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As @Paytm released its Q4FY23 results yday, I dived into last 8-qtrs of its lending biz 💡💡

Here’s a breakdown of numbers that you won’t find all in one place anywhere else 👇

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Paytm earns 2 things on each loan given.

💰 Commission (C): A %age of the loan amount

💰 Performance bonus (PB): A %age of the EMIs collected, only when the loan is paid back
Some basics about the performance bonus!

👉 In case of defaults, #Fintechs used to compensate the lending partners (LPs- NBFCs & banks) under #FLDG (first loan default guarantee) agreement
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Last year in April, when I said, "#PayTM is going to fire up", I got mocked.

And here it is:

A thread 🧵 explaining solid execution of @vijayshekhar
1/5 Paytm’s Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) rose by 40% to Rs 3.62 trillion in Q4FY23 from Rs 2.59 trillion in Q4FY22.
2/5 The value of total loans disbursed jumped 253% from Rs 3,553 crore in Q4FY22 to Rs 12,554 crore in Q4FY23.
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⭐️One of the largest banks in the U.S., #SiliconValleyBank, has gone bankrupt. This is the largest bankruptcy in the United States since the 2008 financial crisis.
It has raised question marks on the existence of 1000's of startups in the US and in India too.
1. California banking regulators pulled the shutters on #SiliconValleyBank (SVB), a lender to some of the largest tech companies in the world, on 10th March, making it the largest bank to fail since the global financial crisis of 2008.
2. US regulators closed #SiliconValleyBank and took control of its deposits, a move which puts nearly $175 billion in customer deposits under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp’s control.
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Mama Earth is a popular baby care & skin care company with organic products.

It recently announced its plans for an IPO, seeking a valuation of $3 billin.

There's just one problem.

Let's find out in a 🧵:

#mamaearth #StockMarket #ipoalert #investing Image
The company is backed by celebrity investors like Shilpa Shetty and the big names in the VC world : Sequoia Capital and Fireside Ventures Fund.

It was also valued at $1.2 billion in 2021 making it a unicorn.

Clearly, the company must be making millions in profits?

Not really.
Honasa Consumer Ltd, that owns Mama Earth posted a net profit of just INR 19.8 crore in FY21.

It had incurred a loss of INR 1332.2 crore in FY20.

But what is more interesting is an exceptional clause that was inserted into the shareholders' agreement in FY21. Source: Inc42
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PayTm is doing a Open Market Offer Buyback

a. For INR 850 Cr
b. At INR 810 per share

Does this mean that you'll get 810/ share if you participate in the buyback?


Please read to understand an Open Market Offer Buyback👇
Open Market Buyback

--> Here the company asks its brokers to buyback shares at the prevailing mkt price

--> When Infy's share was at ₹1,400, co announced a buyback at a price of up to ₹1,850

This meant that brokers will buyback at mkt price until it doesn't exceed ₹1,850
So for #PayTm's shareholders in this case:

1. You can sell your shares at mkt price for the Buyback

2. The company will not repurchase shares from you if they complete buying back shares worth INR 850 Cr

3. The company won't buy from you if share price exceeds INR 810
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PayTm is making news about its Buyback😮

Working with Big 4s helped me understand Billion Dollar buybacks💰

Is this #BuyBack by #PayTm unethical?🤔 Read on👇

Here's everything about Buybacks, in layman's language🧵👇
1/ What is a Buyback?

Did you know❓

Reliance can buy Infosys' shares

But as per company law, Infosys itself can't buy its own shares

Therefore, we have 'Share Buyback'

It allows Infy to buy its own shares but cancel them after buying

Why buyback shares at all? Read on👇
2/ Why Buyback?

A. Taxation

Many Indian owners of listed companies make ₹5 Crores+ p.a. 🤯

The tax slab applicable on them is 42.74%🥵

If their company pays them dividend of say, ₹1 Crore

They need to pay ₹42,74,000 as taxes
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#Volume is one of the simplest indicators in #Technical Analysis but when used properly it is also one of the most powerful confirmatory indicators out there. It's all the more important in the current #market. In this thread, we'll take a detailed look at volume with examples.
1) Volume is the total no of #shares that are bought/sold. Huge volume can be associated with accumulation/distribution by FIIs, while small volume can be associated with retail investors. When #PriceAction is combined with #volume, you get some interesting Price Volume patterns.
2) If #Price goes up with increasing volume, that's a sign that big guys are accumulating, hence, a #Bullish sign. When Price goes down with declining volume, that's a sign that the small retail #investors are exiting. Nothing to worry, again a Bullish sign.
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A Unified Payments Interface or UPI is the amalgamation of multiple bank transactions like merchant payments, bill payments and smooth fund transfers through a single application, in which banks participate.

