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Trump is about to deliver a speech at a rally in Bossier City, Louisiana. Follow along for a video thread.
Trump tells his fans in Louisiana that if they vote for the Republican gubernatorial candidate on Saturday (Eddie Rispone), "he will bring down the car insurance."
TRUMP: "The absolutely crazed lunatics, the Democrats, radical left, and their media partners standing right back there ... [Crowd booing] ... are pushing the deranged impeachment witch hunt for doing nothing wrong."
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@JeremyCorbyn is a regressive. He wants to drag the country backwards to disaster.

This thread will examine his positions and explain how this will happen, using his espousal of causes as illustrations.

@UKLabour have the infants in charge. It’s too late to change now.
First up is the IRA and Sin Fein connection.
@JeremyCorbyn is said by cultists to have been responsible for peace. Nothing further from the truth.
In fact he will not touch moderates or Unionists, never met them. He was a parliamentary mouthpiece for the IRA during bombing. 2/
Next: Assad’s #Syria.
You know, those people who bomb children and gas them. The ones who killed 4,000 plus Palestinians this year alone.
Corbyn only loves the dead Palestinians who are useful against Israel. He won’t support the poor people of Syria cos his pal in charge. 3/19
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This is a public service tweet.

It has come to our attention that there are several indicators of Corbynite mania which are attached as clobber to the profiles of otherwise sane-looking people.

Non-members of the #NotACult, read Rabbi Zvi’s phrasebook for visitors to Corbynia:
Get The Tories Out.
This bit of Corbyn Clobber means the sufferer probably used to have a “Never kissed a Tory” T-shirt or mug, indicating their choices in life are more based on ideology than personality or compatibility. Prejudice highly likely here. Avoid, block, beware.
@JeremyCorbyn for Prime Minister.
The afflicted bears this bit of Corbyn Clobber like a spittle-flecked SWP Trot standing in his donkey jacket bears badges and propaganda.
Likely to be foaming and infected, will try to infect you. If bitten see your medic for immunisation.
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Do you know @LabLeftVoice? pretend outfit led by Munchausen fantasist Sally Eason, currently attracting some of the most unsavoury extremists either Left or Right. It’s almost certainly a one-woman band, is amusingly conspiracist: head over for a good laugh at #LabourAntisemites.
* someone just told me this is about mental illness.
No, Stories of Baron Munchausen = a German book about a fantasist who makes up stories about himself - and most appropriately, made into a film in the days of Nazi Germany including actors in blackface……
Here’s our Baroness Münchausen, fantasist and antisemite Sally Eason exposes herself here, speaking through @LabLeftVoice.
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The fallout from @JeremyCorbyn’s #StupidWoman comments may appear symbolic, but has far-reaching implications.
#Corbyn chose #CorbynLies over truth. All he needed to do was say sorry for the cock-up. The words were not actually important. It was a tetchy throw-away remark. 1/8
@JeremyCorbyn has carefully built a (false) image based on his integrity, his kindness, gentle politics, caring. So he has tried to defend himself by denying the obvious - includibg outrageous tweets by @AaronBastani quoting a discredited lip-reader. 2/8
So he decided to die on this hill. He said something else. Nobody believes him.
@jeremyCorbyn and his #NotACult supporters all bleat that he’s not lying but the world knows how false this is. And he’s busy trying to gaslight women into believing him: very far Left behaviour.
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