, 2nd Target: 17999, Please Keep SL: 17830
Sell @ 17830, 1st Target: 17750, 2nd Target: 17700, Please Keep SL: 18570
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Technical analysis on 7 Adani stocks

Might help for planning a move ahead

Last one is personal fav

🧵 A Thread 🧵

#Nifty #Adani #StocksToBuy #stockmarkets #StockMarket #stockstowatch #StocksToTrade #nseindia #NSE

@kuttrapali26 @nakulvibhor @Curious_Indian_ @VCPSwing
1) #Adani total gas limited (#ATGL)
- Consolidating in tight range
- 4.8% approx from ATH and might give a BO soon
- Dried volumes
- In uptrend hence higher chances of BO
- Near 21 EMA

Buy price :- 3771
TGT :- 4238
SL :- 3497

@Chartsbank @charts_breakout Image
2) #adanitransmission
- Gave a BO from triangle pattern
- Dried volumes
- Low volume on BO hence caution
- If volumes increase on next candle then only enter
the stock

Buy Price :- 4027
TGT :- 4370
SL :- 3854

@charts_zone @chartswealth Image
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10 Trade Ideas for August 2022 🧵🧵

Started this new Monthly Thread

Re-Tweet and like for Max Reach 🙏

#investing #stocks
1) #AmbujaCement

- Looks prime setup for pump in short term
- 400+ expected in short term

Disc - Invested
2) #YesBank

As already posted above 15 Yes Bank can pump well in short term.

Price action may change completely.

Chart will be posted in telegram

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One of the most successful stock trader with special focus on cash stocks and who has a very creative mind to look out for opportunities in dark times

Covering one of the most unique set ups: Extended moves & Reversal plays

Time for a 🧵 to learn the above from @iManasArora
What qualifies for an extended move?

30-40% move in just 5-6 days is one example of extended move

How Manas used this info to book profits

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thread alerts 🧵

how to give simple ranking to stocks witch is trending higher & witch is trending lower

for simple ranking you can use CCI indicator
for identified top strong & top weak stocks.

CCI Developed by Donald Lambert

⚡️The Commodity Channel Index​ (CCI) is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine a price trend direction and strength of stocks

⚡️CCI measures the difference between the current price and the historical average price.
⚡️​The Formula for the CCI

CCI= (Typical Price−MA) /( 0.015×Mean Deviation)

how we use it

⚡️When the CCI is above zero, it indicates the price is above the historic average. Conversely, when the CCI is below zero, the price is below the historic average.
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#NewPosition - Back in it again at 1736

#ADANIENT ImageImage


A free trade now for me. Image

Closed at 1740

Breakout faded. Erased all day gains. Image
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“Last Diwali to this Diwali: Summary of Momentum Investments/ Trades taken (#MostlyMomentum)!!”:

Introduction of my journey so far:
I started my #StockMarket journey Jul- 2016:

•During 2016-17, as a typical new investor, started with TV Tips, and IPOs,
this (IPOs) helped in a way, best #DMART has still been the best of IPOs I applied for, got allotment, and kept for couple of months and captured fastest 282% of my #StockMarket journey.

• During 2017-18, decided not to go after TV Tips,
and started doing something on my own including a little Option “BUYING” 12, lost some funds in Option Buying, but gained a lot of experience regarding not to so something you don’t know. Alongside this, also started exploring cash market strategies of buying what is going up and
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#NewPosition - LONG in #ADANIENT at 1545

1% stop

Pilot position. Will add more if it acts well Image


Free trade now Image


5R Trade

Bought at 1545 with a 1% stop Image
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My 🔟 Biggest Trading Mistakes 🧵
1⃣ Not having a trading plan

Initially, I had no proper trading plan.
Risk and rewards were not defined.

even when I tried to make a plan, I couldn't stick to it due to 2nd guessing and ended up making losses.

Overtrading and oversize are normal for traders without plan.
2⃣ Trying to buy bottoms and selling tops

'Squeezing the last drop of profit is the sure recipe to get rekt'

I tried to buy oversold stocks and sell overbought stocks..
Guess what??
ended up making losses

In trading, momentum is our friend, Try to be in the direction of trend.
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