#GPay #UPI #phonepe #paytm #onlinepayment
An increasingly popular mode of transfer for money, it lets individuals or organisations make direct banking transactions using their UPI ID or Virtual Payment Address (VPA).
💵 Here Is How UPI Works
⭐ A user first registers on a payment app like Google Pay, Paytm or PhonePe
⭐ Once the user is registered, bank account(s) are linked to the app
⭐ The Virtual Payment Address (VPA) facilitates the transactions between the two parties
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Series A funding is a level of investment in a start-up that follows seed capital funding.

Essentially, the Series A round is the second stage of startup financing and the first stage of venture capital financing.
Series A funding enables a start-up that has potential but lacks needed cash to expand its operations through hiring, purchasing inventory and equipment, and pursuing other long-term goals.

Series A funding is primarily used to ensure the continued growth of a company.
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#Blinkit & #Zomato – Long thread:

Blurred to Opaque to Muddy
How to leverage a listed company to recover losses from failed ventures/adventures?

Danny DeVito famously said in namesake movie – There is only one thing I love more than my money -
"other people’s money"
Zomato announced that it plans to acquire Blinkit for a “consideration” of $ 578 Mn. We will revisit valuation later. Below is the snapshot of financials.

Who pays $578 Mn on unaudited financials of just 2 mths ? Not even even 1 quarter nos are provided.
@SEBI listening?
Is the company really growing topline at 162% as claimed ? This invites some curiosity. Where are the past YoY nos ?
I tried to dig out what I could with public reported info. Here is what the past looks like for #Blinkit .Revenues touched Rs 177 Cr in FY 2020 before covid
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What makes SIPs risky? 🧮

A Thread! 🧵 ⤵
1️⃣Stock Market or Equity Risk

The money you put into an equity investment is eventually invested in the equities.

As a result, equity SIP investment plan mutual funds, or any fund having a portion of its assets invested in stocks, are exposed to the hazards of stock markets.
2️⃣Credit Hazard

All SWP and SIP Mutual Funds investors are exposed to this risk.

#mutualfunds #nifty50 #paytm
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🧵 Mega Thread, for the Mega IPO of #LIC 💰

Let us dive 👇

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IPO details:

IPO Opens: 4th May,2022
IPO Closes: 9th May,2022
Face Value: ₹10 per equity share
Price Band: ₹902 to ₹949 per share
Min lot: 15 shares
Issue Size: ₹21,008.48 crs
OFS: 221,374,920 Shares
The IPO will be purely OFS where Government of India will be offloading 3.5% stake in LIC

Employee reservation- Up to 1,581,249 Equity Shares
Policy Holder reservation- Up to 22,137,492 Equity Shares
Post that
QIB - 50%
Retail - 35%
NII - 15%
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Does #Paytm have a good business model? - A thread

Watch the video :

Investors Resources :…

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Read the thread below 👇
There is a lot of talk about how Paytm’s business is bad. Let us take a look to see if that is true.

1. Company Overview
Paytm is a payments led super app which allows its customers to access financial and other commercial services through its app. It was founded by
Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2009 as a prepaid mobile and DTH recharge platform. The company has since evolved to provide multiple fintech services and is one of the largest players in the payments space
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An educational #Thread on what type of trades 1 can take & what r the rules for it.

Majorly there r 3 types of trades a trader takes :-

* Breakout Trade
* Breakout Retest Trade
* High risk reward contra trades

Disc. - All the #Stocks discussed are for educational purpose!

#Breakout Trade!

A Breakout trade is usually a trade where the price breaks a strong resistance/supply level after consolidation. These r considered strong stocks.

To add conviction to our trade we check volumes, RSI, RS etc. for confirmation.

Let's understand with e.g :-


It has broken strong resistance level of 135 with strong volumes on daily chart with RSI crossing 70, Prev. swing high which adds more conviction in the trade & makes it a high probability trade.

Suggestion - Add 50% qty on breakout & rest 50% wait for retest.

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One of the most successful stock trader with special focus on cash stocks and who has a very creative mind to look out for opportunities in dark times

Covering one of the most unique set ups: Extended moves & Reversal plays

Time for a 🧵 to learn the above from @iManasArora
What qualifies for an extended move?

30-40% move in just 5-6 days is one example of extended move

How Manas used this info to book profits

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#NewPosition - LONG in #PAYTM at 871

Stop - LOD

Reversal play

Struggling to move. Reduced risk.

Reduced further. Struggle continues.
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#Paytm Q3 2022 Concall Highlights

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Financial Update.

1. Revenue from operations ₹1,456 Cr 89% growth Y-o-Y.

2. EBITDA (Before ESOP cost) ₹-393 Cr vs ₹-488 Cr in Q3 FY 2021.
3. EBITDA margin improved to -27% of revenues in Q3 FY 2022 from -63% of revenues in Q3 FY 2021, and -39% of revenues in Q2 FY 2022.

4. ESOP charges of ₹366 Cr recorded in Q3 FY 2022 pertains to grant of 26.6 mn Employee Stock Option (ESOPs) in this quarter.
5. Net Loss for Q3 was ₹778.5 Cr.

6. Net Cash, Cash Equivalent and investable balance of ₹10,215 Cr, as of December 2021.
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#NewPosition - LONG in #PAYTM at 1005.50

2% stop ImageImage

#PAYTM Image

Sold some into strength

Good start ImageImage
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There are some years that become a dividing line⭐️

2021 is one of the most incredible year of my life, worked on so many new stuff and I'm glad & grateful that I found a great friend and a business partner @AdityaTodmal 🤠

Also, Thank you ❤️to everyone who has joined me🙏
As we look forward to 2022, let’s do a quick round up of all the threads 🧵 for the year 2021

Curated these threads with @AdityaTodmal

Have covered concepts on trading & finance

Excited to continue learning 🤓alongside all of you. The future is so bright!🤩
@Mitesh_Engr Sir's Positional Option Selling 101 made in collaboration with


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🧵 Mapmyindia
A wealth machine-IPO subscribe with a 3 year horizon and it will be a wealth machine for your portfolio.
I wrote a long thread on #PayTm why investors should not subscribe for it had over 25k views hope many would have benefited now it’s a positive investment idea
IPO Subscribe with a 3 year horizon, this stock will create wealth
for investors it’s much different from any of the new age startup’s although it’s a OFS its a proven model for over 25 years.
~ Asset light
~ Debt free
~ 2000 enterprise customers since inception
#MapMyIndia is both B2B, B2C catering to
~ Consumer tech
~ Automotive OEM
~ Mobility & logistics
Addressable Market Size ₹45000 crores & market leader.
Leader in automotive space with complete solutions including software, navigation, safety & tracking
Geospatial, IOT etc
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One 97 Communications files business update for Q2 and October with exchanges.
One 97 Communications files business update for Q2 and October with exchanges.
One 97 Communications files business update for Q2 and October with exchanges.
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Mutual Fund & Investment Basic- Part 2

Part - 1 இங்க படிங்க:…
இந்த முறை Direct #MutualFund வாங்குவது எப்படி என்பதை பற்றிய போஸ்ட் போடலாம் என நினைத்தேன்
ஆனால் மார்க்கெட் மற்றும் அதைப் பற்றிய அடிப்படை விஷயங்களை தெரிந்து கொள்ளாமல்

நேரடியாக இன்வெஸ்ட்மென்ட் செய்ய ஆரம்பிப்பது நல்லது கிடையாது. அதுக்கு முன்னாடி கொஞ்சம் அடிப்படை விஷயங்களை தெரிந்து கொள்ளலாம்.

எப்பவுமே உங்களுடைய #stocks and #MutualFund unit களை #DEMAT அக்கௌன்ட்ல வைப்பது நல்லது. ஆனால் #stocks வாங்கனும்னா கண்டிப்பாக #DEMAT account இருக்க வேண்டும்.
#MutualFund ஆரம்பிக்க #DEMAT அக்கௌன்ட் அவசியம் இல்லை ‌.

ஆனால் நான் #Zerodha வில் அக்கௌன்ட் வைத்து உள்ளேன் மற்றும் #MutualFund களை அதனுடைய #coin App வழியாக வாங்குவதால் நேரடியாக #DEMAT account ல் கிரடிட் ஆகிவிடும். மற்ற ஆஃப்கள் எப்படி என்று தெரியவில்லை.
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What if stocks could talk to each other? 🤔
- but, only through memes 😉

Comment/retweet to us. We'll go first (1/8)
#investing #stockstowatch #stockmarkets

#SBI to #YesBank - Image
#AdaniGroup to #ITC -
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Will cover the following:

•Issue Size 💲
•Business Model
•Shareholding Pattern
•Financials 📊
•Strengths 💪
•Issues ⛳️
•Chart check for traders 📉

Time for a Thread 🧵
• Issue Price: 2150

• Issue Size: Rs. 18300 crs./85,116,279 equity shares

• Fresh issue of Rs.8300 crs. + offer for sale (OFS) of 10000 crs.
• OFS: The proceeds goes to the existing shareholders who are taking an exit & not to the company

• Fresh Issue: Proceeds goes to the company of which Rs. 6300 crs. to be utilized for inorganic growth i.e. acquisitions & balance Rs. 2000 crs. for General corporate purpose
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